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DNA testing through the O'Hara DNA Project & Alternatives


    Dear Webmaster,

    The web page for the O’Hara DNA project has changed. The new link is:

O'Hara DNA Project Website 

      Are you interested in "Deep" ancestry? Currently for Ireland we have Western Atlantic Modal Haplogroup, North West Irish (Associated with Niall of the nine hostages), South Irish and Irish Type III for Haplogroup R1b (the most common Haplogroup in Europe. Haplogroup I is probably Viking and Haplogroup E3b and other smaller haplogroups probably Roman. We have only one Haplogroup I in the project the rest are R1b's. The guy with the 67 marker test is near modal for Irish Type III; Dennis Wright used him in determining the modal for that group. My cousin is Northwest Irish and FTDNA gives him the Niall label on his page, he also tested positive for M222 which is the SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) associated with this group.

    There are some other alternatives to DNA testing through the O'Hara project at FTDNA (Family Tree DNA). National Geographic's Genographic project is a lower cost (and lower resolution, only 12 markers) test that can be upgraded into the O'Hara DNA project since FTDNA actually does the test:


    Another alternative (and free) is the SMGF (Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation):


    As a research project there is no promise that you will ever see your results and certainly no time commitment either! You have to do all your own legwork on this but the price is good! I found an O'Hara in England with the middle name "Hamilton" that was common in his family; it is also common in my family and he would not commit to pay for the regular test and did agree to this SMGF test. I had my cousin also do the SMGF test so they can compare results at some point in the future. Since SMGF uses some different markers from FTDNA it is impossible to compare with much confidence with tests from different companies. Usually in 1 to 2 years you can find all or part of your results in their database, I did their test in 2001 and am still missing about 1/4 of the markers. To do the SMGF test you do have to provide a pedigree chart, their test is a mouthwash test and they pay postage both ways! Currently there are no O'Hara's in their database, I will get excited and start checking when the surname shows up; I already have my cousin's numbers programmed into a search link.

    Here is a good link on DNA:



    Gary Blakely

    Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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