(Received September 26, 2008)


James O'Hara, arrived Boston/Brookline, Ma. from Ireland in 1860s

    I am the Great Grandson of James O'Hara, and I was born in Boston in 1959. My father was Sargeant Arthur J. (James) O'Hara from Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was one of 11 children from Roxbury, Massachusetts, and his Grandfather was James, who arrived from Ireland in 1860 on the HMS Diligent, commisioned out of Cork.

    My father's Dad was William O'Hara (James's son) who was the caretaker of St. Francis de Sales Church in Roxbury.  William was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1890's. I believe he came from Sligo or Donnegal, and if you have any information you can provide - please contact me.

    I have many family photos to share.

    Robert O'Hara

Email: robohara@cisco.com

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