(Received January 23, 2004)

Call for an O'Hara family gathering in Ireland

Dear O'Hara's,

I am wondering if there are any O'Hara family gatherings being organised at the moment, and if so where and when?
I would also like to suggest the idea of organising an O'Hara family gathering in Ireland. Would people be interested in attending and/or participating in this?

I come from County Carlow in Ireland and myself and my brother, Seamus O'Hara, run a small brewery there. Our main product is of course «O'Hara's Celtic Stout».

My idea for a family gathering is to get as many O'Hara's together as possible and to celebrate the skills and contributios of O'Hara to the world. This could include O'Hara art exhibitions, literary events, business seminars, political debates, food fairs, etc.

If anyone thinks this is a good idea, and is interested in discussing it further please let me know. Obviously I would hope that our brewery would get some publicity from this (I am an O'Hara after all !).

Eamon O'Hara

Email: eamonohara@eircom.net

Webmaster's comment: Check out also «O'Hara products and brand names» at this site.

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