(Received May 2, 2005)


Charles 0'Hara, the old Cock of the Rock


I am Joan 0'Hara Bates, age 68. I trace my paternal line to William Wilder 0'Hara, born 1846 in Quebec and who died in Wabasha City, MN where my father and grandfather 0'Hara were born. Our family story is that we are descended from Gen.Charles 0'Hara so we find all things written about him of interest. My daughter Tara found it all and sent it to me, but I only had this computer two months and am just learning. I am the last 0'Hara of my generation, I had 3 brothers from my father's 4 wives. My O'Hara men were polite, charming and loved to gamble and drinking was good too! . 

Thank you for the info !


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