(Received August 30, 2007)


Photo of O'Hara, Donnelly and Dermady First Cousins (ca. 1900)

    Hi Jim

        I found this picture in my files and am sure it will be of interest to kindred researchers.

O'Haras and cousins


    Names recorded on the back:

Front row: Frank Donnelly and Margaret O’Hara

Middle row: Jack Donnelly and James O’Hara

Back row: Steve O’Hara, Annie Dermady, Jack O’Hara and Jane O’Hara.

     Time and place are unknown but my guess is turn of the century, in Westport, Ontario, Canada.


            Janice Dukes Martin

Email: dukesjdm@comcast.net

Paternal Lineage:: McNally, Dermody, Donnelly, Burke, O'Hara, Jeffries, Parrett, Holt, Johnson, Conner


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