(Received October 16, 2009)


The O'Hara (O'Hare) Family in Louisville, Kentucky

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    I'm glad this page is here for the O'Hara (O'Hare) family. I'm trying to do my mother's family genealogy. Her mother was Mildred Marie (O'Hare). Her parents were William Patrick O'Hare and Catherine Bossmeyer. They lived in the Louisville, Kentucky area. My great uncle is William Patrick O'Hare, which was priest to the Old St Patrick Church in Louisville. I don't know where in Ireland we are from. I've heard rumor of County Cork.

    If any body out there has information and would like to exchange it, please e-mail me.

    Mary Trekell

Email: mctrekell@saintfrancis.com

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