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The O'Hara Men and Boys of Mary Bridget O'Hara (1900-1964)

    Hi Jim

    I just found this picture - in a box of unidentified O'Hara pictures, there was 1 with names written on the back. The picture belonged to my grandmother, Mary Bridget O'Hara (1900 - 1964) and says: "Reading left to right Bernard O'Hara Pat O'Hara Marcellus O'Hara Sam Nichols Jimmie Oakie Tom O'Hara (dad) John O'Hara Phonse O'Hara Jerome O'Hara Uncle Steve O'Hara".

O'Hara Men


    The "dad" is Thomas Edward O'Hara, born 6/26/1875 in Westport, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada. He died 4/24/1937 in Harper County, KS. Thomas Edward is the son of William Patrick O'Hara and Brigote aka Bridget Dermady. Wm Patrick supposedly was born in Castle Bar, County Mayo, Ireland. Bridget is from Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. Wm Patrick is rumored to have had 2 wives and 21 or 22 children. My great grandfather, Thomas Edward is said to be one of the last. Known siblings names are: Ambrose, Mark, Mary, Margaret, John Jack, M. Jane, Stephen, and James Edward (1865 - 1909),. Some of the O'Hara family ran a tb sanitarium called the Dermady Home, in Philadelphia, PA. According to box of pictures, it appears that they all vacationed together annually, in Atlantic City, NJ on the boardwalk. I've appended the picture. Since your webpage looks like a forum for all O'Hara researchers, perhaps this might be of use to others - and I might get some help, as well!

    Thanks for the forum.

    Janice Dukes Martin

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