(Received December 28, 2005)


The O'Hora/O'Hara connection

     Hi to all you who share our hertiage, My father Terry and brother Joe, were scotsmen (deceased) and emmigrated to Australia late 1940s. I have Uncles who are O'Hora's and Also O'Hara's so how confused do you think we are; the story we have been told that great grand pop? left Ireland wanted by the constabulary and changed his name to loose himself in scotland, but as things quitened down he changed his name again, is this possible you think???? Our family history is slowly dissapearing as all the old realatives pass on.

    I stumbled on the site by accident and am pleased to see that "we" are still connected. I now live in Perth, Western Australia, where I am ensuring the continuity of the name, regards and a Happy New year for 2006 to you all,

    Chris O'Hora "The Camel Whisperer" Perth Western Australia

Email: camels@bigpond.com.au

Website: http://www.camelfarm.com/

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