(Received March 14, 2002)


Hello Jim,

My name is John O'Hara. I am 35 yrs. old. My grandparents were Michael O'Hara (1889-1967) and Margaret Nagle (1891-1965). Both are right from Ireland and came here prior to 1916 when their first son was born. I would like to know more on both sides of my grandparents.

I am married with five children: two boys and three girls. Two are twins, Amber Lynn and Heather Lynn, and they were born May 1, 2001. My first child Stephanie Kay was born December 24, 1995 - I lost my only son Daniel Owen, the day of his birth, April 25, 2000 which was one week before his due date. My step sons are Joshua (born April 30, 1992) and Matthew (born August 30, 1994).

There are no twins on my mother's side or on my wife's side either. This is one reason why I want to learn about my roots: because my son and twins have to be very special. By the way we live in Bradford, Pennsylvania, home of the zippo lighter,and case knives. I hope you can help me. I dont even know what part of Ireland they came from. Hope to here from you soon.

A friend always

John O'Hara

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