(Received December 29, 2007)


200 O'Haras' here

    My Great Grandfather John O'Hara born 1837 Ireland, died 1883 Boston Massachusetts.One of 13 siblings. He migrated from Rush, Dublin County Ireland to Boston Mass in 1860. At least two brothers followed: Frank J O'Hara arrived 1861 aged 13 and William, age unknown. I'm told some went to Sidney, Australia. My G.G.Grandfather was also John O'Hara and his wife Ellen Dunne (not positive). I'm told my G. Grandfather was a fisherman in Rush before he left. I'm looking for O'Haras' still in Rush, having a tough time, help would be appreciated.

    The O'Haras' are great, I consider all O'Haras' as family

    God Bless,

   Edward L. O'Hara Revere, Mass


    P.S.: See also Guest-Book entry for December 29, 2007

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