(Received October 30, 2006)


O'Hara picture posted in 2000 — update

original message

later message

        Hi Jim,

        I wanted to update my email address on the picture of the O’Hara family, that I posted to your website in 2000.

        The “dad” in the picture is my great grandfather, Thomas Edward O’Hara.

       Many thanks,

    Janice Dukes Martin

Email: dukesjdm@comcast.net
Paternal Lineage: McNally, Dermody, Donnelly, Burke, O'Hara, Jeffries, Parrett, Holt, Johnson, Conner O’Hara.       

Maternal Lineage: Smith, Jackson, Knowles, White, Hayne, Humphrey, Crosby, Routt, Adams, Conyers West, Richel, Cullimore, Haines

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