(Received September 3, 2010)


Joining my gang, following my/our fathers footsteps

    Hello to all the family.

    I just had a son - Tait James Tynan O'Hara. My father Vivian Gervaise O'Hara (listed in here as one of the first to join) had me born & brought up in my early years in Dublin (to further forever remind me of my routes). As my dad has stated y/our family dates back to 900 AD so we must be good at producing boys eh!

    I am very proud to be an O'Hara!

    Tynan O'Hara

Email: tynan@08uk.co.uk

Webmaster's PS: See Vivian's messages in the messages database: no. 4 & 5  no. 416 and  no. 433

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