(Received June 13, 2005)

hola / hello from Lima, Peru !

    hi! I'm Charles O'Hara, I'm from Lima, Peru and I lived all my life here .. there are very few O'Haras in Peru.. well more about me  I'm in my late 10's, university student (wanna-be-chef) I also have japanese blood and I'm a very cultural person, I love to learn new languages since my studies are tourism/ hotel managament-related ..so far I know japanese, spanish and english.

    I'm also the webmaster of a japanese music website (in spanish); the link is:


    Yeiy I forgot.. my O'Hara great-grandfather was born in Liverpool, England.  nice to meet you all

    Charles O'Hara

Email: oharaokadacharles@yahoo.com

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