(Received June 23, 2014)


My first book, “A French Renaissance” (see below) is being published today and I was wondering if it would be possible to share this news with the O’Hara community?

Kind regards,

Eamon O’Hara.

A French Renaissance?

An Irish Family Moves To France

Eamon O’Hara


Orpen Press is excited to announce the publication of Eamon O’Hara’s first book, A French Renaissance? An Irish Family Moves to France, which follows his life-changing decision to risk everything and relocate his family to the south of France. It provides a refreshingly candid account of what happens when reality meets fantasy, as Eamon and his wife Tanya soon discover that the road to happiness seldom runs smooth. Whilst the good life appears to be within reach, Eamon and Tanya quickly realise that they must be prepared to tackle countless obstacles, from dodgy builders and truculent neighbours to insect invasions, financial worries and the stresses of launching a new tourism business, in order to achieve their goal. All of this takes its toll on their relationship and leaves them wondering if they have made the right decision.


A French Renaissance? is aimed at those who similarly dream of starting a new life abroad, or who simply wish to escape city life and provide a more wholesome upbringing for their children. It discusses the real challenges of starting afresh in a foreign country and highlights the essential ingredients for a successful move. Anecdotal and honest, this book is the perfect holiday read, and may just act as the inspiration readers need to begin their own adventure.


Written in a witty, honest and thought-provoking style, A French Renaissance? provides genuine practical insights into what to expect when transforming your dream of starting a new life abroad into a reality. It is available from bookshops nationwide (Ireland), at www.orpenpress.com, as well as on Amazon and other main online outlets.


About the author:  Eamon O’Hara is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and European policy specialist. A co-founder of Carlow Brewing Company (O’Hara’s Brewery), he now lives with his wife and children in southwest France, where they run a successful tourism business. Eamon graduated from DCU in 1989 with a BSc in Analytical Science.

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