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My great-great-grandfather (?) Edward O'Hara found in the "Database of O'Hara Persons" at this site

    (Feedback message from Craig O'Hara)

    I located an entry for Edward O'Hara in Illinois for dates 1864 and 1870 in your database. I'm searching for my great-great-grandfather and this could be him.

My question is what does Id: 2617 refer to and what does Entries: 1104 refer to?  If one or the other of these items refers to additional comments and/or notes, how do I access that additional information?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. This website has been extremely helpful and I hope it can lead me to my great-great-grandfather. He's my ancestor who came to America from Ireland and I'm trying to determine where in Ireland he migrated from.

Webmaster's Reply

    There are three databases at this site, namely the  Database of O'Hara Persons, the Database of O'Hara People and the Messages database.

    Work on the O'Hara Persons database has been suspended. It was compiled between 1998 and 2006 and lists more than 2300 persons (that is id numbers 1 though 2300+) from more than a 1000 messages (that is Entry numbers 1 through 1019) posted at the O'Hara Genealogy Forum at Genealogy.com. The forum still exists but its entry-number scheme has been removed and a total of 786 results from posts since 1998 are listed. The posts are not numbered and there is no simple correspondence between the results displayed and the original entry numbers recorded in the O'Hara Persons database at this site. Therefore, the compilation has been suspended.

    The O'Hara People database is being continued and the intention is (in due course) to include and analyse all data from the Messages database at this site.


James O'Hara

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