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John O'Hara — Founder of Glasgow Celtic FC — A Commemoration

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John O'Hara
worked with Brother Walfrid, John Glass, John McLaughlin, James McKay and others in the formation of Celtic FC and went on to sign the first players, mainly from Edinburgh Hibernians.

Hailing from Greysteel, Co Derry, John remained a director of Celtic until his death on 29 May 1905. Now, on the anniversary of his death, the extended O'Hara family plan a commemoration and celebration of his life, with the unveiling of a long overdue headstone at his place of rest, St Peter's Cemetery, Dalbeth .

A brief ceremony at the graveside will be followed by a special gathering at Celtic Park on Sunday 29 May.

Everyone connected with the O'Hara family, as well as members of the wider Celtic family, are warmly welcomed and we'd be delighted if you can join us on the day.

Friends and family are already confirmed from as far afield as USA, Australia, Ireland and even Denny, Stirlingshire, so we plan for a memorable day:

    Sunday 29 May 2011 4pm at St Peter's Dalbeth

Thereafter to the Number 7 restaurant at Celtic Park for a festive meal and entertainment. Ticket donations for the function are £20 and £10 for students and pensioners.

To reserve tickets, please email Michael O'Hara at mohara23@yahoo.co.uk soonest, stating names. We hope to fully accommodate all friends and family, but please reply soonest as there is a limited capacity in the Number 7.

On behalf of the O'Hara family, I very much look forward to your company,

    Yours faithfully,

    Michael O'Hara

Email: mohara23@yahoo.co.uk

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