(Received August 6, 2007)


Searching for my father Michael J. O'Hara Jr.

    My father Michael John O'Hara Jr. was born in Brooklyn New York by a NYPD father, and he was in the US Air Force when he meet mother in Philippines in 1965-1966, and i was born in may 26,1967. My Dad left for the states when i was just a few months old and my mother and i never heard of him again.I want to get to know and meet him because my mother told me a lot about him and now i am 38 years old and i have two daughters Caitlin 11 years old and Christine 6 years old. I want him to know his grandchildren because we love him and miss him so much. Currently,I live here in San Diego California with my two daughters, and i would love to know my real father Michael John O'Hara Jr. Can your office help me to find him please.

    Thank You,

    Donna Kathleen Gaco O'Hara

Email: photokt777@yahoo.com

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