(Received January 31, 2008)


Looking for information on Dennis O'Hara who married Elizabeth Hahn (early 1880s)


    I am looking for any information regarding Dennis O’Hara who married Elizabeth Hahn. They had Andrew J. P. O’Hara in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on December 30, 1883; he died on August 8, 1910. Andrew was married to Mary Keeley (born on January 23, 1884) on June 28, 1905 in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. After he died in 1910 she remarried Edward Appel on November 11, 1920, in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Andrew and Mary O’Hara were the parents of Marie, Dorothy and Thomas (my grandfather).

    If anyone has any information about this family, particularly the original Dennis and Elizabeth O’Hara, I would be so grateful.

    Erin Go Brah,

    Pamela O’Hara Huff


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