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Subject: Family of Patrick and Mary O'Hara, Ireland (1860s & 1870s); second message

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Hello again

My grandparents were Margaret (McLoughlin) O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara they were married at Enniskillen at St Michael's Church on the 28/4/1894 and Patrick was stationed at the Barracks (Enniskillen Castle). At the time of the marriage they had a son John about 1895 or so and they later moved to Gillingham Kent, England where Patrick was in the army and had four more children. Patrick's parents were Patrick and Mary ? O'Hara. Mary was born in Queens County about 1834. I don't know her maiden name and they had seven children I know of who were: Thomas born Tipperary about 1864, James born Aldershot Hants about 1866, John born Armagh County about1867, Patrick born Cork about 1870, Richard born Chatham Kent about 1871, Mary C Gillingham born Kent about 1873, Agnes born Gillingham about 1875. Also I've been told that Margaret McLoughlin was born in Sligo but at the time of her marriage she lived with her parents Michael and ? McLoughlin at Eden.St Enniskillen, Fermanagh; also on her marriage there was a Catherine Mcloughlin but I don't know who she was. My parents came to Australia when I was five, my mother was Elsie Maud O'Hara her elder sister was Eveline, and her younger brothers were Henry and Thomas. I have never been able to find any trace of Margaret McLoughlin's family. Patrick O'Hara Senior worked as a warder in convict prisons. My grandfather Patrick worked at the Chatham Dockyards for many years and so did his sons and some of his brothers.

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