(Received September 9, 2004)

Dear webmaster@oharas.com,

Subject: John O'Hara & Glasgow Celtic Football Club

Hello all O'Hara's round the world from Michael O'Hara in Glasgow, Scotland.

Our great, great grandfather, John O'Hara, in the year 1888, was instrumental in the founding of Celtic Football Club. My wee, wee cousin Brendan O'Hara of the Glasgow, Cardross Parish, deserves global appreciation.

Loud Clapping:- An unmarked grave in Dalbeth Cemetery is the final resting place of said John O'Hara. Thanks to Brendan's investigations and wee paces along the cemetery, it shall soon be unmarked no more. To signify the 100th anniversary of John O'Hara's death early in 1905, lots of local O'Hara descendants of John are being asked to contribute a few pounds for an appropriate stone. It is fitting that one of the founders of the institution called Celtic Football Club should be remembered in this way.

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