(Received April10, 2003)

Dear webmaster@oharas.com,

Subject: O'Hara: the reckoning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Ryan O'Hara, and I am from Boston Ma, but I now live in East Hampstead, NH..... 4 score and seven years ago my four fathers brought to this nation concieved with liberity the pride of O'Hara's everywhere.......... I have been convinced through yopur protesticsion, that the profilels of all O"Hara should be aware every where.... here is my poem to my pride!!!!!! I will return Nuzgel.this is for Zephyr!!!

Ryan O'Hara

E-mail: gow_biss@yahoo.com


Webmaster's comment

You're a great poet Ryan. I really appreciate your poetic licence !


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