(Received September 13, 2005)


My O'Hara family Connection

    The O'Hara Family from Youngstown, Ohio were cousins of my mother. I know they lived on the North side of Youngstown and I do believe one of the family members lived on Kensington Ave. The O' Hara Family are from the Rochford Family side of my family. I know that my great great grandfather was James Rochford and my great great grandmother was Mary (Narry) Rochford and they had Anna who married Martin Finnerty both comming to this country from England in 1859. They married over here in Youngstown at St. Columbus church. It was called St. Columbus at the time and they changed the name to St. Columbas church after the old church burned down. Martin and Anna had either 13 or 15 children, my grandmother being the eldest. She married William (Bockey) McGowan and they were my grandparents. James and Anna were my great grandparents. My mother was Leona (McGowan) that is all I do know. Please contact me if you have any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family connection.

    I want to thank you very much...in the old world Irish way of saying God Bless.....Godspeed...

    Judy Burton

Email: judith_brtn@yahoo.com

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