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1. First message lost
by  Colleen O'Hara

2. Hi Jim I just found this picture - in a box of unidentified O'Hara pictures, there was 1 with names written on the back. The picture belonged to my grandmother, Mary Bridget O'Hara (1900 - 1964) and says: "Reading left to right Bernard O'Hara Pat O'Hara Marcellus O'Hara Sam Nichols Jimmie Oakie Tom O'Hara (dad) John O'Hara Phonse O'Hara Jerome O'Hara Uncle Steve O'Hara". [Photograph] The "dad" is Thomas Edward O'Hara, born 6/26/1875 in Westport, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada. He died 4/24/1937 in Harper County, KS. Thomas Edward is the son of William Patrick O'Hara and Brigote aka Bridget Dermady. Wm Patrick supposedly was born in Castle Bar, County Mayo, Ireland. Bridget is from Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. Wm Patrick is rumored to have had 2 wives and 21 or 22 children. My great grandfather, Thomas Edward is said to be one of the last. Known siblings names are: Ambrose, Mark, Mary, Margaret, John Jack, M. Jane, Stephen, and James Edward (1865 - 1909),. Some of the O'Hara family ran a tb sanitarium called the Dermady Home, in Philadelphia, PA. According to box of pictures, it appears that they all vacationed together annually, in Atlantic City, NJ on the boardwalk. I've appended the picture. Since your webpage looks like a forum for all O'Hara researchers, perhaps this might be of use to others - and I might get some help, as well! Thanks for the forum.
Janice Martin
second message: number 366
third message: number 411
See also query: number 772
by  Janice Dukes Martin

3. Hi wouldn`t it be great to have one giant bar-b-q,and I thought it would be neat if O`Hara`s jazz bistro, in Fort lauderdale fla.would have an e-mail site so we could order the golf shirts, and ball caps that he advertised!!oh well can`t win em all,maybe if I ever visit there i`ll buy some for the family,their all prud of their name or maybe better still I`ll go into the t-shirt business,and advertise them on this site looks pretty lucrative to me!!I live in Petawawa Ontario Canada,which is two hours drive north of Ottawa the capital of Canada, and just discovered that there was a family of O`Hara`s in Pembroke Ontario, 10 mils down the road, I`m also happy to mention that I was born on the Glorious day,long live the O`Hara`s, Patrick O`Hara.
by  Patrick O'Hara

4. Great to see a clan page. I met Dermot Ohara at Annaghmore House in Sligo a few years ago. They hold there the clan artifacts, like the original of The Book of OHara, and the clan drinking vessel. I suggested he do something to gather the clan, but he is a shy retiring man, who dutifully informed me that he was really a Cooper. When Charles Keane, his Great grandfather died, he did so without heirs, so he left Annaghmore estate to his sisters son, provided that he change his name from Cooper to Ohara ! There is another stately house called Coopers Hill of the main Slig rd, and owned by William OHara. I met his mother, dear old lady, who tells me that they take visiting gurests if anyone is in the area researching their roots. I'm a past managing Director of an American multinational, which had one of its factories in Donrgal.... and a British plc, now practising as a Management Accountant and tax Practitioner from manchester , u.k. Dad was Patrick Syvester from cloonacool in co sligo. vivan g ohara
by  Viv Gervaise O'Hara

5. Message removed by webmaster
by  Webmaster

6. Hello fellow O'Hara(s) - have just found this site -&- was tickled pink to do so. I have been researching my great grandfather Michael (James or Henry 2nd name) O' Hara who was born (1844) in Crosskeep Cavan Ireland -&- left Ireland in August 1862, probably in the company of his brother James. My greatmother was Bridget Ryan born 1844 in Tipperary -&- left Ireland in Feb 1862. Michael -&- Bridget married in Newcastle, NSW Australia in 1872. Any further information - particularly about 'cousins' that might exist would be gratefully accepted. Trish O'Hara
by  Trish O'Hara

7. Have just discovered the website. I am of the O'Hara's that stayed at home in Ireland ( we probally could not afford the ship's passage to the U.S.A.) I don't know too much about the family tree except that my Grandfather was an R.I.C. Sgt. and was stationed in Bodyke in Co. Clare where he married a Leddy. He was in Bodyke around the time of the famous Bodyke evictions at the beginning of the 1900's. I would be delighted to hear from any O'Hara's anywhere. My address is g_o_hara@ Regards to all the O'Hara's.
by  Gerry O'Hara

8. I am looking for a Mary Catherine O'Hara from Ireland and a June Meria O'Hara from Ireland. Mary and June were sisters. They came from Ireland, from what I understand, to the U.S.A. on a boat to Texas. I know it had to before 1923. My mother is the daughter of June and Mary was her aunt. June died in late 1923 after my mother was born in August. She was killed in a car accident from what I understand. We have been searching for some time with no results at all. Can you help. my e-mail is Please contact me if you have any information at all. Thanks. Gertrude Thomas
by  Gertrude Thomas

9. I forget exactly how I found "The O'Hara News", but it's fun coming back and checking around. I'm an O'Hara by marriage and have been having a devil of a time finding info on my husbands family. The last person I can find is James Edward O'Hara who lived in New Jersey and was married to Catherine Hourrigan. They eventually lived in the Belleville/Bloomfield area of NJ. The records I have state that Catherine died in 1955 and was born in 1885, so I'm figuring that James should have those timelines or similar. Don't know if anyone here has any info on this branch but I thought what the heck! Keep up the good work! Linn O'Hara
by  Linn O'Hara

10. Great site. It would be nice to see a family tree on the O'Hara's that is from the Irish side that goes back several centuries.
by  Dennis M. O'Hara

11. Great to find this site! I'm just starting to search for my direct ancestors,I hope this site or someone here can help1 Thanks, Tim (in the 4th generation from Ireland).
by  Tim O'Hara


13. I am researching the O'Hara's from Roscommon, some of whom settled in NY, and NJ. If there are others out there researching the Roscommon O'Hara's I would love to hear from you. I may be able to help. John.
by  John Higgins

14. This is great display and as a OHara I appreciate it. I am also looking for OHara relatives from the Lowell MA Area such as My Grandfather's Father Patrick OHara born o/a 1866 but not sure if he was born in Ireland or MA His wifes first name was Mary and the last Name that I have is TIVEIAN. (NOT SURE OF HER NAME SPELLING.) Patrick had at least two Sons with one being names Michael Francis born in Lowell MA Nov 1889, and a brother Named James, np other info. can anybody help on this?
by  Larry O'Hara

15. My name is mitchell O'Hara and my grandma is gerry O'Hara.
by  Mitchell O'Hara

16. i am an o'hara from birmingham,england, but i was born in killkenny and have lots of family in mayo. its good to no that theres a lot of good people walking around with the same name as me!! farewell my fellow o'haras liam o'hara.
by  liam o'hara

17. Hi there to all. I'd like to give my input to this guestbook and tell you a bit about the O'Haras in my family. The most distant relative is on William O'Hara who came from Sligo. He was born in the 1840s, apparently in Sligo. He came to England via the West coast at Maryport and teamed up with a girl called Jane Johnston, who came from Torprnhow in Cumberland. They arrived in the NE of England in about 1875 and eventually settled in Spennymoor. All of this detail can be seen by visiting the WorldConnect page identified above. If anybody has any O'Hara conncetions with the NE of England i'd be delighted to hear from them. You can contact me at the address given in this entry. Kind regards, Dave O'Hara. Address (url):
by  David Kevin O'Hara

18. I am so happy to have found all these O'Hara's. My Dad, George P. O'Hara...his brother John....his parents,Michael and Catherine (Huson) O'Hara came over in approx. 1879. Lived in Durham, Baltimore and NYC.
by  Deborah O'Hara Pepin

19. Dear Mr. O'Hara My Dad was George Patrick O'Hara.DOB 11-12-1877; his parents were Michael and Catherine Hewson O'Hara. His siblings were John, Edward, Michael and Mary Alice. They arrived from Liverpool approx. l879. They lived in Durham, N.C., Baltimore, Md. and NYC. Dad and John served with the lst North Carolina Volunteers during the Spanish-American War in l898. My grandfather was a chemist for a soap making company. Belive the family came from Sligo originally. That is about all I know.....please let me know if any of this sounds familiar. I am so very happy to have found your site and God bless you for putting it together. And that music....Dad always said we were decended from "Charlie" and he was very proud of the fact since Charlie surrendered Cornwallis sword to Washington. (Dad was not thrilled that Charles was English-Sorry). Sincerely, June Pepin
by  June Pepin

20. What a wonderful site! I have been trying to find information on Nancy O'Hara (1790?-1870?) from Cloonacool. She married Pat McCarrick (1781- 1864) from Loughill?. They had a daughter, Catherine McCarrick (1844- 1899), who married my great grandfather, Thomas Flynn on 3 Oct 1865, in Tobercurry, Sligo. These O'Hara's began in 1616 with a grant of land at Mullaun by Teighe O'Hara to his brother Cormac. He was the forebearer of Nancy's father. Nancy's brother Paddy O'Hara married and stayed at home, and was the father of Fr. Denis O'Hara, Administratoar in Ballaghadereen and later as a parish priest of Kiltimagh. His other son was ArchDeacon Roger o"Hara, a parish priest of Kilmovee from 1882 to 1924. Are there any O'Hara's out there with a McCarrick connection? Many thanks, in advance. Kathy Flynn Simons.
by  Kathy Flynn Simons

21. Great to see so many O'Hara's looking for their roots, if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me. I know quite a lot about the clan and its different branches It is interesting to note that there are more O'Hara's scattered around the world than there are at home here in Ireland.
by  Desmond O'Hara

22. Hello! I hope every thing is O.k. I am from Honduras Central America, and I want that you to tell me if you know about the family of my great grand father, Patrick O'Hara. I just know that he came to Honduras to work for a mining company cia, and that he fought in some war, and I want to know if he have another family in some place, because his son (my grand father) is still alive (his name is Juan O'Hara); our family in Honduras is very well and there are a lot of us; I hope you read my mail and answer soon. Please excuse my English, Spanish is my mother tongue Reniery José O'Hara Castro
by  Reniery José O'Hara Castro

23. I see there's another Liam O'Hara beat me to it! I live in Wareham in Dorset, England. My father John Michael(known as Mick) was born in Oldham, Manchester. His father James Francis O'Hara was born to Tom O'Hara who settled in Manchester via Boston from Co. Mayo. I know we've some relatives in Eire and over in the States. It's good to see a web page for the name. If anyone thinks they're related to me, however tenious, please email me. We'd like to hear from you...
by  Liam O'Hara

24. Dear friend, I am sorry to interrupt you. C.W. O'Hara, S.J. wrote a book, named "an introduction to projective geometry" in 1936. I need the full name of the author C.W. O'Hara, S.J. . Also I would like to know which is the family name in it and which is the first name in it. I can't find the person in your web. Would you like to do me a favor? Thank you very much! yours Yihong Wu, Beijing, China
From Editor's Reply
Dear Yihong Wu, I checked out your author in the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints: A cumulative author list representing Library of Congress printed cards and titles reported by other American libraries (volume 428, 1976). His full name is Charles Willibrord O'Hara (O'Hara is the surname) and he was born in 1886. The joint author of the book on projective geometry was Dudley Robert Bryant Ward, born 1901; both were Jesuit priests. The full title is: An introduction to projective geometry, by C.W. O'Hara S.J. and D.R. Ward S.J., London: Oxford University Press or Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1937 & second edition 1944.
by  Yihong Wu

25. My family is from GALWAY and i am trying to find my ancestors. Would like some help? Address. NEALE KILLIMOR BALLINASLOE CO. GALWAY IRELAND.
by  brendan p ohara

26. Thank you for your O'Hara information !
My husband, Timothy O'Hara was an all american lacrosse player at Syracuse University in the 70's. He held the record of most points scored for 18 years. I thought maybe you would be interested. The present SU lax coach, John Desko, would have all the stats and details if this is an interest to you. have a great day..again, thank you!
Kristen O'Hara
by  Kristen O'Hara

27. Slan abhaile to all !
As an O'Hara living here in Ireland I decided to give ye all a shout and say how happy i am to see more O'Haras out there. I will get my familly up on the site as soon as i get it built, So slan abhaile to all and good luck,
Sean O'Hara
PS As you probably know ohara is one of the most popular names in Japan!!!
by  Sean O'Hara

28. Dear James,
I have been involved in the Genealogy of my family and the History of the O'Hara Sept for more than thirty years now and have some information that I would enjoy sharing. Iv'e just retired from active service as a Catholic Priest in the Archdiocese of Boston after working in Parishes for 44 years with three terms as Pastor. And, I have just begun to get involved with Genealogy on the Computer this past couple of years. If you could use this material or let me know how I might include it in your Web, I would appreciate it.
Part I: John &Margaret O'Hara & Sons [Photograph]
About This Photo: This picture, which I have chosen as the cover photo for my family site, depicts my Great-grandfather, John O'Hara and Great-grandmother, Margaret [Duddy] O'Hara with their nine sons. Margaret died in 1899. John in 1900.So the photo was taken before 1899. John and Margaret and the oldest son, Michael, were born in Ireland. Six of the boys were born in the North End of Boston and the last two were born in Charlestown. John is seated in the front center and Margaret is seated front right. Beginning on the left from bottom to top are John, James,William [who is my Grandfather], Richard, Bernard, Dennis, George, Edward, Michael. The family lived on Charter Street and Endicott Street in the North End beginning in 1860 and purchased their own home at 102 Medford Street in Charlestown in 1874. John Jr. became a Boston City Coumcilman; Michael was a printer; my grandfather and great-grandfather both worked for the City of Boston; Richard and Bernard started an early Milk Delivery Company in the City of Boston and O'Hara Brothers Milk had a Contract with the Boston City Hospital in the 1890s. I have traced the Family in the Boston City Directory all through the 1860s-70s-80s-90s. When they came to Boston from Pennsylvania in the early 1860s, they moved into an apartment with another John and Margaret O'Hara at 31 Charter Street in the North End. John's parents were John O'Hara Sr. and Margaret Noonan. Margaret Duddy's parents were James Duddy [a corruption of the O'Dowd Sept name] and Elizabeth Sheilds. They came to the United States from County Derry, Ireland in the late 1850s.
Rev. Francis A. O'Hara
PS. It might be of interest to you that I am first cousin, once removed through our fathers, to Fred O'Hara whose Website ( is included in your Regional/Tennessee category. Fred is the Grandson of John Jr [seated front left] and he is also Great-grandson of John and Margaret [Duddy] O'Hara.
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

29. How interesting to read messages from O'Haras, all of whom sound proud of the name, as I have always been! My first direct ancestor that I know about is Henry O'Hara, born in 1730 in or near Frederick MD. One of his sons, Henry, Jr., and wife, Margaret Brown O'Hara, left Maryland in 18ll and emigrated to Randolph County IL. Currently, an eighth generation of U.S. O'Haras is growing up on the original Illinois homestead. My assumption is that the Frederick MD Henry's parents immigrated from Ireland, but so far, I have found this information elusive.
by  Jane O'Hara

30. Dear Jim:
Some interesting (at least to me) embellishments to Fr. Frank's synopsis of the family (Message No. 28): The John O'Hara that John and Margaret moved in with when they first came to Boston was a first cousin who was a fisherman (according to his immigration papers). The existence of the two John O'Haras with similar immigration dates, emigration points, and new-world addresses has made tracing the family even more challenging. One of John and Margaret's next-door neighbors during their tenure in the North End of Boston (a perennial staging ground for immigrants of all nationalities) was Rose Fitzgerald, who married Joe Kennedy and bore John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The John O'Hara, Jr., described by Fr. Frank was also a member of the House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He served both on City Council and in the House of Representatives under James Michael Curley, on whose ticket he ran.
Fred O'Hara
by  Fred O'Hara

31. Dear Jim:
Thru trial and error I found Fr Frank. Since then, he has confirmed what info I had. He has been very generous sharing his expertise. My grandfather was Bernard O'Hara, he is also in the photo, standing behind his father. Bernard married Ellen E. Ripley and they had 6 children. My father was Albert Andrew O'Hara. Fr Frank suggested I post a message ( on the GENFORUM, which I did, Jan 20,2002. I thoroughly enjoy researching and learning about the O'Haras, it is quite addictive. Sincerely,
Elaine Casey
by  Elaine Casey

32. I had no idea that there was an O'HARA website and newsletter. Does anyone have any ties to Western New York State?
by  Thomas J. O'Hara III


34. I'm James Christopher O'Hara of Selby, North Yorkshire, England. I believe that my family name came to Selby more than 100 years ago from Co Mayo via (Stockton on Tees). About 10 years ago over 12 O'Hara's worked at the local shipbuilding company, My granddad James William worked there 50 years. Many local O'Hara's have their own business because the shipyard closed down. Some have moved to Oz.
by  James Christopher O'Hara

35. My name is Tommy O'Hara i live in skelmersdale england Just checking the family and where they live in the world.
by  Thomas (Tommy) O'Hara

36. Great site. I am looking for O'Hara ancestors from the Scranton, PA area. My grandfather Emmett O'Hara b.abt.1900 is from there and had a sister Julia b.1913-d.1992, but that is all I know right now. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreicated. Brian O'Hara
by  Brian M. O'Hara

37. Dear, I am looking for the relatives of Hugh and Anna O'Hara of Pittsburgh. They had 13 children, one of which was my grandfather Hugh Leo. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Colleen M. O'Hara
by  Colleen M. O'Hara

38. I'm looking for relations to Bartlett O'Hara from Buffalo, New York.
by  Mary O'Hara

39. I'm sending you this information about the Sons of John and Margaret O'Hara. It has Genealogical Value, since it includes their birth and death information as well as the names of their wives and their children. Many thanks for your help with these projects.
Best wishes,
Father Frank
Part II: The Sons of John and Margaret O'Hara
(Graphic Image with text at:
PS. It might be of interest for you to know that only one of the children of the nine sons [and consequently, only one Grandchild of John and Margaret] is still living. He is my Uncle and my Godfather, my father's brother, son of the 8th one in the list [William Francis]. His name is Edmund O'Hara and he is 91 years old this past November. He lives with his lovely wife Virginia in Hemet Southern California. He and his wife came East this past fall and we had a grand get-together here in Falmouth on Cape Cod...Both of them have had an intersting life...When they retired, they went to Africa with the Peace Corps and he taught electricity while she worked as a Librarian. When their time was up with the Corps, the people begged them to stay on; but they were required to return home.
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

40. this is a great site, could any one help. our honor/annie o'hara[not to sure as she kept changing her name]we think she was christened as annie but used her mothers name as she brought shame onto the family?.she left ireland in the 1880's [she could have been about 17] and came to liverpool she had a son we think in 1881 called michael and she was known as annie,in 1885 she married william sandford the father of michael again as annie, in 1886 she had catherine[my greatgrandma]and she was called honor,she was buried in liverpool in the late 40's , 50's as honor ohara.we do know that she either divorced[may not be right as she was catholic]or left her husband as he beat her.please if anyone has any information or advice on how to continue,contact me.i'm at that brick wall.
thanks debbie.
by  debbie

41. i have a bit more information regarding my previous comments.i said that honoro'hara ,was buried as a o'hara this is incorrect,she was buried as a sandford in feb 9 1950 she was 96, her grave is in yew tree cemetery liverpool.alsothere is a grave of a ellen o'hara buried may 26 1915 she was 78[born about 1837].the deed holder for the grave was a annie o'hara does this ring any bells with anyone.
thanks debbie
by  debbie

42. It's good to be Irish in Canada. I'm tring to find A Sean O'hara who was married to Marica latty in mobay JA in 1974. I could really need the help on this web page. thank you.
Patrick o'hara.
by  Patrick O'hara

43. I am from Letterkenny Co. Donegal Ireland and have lived in Chicago for over 30 years. I am a professional singer. I have currently two CD's. One is titled "Home from the Sea" and the other is a Christmas CD. When our great mayor of Chicago died we composed and recorded "Tribute to Richard J. Daley which is still my own favorite. I am married with three great children.
by  Frank O'Hara

44. i am looking for my kin from ireland,what part i dont know. my grandparents came to america from ireland. if somebody can help me it would be nice. i would love to visit ireland someday. just e-mail me.thanks. i have been trying for years to trace my family history with no luck.
by  john ohara

45. im just sighning it because im an o'hara.
by  matthew ryan o'hara

46. just hopeing to find kin in ireland, fathers name was patrick ohara from kane pa. grandparents burried in kane pa. they came from ireland when i dont know.can somebody please help me? the grandparents are my dads parents.
just learned grandparents name michael ohara my grandfather married margarot nagle both from ireland they had four children pat,mary,charles g.,and ason they called dolly? my father pat,and his parents are burried in kane pa. i hope to learn more about my ancestors. can somebody help me? i hope to here from somebody in ireland.just e-mail me.
by  john ohara (2)

47. Hello Jim,
My name is John O'Hara. I am 35 yrs. old. My grandparents were Michael O'Hara (1889-1967) and Margaret Nagle (1891-1965). Both are right from Ireland and came here prior to 1916 when their first son was born. I would like to know more on both sides of my grandparents.
I am married with five children: two boys and three girls. Two are twins, Amber Lynn and Heather Lynn, and they were born May 1, 2001. My first child Stephanie Kay was born December 24, 1995 - I lost my only son Daniel Owen, the day of his birth, April 25, 2000 which was one week before his due date. My step sons are Joshua (born April 30, 1992) and Matthew (born August 30, 1994).
There are no twins on my mother's side or on my wife's side either. This is one reason why I want to learn about my roots: because my son and twins have to be very special. By the way we live in Bradford, Pennsylvania, home of the zippo lighter,and case knives. I hope you can help me. I dont even know what part of Ireland they came from. Hope to here from you soon.
A friend always
John O'Hara
by  john ohara

48. my greatgrand father joseph o'hara was born stateside but his daddy and mother were joseph and annie o'hara from ireland who came to the states. i am going to ireland summer 2002 and would like to look up my relatives. can anyone tell me of a good site for info to search for the irish clan. diane.
by  diane kathleen o'hara

49. I have been searching my husbands O'Hara family. Great grandparents are William O'Hara and Mary Stinson. They had 3 children that know of. They are Joseph, Anthony, and Elizabeth. Anthony O'Hara married Thelma Venable and are from Missouri. Elizabeth O'Hara married William Stewart. They had a child named Marie. Marie Stewart married Gene Neeman. They had 2 children, Mike and johnny Neeman. Any information on these O'Hara's please contact me.
by  Amanda O'Hara

50. I'm trying to find my ancestors and family in Ireland. I've traced as far back as the following. I'll begin with my mother. Mother - Karen Kaye O'Hara married Willard Andrew Cohen Grandfather - James W. O'Hara married Betty Bell Great Grandfather - Thomas J. O'Hara married Ethel Haslam Great Great Grandfather - James O'Hara Great Great Great Grandfather - Dennis O'Hara born in Armagh. Came to America the age of 16. First wife, Katherine Creagh, children, Mary,Nellie,John,Thomas. Katherine later died. Second wife, June Gilmore, children, James (GGGrand),Daniel,Rosie,Katherine,Jane,Charles,Mary,Annie That's as far back as it goes, any help would be appreciated.
by  Scott Cohen

51. ATTENTION CANADIAN O'HARA'S: My gggrandfather was Joseph Aloyisus O'Hara (dob1835)and was mentioned in my ggrandfather's notice as being from Saint Joseph, New Brunswick, but I can't find St. Joseph on the Canadian map. Can someone help, please.
Diane Kathleen O'Hara in New Orleans.
by  diane kathleen o'hara

52. Just started researching for my grandfather's family. Don't know much of anything. I think he ran away from home. I have just returned from researching the 1910 Federal census. In Cook Co. Illinois there was a John O'Hara, wife Bridget, Son Patrick, Daughter Josephine, and another daughter Catherine. Could anybody tell me anything about these O'Hara's?
by  Rhonda O'Hara McCart

53. To whom it may concern,
While surfing the web recently I found my Family Motto. "Virtute et Claritate" I was wondering what this meant. I was hoping someone could help! Thanks for your time,
Bill O'Hara Jr.
Webmaster's Reply
Dear Bill
That's correct! The crest I have in my living room has the Latin motto below it. Well "virtute" is the ablative case (by, with or from) of the Latin noun "virtus" which means, besides virtue, manliness, prowess, bravery, courage, determination, force, excellence, worthiness, and respectability; on the other hand "claritate" is from "claritas" meaning, besides clarity, bright, shinning, fame, and renown. So take your pick. I would translate the motto as "With courage and renown", but I will be happy to be corrected.
Jim O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara Jr.

54. Great ideas on your website! Address (url):
by  Lenora

55. My name Marsha O'Hara Hughes, my Dad was Francis O'Hara From Marion Ohio, his fathers name was Wm. McKinley O'Hara from southern Ohio. Wms. Wife was Lena Lowery also from southern Ohio. Any info please let me know.
by  Marsha O'Hara Hugh

56. Dear Webmaster,
Subject: O'Hara family from Craigbally (Crebilly), Co. Antrim, Ireland
My grand-father James O'Hara, son of Richard O'Hara and Rebecca Ann Kelly, was born 1867- one of at least seven children.
James settled in Australia. Two of his brothers migrated to America another to Australia, though there was a falling out and they never maintained contact.
Good wishes to all our cousins.
Bernard O'Hara
by  Bernard O'Hara

57. Dear Jim,
Subject: Terence O'Rorke's ‘History of Sligo’ and ‘History of the parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet’
It is marvelous what you are doing for the descendants of the O' hEadhra Sept in their World-wide Dispersion. I know that their presence and significance in their homeland has diminished significantly in last century and a half; but they are one of the most ancient and, in the early second Millenium, most venerable of Septs.
Are you familiar with the writings of the Irish Historian, Doctor T. O'Rorke of Sligo? He taught history at the University in Paris in the mid 1800s. He has written a "History of Sligo" and, prior to that he wrote a "History, Antiquities, And Present State of the Parishes of BALLYSADARE AND KILVARNET". Both of these works have been incorporated into a single book with 2 Volumes in one published by James Duffy and Sons of Dublin. It is an old volume, printed, I believe about 1878...I discovered a copy in the reserved area of Boston Public Library about 1972 and I was able to borrow it for a time. It contains marvelous history [particularly Kilvarnet Parish section] on the O'HARAS. O'Rorke [who, by the way is sited in the Foreword of "THE BOOK OF O'HARA"] quotes all of the Ancient Annalists and states, quite emphatically, that the O'Hara name is older than all of the Royal Families of England, Germany, Italy...Quoting O'Curry, O'Donovan and the Four Masters, he states that the O'Hara name goes back to the First Millenium; whereas, we know that most surnames did not come into usage until the early Second Millenium. He tells us that O'Hara preceeds McCarthy by 100 years; O'Brien by 80 years; and, O'Donnell by 300 years. I think you would enjoy His Works, if you could obtain a copy from some Library or Ancient Book Dealer. I took copious notes in the reading...Loved it!!!
Well, Jim I thank you again for all you do.
Father Frank
Editorial note
The two works Father Frank refers to are listed in The National Union Catalog. Pre-1956 Imprints, vol. 433 (1976), as follows:
O'Rorke, T[erence]
History, antiquities, and present state of the parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet, in the county of Sligo; with notices of the O'Haras, the Coopers, the Percevals and other local families. By T. O'Rorke. Dublin: J. Duffy and Sons [1878]. Library of Congress, no. DA995.B1806
The History of Sligo: town and county. By T. O'Rorke. Dublin: J. Duffy & Co. Limited [1890].
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

58. Nice site. Thanks!
by  Toni O'Connor

59. I stumbled across this site by accident, and thought I would add to the O'Harability as it were. I am an author living in New York. Type "Christopher B. O'Hara" into Amazon to check out the latest books. Cheers! Address (url): Webmaster's follow-up: You can also find a list of Christopher B. O'Hara's books on this site by clicking on the following link:
Christopher B. O'Hara

60. hey this site is kool i did'nt no there were so many o haras in the world.
by  Emmett o hara

61. Hello everyone! My name is Chris O'Hara from Erie, Pa. My dad was Raymond O'Hara He was born in 1919 to William and Anna O'Hara or Willkes-Barre PA. He had several brothers and sisters. I know he had two sisters named Rita and Anna. If anyone has any similar information please Email me:
Thanks! Erin Go Braugh!
by  Christopher M O'Hara

62. Hello from Youngstown, Ohio !
My O'Hara's are from Youngstown and came here in the 1870's. Thomas O'Hara married Mary Rouse in Ireland; their children: Patrick, Thomas, and maybe a Michael Patrick, my great grandfather who married Rochford - child elizabeth Lillian O'Hara married Albert Joseph Kramer. My grandparents family names are O'Hara, Rochford, Taaffe, Kramer, Mullen, all from Ireland to Youngstown, Ohio. Let me know if any look right to you; I have to get my notes out to give you exact dates and names.
Thank you, Lillian
Editorial note
Check out the O'Hara Family Web Site ( of Melanie (O'Hara) Cronk & Jerry O'Hara. This Family of Robert and Hazel (Salvatore) O'Hara has its roots in Youngstown, Ohio.
by  Lillian

63. Can't believe there are so many O'Hara's outside Ireland! Born and still live in Northern Ireland. Father is Quinton O'Hara, mother Maria- Patrica O'Hara, both born in Belfast in the 1950's.
by  Victoria Patricia O'Hara

64. There is an irish bar/pub in Gloucester city, New Jersey that is also named O'Haras...Just letting you know
by  Jenai

65. Dear
Subject: The book "Scarlett"
I'm reading the book "Scarlett" and was wondering if it was made into a film. Is it on video to rent or buy ??
Jean Weidner
Dear Jean,
I did a search for "Scarlett" at the ‘Internet Movie Database (’ and found the following. There is a film "Scarlett" (1996; which is available on VHS video. The CBS TV series "Scarlett" (1994; is available on VHS video and DVD. You might also be interested in the following "Review of Scarlett" ( Hope this answers your question.
Enjoy the book and the film !
James O'Hara
by  Jean Weidner

66. Hi, glad I heard about this site. My dad got me hooked 15 years ago and when have time do search. I love the idea of O'Haras site. My greatgrandfather came over 1865 was Michael J. O'hara familt story is he left Ireland 3 days before marshall was to arrest him for holding mass in his home. Where he lived a church is now built on the land asthe story goes. 1st wife was Alice Calley or (Kelly) as we have been told mar. in Ireland chrildren born there Ann, Marah,Bridget,Sarah , 2nd wife Ellen Touhey Believe mar. Penna. N.Eastarea Michaels parents were Joseph O'Hara and Sarah Debbitt or (Devitt) Michael and Ellen are buried in Elmira, N.Y. Would love tohear from anyone who may be able to help. Mary O'Hara -kotas.
by  Mary E. O'Hara-Kota

67. I think your page rocks because my last name is O'Hara as well. Contact me if want to know more about my family and I. O'Hara's RULE!!!, Cullen O'Hara.
by  Cullen

68. Great web site! I am 21 years old, from Dublin, Ireland. My father is Lt. Col William O'Hara (army officer in Dublin), born Cootehall, Boyle, County Roscommon. He was born on 28/02/51 and married Cecily O'Brien (general nurse in Dublin) on 10/08/74. I have 1 brother, Lt. Niall O'Hara (born 25/04/78 - army officer in Curragh, Kildare) and two sisters Caitriona (born 30/10/79, now computer technician in Dublin) and Andrea (born 31/5/76, now children's nurse in Dublin). I am moving to London now to work for HSBC Bank. I have just graduated from Dublin City University.
by  Liam O'Hara

69. I am researching the O'Hara's from Roscommon, in particular James, some of whom settled in NY (Schenectedy), and NJ. If there are others out there researching the Roscommon O'Hara's I would love to hear from you. I may be able to help. John.
by  John Higgins

70. Hi to all O'Haras all around the world from Abbeyleix, Ireland
by  Gerry O'Hara

71. Hi,
I was reading your page about the Titanic ( and Monica O'Hara's book, about her "death" on it. I'd like to contact Monica O'Hara, or her husband, Joe Keeton. You haven't any contact details have you?. I've done web searches found nothing!
Michael Bird
Webmaster's reply:
Dear Michael,
Sorry I don't have a contact address. I did web searches too and found one page repeatedly turning up: The Titanic Book Site.Com ( It appears that her name is Monica (Harding) O'Hara-Keeton. Other books by Monica O'Hara and Joe Keeton are found at the following link ( Perhaps you could try contacting the publishers.
Regards, James O'Hara
by  Michael Bird

72. Hi Jim,
It's nice to see that the site is interactive. I am afraid that I am not very big into Geneology so I can't help you very much with the history of the O'Hara's in Co. Laois. All I know is that my Grandfather came from Bodyke in Co. Clare sometime around the start of the 20th Centuary. He had retired as a Sergant in The Royal irish Constabulary and he bought a small Hotel in the little village of Ballinakill. He had 11 children ( now all deceased ) and I do know that there was another family of O'Hara's in the village of Ballinakill who were not related ( That family have died out.) I have checked out the local telephone directory and besides myself there are five other O'Hara entries in Co. Laois.
I just wonder if I would make it into the Section of O'Hara's in Military Service with the following entry. Gerry O'Hara ( B. 1948) Enlisted in An Forsa Cosanta Aitiul ( Local Defence Force ) in 1968. Commissioned in 1976. Attained the rank of Commandant ( Major) and appointed Company Commander; F. Coy. 9th. Infantry Battalion in 1998.
Very best Regards,
Gerry O'Hara
by  Gerry O'Hara

73. Hello from the northwest of the US (Hayden, Idaho). Discovered this website by serendipitous accident and am really enjoying it. Looking forward to sharing this with my children and meeting other O'Haras.
by  Kathryn O'Hara

74. Hello Jim
I am passing on your website addy to my husbands' uncle, John O'Hara, who does all of the genealogy for the family. My maternal grandmother, Ruth Chaulk, had O'Hara ancestors 4 generations back. So my husband and I are kissing cousins, I expect. We live in rural northern Idaho on 10 acres. I am a beauty consultant for MaryKay Cosmetics and Ed drives a semi truck. We have 6 children, Mary, Brigid, Eddy, Shane, Erin and Mia. The kids and I are reading through your website this evening and enjoying it immensely. Keep up the good work! Take care,
Kathy O'Hara
by  Kathy O'Hara

75. Hello,I was really pleased to see that there are so many O'Haras EVERYWHERE!! My father came from County Sligo
Tracey O'Hara (England)
by  Tracey O'Hara

76. Hello,
I need help in finding family in Ireland if I still have any. I realy have no idea when or if my family came from Ireland. Some family members names are.... Abe, Elmer, Frank, Fred, Pansy, Richard and John. They where from Massachusetts and Canada, which is all I know. I am 37, my dad is John and my grandfather is Richard. He would be in his 80's if still alive PLEASE HELP me if you can.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce O'Hara
by  Bruce O'Hara

77. Nice to see so many O'Haras in one place. Looking for descendents of Christopher O'Hara who lived in London around 1820. Web site: O'Hara Family Info (
by  Steve O'Hara

78. Hi James,
My web site ( is a site for all people who are related in some way to my family which of course includes the O'Hara side. It has details of births deaths and marriages going back to the 1801 for the O'Hara's and many years before that for some of the other family names. I don't charge a fee, so I'm not trying to solicit any business by using your site. I just want to find more of my distant relatives. My ancestor Christopher O'Hara was transported to Australia in 1830. He later married in Australia and I am one of his decendents from that marriage. Christopher left behind a wife and at least 4 children in London. Our family has very little details about his first family and what happened to them after he was transported.
Thanks for putting a link on your site for me.
Steve O'Hara
by  Steve O'Hara

79. Hello to all the O'Haras everywhere !
My name is Patrick O'Hara. I live in Edgeworthstown (Mostrim) in Co. Longford, Ireland. My grandmother was Christine Kent. I think my father's people were from Sligo or Mayo. Anyone who knows anything about them please let me know. Some of my grandmother's people went to America back in the 1800s. Anyone who knows anything about us please let us know.
Patrick O'Hara
by  Patrick O'Hara

80. Dear
Subject: Canadian-Irish singer, Mary Margaret O'Hara
I have just heard a song by Mary Margaret O'Hara from an album Songs for My Mother and Father. I am trying to find out anything I can about her and where I can find her music. I am in Michigan, USA. Thank you !
Sue Turpen
Webmaster's reply:
Dear Sue,
I have added a Mary Margaret O'Hara Page ( to the site. I hope the links provided will put you on the track to the information you're looking for. I wish you success in your search.
James O'Hara
by  Sue Turpen

81. To: James G. O'Hara
Christmas Greetings from the O'Hara Family, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Dear family and friends,
Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn would like to wish you the Peace, Happiness and Joys of Christmas.
We hope that 2003 will bring you all that is good and all that you desire.
by  Arthur O'Hara

82. Hello to O'Haras everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by  Erin (O'Hara) McLemore

83. Dear
Subject: Letter of Admiration to Maureen O'Hara
MS. O'Hara,
You've always been my #1 favorite actress of all time and the only one, as there are no others! My favorite men actors are some of your leading men in the movies of yester-year, ie., Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and the man that played Buffalo Bill Cody with you in one of your movies, as his name escapes me at this moment. It often does from a head injury I endured years ago. I do know his name and it disturbs me so much, as I feel ashamed I forget his name. The only living male actor I care about is Sean Connery. Ms. O'Hara, you are still so beautiful for about an 82 year young women and 60 year old women should only look half as pretty as you! Could this forgetful man I can't think of have a first name of George? This really bothers me. Please forward this letter on a print-out to Ms. O'Hara. How does George Montgomery Sound? I think I just remembered his name. Ms. O'Hara, may you reach at least the age of 102! As if I recall, it was the age of your late husband's, General's mother's age. When I think of you often, my heart skips a beat! May the Good Lord always be with you for years to come!!
A Lifetime Admirer,
Arlin Chesin
(480)892-7473 Gilbert, AZ.
by  Arlin Chesin

84. "Maureen O'Hara in 2002", from June Beck
Just wanted to extend a Happy New Year greeting from Maureen and myself and remind you to watch Larry King love tomorrow night 1-2-03 (check local listings for time). This is a new interview. Being invited back to King's interviews is quite a compliment.
The year 2002 was quite a busy one for Ms. O'Hara. She wound down 2001 last December by guesting at the "Christmas Box House" charity in Salt Lake City and an appearance in NY for "Miracle on 34th Street" special screening; January brought the sadness of the loss of her dear friend, writer/director David Swift.
On March 15th, 2002 Maureen appeared at the Irish Fair Foundation in Los Angeles to received their Irish American Celebrity of the Century award and that same month was featured in Irish Connections magazine (on the cover as well as a comprehensive story of her life and career; April found her in Oklahoma City at the National Cowboy Museum Hall of Fame to M.C. the Western Heritage awards.
Between appearances Maureen was kept very busy doing commentary for both Disney and Artisan studios for their new collector's editions. In May the Disney's "Parent Trap" was released, followed by Artisan's "Rio Grande," and "The Quiet Man" The very unique features of the latter two DVD's is that the enhanced audio provides Maureen's narration throughout the entire film.
Maureen was most happy to be able to spend her summer 2002 in Glengarriff, County Cork, Ireland after being away for 2 years. After the loss of both her sister, Florrie and brother Charles during those preceeding years it had to be a welcome return to family memories.
In December, 2002 Maureen returned to the New England Air Museum to host a special event promoting their new video of historic aircraft, including General Charles Blair's "Queen of the Skies" seaplane. Many fans have purchased that video through the museum website and have reported that it is a terrific documentary. Maureen spent several hours autographing the videos for guests.
I will try to get a page published yet this week that incorporates this reflection of Maureen's activities throughout last year with graphics. I know I have probably forgotten some events, but will add to that page as my "senior" memory dictates.
As far as 2003, I have heard nothing in regard possible movies in the works and as reported earlier, her autobiography is due for a 2004 publishing date. There will be an article published in the Aviation & Business Journal newspaper (I believe it is the John Wayne Orange County Edition - exact area publication and date will be provided on my cover page when available)- article written by editor Di Freeze. There will be a large layout on General Charles Blair, his aeronautic history, and Maureen O'Hara.
My best wishes to you all for the happiest of New Years. May you and yours be blessed with good health and inner peace.
God bless, June Beck.
by  June Beck

85. To Whom it May Concern !
Here's another category for your website: O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
Kind regards,
Ronan Smyth
Sales and Marketing Manager
Carlow Brewing Company
Webmaster's Reply:
Dear Ronan,
Thank you for your suggestion. I have created a new category ‘O'Hara products and brand names’ ( where you will find links to O'Hara's Stout and to your company's products. Likewise on the ‘Ireland’ ( page you will find these links.
by  Ronan Smyth

86. hello to all O'Haras, sure are a lot of us spread to many corners of the world . still trying to find a conection to other O'Haras from Glasgow.
by  Brian G. O'Hara

87. Hi !
I'm Kevin O'Hara, a 37 year old playwright and Artistic Director of a theatre company based in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.
The website for my theatre company, telling you what I'm up to is: Antic Mind (;
my email address is:
Good to see a real O'Hara site. Nice one !!

Webmaster's comment: Links to Kevin's theatre company can be found on the pages Directors (, Playwrights (, and UK ( at this web site.
by  Kevin O'Hara

88. Dear,
I would like you to add more of my family to your O'Hara directory. I am Tom O'Hara, the oldest member of seven children whose second youngest is Catherine, the Canadian actress. If you are interested I can tell you moreabout my family (parents, cousins, siblings and children).
Tom O'Hara

Webmaster's comment:
Dear Tom,
I will be happy to include further details of your family. The site already has pages devoted to your actress sister Catherine O'Hara ( and to your singer-songwriter sister Mary Margaret O'Hara (
by  Tom O'Hara

89. What a wonderful site !
I learned so much about my background and was surprised to see my grandfather-Eliot O'Hara-listed here and here. He was quite a man and prominent in watercolor. He married Shirley Putnam the daughter of Herbert Putnam the Librarian of Congress for over 40 years. My father Desmond O'Hara (Eliot's son) was a public health educator (1925- present) now retired. I own a business Farmhaus Inc. at
Actually there were four brothers of the O'Hara clan related to Eliot. All were of some note. Dwight O'Hara was the President of Tufts New England Medical Center and Dartmouth's Medical School. Fitch O'Hara was a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII); Skidmore O'Hara was also a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII).
Happy St. Patricks day to you and I hope you can add us to whatever databases you are keeping. Thanks so much and again for maintaining this site. I learned so much about O'Haras--- it made me want to go to Ireland and I am buying tickets next week.
Gordon O'Hara
by  Gordon O'Hara

90. Hello my name is Gord O'Hara from Orangeville, Ontario and I would like to say hi to all the O'Hara's around the world and especially to my brother Patrick in Red Deer, Alberta.
by  Gord O'Hara

I would like this message to be deleted as current research has indicated that the name is Hehir (not O'Hara!!!) in Limerick,
Thank you,
William O'Hara
ORIGINAL MESSAGE (now invalid)
Subject: Michael O'Hara (b. Ireland, 1858) of Brooklyn, NY, and his children
Researching my great-grandfather Michael O'Hara, born Ireland November 1858 - married Hanna Doran born Ireland August 1858 - married in Brooklyn, NY - issue twelve children - seven survived - Steven b:December 1879 - Mary b: March 1884 - Edward Joseph b:January 15,1889 d:January 3,1973 - Joseph b:March 1891- Florence b: August 1894 - George b:February 1897 d: October 15, 1961 - Nellie b: October 1899 - I believe they all were born in Brooklyn, NY.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
William O'Hara
by  William O'Hara

92. Dear,
Subject: O'Hara: the reckoning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Ryan O'Hara, and I am from Boston Ma, but I now live in East Hampstead, NH..... 4 score and seven years ago my four fathers brought to this nation concieved with liberity the pride of O'Hara's everywhere.......... I have been convinced through yopur protesticsion, that the profilels of all O"Hara should be aware every where.... here is my poem to my pride!!!!!! I will return Nuzgel.this is for Zephyr!!!
Ryan O'Hara
Webmaster's comment
You're a great poet Ryan. I really appreciate your poetic licence !
by  Ryan O'Hara

93. HELLO from Askov Minnesota. Born in Omaha Nebraska 6/24/46.
by  James Patrick O'Hara

94. Hello O'Hara I am just surfing trying to find info for my tree. Good to see so many out there, Our name was O'Harrah and changed to O'Hara. fron PA to FL.
by  Charlene O'Hara Ivey

95. Gerard O'Hara Bathgate West Lothian Scotland.
by  Ged O'Hara

96. Lawrence Francis O'Hara Born: Pittsburgh, Pa 1952 Son of John Patrick O'Hara of Pittsburgh, born 1921, died 1994 Grandson of James R. O'Hara, a retired Pittsburgh Fire Captain. Father of Sean Farrel O'Hara.
by  Lawrence O'Hara

97. Dear
Subject: O'Hara's - Rosendale, NY...Mayo, IR
Just found your sight -- very useful -- some of my relatives are in the database -- wondering how I might find additional information about them?? Can anyone help -- looking for descendants of Thomas and Mary Quinn O'Hara/O'Hora -- Thomas was from Parish Ardagh, Mayo -- settled in Rosendale, NY -- HELP!!
Erin O'Hara Meyer
by  Erin O'Hara Meyer

98. Gentlepeople,
Searching: Robert E. O' Hara, Elizabeth O' Hara, Mary Elizabeth O' Hara, Elizabeth O' Hara
Please explain to me how I can access which site the listings are in via your data base. I can see where the people I have listed are *on* your data base. But for some reason that I haven't quite figured out I can't get to the listings of the site. Please help
Kathleen Donnelly California via Belfast, Co. Antrim
Webmaster's Reply: Dear Kathleen,
Access to the datebase is through The links on this page generate - in addition the main table of all persons in the database - tables of persons selected by geographical location, Irish county or country of origin and dates. There is a search facility near the top of the page which allows you to formulate queries yourself; for example by selecting surnames you could look for families intermarried with O'Haras. Near the bottom of the page there is a link to the ‘O'Hara Genealogy Forum’ whose entries are the source of the data.
If I understand you correctly, your searched for your O'Haras and found the tables in which they are listed, for example for Mary Elizabeth you might have selected forenames from the pull-down menu and entered %Mary, Elizabeth% - note that I have separated double forenames and forenames followed by an initial with a comma. You would also find Mary Elizabeth under GA if you search locations. I guess your problem is finding the detailed information on say Mary Elizabeth. Well according to the table listing her this is entry number 907 (which in this case is your own message) at the ‘O'Hara Genealogy Forum’. At the bottom of the database main page you will find a link to this forum; the link is also at the top or bottom of the query pages. When you click this link you get the complete listings of all the messages posted so far. There is a "jump to box" at the top where you should enter 907 and click "go". The link is:
I wish you success in your search for your O'Haras !

by  Kathleen Donnelly

99. Hi to all O'Hara's in the world.
by  Sean Michael O'Hara

100. Another O'Hara from Glasgow. Father from County Leitrim. Any connections anywere ?
by  Susan (O'Hara) Monaghan

101. Wow I had no idea there are so many O'Hara's everywhere. I changed my last name to O'Hara, I think it is the most beautiful surname in the world. There should be an O'Hara convention or something ;)
by  Annabelle O'Hara

102. My name is Dennis O'Hara. 57 years old. Born in 1946, Bermondsey, S.E. London. Sister - Maureen Theresa O'Hara. Brother John Dennis O'Hara.
by  Dennis O'Hara

103. I am part of a very large family of OHaras living in the UK. We have a family tree going back to early 1800's. If you would like me to add our family details please drop me an email.
by  Lionel OHara

104. Hi
My name is Lionel Hamilton O'Hara, I am the son of Desmond Hamilton O'Hara (who had 7 siblings), and his father was Edward H. O'Hara. I have a son Harrison and a daughter Holly. You may see my details on the Variety magazine website. I live in the UK and often travel to the USA to see my cousin Derek O'Hara in Denver or there abouts. I have all the details of my family tree going back a few hundred years and if you would like these to be added to your web site then I guess we could.
It would be good to hear from you, yours faithfully
Lionel O'Hara

by  Lionel OHara

105. I live in Otego, New York. I'd like to say Hello to all fellow O'Hara's, and I'd like to see an O'Hara reunion started!
by  Terrance O'Hara

106. Dear
Subject: O'Hara/Spellman/Walsh
I have been searching all over for any info on my grandparents who both came from Ireland in the early 1900's. My grandfather Martin O'Hara married Agnes Spellman after they arrived in the US (not sure which port) they were both born around 1887-I was led to believe they both came from County Mayo and when my mother was alive, she spoke of Swinsford as the town. They had 12 children, and settled in South Phila and opened a candy store around 2nd street. I would love to hear from anyone with connections. Agnes also had a sister, Margaret who married Patrick Walsh who came here in 1912 on the Caramania Ship and he lived until 105 yrs. old in Collingdale, PA.
Susan Haring
by  Susan Haring

107. Hi - great site!
Hello from the O'Hara family of South Jersey U.S.A.
The Greatest Family Name there is! My Family: Martin Anthony, Sean Michael, Kristine Marie, and Wife Christine.
Visit my site: WWW.OHARA.BZ
Good Luck and keep up the great work!
Sean O'Hara
I wanted to add some information, My Father was a pretty big radio personality, news anchor and had a pretty big Role in the Film "What's so bad about feeling good" I think it is from around 53. He has been deeply rooted in the NYC area for quite sometime. You may be able to find out a lot of info on his past jobs - roles, etc. His name is Martin O'Hara - I know he held a DJ job for many many years on WNEW AM, had News anchor positions in both NYC and Philadelphia - and the movie role.
by  Sean O'Hara

108. Hello to all. It is so good to see so many O'Haras out there! Joe O'Hara and Family, Reading, Pennsylvania.
by  Joe O'Hara

109. Hello to all O'Hara's - My grandparents were Martin and Agnes O'Hara from somewhere in County Mayo, Ireland. I am actively searching for any family history. Not much is known but they did own a Candy Store in the 40's at 23rd and Watkins (South Phila) and had 12 children. Please contact if you have info.
by  Susan Haring

110. That's cool. I never thought of putting anything like that in my shared folder... Keep on the good work.
by  franckbe

111. What a wonderful site for the "Mad O'Hara's" to peruse....
by  Pat O'Hara

112. Hello there!
I have just stumbled across your website, and am fascinated. I am an O'Hara, Patrick by first name, and now live in Leeds, England. I am a retired BBC producer, journalist. Wonderful site!
Many thanks
Patrick O'Hara
by  Pat O'Hara

113. I never Knew we had our own web site and that there is so many of us. I'm in NJ my parents are from leitrim. Anyway keep up the good work with the site.
by  Christopher O'Hara

114. Hi,
My name is Chrsitopher O'Hara and would like to find out how to be listed in the data base. There are 5 of us living in NJ and Fl. The names are:
Michael J. O'Hara (originally Co. Leitrim)
Elizabeth McCarrick O'Hara (originally Co. Sligo)
Michael P. O'Hara (currently Fl)
Colum O'Hara (NJ)
Christopher O'Hara(NJ)
Hopefully this information will help. If you have any questions don't hesitate to write.
Thank You,
Christopher O'Hara
by  Christopher O'Hara

115. Greeting from Ireland, from Volker Bialas, Munich, Germany
Postcard: O'Hara, Traditional pub in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
(Postcard © Real Ireland Design Limited; Photography © Liam Blake)
by  Volker Bialas

116. Dear,
Subject: Father Denis O'Hara
Im currently researching the life of Father Denis O'Hara, parish priest in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo 1880's to 1922. I would be grateful for any stories, rememberances, appertaining to this early rural development pioneer. All contributions greatly appreciated.
Monica Browne
by  Monica Browne

117. hello out there, I am delighted to be here but, please keep off for me because, I am here already oooooooooooo Chris Ohara Mugu Man reading: Lagos Nigeria. keep it up my good brothers because, I will surely make it in Jesus name Have faith always & always believe in your self.
by  Chris Ohara Mugu Man

118. Hello to all the O'Haras out there from Robert O'Hara, Canada, B.C.
by  Robert O'Hara

119. Still trying to find any information on my husbands family and have had no luck. Please any one related to Joseph, Elizabeth, and Anthony F. O'Hara, contact me. Anthony was born in Sullivan Missouri on July 29, 1900. Joseph and Elizabeth are Anthony's brother and sister. Parents of Anthony are William O'Hara and Mary Stinson. Anthony married twiced. First wife name unknown and had child with her. Sex of child is also unknown. Second wife is Thelma Venable, she had Anthony Francis, Carolyn, and Leo. Joseph, brother marriage unknown. Elizabeth, sister married William Stewart. (last name spelling unknown.) William known to be a doctor. They had 1 child that know of Marie. She known to marry Gene Neeman. (last name spelling unknown.) They had 2 children that know of. Mike and Johnny Neeman. One of the sons known to be an airplane pilot. Last heard these O'Hara's lived in Illinois. Any one with any information please contact me.
by  Amanda O'Hara


121. hi my name is jennie ohara ilive with my husband patrick (pj) in the galway area and would like to hear of any more oharas living in birmingham england.
by  jennie ohara

122. I am looking for any information for a Patrick O'Hara around March 4, 1899??. Anyone out there that might be missing an O'Hara born around that date please contact me
Rhonda McCarthy
by  Rhonda McCarthy

123. ~ Name link to O'Hara's
Great site! Seems family legend and fact have merged in the data base. Can anyone provide info on Elexious, Queen O'Hara. Any assist is GREATLY appreciated as this is (allegedly) my link to clan O'Hara. TIA.
by  Lawrence ELEXIOUS Harry

124. My name is Kathy O'Hara, would like to hear from any O'Hara's that are related to George O'Hara in New Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.
by  Katherine O'Hara

125. Dear Editor,
I am trying to find a book called ‘The Red Sailor’ written by Patrick O'Hara in the 60's. Any information on the book or author would be greatly appreciated,
yours sincerely,
Bill Sanderson
From the webmaster's reply:
Dear Bill,
I found the following information about the book on the internet:
It is a fictional tale about a Royal Naval rating during the time of the Chinese communist/nationalist war, and his "adventures" while sailing from the UK to the far east station in Hong Kong.
The British Library's Public Catalogue at lists the following four items:
1. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: pp. 219. Neville Spearman: London, 1963. 8o. Shelfmark: Nov.1153.
2. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Series: [Panther Books. no. 1816.] Publication details: pp. 190. Panther Books: London, 1965. 8o. Shelfmark: W.P.B.29/1816.
3. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: [London]: Panther, 1968. Shelfmark: X.68/420.
4. Title: The Red Sailor. Reprinted. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: London: Panther Books, 1971. SBN 5860254642. pp. 190. Shelfmark: H.72/26.

by  William Sanderson

126. Dear O'Hara's,
I am wondering if there are any O'Hara family gatherings being organised at the moment, and if so where and when?
I would also like to suggest the idea of organising an O'Hara family gathering in Ireland. Would people be interested in attending and/or participating in this?
I come from County Carlow in Ireland and myself and my brother, Seamus O'Hara, run a small brewery there. Our main product is of course, O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
My idea for a family gathering is to get as many O'Hara's together as possible and to celebrate the skills and contributios of O'Hara to the world. This could include O'Hara art exhibitions, literary events, business seminars, political debates, food fairs, etc..
If anyone thinks this is a good idea, and is interested in discussing it further please let me know. Obviously I would hope that our brewery would get some publicity from this (I am an O'Hara after all!).
Eamon O'Hara.
Webmaster's comment: Check out also O'Hara products and brand names ( at this site.
by  Eamon O'Hara

127. Dear,
My great, greatgrandfather Felix Ohara married Elizabeth in New york 1875. Would love to know were in Ireland they were from. Can anyone be of help ?
Thanks! What a wonderful site this is for all oharas...
Joan Jasinski
From the webmaster's reply:
Dear Joan,
In the ‘Datebase of O'Hara Persons’ (, you can search for forenames like Felix or Elizabeth. To date three persons with forename Felix have been entered. All three lived in the nineteenth century and two have New York associations. These correspond to messages 37, 105, and 804 at the O'Hara Genealogy Forum.
The place to start is:
I wish you success in your search for your Felix & Elizabeth O'Hara.
by  Joan Jasinski

128. Subject: An open letter to Maureen O'Hara
Ms. O'Hara,
I stood in awe of you years ago and I still do. My youngest daughter has now gone to being a red head and has an attitude like Mary Kate in "The Quiet Man".
I wondered if you would possibly know something. I am collecting information about Mr. Wayne for my brother. He's a major Wayne nut. Did Mr. Wayne own any of the horses he rode in his films?
Mary Sherman
by  Mary Sherman

129. Hey OHara's, I kind of stumbled across this website. Totally cool. I am a 31 year old living in New York City. Shout out to all the O'Haras across the world.
by  Chris O'Hara

130. Good Day all O'Hara's...
Best wishes to all from Ipswich Massachusetts - on the Atlantic Coast...On a clear day I think I can see the green hills of Ireland as I look east over the Atlantic!
by  Mark O'Hara

131. Dear
Does anyone recognize Frank Wallace born 1872 in NY married Elizabeth Ohara 1893 ?
by  Joan Jasinski

132. hello there,
i am trying to find a book called The Red Sailor written by Patrick O'Hara and just wondered on the off chance that one of your members may be able to help me, it must be nearly 40yrs since since it blessed my hands, hope you can help an avid reader,
yours sincerely,
Bill Sanderson
by  William Sanderson

133. Dear,,
Subject: Hugh O'Harra & Sarah Hopple O'Harra
I am looking for any information on Hugh and Sarah. The centered around Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Hugh born in the early 1800's in Ohio. Late moved to Constantine Michigan area. Had a daughter, Olive Ann. I have lots of information on their descendants.
Brian O'Harra
by  Brian O'Harra

134. Dear,
Subject: Patrick & Margaret O'Hara from Enniskillen, Ireland
My grandparents Patrick & Margaret O'Hara were married in Enniskillen Ireland they came to England &lived at Chatham Kent he worked at Chatham Dockyards in the 30's& 40's they had four children Tom,Eva, Henry & Elsie.Patrick's father's name was Michael &lived at New Brompton,my grandfather was also called Henry and used to have drink at the Red Lion at Chatham. Would appreciate any help as I don't much more than this. Thanking You.
Mary O'Hara
by  Mary O'Hara

135. Dear,
For Gilles O'Hara, I'm looking for his gggrand father, Thomas O'Hara and his wife Rose Grant, married around 1858, who came to Canada in 1872 (noted in Canadian census 1901) with children James-Bernard (born 1859), John-Thomas, Mary and John.
Gilles is going to visit his ancestral land in September. Where is he going to go?...
Thank's for informations!
by  Bernard Lebeuf

136. Dear,
Antrim 1930's, Ellen and Andrew O'Hara owned Clonard Confections, 142 Falls Road, [Belfast]. My dad Joseph O'Hara was altar boy, Clonard Monestery. Anyone know them or heard of them please let me know.
Thank you,
Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara
by  Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

137. Hello Everyone!
I was born in Dublin, Ireland but currently live in Oakville, Ontario Canada. I have lived all over the world with my husband's job & am thrilled to find this website.
by  Deborah (O'Hara) Matteazzi

138. I did not realise there were so many O'Hara's. Unfortunately I don't know any of my ancestors. My mother was an orphan from Banagher, Co. Offaly and I know nothing about my fathers family. (Big secret!). But it's great to know that there are so many potential relatives.
by  Anthony O'Hara

139. HEY OHARAS!!!! I didn't realise that there were so many of us. I actually stumbled on this sight be accident and it is GREAT. Way to show some OHARA pride. Keep up the good work!!!
Meagan O'Hara, Chicago, Illinois
by  Meagan O'Hara

by  Mugu O'Hara

141. hi ther James,
thanks for your reply on the Red Sailor, No i havent found a copy yet, i live in hope. I have aquired 4 of his books The luck of the Lonely Sea, I Got No Brother, God came On Friday and The Yangtze Run, i see your message on the O'Hara website but as to date no replies, thanks for your help very kind of you. I see on one of his books it said Pat Ohara was living in Aberdeen but this would have to be verified as the book is thirty years old.
regards Bill
by  William Sanderson

142. listen mate i dunno who you are apart from that you are o'hara, and consequently, that happens to be my name! YES mine! If you do not want to go home in an ambulance change your name and delete this website so the REAL oharas can make their own on the address. GRRRRR! - kiddin hi!
by  mr muffin man ohara

143. Dear,
My Grandfather was John O'Hara (O'Harra) born Sabina Ohio, near Washington Courthouse in 1840. My Mother Genevieve born in Columbus Ohio 1894. Then lived in Lancaster, Cleveland Ohio and Huntington W.Va. I live in Hamilton Ohio. I have History on O'Hara,Kiernan and Donahue.
Joseph O'Hara Brandabur M.D.
by  Joseph O'Hara Brandabur M.D.

144. Hi, my name is Angela Roache but my grandmothers name was Alice O'Hora ( O'Hara in US). Dont know much about my american relations but would love to find out any thing.
by  Angela Roache

145. Dear,
I stumbled on this site looking for a crest for our Family reunion and there was a link from! Its great. I came from a Charles O'Hara branch who adventured in the Philippines and meet my Spanish Grandma there. My father's name is Harvey, 3rd of 5 siblings. My Grandpa was also married to a Filipina before my Grandma and had three kids. The O'Hara family from this branch (Charles) is celebrating a reunion May 23/04 and we're looking to have 150 folks on this side here in Naperville, IL USA.
Keep up the Great Work!
Floyd O'Hara
by  Floyd O'Hara

146. I am descended from Catherine Theresa O'Hara who wed John Patrick Higgins in New Orleans, LA, in 1845. She was born in New Brunswick. I think her father was Charles Keane O'Hara, since he died at her home address. He was born in Ireland.
by  Rita Curry-Pittman

147. Dear,
I am looking for any information on Patrick O'hara that married a Mary Nolan. I do not know when this took place but sure it was in the late 1800's. Any information would be helpful.
Rhonda McCarthy
by  Rhonda McCarthy

148. I am James F. O'Hara, son of James Hugh, son of James Richard, son of Hugh James (He being born in the "auld sod" we're not sure where). All gone but me, all of Pittsburgh, PA USA.
by  Jim O'Hara

149. Hello Everyone,
I'm Chris, son of John James,Grandson of James O'Hara and Sarah (Haynes). Could anyone contact me with any information concerning the Galway O'Hara's in/around the Tuam area-My Father,John(living in England) was beleived to be the last in the family line,not so. Last contact was around 1950.
Thanks er... cousins.
Christopher F. O'Hara
by  Christopher F. O'Hara

150. O'Hara Rulz!!
Just wanted to say hello to all of those other O'Hara's in the world!! Have a great day!
by  Aubrey O'Hara

151. Good-looking site. Congratulations.
by  James (New York)

152. Hello I am Terry O'Hara from Middlesbrough England. Born in North Ormesby in1944. Also known as Doggy to the people who lived there.
by  Terry O'Hara

153. The rage of Mogh's race blazes out in fits of fury so that their foe's land is set aflame by them: peace on conditions is spurned - such are their terms! - The Book of O'Hara - written in the year of our Lord 1597.
Representing branches of the clan O'Hara in Bergen, Monmouth, Burlington counties in NJ and Rockland county NY.
by  Michael William O'Hara

154. Hi, my name is Pat O'Hara, I was born in Liverpool UK in 1957, the son of Paddy & Frances. I have 2 brothers Jimmy & Terry. I am Married to Patsy - can be confusing somtimes - we have a daughter, Kate and son, Shaun.
This web Site is terrific, well done!
by  Pat O'Hara

155. All Ye O'Haras Originate from Foxford Co Mayo! If Ye Go Back Far Enuf !!.
by  Heather (1) O'Hara

156. Dear,
Subject: Patrick O'Hara & Bridget McCormick
I am descended from the above mentioned individuals. (deep breath...) Patrick was born (I think) Feb 1 1823 in County Mayo Ireland. Bridget was born (I think) Oct 1 1838. They had 7 children: Thomas (my gg grandfather, b. ~ 1865, d 1940 Ste-Cecile-de-Whitton, county Frontenac, Quebec, Canada), MIchael, John, Patrick, James (b Mar 28 1877), Ann (b May 16 1872), Margaret, Mary. Patrick, Bridget and James can be found in Ste-Cecille in the 1901 Canadian Census.
Thomas married Catherine Paradis (b 1876, d 1964). They lived on a farm in Ste-Cecille (which is still standing today!) and had 13 children: Helen (my grandmother b 1916, d 1972), Mary, Gladys (b 1920, d 2004), Michael, Joseph, George, Thomas Jr (d abt 1979 in NY state, "Uncle Tom" worked for Metropolitan Life), Edward ("uncle Eddie" was blind, b 1893, d 1975), Patrick, Louie, Herbert ("uncle Herbie", liked fast cars, died in Haliburton, Ont), Catherine "Kay", and William ("uncle Billie", never married, looked after the farm until his dying day, b 1908, d 1973).
If anyone has any further information (I'm trying to trace the family back further in Ireland) or this looks like some of your relatives, by all means contact me.
by  Richard Sevigny

157. Dear,
Subject: Family roots
Antrim 1930's - Clonard confections - Ellen and Andrew O'Hara - lived 142 Falls Road [Belfast] - need info.
Thank you O'Hara's,
Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara
by  Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

158. My father always said : "Remember your name"....we all knew that meant to walk a straight line, and hold our head high.
In loving memory of my father- Carl Vincent O'Hara ...a very proud Irishman
by  Courtenay O'Hara Hill

159. I Love This Site I Dey Here.
by  Maga

160. Hey you O'Hara's!! Good job!! Love seein' all of us here. Huggs Lerin.
by  Lerin Keeliey O'Hara

161. Dear,
Subject: just curious
Anyone heard of the irish webbed feet? I am a decendent of O'Hara and O'Sullivan and curious if any grandparents have passed webbed toes to any one else
by  Daniea Lynn O'Sullivan

162. Dear,
Subject: We are all Family!
After several months of searching for members of my O'Hara Ancestors, I have hit a brickwall.I would be nice to have O'Hara Family from other Places, When I realized I do have Family everywhere, Every O'Hara started from the Same place,Making us all Family in one way or another. If Any O'Hara out there would like to Talk with a O'Hara From Philadelphia e-mail me.
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara Jr.(2)

163. Hey, writing in here again, I live in South Dakotah, my name is Mitchell O'Hara, Parents :William O'Hara and Karen Ohara Grandparents: Jerry O'Hara and David O'Hara.
by  Mitchell O'Hara

164. Hello I am Adam Ralph Peter O'Hara of Alberta Canada. My Grandparents are Harrold Henry O'Hara and Geraldine Mary O'Hara of Moncton New Brunswick Canada. If there are any other O'Hara's from the east coast of canada send me an e-mail at
by  Adam Ralph Peter O'Hara

165. Hello all O'Hara's round the world from Michael O'Hara in Glasgow, Scotland.
Our great, great grandfather, John O'Hara, in the year 1888, was instrumental in the founding of Celtic Football Club. My wee, wee cousin Brendan O'Hara of the Glasgow, Cardross Parish, deserves global appreciation.
Loud Clapping:- An unmarked grave in Dalbeth Cemetery is the final resting place of said John O'Hara. Thanks to Brendan's investigations and wee paces along the cemetery, it shall soon be unmarked no more. To signify the 100th anniversary of John O'Hara's death early in 1905, lots of local O'Hara descendants of John are being asked to contribute a few pounds for an appropriate stone. It is fitting that one of the founders of the institution called Celtic Football Club should be remembered in this way.
by  Michael O'Hara

166. Dear,
Hi – I'm looking for Dr. Michael O'Hara, probably a surgeon or cardiologist, about 50-53 yrs old, is very tall, with a dark mustache and longinsh grey hair. I had seen him before and am planning on moving to Ireland in the winter. I remember he spoke Irish as a primary language and may have been from the west or northwest coast of Ireland. If you know where I might find him, please contact me – it is important that I speak to him.
Go raibh mile moith agat!
by  Debora M. Came

167. I'm Patrick O'Hara born in Cleveland,OH. Currently in college @ U of Alabama.
by  Patrick O'Hara

168. My name is Ashley O'Hara, born in Cleveland, OH and currently attending Auburn University in Alabama. Any O'Haras who will be in or around Madrid, Spain this spring please e-mail me!
by  Ashley Beth O'Hara

169. I'm Sean O'Hara and was born in 1980 in PA. I'm doing research into my family history and my grandmother has a picture of the crest in her bedroom. I Hope to soon uncover my family Ancestory. Good luck to all of you. This site is fantastic.
by  Sean D. O'Hara

170. Hello I have done some research and I have uncovered that all of us O'Hara's are family – well long long lost family. I'm Canadian and Irish.
by  ‘O'Hara’

171. Dear,
Subject: Information on Martin O'Hara
– Martin A. O'Hara Broadcaster: WNEW NYC USA, Movie Role: (Uncredited) 1968 "What's so bad about feeling good?"
Sean O'Hara
by  Sean O'Hara

172. Dear,
Subject: Queen, Elexious O'Hara
– Crave enlightment about Queen, Elexious O'Hara. Family legend has it that this is my link to the O'Hara Clan and the person who gave me my middle name. TIA
Lawrence E. Harry
by  Lawrence ELEXIOUS Harry

173. Hello O'Hara's
– from Tom O'Hara in St Charles Minnesota. Son of Joseph P. O'Hara Jr. of Glencoe MN and grandson of former Minnesota Congressman Joseph P O'Hara Sr from Tipton, IA.
by  Tom O'Hara

174. I am living in Fresno, CA, but am from Grass Valley, CA. as is my dad (Willard James O'Hara Jr.) and grandfather (Willard James O'Hara (aka Turk O'Hara) . My Great Grandfather (James John O'Hara) born in Sonora, CA. 1872.
by  Michael Patrick O'Hara

175. Dear,
– I am trying to find out information on my Great Grandmother Jean O'Hara, or any of her family, who moved from Sligo to Glasgow and married George Oliphant in 1920. Details known about her family are as follows:- Mary - moved to Scotland at same time married a Scot who worked as a road roller and has 3 children; Edith - married and moved to Canada and worked in a newspaper office and had a daughter also Edith who would be about 82 now; Robert - moved also to Scotland and married had a least 1 son.
Thanks to anyone in advance for information given.
This is a great website!!!
Clare Oliphant
by  Clare Oliphant

176. Hello Phil O'Hara down here in Glassboro, NJ.
by  Philip O'Hara

177. Robyn Lee OHara here, my Father was Joseph Raymond O'Hara and his father was Silas O'Hara of Altoona PA. Anybody out there know my family ????
by  Robyn Lee O'Hara

178. My father, James Lee O'Hara, was born on January 27, 1939; his parents were Catherine & Dody O'Hara ( not sure of spelling-Dody) . I'm not sure of date or age of my grandparents or where they were from. I believe my father was born in Dayton Ohio. This is as much as I know about my family tree. Anyone know any more about these people?
by  Danny L. O'Hara

179. I am looking for information on Sgt. Miles O'Hara who was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. I saw an old photograph in a book and my husband looks EXACTLY like him. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you!
Karen Rutherford
by  Karen Rutherford

180. Dear,
– I am looking to find out more on the Sarah Hopple that married an O'Hara. She was born 1849, but this is not proven yet and had 8 siblings: David, John, Marthe, Rosella, Edward and Elmer, William and George. Her parents were George and Ruth Hopple and and they originated in Pennsylvania. David was my line and I have his family done and thought I would start on all his siblings. I have seen a message on your site about a Sarah Hopple who married an O'Hara.and thought this might be a chance to find that family.
Deloris (& Rick) Brumfield
by  Deloris (& Rick) Brumfield

181. Need help finding information on Oliver O'Hara,( b. mid 1800's) married Mary Theresa Howley of Sligo. Don't Know if they came over through Canada or directly to US but Anna Veronica, my Grandmother was born in Pittsburgh or Scranton Pa about 1872. I know she was one of numerous children. She married Michael Joseph Rogers in Denver Co about 1904, Moved to Pasadena CA around 1922. I would love to hear from any one who can help me find out about Mary and Oliver's origns. Most of details written by my mother were destroyed in a fire so I really need help with this quest. I want my grandsons to know about their Irish ancestors and to appreciate all that has come before.
by  Shelley

182. Hi,
– I'm David O'Hara and I would love to hear from someone who knew Robert Henry O'Hara. He's the father listed on my birth certificate although I never knew him.
David Lee O'Hara
by  David Lee O'Hara

183. Hello — I'm Jamie O'Hara The Magic Guy in Las Cruces New Mexico. Website:
by  Jamie O'Hara

184. Hi to all You O'HARAS. A truly exceptional and interesting site. Did not realise there where so many O'HARA'S. I'am one, born in Madras India, supposedly descendant from the O'Hara, who was killed by a lion in the book on Zarvo.
by  Maurice Peter O'Hara

185. Hi,
– Please update William Homer O'Hara 1991 to William Homer O'Hara Sr. 3/5/1910 - 4/11/1991 William Homer O'Hara Jr. 6/2/1941 is his son. William Homer O'Hara, III 5/6/1980 is his grandson.
Thanks, best wishes,
by  William H. O'Hara, III

186. Hello from Walter Joseph O'Hara from Ny. Family from Sligo came to America via Canada 1838. Settled in Saugerties Ny Worked in an iron works until 1880. Then Mahattan, Brooklyn then Long Island Ny. Email adress
by  Walter J. O'Hara

187. Great board – so glad to see a group of O'Haras. I come from a long generation I know beginning back in Sligo, Ireland, where my grandpa ended up in Chicago, and still resides. Unfortunatly he is about to turn 95 years old, and can't tell us too much info about where and how he got here. We know very little about his parents or family back in Ireland. Hope to see more on the site to come!
Jennifer O'Hara
by  Jennifer O'Hara

188. – I didn't know how many other O'Hara's there were out there. Now I know of another Heather O! (sorry about our initials) – Heather O'Hara, from Pierce City, Missouri
by  Heather (2) O'Hara

189. Another Mitchell O'Hara from South Dakota ?
My sister sent me the link for this website and I notice a listing from South Dakota for a Mitchell O'Hara, with a father William (Messages 015, 163). — That is my name and my father was William O'Hara, interesting??!!
Mitchell B. O'Hara
by  Mitchell B. O'Hara

190. Hey im writing this message hoping to learn more about my last name and what it means. All O'Hara's with helpful info email me at
by  Nathan L. O'Hara

191. I am researching my great-grandfather John "Jack" Terrence O'Hara (b. mid 1800's) either in NY or Ireland (unknown) - married Minnie Leyde. I ran into this site by accident and love it. Hello to all from St. Paul, Minnesota.
by  Jennifer M O'Hara

192. Merry Christmas 2004. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Christmas card from Arthur, Rena, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen & Kathryn O'Hara
by  Arthur O'Hara

193. Dear Sir
My late mother's grandfather was Captain William O'Hara-Monan RN and he lived in Southampton, England, in 1873; then he returned to Dublin with his family - not sure what date ? His birthday was 9th December, but we do not yet know the year of birth. My grandparents were Hugh & Frances O'Hara-Monan. My grandfather was born O'Hara-Monan in 1873 but used Monan as a surname. He moved to Dublin and lived at 21 Mayfield Road, Terenure, Dublin. My mother was born 1908 and died 2003; she lived at 40 Hollybank Ave, Sandford Rd, Dublin and then moved to Terenure. I was born 1937 in Dublin and lived in Bray, Graystones as a child - left 1944 to live in London.
I have been doing some research into my great great grandfather in Sligo. He died in 1919 and is buried in Glasnevin, Dublin - lived at 30 Moorhampton Terrace, Doneybrook, Dublin - the house is no longer there.
I hope to hear from some members of the O'Hara family if they knew of my family tree. I look forward to hearing from you, and my family wish you a very Happy New Year. Forgive any typing errors - have one hand - get by!
With kind regards
Barbara Best (mrs)
See also: Follow-up message (number 198)
by  Barbara Best

194. Subject: Site Question
What does the Entries column in the Persons database ( mean ? Is that a reference to the person listed ? If so, please tell me where to go to access the information. I have found a couple of my relatives on this site and am curious to see what is noted about them.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year!
Erin O'Hara Birchall
Webmaster's reply:
The entries refer to the messages posted at The O'Hara Genealogy Forum (, the source of all the data in the Persons database at this site. More than 1200 messages have been posted since Summer 1998.
A Happy New Year to you and all visitors to the site!
James G. O'Hara
by  Erin O'Hara Birchall

195. Subject: request inclusion in Arizona list
Greetings; as a resident of Mesa, Arizona 13 yrs, I would like to be listed; Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture, by apt.
Ggf came from Sligo; We are the Cleveland Ohio O'Haras — Sligo, Whitehall NY, Cleveland Ohio since 1895.
Wonderful website.
Tom O'Hara
by  Tom O'Hara

196. Hi,
You have me listed in your ‘Categories’ under ‘soldiers/military history’. I just published my first book. Here is a review:
Vincent P. O'Hara
Note: See references to Vincent P. O'Hara at this site: 'Military History' and 'Other O'Hara Writers'
by  Vincent P. O'Hara

197. Hi, My name is "Scarlett" — I am looking for Rett.
by  Scarlett Bather

198. Follow-up to message 193
Dear James
Thank you for your email and adding my O'Haras to your lists.
My late Father was born in Athlone 3/8/1904 and moved to Cork as a young boy, he was the youngest of four brothers and he sang in the Catherdal (St Finbarr's). He went up to Dublin-worked for Shell Mex in Dane Street. At 38 he joined up and was a gunner in the Royal Tank Regiment; he sadly passed in 1948, aged only 44 . He was employed at the Stock Exchange before he died.
Also I have discovered that my great great grandfather was the younger brother of Charles O'Hara MP for Sligo (died1802) — interesting James. My grandfather - the sea captain - was born 1847 and died1919 — will return to Kew records to do more research. My cousin who lives in England left Dublin at 15; she knows alot more about the O'Haras from our grandfather Hugh O'Hara-Monan.
Better finish now ... my hand is getting tired.
Take care and best wishes,
Barbara Best and family
by  Barbara Best

199. Subject: O'Hara Sligo Clan
I am trying to learn how to navigate this site being computer ignorant – at 78 one gets slower. Both parents came from County Sligo to California in approx. 1910. My brother John Francis O'Hara is included at this site with the O'Haras in California – partner in Law Firm Parker, Clark,Milliken,O'Hara, Samuelian. John passed away in February 2001.
by  Jim Walter O'Hara

200. O'Hara, Joseph emigrated to Australia 1864. Looking for relations. I am of the Boston O'Hara branch.
by  Elaine Halligan

201. The O'Haras in the «Oxford Dictionary of National Biography»
The «Oxford Dictionary of National Biography» published by Oxford University Press appeared 2004 online (subscription) and in a 60-volume print edition (Link). Volume 41 contains articles on the following O'Haras:
Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724), pp. 626-627
Charles O'Hara (c. 1740-1802), army officer and colonial governor, pp. 627-628; (an illegitimate son of James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley)
James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley and Baron Kilmaine (1681/2-1773), pp. 628-629
Kane O'Hara, playwright (1711/12-1782), pp. 629-630
Volume 3 has an article on the pseudo Abel & Barnes O'Hara, pp. 668-670
John Banim [pseud. Abel O'Hara] (1798-1842), novelist and playwright, was born in Kilkenny on 3 April 1798 ... his brother Michael Banim [pseud. Barnes O'Hara] (1796-1874) was also born at Kilkenny on 5 August 1796 ... The Banims wrote «The O'Hara Tales/ Tales from the O'Hara family» ... The Banims gained a lasting posthumous reputation as nationalist novelists and several of the novels were reprinted in the twentieth century.
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

202. Wonderfull site. You're providing usefull info to the world. Thank you. Keit
by  Keit Marrow

203. I wanted to tell you about some O'Hara's from Louisville, Ky. Joseph C. O'Hara and Kevin M. O'Hara Sr. If you are interested e-mail me back and I will e-mail you a letter about them.
by  Kevin M. O'Hara Jr.

204. I am from Brantford, Ontario, Canada and now attend Lakehead University. My father came from Wales, but my Mother's parents were from Dublin. We all now reside in Canada. Cheers.
by  Devin Trelawney O'Hara

205. Subject: Billy O'Hara of Newcastle, England, around 1900
I am researching the life of a pioneer aviator and racing driver, Arthur E George of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have found a dead web link called "O'Haras 1900" which quotes "Mr A E George was a racing car enthusiast and grandad was his mechanic when they went racing at the Brooklands....", and, "Princess Patricia flew with grandad and promised him a .....".
I know Billy O'Hara worked for Arthur's firm George & Jobling and helped build Arthur's plane, travelling with him around the country to flyimg shows in 1910.
If the person who had that web site is still around, and sees this message, please get in touch with me. I am determined to give Arthur George (and Billy) their place in Britain's aviation and racing history.
Dennis Hill
by  Dennis Hill

206. Subject: Patrick \ James O'Hara of Ontario & New York
Need any information regarding Patrick O'Hara, the son of James. James immigrated to Canada from Ireland, had at least 4 sons, Patrick is one of them. Patrick md. Alice Fay. Had 6 children in Canada and then moved to upstate NY and had about 3 more children. Especially need immigration record. We know that they lived in Oxford-on-Rideau township, Grenville co., Ontario.
The info we have on James and Patrick is as follows: James O'Hara, b. 1811, Ireland, as extracted from his age, given in two censuses of Oxford-on-Rideau township, Ontario, Canada. His wife, Mary Timony's birth year ranges from 1801 to 1811 based on three different censuses from the same area. Marriage date is unknown at this time. We have record of 5 children, although there could be more. Patrick, b. Jan. 1828, I believer from a church record; Michael, b. 1836; James, b.1840; Anthony, b. 1842; Peter, b. 1846. All children except Patrick's birthdates were figured the same as the parents. Patrick md. Alice Fay, 18 Jan 1859 according to the records of the Catholic Mission Church, Kemptville, Ontario Canada. Alice Fay was born Jul. 1827 in Ireland. Her Parents are Owen Fay & Bridget McCawly. Both born in Ireland. This information is either from the Catholic Church in Kemptville or Census records.
Patrick & Alice had 7 children born in Canada. James, Michael, Eugene O., Patrick, Mary C., Peter, and Anna. They were born between the years of 1859 to 1867. Exact dates on most if you would like. These dates are mostly verified by the Kemptville Catholic church records. Sometime between 1867 & 1870 the family migrated to New York state, upstate where two more children were born. John & Edna Martha. Hope this helps. My wife is the great-grandaighter of Mary C.
Richard Bissell
by  Richard Bissell

207. Subject: O'Hara's & Near's
My greatgrandmother was Mary Ann O'Hara, born @1840's in the US. Married Henry Near @ 1860's in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. Her parents were Purvis, Parvis & Catherine O'Hara. Catherine gave her family bible to Mary Ann and Mary Ann gave it to her baby girl Mary Near Dickinson. She took the bible with her to Detroit, Michigan. All Great Aunt Mary's children are dead and I know nothing of her grandchildren who would be around my age (60). I don't know if Catherine's husbands name is right.
I really appreciate this web site. I think it is really great and informative.
Lorna Gail Rice Dale Kidder
by  Lorna Gail Rice Dale Kidder

208. Subject: Family of Patrick and Mary O'Hara, Ireland (1860s & 1870s)
My name is Mary and my mother was an O'Hara; her father was Patrick O'Hara and her mother was Margaret McLoughlin before she married; Patrick's parents were Patrick and Mary O'Hara and they had seven children: Thomas born about1864, James about 1866, John about 1877, Patrick (my grandad) about 1870, Richard about 1871, Mary C. about 1874, Agnes about 1876. My great grandfather worked as a warder in convict prisons in the UK and Ireland the older children were born in Ireland and the others in the UK. They lived in the Gillingham Chatham area. I think Thomas the eldest was born in Tipperary, his mother Mary was born in Queens County (now County Laois), Ireland. Some of his sons worked in the Dockyard.
I was wondering if any of these names were on your family tree.
Thanking you,
by  Mary

209. Wow,
I didnt know there were that many O'Hara's out there!!! I'm 13 yrs old and i was bored, so i went to and typed in my last name, and sure enough there was a website about all the O'Haras in the world!!!
by  Thomas O'Hara

210. Subject: Family of Patrick and Mary O'Hara, Ireland (1860s & 1870s); second message
Hello again
My grandparents were Margaret (McLoughlin) O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara they were married at Enniskillen at St Michael's Church on the 28/4/1894 and Patrick was stationed at the Barracks (Enniskillen Castle). At the time of the marriage they had a son John about 1895 or so and they later moved to Gillingham Kent, England where Patrick was in the army and had four more children. Patrick's parents were Patrick and Mary ? O'Hara. Mary was born in Queens County about 1834. I don't know her maiden name and they had seven children I know of who were: Thomas born Tipperary about 1864, James born Aldershot Hants about 1866, John born Armagh County about1867, Patrick born Cork about 1870, Richard born Chatham Kent about 1871, Mary C Gillingham born Kent about 1873, Agnes born Gillingham about 1875. Also I've been told that Margaret McLoughlin was born in Sligo but at the time of her marriage she lived with her parents Michael and ? McLoughlin at Eden.St Enniskillen, Fermanagh; also on her marriage there was a Catherine Mcloughlin but I don't know who she was. My parents came to Australia when I was five, my mother was Elsie Maud O'Hara her elder sister was Eveline, and her younger brothers were Henry and Thomas. I have never been able to find any trace of Margaret McLoughlin's family. Patrick O'Hara Senior worked as a warder in convict prisons. My grandfather Patrick worked at the Chatham Dockyards for many years and so did his sons and some of his brothers.
Thanking you,
by  Mary

211. Charles O'Hara Esq. (1715-1776) as listed in: «Review of the House of Commons», 1774
The «Review of the House of Commons» was first published by an anonymous political commentator in the « Freeman's Journal» in 1774. This review has now been edited by James Kelly and republished in «Eighteenth-Century Ireland - Iris an dá chultúr», Volume 19 (2004), pp. 163-210. (Link). The members are listed in four parts: Knights of the Shire, Citizens, Burgesses, University of Dublin. Under burgesses there are listed 193 names; number 137 (page 198) is Charles O'Hara. The full entry is as follows:
137. Charles O'Hara, Esq. [(1715-1776), Armagh]: a Pensioner [and] a Commissioner of Accounts and Stamps; voted for the new commissions in which he was included; for Pensions, Stamps, Altered Money bills, every scheme in favour of Popery, and every Address of Thanks for every court measure.
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

212. What a great site ! I married an O'Hara (a sweet talented guitarist in Texas) and am very interested in and proud to wear the name. My maiden name is Irish too. I would love to see the beautiful Ireland one day. Good luck and love to all O'Haras everywhere!
by  Sarah

213. Hi I am an O'Hara too!!! wow. I'm from northern idaho, usa. I have relatives mostly out of California. If you guys want to keep in touch you can count on me for family.
by  Linda O'Hara

214. O'Hara Clan, Late Summer 2005 get-together in Wildwood, NJ
Any O'Haras interested in a huge get-together this September in Wildwood, New Jersey for Irish Weekend which will be held September 23,24,25 ? I thought it would be great for anyone that has the last name O'Hara should meet the rest of the Clan! I'm sure we could take over one of many Irish pubs in Wildwood. If Interested please e-mail me. I will send more info, If I get enough interest, we could make it happen.I think it would be great for all O'Haras to get together in Wildwood,New Jersey To meet up for Irish Weekend. I have attended Irish weekend for the past 10 years and Now I can attend with my Young Son!!
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara

215. Hello from Canada!
What a great site! I live in Calgary Alberta. My Grandparents, Louella and Valentine O'Hara moved here from a farm near Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Katherine L. O'Hara
by  Katherine L. O'Hara

216. Henry O'Harra his wife, Bridgett Bolton,and daughter Suzanna
Great site! Thanks ...
I'm searching for my ancestral line. Need parents of both Henry O'Harra and Bridgett Bolton. Possibly married in Columbus, OH, ca 1770. They went west to Praire Deroucher, not far from Kaskaskia, IL. Their daughter, Suzanna O'Harra married Nathaniel Hull, Randolph Co, IL..
Will appreciate any contact, Thanks
Eleanor Arens
by  Eleanor Arens

217. Looking for James R. (Monk) O'Hara, IV
Last known address in 2000, the Birmingham area, Alabama, U.S.A. Need to contact him regarding his lost property, which has now been found.
Thank you!
Ed Braswell
by  Ed Braswell

218. Hi to all; I m FRom SInGaPore ..17yrs old. and proud to be an O'HARA.
by  Ryan Kelly O'Hara

219. Hi! I'm Jenny O'Hara from Manila, Philippines. I'm an O'Hara too. It's nice to know that we have a website, I hope to trace my granpa's roots from the start. My granpa is a son of a Thomasite, an American Teacher who came to the Phils. to teach in the late 1800's. Hope you can help me in this quest.
by  Jennifer O'Hara-Valencia

220. Greetings to all of you from Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Love the page
As I was reading through the guestbook I was struck by how many of you fine people there are, but that there could never be too many of us.
Great work James, keep it up,
Patrick Barrett O'Hara
by  Patrick Barrett O'Hara

221. Michael, Margaret (O'Shaughnessy) O'Hara & son Patrick Dennis
I have been trying to find more info on my father and his parents. My father was Patrick Dennis O'Hara. I believe his father was Michael O'Hara and his mother Margaret O'Shaughnessy (not sure of spelling). Michael and Margaret met on board a ship coming from Ireland. My father Patrick was born in 1895 in Wisconsin. He was a truck driver most of his life.
Any info would be appreciated
Patricia Kathleen O'Hara Morrison
by  Patricia Kathleen O'Hara Morrison

222. Hi from North County, San Diego, CA. I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ, the son of John and Ellen O'Hara. I have O'Hara relatives in AZ, MI, OH. My brother Michael O'Hara also lives here in San Diego. Ra Ra!.
by  Thomas C. O'Hara

223. Greeting from the Philippines to all the O'Haras
Finally, We already have our own website were we can check out are family members. Hope we could maintain this and Thank you very much to the person who developed this kind of communication system for all the O'Hara. Guys, hope we could set a Family Gathering were we can meet and know each other. Its nice to have Friends, specially within the O'Hara Circle. Guys, lets keep this site and let us treasure it.
Thanks !
Brian Joseph O'Hara (Philippines)
by  Brian Joseph O'Hara

224. My name is Terry O'Hora, of the O'Hora family from Pennsylvania. Changed our name from O'Hara about 200 years ago in Ireland. Any relatives out there?!?
by  Terry O'Hora

225. Hi, my name is George O'Hara. I was born on the 1st March 1947 in Lesley street in a village called Ligoniel in Northern Ireland. My Father was called George (Geordie), his Father was James (Jimmy) and his Father was George.
by  George O'Hara

226. Hello,
I am Joan 0'Hara Bates, age 68. I trace my paternal line to William Wilder 0'Hara, born 1846 in Quebec and who died in Wabasha City, MN where my father and grandfather 0'Hara were born. Our family story is that we are descended from Gen.Charles 0'Hara so we find all things written about him of interest. My daughter Tara found it all and sent it to me, but I only had this computer two months and am just learning. I am the last 0'Hara of my generation, I had 3 brothers from my father's 4 wives. My O'Hara men were polite, charming and loved to gamble and drinking was good too! .
Thank you for the info !
by  Joan 0'Hara Bates

227. James O'Hara (b.1814), Hannah Vaughn O'Hara (b.1820) and children
James O'Hara (b. 1814) and Hannah Vaughn O'Hara (b.1820) arrived in New York, July 1850, with children: Denis (b.1843), Bryan (b.1845) and James (b.1850 on ship). James Jr. married Bridget Hogan in Chicago abt. 1873. Parents names were on the death certificate of James, Jr. I'm looking for any information on James, Hannah, Denis and Bryan.
Thank you,
Fran Luby
by  Fran Luby

228. New Jersey O'Hara's
I enjoyed this website alot. I have always wanted to trace my family's roots, but my father has very little information for us to go on. Maybe one day I'll get all the information I need.
Colleen in NJ
by  Colleen O'Hara Manning

229. Anyone that may be kin
I know nothing of my grandparents other than my grandmother's name was Mary Daly and my grandfather was either a John or Joseph, a r.r man in Ft. Dodge or Council Bluffs, Iowa; my dad was born in 1896 or 1898 as Joseph Faber O'Hara. Mary had several sisters.
James Patrick O'Hara
by  James Patrick O'Hara

230. Pembina, North Dakota ?
Another O'Hara looking for, and offering up, anything that I know about relatives from the Pembina, ND clan. Brandon O'Hara
by  Brandon O'Hara

231. Hi,
I am trying to find info on my Great Grandfather Joseph O'Hara. He was born somewhere in Ireland possibly the northern coast about 1844. He moved to Canada at the age of 19 after finishing an apprenticeship as a shoemaker. He possibly came to Canada with the man who trained him, a Mr Miller. He had several children with his wife Mary Rebecca Burchill-O'Hara. All the children died but one (my Grandfather James O'Hara).
Does anyone have any suggestions how I could find out where my Great Grandfather was from exactly and who were his parents?
Many Thanks,
Shannon O'Hara
by  Shannon O'Hara

232. Our O'Hara ancestor who moved from Ireland to Scotland (mid 1840s)
Our earliest known O'Hara ancestor migrated to Scotland as a bridge builder, we believe mid 1840s. He helped on bridges in Ayrshire; he was a Navvie (?) - a bridge builder. He married Mary McClelland in Ayr, and their children were Robert (1856), our ancestor, Charles, Sarah, Anne Jane, Peter, Elizabeth. No information about where In Ireland he came from, or whether he was a boy, a young man or an adult. Believe his birth to be mid 1830s or earlier. Have no information on the other children beyond 1881 census.
Where are all those with the name of O'Hara who migrated to Scotland ?
Colleen (O'Hara) Slater
by  Colleen (O'Hara) Slater

233. O'Hara or O'Hora from Pennsylvania
My husband's family apparently changed the name from O'Hora to O'Hara at some point here in the States. Some of our relatives are O'Hora's from Pennsylvania. I am working with them to try and find our origins. Any help would be much appreciated!
I'd love to hear from any of you.
Ramona Hillier-O'Hara
by  Ramona Hillier-O'Hara

234. Christopher O'Hara's «Field Guide to Great American Beer»
I am the author of 6 books, including the upcoming "Field Guide to Great American Beer" (2006, Clarkson Potter/Random House). My family lives in Lloyd Harbor NY, and I'm originally from NYC.
See more at
Christopher B. O'Hara
Webmaster's ps: see also at this site: Non-literary authors.
by  Christopher B. O'Hara

235. James O'Hara from Roscommon, lived in Schenectedy, NY (c.1890)
I am trying to find information on James O'Hara from Roscommon and who lived in Schenectedy NY in the 1880's and 1890's.
I may be able to help others with Roscommon ancestry.
John Higgins
by  John Higgins

236. The history page at this site and the tribe's history
It is nice to see this site online, is there any plan to add any more in the history area, or perhaps links?
Respecting the tribe's history I have a copy of a book titled: "The Book of O'Hara", lots of tales of fighting and it's aftermath, have you heard of it? I have heard various stories about the name "Eadhra" and that our origins are near Tara and all. The movie "Gone with the wind" didn't help matters. Does Eadhra refer to a tribe and is there any reliable history connected to the name?
Congratations and best wishes on your progress.
Dan O'Hara
Webmaster's reply: ... The intention is (in due course) to add biographical information on those O'Haras listed in the One Hundred Renowned O'Haras page. Contributions (or links) based on reliable historical sources are welcome. Regarding "The Book of O'Hara", see Father Frank's message (#57in the database of messages) ...
by  Dan O'Hara

237. Australian O'Hara's
Hello to all the O'Hara's out there, especially those in Australia. I don't know anything about my ancestry but am keen to learn.
Elizabeth O'Hara
by  Elizabeth O'Hara

238. Hi, what an interesting site!! I'm from London and have lived here all my life. I am of Irish descent, and am living in london with my Mum.
by  Shannon O'Hora

239. Hello frm the United Arab Emerates!
Hello Everyone! What a pleasure to discover so many O'Hara's! Although born in Lancashire, UK, I have spent the last 30 years travelling around the world teaching English...and have never actually bumped into any dear namesakes, but it's lovely to know that you are there...somewhere! I'm currently living in Sharjah, near Dubai in the UAE. Not many O'Hara's here I suspect! I would love to hear from other O'Hara's.
All the best to you all
Wendy O'Hara
by  Wendy O'Hara

240. this is a great resource. helped me with a geneology project.
by  Bush

241. Another O'Hara clan, from Youngstown, OH
Hello - I am the last O'Hara of a group from Youngstown, OH. My dad is James Joseph Jr, son of James Joseph, Sr. We have many relatives in California, too!
I am so glad to have found this site!
Shannon M. O'Hara
by  Shannon M. O'Hara

242. hola / hello from Lima, Peru !
hi! I'm Charles O'Hara, I'm from Lima, Peru and I lived all my life here ... there are very few O'Haras in Peru ... well more about me I'm in my late 10's, a university student (wanna-be-chef) I also have japanese blood and I'm a very cultural person, I love to learn new languages since my studies are tourism/hotel managament-related ... so far I know japanese, spanish and english. I'm also the webmaster of a japanese music website (in spanish); the link is:, yeiy I forgot ... my O'Hara great-grandfather born in Liverpool, England ... nice to meet you all.
by  Charles O'Hara

243. Hi im Kerri-lee O'hara and im trying to locate all my irish family im 18 years old and live in england with my mum.
by  Kerri O'Hara

244. JUST HELLO. I am Karen O'Hara born in New Orleans, Louisiana.
by  Karen O'Hara

245. H or h? Capitalization of the "h" in O'Hara
Does anyone have a preference on the capitalization of the "h"? I have had this question for a while but it seems that I'm correctly capitalizing it according to the site heading.
Hats off to all lucky enough to have such a cool last name.
by  Sheila O'Hara

246. Looking for a Maurice O'Hara (born ca 1944)
My name is Angela, and I'm looking for a Maurice O'Hara.He lived in Alberta in 1965, he would have been 21 at this time. He had a brother who would have been 15, his father was a mechanic and his mother a housewife. He was a bush pilot. Very important that I find him or a relative of his. Thank you for your site!
Angela Hearns
by  Angela Hearns

247. Looking information regarding the Galway O'Hara's
Update to message of June 10, 2004/ message #149 in database of messages
Hello cousins, I'm Chris, son of John James,.grandson of James O'Hara (from Galway) and Sarah (Sally) Haynes (from Cork City). Could any of you contact me with any information regarding the Galway O'Hara's (possibly Tuam or Clifden). Grandfather James and his twin brother John hailed from there-abouts.My Father was beleived to be the last of his line, not-so – last contact was made around 1952. Cheers!
by  Christopher F. O'Hara

248. Want to know my ancestors ...
My grandfather's name: Thomàs O'Hara McPhearson ... year 1880 (estimated) ... arrived in Lima, Perù ... he was a sailor ... he married Julia Montoya a Peruvian, etc. Any news?
Thank you,
Hèctor O'Hara
by  Hèctor O'Hara

249. Looking for O'Hara's who lived in Youngstown, Ohio
I am looking for information regarding O'Hara's that lived in Youngstown, Ohio. My grandpa William O'Hara married Mary Dolan and they had 2 kids Dorothy O'Hara and William O'Hara. My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver on New Yr. Eve. Way back in 1943. If anyone knows any information on this group of O'Hara please email me. I am heading to Ireland THIS WEEK and would love to find out something about them.
Thanks and great website!
Trish Dempsey
by  Trish Dempsey

250. Mary O'Hara from County Cork to Casterton, England, about 1860
Greetings from New Zealand. My grand-mother's grand-mother, was Mary O'Hara from County Cork in Ireland. I know very little about her. But I do know that she gave birth to a son 24 March 1860 at Casterton in Northern England. That son grew up to be known as Hugh McCrone Connal. As a young man he left England and ended up in the South Seas, never to return to England. Hugh Connal is my great-grand father. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has any information regarding a "Mary O'Hara" who lived in the north of England during the years before and after 1860. Regards,
Howard Henry
by  Howard Henry

251. Free Birth & Marriage Records
Visitors and subscribers to this site who have O'Hara and other ancestors in East Mayo may find something of interest at
Happy Hunting ... Dominick Lee
London, England - but with O'Hara family in Shammer, Kilkelly, County Mayo
by  Dominick Lee

252. Looking for information on the O'Haras of Faughanvale, County Derry
Is there any family tree or listings on the O'Haras of Faughanvale incorporating Greysteel in County Derry, Ireland ? I am starting to trace my family tree now and could use all the help i can get,
Thanks, Fergus O'Hara.
by  Fergus O'Hara

253. Hello there from Seoul, South Korea
hi my name is brayan, well where should i start, i was born in peru may 14th 1983, my grandpa came there from ireland in 1942, his name was thomas o'hara mcpherson, well i live now in south korea, seoul, well i don't know what to say, yeah, i'm delighted to find a web page about our last name, well this might sound absurd, but i'm really happy to find this page, well, good luck to all of you guys, and god bless you all, chau
Brayan O'Hara Lopez
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

254. Joseph O'Hara (b. 1874) son of Henry James O'Hara
I am looking for information on Joseph O'Hara, b. 1874, son of Henry James O'Hara and Catherine Callahan O'Hara. Brothers include Frank and Henry, sisters include Barbara and Agnes and Catherine. They were in Scranton, PA at turn of century. Immigrants from County Mayo.
Susan Halpin
by  Susan Halpin

255. O'Hara's & O'Hora's
My name is David John O'Hora. I was born on 23.06.1979 in Dublin, Ireland. It is nice to see that there is such a great reference point for O'Hara's & O'Hora's. Both names share an almost identical family crest. I believe that many people changed the name O'Hora to O'Hara in the 1800's.
David O'Hora.
by  David John O'Hora

256. A howdy ya'll from Georgia
Sending all the O'Haras a howdy ya'll from Georgia. Myself not being form here it is nice to see that there are O'Hara spread everywhere, a touch of family in every backyard.
Tracy O'Hara.
by  Tracy O'Hara

257. O'Hara's from Upstate NY
Hi, I'm 38 yo male from upstate NY, the Binghamton Area for sure. Grandma Francis and Grandpa Mitchell O'Hara. Father Michael J. and Mother Janet L. O'Hara. Any info out there about my family and the history of the O'Hara's in this area down to Scranton, PA area ? Contact me please!
Michael Sean O'Hara
by  Michael Sean O'Hara

258. Hello fellow O'Hara family members. I too am an O'Hara and Canadian. I live in southwestern Ontario.
by  Bev Bailey

259. O'Hara's in Missouri
Trying to find my husbands family. Anyone with information on a William O'Hara from Flourisant Missouri who was left an orphan and raised by a Mrs. Harris, when William's father (James O'Hara) never returned home from the civil war.William's mother's name is unknown. She died shortly after his father. Other family names related are Stinson, Condon, Stewart, Donner, Wolf, and Nieman.
Please contact me if any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family.
Amanda O'Hara
by  Amanda O'Hara

260. A hearty hello from the South Buffalo, NY O'Hara's....Vincent, Kerry, Ava, Vivienne. Does anybody know the official O'Hora/O'Hara connection? Name butchered at Ellis Island or two variations of the same clan name?
by  Vince O'Hara

261. O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village in Madoc, Ontario, Canada
I may have overlooked it but I didn't see any information on the O'Hara Mill and Homestead in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. It was built by some of my O'Hara ancestors. They have a website...just google it.
My O'Hara ancestor was Patrick O'Hara and his wife Cynthia Prindle.
Scott A. Lee
Webmaster's comment: Here it is: O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village
by  Scott A. Lee

262. O'Hara's in Australia
I'm from Ballarat, an old mining town established in the 1800's during the great gold rush. A Town in Victoria, Australia.
If you are ever in Australia, look up my father, Peter O'Hara. He'll look after you.
Louise Mary O'Hara
by  Louise Mary O'Hara

263. An O'Hara from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wow ... I never knew there were so many! Im Michael Robert O'Hara - Born In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in the early '90s.
I'm 23 Years old and a web designer/developer/etc/etc by profession. If you want to check out some of my work follow the link below:
Mike O'Hara
by  Michael Robert O'Hara

264. Looking for O'Hara Family
Hi I'm MUGU MGBADA O'Hara and I'm trying to locate all my Irish family. I'm 18 years old and live in England with my mum.
Mgbada Igbo O'Hara
by  Mgbada Igbo O'Hara

265. Hello from the O'Hara clan of Long Island, NY
by  Anthony O'Hara (2)

266. a very interesting site.
by  patricia young nee ohara u.k

267. I am also an O'Hara and I would be very interested in speaking with other people from around the world.
by  Kristin O'Hara

268. Sergeant Miles O'Har(r)a (died 1876)
Did you know that Sgt. Miles O'Hara killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and listed on your family geneology, also shows the last name spelling of O'Harra? I have his only known individual photograph in uniform. He was promoted to Sgt. the day before he was killed in the "valley fight" portion of the battle. He is noted in survivor's journals as the first soldier killed in that historic confrontation of soldiers and Indians.
The Irish members of the 7th Cavalry are one of my keen interests, especially regarding the Battle of the Little Big Horn. My mother's maiden name was O'Harra and I have done alot of research concerning the family ... If you have any interest in any of the "other" O'Harras, let me know.
Dick Weart
by  Dick Weart

269. My O'Hara family Connection
The O'Hara Family from Youngstown, Ohio were cousins of my mother. I know they lived on the North side of Youngstown and I do believe one of the family members lived on Kensington Ave. The O' Hara Family are from the Rochford Family side of my family. I know that my great great grandfather was James Rochford and my great great grandmother was Mary (Narry) Rochford and they had Anna who married Martin Finnerty both comming to this country from England in 1859. They married over here in Youngstown at St. Columbus church. It was called St. Columbus at the time and they changed the name to St. Columbas church after the old church burned down. Martin and Anna had either 13 or 15 children, my grandmother being the eldest. She married William (Bockey) McGowan and they were my grandparents. James and Anna were my great grandparents. My mother was Leona (McGowan) that is all I do know. Please contact me if you have any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family connection.
I want to thank you very the old world Irish way of saying God Bless.....Godspeed...
Judy Burton
by  Judith Burton

270. i'm also another o'hara and i will love to meet and to know more about my lastname and maybe i said maybe, yeah sure why not to find family around the world who knows? so anytime at
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

271. Looking for my relatives in New Hampshire
Hi my name is Bruce O'Hara. I am from Laconia New Hampshire. My father's name is John O'Hara from Gorham New Hampshire. My Grand Father is Richard O'Hara; he is now deceased, came from Mass. and lived in Gorham New Hampshire for many many years until his death. If you have relitives from New Hampshire like Gorham Email me please at:
Bruce O'Hara
by  Bruce O'Hara

272. From one O'Hara to another - just want to say hello from Rochester NY - I was born and raised in South Buffalo.
by  Edward O'Hara

273. An "O'Hara letter" from San Francisco, April 18, 1906
The following thrilling letter, describing the sensations experienced by a sufferer from the San Francisco earthquake, was received by Mr Hugh O'Hara-Monan, of 32, Waverley Ave, Fairview, Dublin, from his brother, who was in the city at the time of the earthquake:
San Francisco California USA
18th April 1906.
My dear Hugh
A terrible earthquake has occurred here, followed by a disastrous fire, which is burning the whole town. Thousands are killed. I narrowly escaped with my life from the earthquake. I may not fare so well with the fire, which is something terrible. Everything is so miserably dreadful that I cannot describe it. It is fearful. It will take me quite a long time to survive the shock. It is another Pompeii. I am sending you the papers.
Every building was wrecked; churches were overthrown; & streets twisted into all kinds of shapes. The people are starving, & no food is to be had until relief trains come in. One has to sleep on sidewalks. And everything is so awful, fearfully dreadful; the shock is still "Ringing in My Ears". Millions of property has been destroyed. But you can read every­thing for yourself in the papers, which I will mail to you as soon as possible.
I am absolutely homeless now. The earthquake was felt all over the states. All the surrounding towns are a total wreck. San Francisco is a town about the size of Dublin. The population is almost 500,000, two-thirds of which are a1ready homeless. I have lost everything in the fire: the town is all in darkness and looks like a graveyard.
Everything is at a standstill, and the people will soon starve if relief does not come soon.
The earthquake started at 5 -15 o'clock in the morning. I was tossed in the bed like a boat in a rough sea. The shock lasted forty seconds. The fire is fierily raging all around me as I write, and soon will demolish the place in which I am writing this letter. I cannot say anything about the future and for the present I must only allow myself to be governed by circumstances. Hoping you are well. I remain
your affectionate brother B. ­
P.S. - This letter was written on a empty sardine - box
The recipient of the San Francisco letter is Mr Hugh Monan 32 Waverley Ave, Fairview ... Regarding the O'Hara connection - my cousin Val told me there was some family disputes within the family and they renounced the family name, even though in my Mother's family address book my great grandfather signed his name O'Hara - Monan.
Best wishes,
Barbara Best
by  Barbara Best

274. Looking for Sean Michael O'Hara (born April 1, 1970)
Looking for Sean Michael O'Hara, born in Illinois, lived in Las Vegas in 1989ish. Born 4/1/1970.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
by  Jon

275. Erir PA. Hello everyone.
by  Joseph P O'Hara

276. WOW!!
Lots of O'Haras out there! I'd like too say HELLO to ALL the O'Hara's Families.
My name is Quinn M. O'Hara. I live in West Covina CA, Southern California. I am 27 yrs of age, with 1 son Cody Tyler O'Hara, 2 1/2 yrs of age.
Quinn M. O'Hara
by  Quinn M. O'Hara

277. I am looking for relativies or ancestors of O'Hara from Neale Killimor Ballinasloe co Galway Ireland
Brendan P O'Hara
by  brendan p ohara

278. Ernest (Ernie) J O'Hara of Ulster Terrace, Dublin, Ireland
I am trying to find family in Dublin, Ireland. Anybody withinformation about my father Ernest (Ernie) J O'Hara please write back.
Ryan Francis O'Hara
by  Ryan Francis O'Hara

279. Looking for a lost friend Michael O'Hara in Toronto
Hi there,
Hoping someone might be able to help me.
I lost touch with Michael O'Hara in Toronto a couple years ago and wondered whether anyone out there knew him and could perhaps let him know? I lost all his info when my HD crashed but remember he owned video store(s) and had a daughter Karen and son Brendan. I wasn't able to find him when I was in Toronto in May 05.
Can anyone help? You can send info via my email. Thanks,
by  Chris

280. I did not know that there were so many of us over here. Hello to all fellow O'Hara's out there.
by  Ernest John O'Hara

281. My missing persons: Felix and Margaret O'Hara (b. c. 1845)
Anyone know of a Felix and Margaret O'Hara both born in Ireland 1845(?) Married in New York city 1875. Thanks...
Joan Jasinski
by  Joan Jasinski

282. O'Hara's of the world gather and take control, we're unstoppable. One, most of us are Irish, two we're numerous, and three we're O'Haras.....
James Ryan O'Hara, St. Cloud Mn.
by  James Ryan O'Hara

283. Did Jo (or Joe) O'Hara stationed at St Audries camp, or Perry Farm, Somerset, UK, 1943, 1944, survive the World War Two ?
Gordon Hudson
follow-up message
by  Gordon Hudson

284. My father grew up in Greenfield MA. I am looking for any information on the family. I know they came over prior to the civil war since I have relatives who fought in the war.
by  Brian O'Hara

285. Looking for relatives in New Hampshire and all over the world
My Name is Bruce O'Hara. I am looking for relatives all over the world. I know that My Father is John Terrel O'Hara. My Grandfather is Richard Edward O'Hara. My Great Grandfather is Frank O'Hara. I have a Great Great Uncle Charles O'Hara who holds the record on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, for the fastest time up the mountain on a horse drawn wagon.
If you are realated to any of these people let me know.
by  Bruce O'Hara

286. Looking for a Michael O'Hara living in County Meath, Ireland (1917)
My father James O`Hara was born in Navan, county Meath, Ireland, in 1917 and moved to Liverpool, England in the late 1930's. I am seeking any information about his father Michael O`Hara who died in Navan.
James O'Hara
by  James O'Hara

287. Roger and Bridget O'Hara from Tubercurry, Co Sligo, Ireland
I am seeking information on my great-great-grandfather and grandmother, Roger and Bridget O'Hara. They were married in Tubercurry, County Sligo, Ireland on 31.10.1844. Roger was born 24.12.1814 in the same town--I would love to know his parents/siblings names. Bridget's maiden name was Gilmore. They traveled to Brookfield, Massachusetts around 1847. I would love to know the name of the ship, etc.
Any resources would be appreciated! Thanks!
Ed Begley
by  Ed Begley

288. still hoping ! does annyone know of felix and margaret ohara both born in ireland around 1845 married in nyc in 1875 ?
by  Joan Jasinski

289. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Hara's of Leixlip, Kildare, Ireland
Christmas card
From: Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn
by  Arthur O'Hara

290. My lost O'Hara family from Liverpool
Hello fellow O'Haras! I live in Sweden, but was born in Liverpool. My Dad, Michael O'Hara was born 1920 in Liverpool. He died in 1990. He came from a big family, with roots in Co. Mayo so I've heard. All of them, his sister's and brothers and parents are long dead. Are there any cousins or other relatives surviving who could get in touch with me? My dad served in World War 2. His father's name was Bernard and his mother was Mary. They lived in Norris Geen, Liverpool. He had a sister named Kitty, another named Nora, a brother named Gerald and one named Arthur. All are lost to me. Does anyone recognise this family?
Blessings and love to all O'Haras, from Trollhättan, Sweden,
Esther O'Hara
by  Esther O'Hara

291. The O'Hora/O'Hara connection
Hi to all you who share our hertiage, My father Terry and brother Joe, were scotsmen (deceased) and emmigrated to Australia late 1940s. I have Uncles who are O'Hora's and Also O'Hara's so how confused do you think we are; the story we have been told that great grand pop? left Ireland wanted by the constabulary and changed his name to loose himself in scotland, but as things quitened down he changed his name again, is this possible you think???? Our family history is slowly dissapearing as all the old realatives pass on.
I stumbled on the site by accident and am pleased to see that "we" are still connected. I now live in Perth, Western Australia, where I am ensuring the continuity of the name, regards and a Happy New year for 2006 to you all,
Chris O'Hora "The Camel Whisperer" Perth Western Australia
by  Chris O'Hora

292. From an Irish O'Hara living in Spain — Just to be included in list of O'Haras.
by  Frank O'Hara (2)

293. just to wish all the oharas worldwide a happy new year HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS TO YOU ALL.
by  Sandy O'Hara

294. Tracing Family Tree
Well hello to you all. I am trying to trace my family tree but don't know were to begin. My grandparents emigrated to England in the early 1950's and my parents, with myself, emigrated to Canada 1966.
Christopher O'Hara
by  Christopher O'Hara (2)

295. Ryan Mitchell O'Hara - I am his fiance and I want to take him to Ireland - any suggestions? emails appreciated - please title Ryan O'Hara
by  Heather

296. The story of Congressman James Grant O'Hara (1925-1989)
Hi, My Dad and I were talking about the days he worked for Congressman O'Hara in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and I wondered where I could find a complete story on his life and accomplishments.
Please pass along any info you might have. Thanks,
Dan Newman
Link: Arlington Natiomal Cemetery Website
by  Dan Newman

297. Hello to my extended family ... all the O'Hara's of the world
My Father Stanley A. was born to Leo and Mary O'Hara in 1918, in Saint John NB. Stanley passed in 1964. My family Jacque (wife), Stephen II and Meghan carry on the Irish tradition of living life not just watching it pass. Looking forward to visiting Ireland some time in the near future.
God Bless you all.
Stephen Gerard O'Hara
by  Stephen Gerard O'Hara

298. The family motto “Virtute et Claritate”
I read some messages about the family motto on this site. The motto, or at least one of them I believe is "Virtute et Claritate". I do not know latin, but to me the literal translation is "With Virtue and Clarity". An English translation that I read on another site is "To be, not to pretend", or "Not to seem, but to be".
It would be good to have some agreement on the correct English version of it. I have taken Claritas to mean just that, clarity, or truthfulness, or honesty. Noble words indeed, but would they work today? My contribution for what it may be worth is "With Courage and Honesty".
Best wishes cousins,
Brian O'Hara
Wellington, New Zealand
by  Brian O'Hara

299. My family, all O'Haras
Quinton James O'Hara Born 31 Finley Street Ligoniel, Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the 16th July 1952,
My Father is Quinton, my Mother is Elsie, my wife is Patrica. We have Three children: Justin, Stewart and Victoria.
We live in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland.
by  Quinton James O'Hara

300. My great grandfather John O'Hara, born in Fintona, county Tyrone (c. 1855)
My great grandfather John O'Hara was born in Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland around 1855. His father was James O'Hara. John emmigrated to NZ in 1875. He had a brother James who went to America and was not heard from again. His sister Sarah also emigrated to NZ around 1879. Any info would be appreciated
by  Barbara Sinclair

301. Looking for O'Haras in South America
I'm from Lima, Perú in south America, and i just find this page, it's interested know something about my roots, I did not know that there were so many of us over there ... if you know some O'Hara in South America please send me an email...
Best regarts!
Walter O'Hara
by  Walter O'Hara

302. May God bless you & yours, Jerry...
by  Gerald Patrick O'Hara Jr.

303. ad multos annos! Father (1956-2006) O'Hara (1929-2017)
Fifty years ago today (February 2, 1956) that is one half of a century and a whole different world away at twenty-six years of age I lay prostrate in the Sanctuary of the Holy Name Church West Roxbury and was consecrated a priest of God one of seventy young men who began their journey of faith on that snowy day.
May His Blessing be upon them all, Amen
Father Frank Photographs: 1956, 2006
Obituary: Father Francis O'Hara (June 5, 1929 - March 27, 2017)
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

304. Looking for O'Hara's in NH, ME, Canada, Ireland....
I'm looking for ancestors of Abraham O'Hara who lived in Molunkus, Maine in the late 1800's and may have been born in Montreal, Canada. Some of his children later moved to NH.
Madeleine O'Hara
by  Madeleine O'Hara

305. Trying to locate Jack O'Hara, lived in Yonkers, NY, & Wesport, Co. Mayo (c. 1979)
Trying to locate Jack O'Hara, lived in Yonkers NY, Sherwood Terr., worked for telephone company. He and family moved to Westport (County Mayo, Ireland) approx. 1979, went to work for a German company, lived in the company house in Westport.
Jerry Boss
by  Jerry Boss

306. An O'Hara — Hierlihy Link
I have recently found out, Regionald O'Hara married Anne Mae Hierlihy, sometime prior to 1927. They have a son, John Douglas O'Hara, born about 1927. I am assuming Regionald was born Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am interested in the Hierlihy line and have 25 years of Hierlihy data to share.
Dave Hierlihy
by  Dave Hierlihy

307. An O'Hara — McDevitt Link
I see that C.C. O'Hara and Jennie McDevitt, whom he married in Spokane WA, are listed in the «persons» database on this site. I have quite a bit of info regarding this couple.
by  Maureen

308. Australian O'Haras living in Canberra
Hello fellow O'Haras.
I am an O'Hara by Marraige. We are Australian O'Haras living in Canberra. There is me Tracey, my husband David, and our sons Corey and Seamus.
We would just like to say Hi to everyone
Tracey O'Hara
by  Tracey O'Hara

309. Joseph / Jo(e) O'Hara stationed in Somerset, UK, 1944 — follow up
original message
Does anyone know of a Jo O'Hara, possibly from Ohio, stationed at St Audries Bay, Somerset, England during World War 2 in 1944?
I believe he was attached to the 187th Field Artillery Battalion but he did not go over to France on D - day June 6th 1944 where so many lost their lives. He remained in Somerset in July and August of that year, in what was known as "the residue" so there is a very good chance he survived the War, and returned to the US.
I have a photograph of him so anyone with any information about his name, or this era of WW2 in Somerset England please contact me. Thank you.
Peter English
by  Peter English

310. Looking for information about my O'Hara surname
My name is Courtenay O'Hara, i'm from South Shields, Tyne and Wear in England. I know very little about my surname as my father left when I was young and have had very little contact with that side of the family. If anyone can tell me anything about the surname (all I know is that it is Irish in origin) then please get in touch,
Courtenay O'Hara
by  Courtenay O'Hara

311. Johanna O'Hara and John Henry
I am looking for information on my great-great grandmother, Johanna O'Hara. All I know is that she was born in about 1840 in Ireland, married John Henry (born about 1845 in New York). They moved to Saratoga, California and had my great-grandmother, Minnie Elizabeth Henry there in 1869. I would love to find out any additional information about her. Thanks,
Seth Jackson
by  Seth Jackson

312. NEWSFLASH! As I sit here and read all about my fellow O'Hara's I realise that some of ye think your ancestors come from Sligo. Well to put you all out of your misery you are right! O'Hara IS originally from Sligo. So if your going to trace your family tree my best bet would be to start there! I am from the Sunny South East - WEXFORD! Good luck in tracing all those rellies!
by  Fiona O'Hara

313. Looking for anyone who has O'Hara family from Glasgow
My father Richard O'Hara was born in Glasgow in 1905. His father James O'Hara was also born there in 1874. And His father Peter O'Hara was married there in 1857. Peter was the son of John O'Hara and Bridget Linn, born in Ireland (I am not sure where).
Peter came to Scotland some time in the early 1850s. Peter O'Hara married Hannah Goodwin (McGuigan) in Glasgow in 1857. They had 12 children: Peter - April 14 1858, John - May 1 1860, James - Oct. 18 1862, Mary - Sept. 27 1864, Bernard - Sept.14 1866, Richard - Feb.18 1868, Edward - Sept. 4 1869, Susan Elisabeth - June 4 1871, Joseph J. - April 17 1873, James - Nov. 29 1874, Andrew - 1878, Jane - May 1880.
From a family this size I would hope that some decendants still live in the area. family.
Brian O'Hara
by  Brian O'Hara (1)

314. Tribal Chieftain Cahal O'Hara (16th Century)
I have extensive details of the MacDuffie Group in (Northern) Ireland, one of whom, Margaret, daughter of Dugald Og Macduffie married the Tribal Chieftain Cahal O'Hara in the 16th century.
David Morgan
by  David Morgan

315. Looking for a McGowan — O'Hara Family connection
My mom always said that your O'Hara family were related to the McGowan Family of Youngstown, Ohio. My mother was Margaret( Leona) McGowan...In the 1930's there was a family reunion photograph of the McGowan you know of it ?
Thank you, Judy Burton / York, SC.
previous message
by  Judith Burton

316. O'Hara's in Bradford, Yorkshire, England
The origins of the O'Hara Family in Bradford Yorkshire begins in 1831 when Patrick O'Hara and wife Catherine Bartley arrive with brothers James b 1811 and Michael b 1812. They settled, married and had many children, who had many children. The family now runs to 8 generations and contains thousands of O'Hara's who spead through Yorkshire and the North East of England, some went to Canada, USA and Australia.
I will be pleased to hear from people who are researching Irish Surnames with a link to Yorkshire.
Chris O'Hara
by  Chris O'Hara (2)

317. "hello" to all the O"Hara's on the web page. great work. glad i found it. I am a Sligo O"Hara. came to Ohio in l954. best wishess to all the O"Hara's.
K. O'Hara
by  Kate O'Hara

318. Looking for O'Hara Family in Molunkus, Maine
My name is Bruce O'Hara I live in Laconia, NH. I am looking for any O'Hara's In Molunkus, Maine, that was born there or lived there at one point of their life or still live there.
PLEASE contact me,
Bruce O'Hara
by  Bruce O'Hara

319. Hello to all O'Hara around the world from Québec in Canada !
by  Élise O'Hara

320. Facts about O'Haras in Scotland
I was browsing a very interesting surname website recently and discovered that the location in mainland UK with most O'Hara surnames was Glasgow. In fact, I was amazed to discover from the same site that proportionately there are more O'Haras in Scotland than in the Republic of Ireland! It's a quite different story in N Ireland, though, where there seems to be a huge number.
I also found out that it is about the 900th most popular surname in the UK. And that, according to the census of 1881, Bradford was the place in the UK where you were most likely to bump into an O'Hara.
Thought someone might enjoy these interesting but largely useless facts !
by  Diarmid O'Hara

321. From a native to Granard Co Longford now living in Castlebar Co Mayo. A Big Howya from your Irish cousins!!!
by  Paul O'Hara

322. Hello to you all, this is such a great site. I live in England, my dad was Edward O'Hara , Eddie. A lot of my cousins are in Foxford Co MAYO IRELAND. I have three sisters we are all keen to trace more of our family, so if you think you are one of the clan e. mail me.
by  Carmel O'Hara

323. HI ALL, MY NAME IS RORY MICHAEL O'HARA BORN AUSTRALIA 1964, FATHER BRIAN DOUGLAS, BORN NTH IRELAND 1931 MUM HEATHER JANE BORN 1942, E-MAIL, 41 YO ENGAGED ... I have an 18 yo son, sean brian douglas, i live in western australia, and work in the mining industry, in north west australia, hard life, top money, to you all, may the wind be allways at your back!!! cheers from oz...
by  Rory Michael O'Hara

324. Esther O'Hara's “The Witches Necklace”
Dear James,
I just wanted to let you know that my book is being published on the 30th of March 2006 and there is some information on the publisher's website now. (Unfortunatley in Swedish, but it can be of interest to other O'Haras worldwide anyway!).
My book is a children's book called "Häxan och halsbandet" (The Witches Necklace) and is about a wicked witch who has a magic necklace. She uses the necklace to create bad weather and terrorise the town of Trollhättan. She lives in a secret cave outside the town, up in the dark hilly forest. One day she loses her magic necklace and it is found by a little boy who is out for a walk in the woods with his mother. The witch then searches high and low for her necklace. She uses all sorts of spells and poisonous herbs to try and find it. Meanwhile, in the hands of the little boy, the necklace turns good, and works all kinds of little miracles...
Well that is a little summary. I may translate it one day and see if it is publishable in English.
The web address of my publisher is: Click here to see my book and here to see a text about me and a little picture.
Esther O'Hara
by  Esther O'Hara

325. An O'Hara from Kingston, Ontario
I was surfing the web...bored at work... and came across this site!
I'm an O'Hara from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I'm 32. Son of Kenneth and Patricia O'Hara. 1 brother Kenny. I'm a nurse. Work in a federal prison near Kingston. The inmates are refusing to lock up, so I'm stuck here after hours incase someone gets stabbed. Love my job!
I've got lots of family tree info, and would love to hear from any other O'Hara's out there. My closest relatives are in southern Ontario. Ben and Jeff. Thier parents, my aunt and uncle, relocated to Texas and work for Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson.
Anyway... take care everyone. Love to hear from any other O'Hara's out there.
Cheers, Tim
by  Timmothy Lee O'Hara

326. Hi from Queensland originaly from Melbourne father Cliff born in Melbourne have traced back another 4 generations including James, John and Joseph O'Hara from Ireland happy to swap family history. G Day from OZ
by  Glenn Raymond O'Hara

327. Hi to all; I am Christopher Richard O'Hora Living in Perth Western Australia. great to be part of one big family. "may you be in heaven 10 minutes before the devil knows your dead" god bless Regards "The Camel Whisperer".
by  Christopher Richard O'Hora

328. My name is Thomas O'Hara i'm 11 years old and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. My aunty is also here she is called Fiona O'Hara and she is 41 can i just say... THERE ARE MILLIONS OF US world Wide...Email: and
by  Thomas O'Hara (1)

329. John O'Hara who arrived in Nova Scotia on the Mayflower
Looking for anyone related to John O'Hara that arrived in Nova Scotia on the Mayflower ?
Katherine O'Hara
by  Katherine O'Hara

330. Family tree back to approx 1760
Hi from wyoming in the U.S. born in Penna. U.S. in 1955 have dome the family tree back to approx 1760. father Henry J. grandfather Lawrence E. greatgrand father Henry J., gggrandfather Henry D. He came in to this country at baltamore Md.
I would like to hear from other O'Haras if you have time. From the begining we have been farmers, miners, millwrights.
Henry O'Hara
by  Henry O'Hara

331. Descendents of George O'Hara, New Harbour, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada
Looking for anyone that may be related to a George O'Hara, New Harbour, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada who died 1928. He was married to Sarah Jane Humber. As far as I know George and Sarah Jane Humber had six children, Lawerence, George, Mae, Reginald, Gordon, and Melford, all born in New Harbour, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. He was married twice, I think there was 3 children by his first wife. Last knowledge of his son George living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Katherine Jean O'Hara
by  Katherine Jean O'Hara

332. My name is John Patrick O'Hara. I was born in Glasgow Scotland (1972) and now live in Boston. I travel frequently to the UK and elsewhere.
by  John P. O'Hara

333. Hi to all O'Haras out there! I'm in Sydney Australia, I've been doing some research on my family history. The earliest known pesron in my family tree is Richard Hugh O'Hara. He was born on 12th Jan 1855. If anyone knows that family line or knows how to trace back even further please email me ...
Thanks heaps
Dustin O'Hara
by  Dustin O'Hara

334. I am Bernard Arthur O'Hara and I live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in Liverpool England in 1941. My dad's name was Gerard O'Hara. My Mother's maiden name was May Stephenson and originally she came from Lancaster.
by  Bernard Arthur O'Hara

335. Good day, my name is Patrick George O'Hara, I live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Son of John Richard O'Hara born in Montreal and brother of Gordon Richard O'Hara. It will be a pleasure but a task to use all avenues available to me to search roots leading from Ireland to Canada and the United States.
by  Patrick George O'Hara

336. My web page of artwork, some of it focussed on Ireland
My husband and I are just back from our 4th trip to Ireland exploring ruins. This trip we stayed on the west/south coast and did get to the Aran Island of Inis Mor, fascinating. Here is a link to my web page of artwork, some of it focussed on Ireland, which I would be happy to have included on
Our family name was spelled O'Hora at emigration it appears ... siblings include James Patrick O'Hara, a federal magistrate (judge) in Kansas City and Michael James O'Hara, a economist/attorney at U of Nebraska Omaha.
Many thanks,
Maureen O'Hara Ure
Additional link: Maureen O'Hara Ure's page at this site !
by  Maureen O'Hara Ure

337. Hello my name is Jennifer O'Hara from Mahtomedi, Minnesota. I am currently researching my grandfather John Terrence O'Hara b. 08/12/1880 married Minnie Leyde. Resided in Minneapolis, MN. All I have to go on is a WWI Registration Card for him. I'm looking for any information I can get.
by  Jennifer M. O'Hara

338. Looking for my O'Hara cousins
I was checking out this site and hopefully I might be able to find my cousin's that I have never seen but heard alot about. Their names are Kevin Elwin O'Hara and his sister Jacqline. I'm not sure where they are I know their mother was from England. Their father was Elwin O'Hara born in Locharbour, Nova Scotia. His father and mother were Reg O'Hara and Anna Mae Hierlihy. My grandfather remarried after my grandmother's death and moved to Heatherton, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Elwin was in the Army and died due to complications from diabetes or stomach ulcers. He had three brothers and two sisters and a sister mary who died at birth. My dad who's name is John is the eldest son, then Mae, Helen, Lester, Elwin and Raymond. Raymond passed away in November. He had stomach problems as well. Anyway we've been searching for Elwin's children for years. I think that Kevin would be about 38 or 39 now and not sure how old Jacquline would be maybe my age which is 37 or younger.
I was wanting to let David Heirlihy know that I am John Douglas O'Hara's youngest daughter. Reg and Anna Mae were my grandparents however they passed before I was born and daddy doesn't say much about them. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
Kimberley O'Hara
by  Kimberley O'Hara

339. Looking for a Micheal O'Hara who lived in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Hi O'Hara's
I'm looking for a Micheal O'Hara who lived in Red Deer Alberta Canada in the years 1999-2000. If Know this person please have them contact me. It is very important. Thank You,
by  Moriah

340. I am from Ballaghaderreen in Roscommon. I came to Springfield MA in 2000. Good to see all the O'Haras on the web.
by  Gavin Patrick O'Hara

341. Researching Great Grandparents Michael and Catherine O'Hara
Hello to all you O'Hara's. I have been doing some research for years on my family and am especially interested in finding more information on my great grandparents, Michael and Catherine O'Hara who immigrated from Sligo (we think) and settled in Springfield, Ohio, USA in 19th century...somewhere around 1850's or 60's. If anyone has any information or suggestions on how to deepen my research on my great grandparents, please send it along to me. Thanks,
Kathleen Horner
by  Kathleen Horner

342. Hello from the O'Hara's Family from all over India. Hello to all O'Hara's around the globe !
This Hello comes from the O'Hara's Family from all over India. We are still trying to find our relatives from abroad. My grandpa's name was Phillip O'Hara, if anyone has any info please email me.
Andrea O'Hara
by  Andrea O'Hara

343. Margaret O'Hara, wife to Patrick McCarrick, my Great Grand father
Margaret O'Hara, wife to Patrick McCarrick, was mother to 6 generations of the McCarrick family.
Patrick McCarrick was my Great Grand father. My father was George McCarrick, Jr., son of George McCarrick, Sr, son of Theodore Egan McCarrick. His brother is also Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC.. Patrick and Catherine are buried here in Norfolk Va, in St. Mary's catholic cemetary, along with many other CSA Mccarricks.
Craig McCarrick
by  Terry O'Hora

344. I'm from Liverpool, England
I'm from Liverpool, England and have a wife Emma and a daughter Christie. I think my family came from Dublin and Co. Mayo, my Grandad was called Patrick from Liverpool who had a big family, his dad Thomas was from Dublin (I think) and his mother was half Spanish. My grandmother was called Francis Maguire who's parents was from Co. Mayo
Chris O'Hara
by  Chris O'Hara (3)

345. O'Hara's in New Orleans
New Orleans is such a great city for the Irish since it's so green. It's a city inside of a jungle. The Irish Channel is in the center of city and it's where I was born. Great food and fun in this area. New Orleans is so far behind, it's ahead...
Timothy Michael O'Hara
by  Timothy Michael O'Hara

346. Hector Diaz O'Hara form Lima Peru
Hi Everybody
Hello dear family my name is Hector Diaz O'Hara im form Lima Peru, yeah in Southamerica so i guess that ur my dear relatives, jaja cause my grandfather was Hector John O'Hara Mcpherson, did u know him?? he went to Peru at 1930, well i wanna stay in contact to everyone of u cause i wanna travel to ireland and all the world and i guess that it will be a great experience, if i can stay with my dear family O'Hara write me to my mail
see ya
Hector Diaz O'Hara
by  Hector Diaz O'Hara

347. Mary O'Hara (?) married to Martin Olsen
I am trying to trace links with to my great grandparents, Mary and Martin. I am unclear as to whether Mary O'Hara and Mary Cooper are one and the same. I would be very grateful to learn anything about the history of these people.
Susan Aucutt
by  Susan Aucutt

348. Hello to all the rest of the O'Haras, I hail from Georgia, previously Cazenovia, NY. If anyone has family memebers from this area I would love to know of them.
by  Tracy O'Hara

349. Patiently waiting for info about Felix and Margaret O'Hara
Hoping to find any info about Felix and Margaret O'Hara. Both were born in Ireland and married in N.Y.C. in 1875.
Joan Jasinski
Webmaster's note: See previous messages by Joan Jasinski in this database (numbers 127, 131, 281, 288).
by  Joan Jasinski

350. Des Moines, IA. Hello all.
by  Kenyon O'Hara

351. Sean Hastings from Worcster MA, USA, live in Ireland, Co. Mayo
by  Sean Hastings

352. Hello to all O'Hara's. My name is Christine O'Hara and I hail from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I am searching for anyone related to James Francis O'Hara my great grandpa and his wife Matilda McShane who came to Canada (Hamilton) in 1934 from Belfast, Antrim. My grandfather was Francis O'Hara his brothers are David O'Hara, Bob and Jim sister Molly. One thing I am very proud to be is an O'Hara. IRISH RULES.
by  Christine O'Hara

353. This message has been deleted by request of contributor
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

354. James Francis O'Hara and family who came from Belfast to Canada (1934)
Hello to all the O'Hara's !
My name is Christine O'Hara. I hail from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I am searching for any information on family related to James Francis O'Hara my great grandfather and his wife Matilda McShane who came to Canada in 1934 from Belfast, along with my grandfather Francis O'Hara his brothers Dave O'Hara, Jim O'Hara and Bob and sister Molly.
I'm very proud to be who I am and that is an O'Hara.
Christine-Ann O'Hara
by  Christine-Ann O'Hara

355. Just another O'Hara looking for any relatives out there or any info on my family. My late father was Joe O'Hara from Belfast, Ireland. Please contact with any O'Hara history.
by  Roisin O'Hara

356. The O'Hora-O'Hara Connection
I read am intresting comment on this web site. The name O'Hora is in fact the same name as O'Hara. Both are English spellings of an Irish name. During the 1798 rebellion (the year of the French) the O'Hara name was dropped by some O'Horas also to avoid been associated with Michael (White) O'Hora as he was against the English in the rebellion and some O'Haras were not seen to be part of the rebellion. However all the O'Horas were severly punished and all the lands taken from them after that rebellion; many were killed and those that did live kept the name. It is only common in the west of Ireland around the Ballina Area.
by  Anonymous

357. Family Tree of Maria Floydeth Jeju O'Hara, from Bolingbrook, Illinios
my name is Maria Floydeth Jeju O'Hara,from Bolingbrook, Illinios ... 5th generation of... Patrick O'Hara 1767-1850, Londonderry, Ireland ...married to Chynthia Prindle 1770-1860 ... I have my Family Tree ... Just wandering if any of my relatives are still searching for us ...Plz. contact us ...
by  Maria Floydeth Jeju O'Hara

358. hi i'm james j O'Hara jnr from bolton lancashire just found your site very interisting as well my G'father is called joseph leo O'Hara from Birkenhead liverpool as is my father james j O'Hara snr.
by  James J. O'Hara jnr

359. Hello again fellow O'Hara's. This is Kim O'Hara from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada again. Still looking for my cousins. Kevin and Jacquline. My great grampa's name was George and gramie was Sadie or Sarah she liked to be called. Please help. Thanks
by  Kimberley O'Hara

May the Lord make his face shine upon you, O'HARA'S!!!
moi?.....b 1964 in Syracuse NY, My grandfather Thomas Gregory O'Hara, from Skaneatles area, NY, my great grandfather John, b 1851, died 1926, born SOMEWHERE in IRELAND.... married Catherine Powers...she was born in 1862 and died in 1938... had 7 sons, my grandpa was the youngest...wish I could go back further...that would be cool...
Heather O'Hara
by  Heather (3) O'Hara

361. Hello fellow O'Haras. My family are originally from Sligo (Ireland) but most of us live in Dublin now. I am one of 10 children from families of an average of at least 7 (12 on my father's side) so we are still growing and we keep very much in contact. We have an msn.oharagroup you might find interesting (
by  Francis ( Frank) Noel O'Hara

362. Looking for Rocky Raymond O'Hara of Alberta, Canada
Hello. I'm looking for somebody from the O'Hara family of Alberta, possibly Morinville, Alberta. His name, I'm told, was Rocky Raymond O'Hara; perhaps Rocky is a nick-name. I found his name on my husband's adoption papers, they listed Mr. O'Hara as the father (not wed to the mother, Margaret Elaine Cross). My husband, now called Robert Arndt, was born February 27, 1962. Any help you could give us is appreciated, thank you
Lori Shaw
by  Lori Shaw

363. Looking for Sarah O'Hara (born in Ireland, c. 1850)
I am looking for any connection to Sarah O'Hara born about 1850 - 1855 in Ireland.
She was married to Henry McGrath. They had a son born 1875 in Belfast. She is my brick wall
Bob Cook
by  Bob Cook

364. Interest In possible O'Hara relatives in Southern Ireland
My maiden name was/is Anne O'Hara. All my older relatives are now deceased. My great grandmother and father came over from the North West of Southern Ireland around the 1840's (Potato famine), to Keighley,West Yorkshire, England. I think from very few indications that they came from somewhere near Knock! 'kiltiknock' if there is such a place?
I would be grateful for any replies. Unfortunately, their names where Mary and John, obviously common names and to make it more difficult they were only small children when they left Ireland.... They had a son soon after arriving called James who died at the age of two and who they then bought a grave for. Neither seemed to be able to read or write.
Anne Cuthbert
by  Anne Cuthbert

365. Looking for William O'Hara (born Toronto, Canada, about 1904)
I am looking for information trying to find my father's dad, William O'Hara; he was married in Syracuse, NY, moved to Cleveland, Ohio with 2 sons, left during the depression and headed toward Alberta, Canada. He was born around 1904 in Toronto, Canada,
Michael O'Hara
by  Michael O'Hara (59)

366. O'Hara picture posted in 2000 — update
Original message: number 2
Later message: number 411
See also query: number 772
Hi Jim,
I wanted to update my email address on the picture of the O’Hara family, that I posted to your website in 2000.
The “dad” in the picture is my great grandfather, Thomas Edward O’Hara.
Many thanks,
Janice Dukes Martin
Paternal Lineage: McNally, Dermody, Donnelly, Burke, O'Hara, Jeffries, Parrett, Holt, Johnson, Conner O’Hara.
Maternal Lineage: Smith, Jackson, Knowles, White, Hayne, Humphrey, Crosby, Routt, Adams, Conyers West, Richel, Cullimore, Haines
by  Janice Dukes Martin

367. Finding Sheila, Francis, Ryan and Jack O'Hara in Ireland
I used to live in London between 1989 and 1990. I lived with a family named the O'Haras — Sheila, Francis, Ryan and Jack O'Hara. They were lovely people and helped me very much. In those days, Ryan was a wonderfu baby. We kept our contact for a while. But this family moved to Dublin from London and we lost the contact. I visited London again and their house but I couldn't find them. I missed them so much and worried about them. Please help me to find my dear friends. I hope everything is okay with them. I thank you for your interest in advance.
Best regards,
A. T.
PS. (November 3, 2006)
First of all, I thank you for your kindness and understanding. I am incredibly happy. Last night I spent two hours on the internet to find my dear friends. I didn't count how many O'Haras (from Dublin) that Icalled. Finally, I found a telephone number in Wicklow County's web site. Then I took my chance and I found my dear friends after 16 years. It was very important for me. I really missed them. In those days, I was young and they were young, there was a lovely baby. We shared everything under the same roof. Now everybody's health is okay. This baby has become a handsome young man. Another one is on the road to be a young man. To know that they are okay means for me more than everything. I really thank you for such a wonderful information and contact channel. Your website helps love and friendship. This is the precious service for peace. I am sending my best wishes to all O'Haras. I am sure if I had not found them, an O'Hara would help me by hearing my voice from your web-site. Thank you again.
With all my best wishes, A. T.
by  A. T.

368. Father Thomas O'Gara, mid-Illinois (1850s)
I am looking for information on Father Thomas O'Gara, a priest in mid-Illinois in the 1850s. Anyone have any information? Thanks.
L. Boston
by  L. Boston

369. I am also from the O'Hara's but we moved to Canada 8 years ago in August and i have only been back home once since coming here. I am now 15, and hope to go back when i am 17 or 18. If any O'Hara's wish to contact me plese feel free to do so.
by  Annie Jade O'Hara

370. St. Jude was there for little McKenzie O'Hara
McKenzie O’Hara, the daughter of Andrew "Andy" O'Hara, General Counsel; Director of Sponsor Relations at ppc Racing, was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. She was admitted to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital exactly one year ago this week and today is free of cancer. The following news item was sent by Andrew, McKenzie's father.
news report dated Mooresville, N.C., November 10, 2006
by  Andrew "Andy" O'Hara

371.Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941)
Link: One Hundred Renowned O'Haras
Hi there,
I am distantly related to Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941) who is mentioned in your "One Hundred Renowned O'Haras" section. I am trying to trace his ancestors and any family he may have had. I know he married Florence Butt in 1919. Florence is my great great aunt! I know he had a brother Charles H O'Hara. Valentine didn't ahve any children, but maybe his brother did? If anyone can help me with tying in his family I would be extremely grateful. I can help anyone out with details I have found out about Valentine if they're interested. He was a fascinating man!
Guy Singer
by  Guy Singer

372. My name is Erin O'Hara, there are ten O'Hara's in my family. Five of us live in Spring Hill Florida, five live in GlenPool Oklohoma. Originally the family was born in New York.
by  Erin O'Hara

373. Hello I am 1 of many O'Hara's living Calgary Alberta Canada.
by  Jordan O'Hara

374.Doing the same O'Hara Tree as Kathy Flynn Simons
I am trying to get in touch with Kathy as we are 'doing' the same O'Hara tree but I can't get an email through on the address given here. Many Thanks, M. Crinion
Kathy's Guest Book message of July 31, 2001
What a wonderful site! I have been trying to find information on Nancy O'Hara (1790?-1870?) from Cloonacool. She married Pat McCarrick (1781- 1864) from Loughill?. They had a daughter, Catherine McCarrick (1844- 1899), who married my great grandfather, Thomas Flynn on 3 Oct 1865, in Tobercurry, Sligo. These O'Hara's began in 1616 with a grant of land at Mullaun by Teighe O'Hara to his brother Cormac. He was the forebearer of Nancy's father. Nancy's brother Paddy O'Hara married and stayed at home, and was the father of Fr. Denis O'Hara, Administratoar in Ballaghadereen and later as a parish priest of Kiltimagh. His other son was ArchDeacon Roger O'Hara, a parish priest of Kilmovee from 1882 to 1924. Are there any O'Hara's out there with a McCarrick connection? Many thanks, in advance
by  M. Crinion

375.I married Martin O'Hara, son of Mary and Daniel O'Hara, Enniskillen,Co Fermanagh. I was trying to track down his uncle Francis who moved to England 50 years ago. So if any one can tell me where is whereabouts I would be very greatful. His brothers are Daniel, Kevin and sisters Bridget and Patricia.
by  Frances O'Hara

376. The O'Hara family of Granard, County Longford, Ireland
My grandfather Thomas O'Hara came to America from Granard, County Longford, Ireland around 1908. His father was Michael O'Hara and his mother was Mary Kerr. Most of my grandfather's family came to America. Henry O'Hara and sisters Annie and Julie. One brother Bernard O'Hara stayed in Ireland. One brother in Ireland worked well into his 80's delivering mail by bicycle. My g.f. Thomas O'Hara also had half brothers and sisters. Some of his half brothers made it big in horse racing. There is a O'Hara pub in Granard, County Longford, Ireland. I wonder if it's my O'Hara line that owns it? Any relatives out there?
Thomas Heege
by  Thomas Heege

377. Does David Patrick O'Hara have a fan club address? Etc?.
by  Helen Tabor O'Hara

378.Descendants of Robert O`Hara and Ann Hurley (4 Generations)
Hi there,
I was told to send this info to you so that you could see if this group belongs to your clan, and if so if you could add to it.
pdf file
html file
Tom Young
by  Tom Young

379.Looking for ancestors of Abraham O'Hara born about 1820
Looking for ancestors of Abraham O'Hara born about 1820 and lived in Molunkus Maine from 1850 on. His mother was born in Lower Canada and father in Ireland. O'Hara's in the Aroostook Maine area are probably related to some of his children. Please contact me. Thanks
Madeleine O'Hara
by  Madeleine O'Hara (1)

380. Colleen Marie O'Hara decended from Edward O'Hara and Regina Bailey. Father Frank O'Hara taught at Notre Dame and was a great uncle. William Francis and Colleen Thompson are our parents originated in Ireland and came to PA. Glass blowing was their trade, went to Marion, IN and from there to South Bend, IN. I havent seen anyone in Indiana.
by  Colleen Marie O'Hara

381. Any info on Father Frank O'Hara from Nortre Dame, IN ?
Any Indiana O'Hara's out there! Don't you just love our name! I am really surprised there are not more Colleen O'Hara's out there!! I will keep my name forever no matter what! I just happened on this site looking for my great uncle Father Frank O'Hara who taught at Notre Dame University at South Bend and is buried there.
Colleen Marie O'Hara
by  Colleen Marie O'Hara

382. James P. O'Hara Ace, Texas : Greetings fellow O'Hara's, so many names and so little time. Trying to find my family origins with little success, my father Joseph F. O'Hara born in Iowa in 1896. His father was married to a Daley. I have joined a DNA research group and so far there are 3 with 37 markers still a good stretch to go. God Bless.
by  James P. O'Hara

383. Edward O’Hara married Bridget or Beesey Henery (born c.1864) in Co Sligo
Edward O’Hara was a Herder/Farm Labourer, he married Bridget or Beesey Henery bn c 1864 daughter of James Henery and Kate O’Donnelly.
They had the following children:
Edward bn 26/11/1883 in Ranaghan, Sligo
Michael bn 20/05/1886 also Ranaghan
Mary bn 20/06/1889 Ranaghan
John bn 15/06/1891 Ranaghan
Jane (Jean) bn 26/12/1893 in Arderee, Sligo (My G Grandmother)
Bridget Kate bn 26/06/1898 in Cloonacurra, Sligo
My grandfather tells me that Mary and Jean my G Grandmother came to Gorbals, Glasgow looking for work he says his mother worked in a big house in Ireland prior to this but I Believe they may have moved with their mother Bridget in the early 1900’s after their father died as I have found a marriage certificate for her in 1908 when she married a John Pettipiece in Glasgow. Their Mother Bridget died in 1926 in Glasgow.
Jean married George Oliphant in Glasgow in 1920 and she died in 1952 in Springburn. Mary Married a man who worked as a road roller in Glasgow. It is believed that one of the other sons moved to Glasgow and married and a daughter moved to Canada to work in a newspaper office. Can anyone help me with obtaining further information on my family or are you connected somehow?
Would love to hear from you,
Clare Oliphant
by  Clare Oliphant

384. John O'Hara / Martha Miller born circa 1819 in County Antrim
Hello, I'm searching for information regarding my great great grand parents, John O'Hara & Martha Miller, born about 1819 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland,
John Marshall O'Hara
by  John Marshall O'Hara

385. Hi, I'm an O'Hara in Vancouver and it's great to see the clan reaching out.
by  Darrell William O'Hara

386. Hello all ! from Sydney, Australia
Writing from Sydney, Australia. Yes, as I understand it O'Hara derives from Sligo. My father was born there, in any case, and his before him. And the bread that you buy in the Swinford/Foxford area is O'Hara's. Always so nice to tuck into a slice of fresh O'Hara's when I'm in Ireland!
Geraldine O'Hara
by  Geraldine O'Hara

387. I am looking for Margaret O'Hara, my grandmother. She was born 1876 in Leitrim or Longford Ireland. Parents were William and Catherine Kelleher. She emigrated to Rhode Island. Anyone who might have information, please contact me.
by  Ron Beagan

388. I am from Santa Clarita California. Married with 2 kids. My Great Grandfather is James O'Hara. He was one of the American Teachers sent to The Philippines in 1901 to teach. Any Relatives out There?
by  Jason O'Hara

389. Hello from Jacksonville, FL area. I am a descendant of Thomas E. O'Hara and Mary Sullivan, both immigrants from Ireland. They had my ggrandfather (Thomas) in 1880 in Cambridge MA. He married Winifred Freyne in NY around 1910, had several kids, and settled in FL. One of which was my grandfather Theodore Gerard O'Hara, who married Annie Marguerite Moody. They had 5 children, including my mother Catherine.
by  Maggie Adams

390. Grandson of John O'Hara — founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club — dies aged 99
I thought you would be interested to know that the grandson of John O'Hara, founder of Celtic Football Club, died on 8.2.07, aged 99 years and 5 months. His name was Robert Cosgrove and he was a life-long Celtic fan. I saw him hours before he died and his last question to me was, "How are Celtic doing?"
His funeral will take place at 9.30 a.m. in St. Joseph's, Clarkston, Glasgow on Thursday,15 February.
yours in sorrow,
Pauline Elliot (niece).
Previous message about John O'Hara: John O'Hara & Glasgow Celtic Football Club and message no. 165
by  Pauline Elliot

391. Thomas O'Hara came to Ontario, Canada @ 1840
If interested go to and click "Family Tree". I've documented @ 500 relatives in Canada and the USA. Other names: Brennan, Casey, Edge, Nash - all 1800's started from Ottawa area of Ontario.
Frank O'Hara
by  Frank O'Hara

392. Hi this is such a kool site! im Thomas ohara Email me on go to my site
by  Thomas (Tommo) O'Hara

393. Hi, I am Michael Osborne O'Hara from Sydney Australia. My father was William Myles O'Hara Grandfather Myles Osborne O'Hara, All of us born in Australia, Great Grandfather Henry Michael O'Hara Born Cork Ireland 1853 Died Portsea Victoria Australia 1921 Married three times, Nettie Klingender, Isabella Osborne, Nina Osborne Great Great Grandfather Henry O'Hara married to Anna Macoboy. American artist Henry Clive, formerly Clive O'Hara would have been my great uncle, son of Henry Michael. Would be pleased to hear from others to who I may be related.
Cheers M.
by  Michael Osborne O'Hara

394. Looking for Edward O'Hara born OH about 1860, married Noblesville, IN in 1892
Hello to all the O'Hara's out there !
I am seriously pursuing some research on my family and I have hit a stone wall. Hoping someone can help with info they have uncovered.
My great grandfather was Edward O'Hara and from his appliction for marriage in Noblesville, IN in 1892 his info is as follows: Age 32 so he was born sometime around 1860. Lists his birthplace as Ohio. Fathers name was John. Mothers name was Mary Lynch. His occupation was an iron moulder which probably meant he was working for the RR at some time. I am really stumped on this one. If it helps he named his son Henry Edward which as I gather was based on some of his brothers as the Irish had a system for naming boys.
I would really appreciate ANY help with this. I have found a couple of O'Hara's in Ohio in the census prior to 1892 but I cannot make the leap to connect him to any one family.
Wayne O'Hara
by  Wayne O'Hara

395. Michael O'Hara (b. Ireland, 1858) of Brooklyn, NY, and his children
Original Message by William O'Hara
Dear Webmaster - O'Hara family
I emailed a letter to William O' Hara on the 6th March 07, re his subject on Michael O'Hara ( b. Ireland, 1858) of Brooklyn, NY, and his children.
My name is Barbara Best, my Grandfather, and his Father were born into the O'Hara family. In my letter to you William I forgot to mention that my Great Grandfather married a lady named Mme De Vaux; they had nine children; I think they married on the 23rd May 1871 in Dublin.
I look forward to hearing from you William. With best wishes,
Barbara Best
by  Barbara Best

396. My father is Shay O'Hara and I am searching for his brother Sean O'Hara & his children
My name is Sinead O'Hara and I am the daughter of Shay O'Hara who was born in Carlow but grew up mostly in Dublin. He has been residing in Sydney Australia for the past 30 years. I am looking to get into contact with his brother Sean O'Hara or his children.
Sinead O'Hara
by  Sinead O'Hara

397. Just to say Hi ! I'm Hazel O'Hara. I was born in burnley lancashire england. I didnt relise they was so many O'Haras in the world. Nice to know there is though.
by  Hazel O'Hara

398. Many O'Hara's in upstate New York. Ours are from Sligo, Ireland. Wish I could find all missing families to hand down to younger people. Email: in midst of changing companies, sry.
by  Mary Ann O'Hara

399. Jo(e) O’Hara stationed in Somerset, UK, 1943 or 1944 — second message
I am still looking for a Joe O'Hara but now think he was in the 40th Tented General Field Hospital at Alfoxton Somerset UK WW2 and not in the 186 Field Artillery Battalion.
Are there any O'Hara family members around that knew of a relative that served as a Medic?
first message
follow-up message
by  Gordon Hudson

Hello. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and just wanted to say hello to all my brothers and sisters who carry the given name of O'Hara, god bless to all.
by  Stecven O'Hara

401. Looking for any information on Robert O'Hara (possibly O’Hora) born (?) Co. Mayo, Ireland
Looking for any information on the following:- ROBERT O'HARA (possibly O’HORA) Born possibly Co Mayo in Ireland. He was a farmer by trade. Married and had a least 10 or 100 children of which I know some details of four:-
i. MARY3 O'HARA, born in Ireland; married to a man with the surname KENNEY. Mary possibly died in the UK
ii. MARTIN O'HARA, b. Abt. 1873, Ireland; moved to the UK and married a Margaret FOY born 1875 in Bohola Ireland. They married in Wigan but travelled around Lancashire as he was a Miner. Martin died. 13 Jun 1907, Brodsworth Main Colliery, Yorkshire.
iii. WILLIAM O'HARA, b. Ireland; married Mary Anne KILGALLON. Had three children William ( last known residing in Belgium in 1949); John Patrick died in Canada possibly 1999 and Mary Catherine
iv. JOHN O'HARA, b. Abt. 1883, Ireland. - was in Liverpool in 1901 census living with Martin
Any info would be great
Michelle O'Hara
by  Michelle O'Hara

402.Searchimg my great grandfather John Patrick O'Hara's genealogy
My great grandfather, John Patrick O'Hara, was born in Ireland. He was a Major in an Irish Regiment that was garrisoned in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) when occupied by the British, just after the take over from the Dutch. He married Mary Ann Duffy daughter of a fellow officer in 1830 in Ceylon.
George Hesse
by  George Hesse

403. Greetings to the Klan O'Hara. 35 from Sacramento in Northern California. My father is Walter James born to John O'Hara and Helen Gilfoyle in NY. 1941. My 2 brothers are Jeffray Scott 40, and Brian James 20, all in California. I have 2 boy's Michael Sean jr. and Dillan James...all boy's.Just doing my part to keep the name alive. " When Irish eyes are smiling, watch your...back!"
by  Michael Sean O'Hara

404. Greetings all! Michael Scott O'Hara from BC Canada here. Son of James Milton O'Hara (born September 1929 in Calgary AB). Great site!
by  Michael Scott O'Hara

405. Hi everyone I just want to add my name into this fantastic guest book. A big hello for the "West Midlands" England.
by  Ian David O'Hara

406. heyy O'Hara's, hello from Victoria, Canada. thought i'd sign this lovely lovely guestbook. hopefully i'll get the chance to meet some of you someday, maybe on a random day the next time im in Ireland. byeee xx
by  Karyn O'Hara

407. Hi O'Haras, My full name is Mary Shawn O'Hara-Smith. I am beginning to create my family tree. I did not know how many O'Haras there were!!! WOW! My Father was born and raised in Rochestor NY (Thomas Patrick O'Hara) Hope to write to some of you in the future.
by  Shawn O'Hara-Smith

408. Searching for my father Michael J. O'Hara Jr.
My father Michael John O'Hara Jr. was born in Brooklyn New York by a NYPD father, and he was in the US Air Force when he meet mother in Philippines in 1965-1966, and i was born in may 26,1967. My Dad left for the states when i was just a few months old and my mother and i never heard of him again.I want to get to know and meet him because my mother told me a lot about him and now i am 38 years old and i have two daughters Caitlin 11 years old and Christine 6 years old. I want him to know his grandchildren because we love him and miss him so much. Currently,I live here in San Diego California with my two daughters, and i would love to know my real father Michael John O'Hara Jr. Can your office help me to find him please.
Thank You,
Donna Kathleen Gaco O'Hara
by  Donna Kathleen Gaco O'Hara

409. hi to all you O'Haras out there, never knew we were so widespread. I'm an aul hand and new to modern technology. My father's people came from Crebilly Co.Antrim; there is a family burial plot there, love to hear from anyone out there who is from that area.
by  George O'Hara

410. I'm IBM - Irish By Marriage, and somehow ended up being the keeper of the family history. Our branch is descended from Henry O'Hara, who arrived in upstate New York 1848, and married Mary Langan (both of Co. Mayo) in 1851. Any cousins, please drop a note!
by  Amy O'Hara

411. Photo of O'Hara, Donnelly and Dermady First Cousins (ca. 1900)
Hi Jim
I found this picture in my files and am sure it will be of interest to kindred researchers.
Names recorded on the back:
Front row: Frank Donnelly and Margaret O’Hara
Middle row: Jack Donnelly and James O’Hara
Back row: Steve O’Hara, Annie Dermady, Jack O’Hara and Jane O’Hara.
Time and place are unknown but my guess is turn of the century, in Westport, Ontario, Canada.
Regards, Janice Dukes Martin
Janice's first message
Janice's second message
(or in this database)
Original message: number 2
Later message: number 366
See also query: number 772

by  Janice Dukes Martin

412. O'Hara's from County Armagh
Hello O'Hara's.
I'm a descendant of Bernard O'Hara born about 1791 & Elizabeth McConnell born about 1807. Arrived in Canada in 1839 & settled in Newton Robinson (near Alliston) Ontario. Please write if you might be a distant cousin.
Jane Bernacki
by  Jane Bernacki

413. hi to all the o'hara's. my name is mikala o'hara, sister of james j o'hara further down the page (message no. 358). i was born and live in bury, lancs. trying to find out info on my grandads parents james o'hara and sarah? came from ireland possibly co.mayo. can anyone help??
by  Mikala O'Hara

414. Looking for anyone who might of heard of Clonard Confectionarys on Falls Road circa 1930; names Joesph and Shiela O'Hara
thank you, Maureen
by  Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

415. Searching for other family members
Hi, I am from Ausralia and reside in Victoria, searching for family, Grandparents lived in Whyalla South Australia. Fathers name John, possibly had a sister Dorothy Bell?
Would be interested to hear from any other family members.
Brian John O'Hara
by  Brian John O'Hara

416. I'm Viv G O'Hara, one of the earliest signatories, from Anglesey in Wales UK. Hey, its great to see so many of us have visited and signed in since this Book was started. In the O'Hara family there is a Book of O'Hara written by the family Bard called Higgins. It tells of the history of the family and the brave deeds of the Clan and its leaders. Our name in old irish and to the point.Its so true of the many O's I've met up to now. I'd like to re-create this ancient book but this time as a record of all of us in a family tree e-mail me your details to We are a very capable and successful proud of your name . It goes back to 900AD.
by  Viv Gervaise O'Hara

417. I am very proud to be an O'Hara. I was named afer my father who was named after his. My Grandfather was awarded the Silver and Broze star awards in the pacific during World War Two for valor.
by  Francis Patrick O'Hara Junior

418. Hi to all the O'Hara's...what a great name
I live in The Netherlands at the moment and I am from Enniscrone, Co.Sligo. My Father is Eamonn O'Hara from Co.Sligo and my Grandfather was James O'Hara also from Co.Sligo.I know our name originally comes from Co.Sligo so no doubt we are some how related to the High Kings of Ireland!! .
Fiona O'Hara
by  Fiona O'Hara

419. Hello from Russia
Hello everyone. Just found this site and would like to add my name to it as well. Originally from Park End area of Middlesbrough now living in Normanby. Im currently working over in Sakhalin Island Russia. Feel free to drop me a note if you want. Cheers
Tony O'Hara
by  Tony O'Hara

420. Good Day to all fellow members of the O'Hara family
My grandfather, James came to Australia from Crebilly, Co.Antrim, in the 1800s. His parents were Richard O'Hara and Rebecca Ann (Kelly). He was born around 1867. Regards to all of the Family O'Hara.
Bernard O'Hara
by  Bernard O'Hara

421. Looking for any information on Michael O'Hara b 1785 Enniskillen, Ireland
I am looking for any information on Michael O'Hara born 1785 in Enniskillen, married Molly Bond born about1800, married about 1825. They had a son Thomas born 30 Oct. 1829 in Ross Township, Renfrew, Canada. Thomas married Maria McDonnell and had 12 children. I have information on and after Thomas but am trying to find the roots in Ireland.
Leslie Lavell
by  Leslie Lavell

422. Seeking O'Hara Relatives
Hello to all the O'Hara's!! I stumbled upon this site by accident and I must say it is fabulous! Anyway, my grandfather is Andrew (went by Lester - his middle name), married to Helen F Hayn. My ggrandfather was Patrick O'Hara m to Daisy Snyder. My gggrandfather was Patrick O'Hara also, m to Jane (last name??). I do know that my ggrandfather Patrick was born in Erie PA, he had a sister Ann or Anna who lived near Roanoke, IN. That's about it. Anyone have anything that fits with this bit of info? Let me know. Thanks bunches!
Dana (O'Hara) Dollahan
by  Dana (O'Hara) Dollahan

423. The Life & Times of James O'Hara (c.1808-1865)
I would like to contact Cheryl Judge re The Life & Times of James OHara (c. 1808-1865).
Judy Wynn
by  Judy Wynn

424. John / James O'Hara and Catherine Winton
Catherine died giving birth to my grandfather James Winton O'Hara/Harrie in 1885. Any information about them and the Swaneys all from Leith would be greatly appreciated
Graham O'Harae, Australia.
Also contactable on:
by  Graham O'Harae

425. O'Hara's of Rush, Dublin, Ireland
Looking for information on the O'Hara's of Rush, Dublin, Ireland. Large family consisting of possibly 13 children (John I, Thomas, James, Joseph, Anne, John II, Eleanor, William, Mary Ann, Francis, Alice and Louis) born in that order between 1827-1850. Some emigrated to the Boston area (John II, and Francis) in the 1850's, possibly others.
My great, great grandfather John II married a Margaret and lived on Henchmann Street in North End according to the 1880 census. He worked as a laborer, then as a fish monger. His brother Francis settled in Boston, then Winchester and started FJ O'Hara Fisheries. One manifest shows Francis and his daughter Hanora returned to the US from Austrailia (maybe to visit family?) Rumor has it some/many of the 13 children emigrated there. Any help appreciated.
Mark O'Hara
by  Mark O'Hara

426. The «Census of Ireland, 1911» at the «National Archives of Ireland» The 1901 and 1911 censuses are the only surviving full censuses of Ireland open to the public. Both censuses cover the island of Ireland. The 1911 census was taken on 2 April 1911. The records for 1911 are being digitised first, then those for 1901. The order in which counties will be made available, starting in December 2007, with 1911, is:
Dublin, Kerry, Antrim & Down, Donegal, Cork, Wexford, Galway, King’s County (Offaly), Limerick, Mayo, Waterford, Armagh, Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Fermanagh, Kildare, Kilkenny, Leitrim Londonderry (Derry), Longford, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Queen’s County (Laois), Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Tyrone, Westmeath, Wicklow
The National Archives of Ireland
The Census of Ireland, 1911
Search the 1911 Dublin census records
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

427. Hello, David O'Hara was my great grandfater. I was wondering if there are any relations or if anyone has any information on him or James Edward O'Hara. I would be much obliged. KP
by  Katie Payne

428. The O'Hara's of Drumina, near Tubbercurry, Co.Sligo, Eire
We are the O'Hara's of Drumina, just outside Tubbercurry on the Balina Rd, Co Sligo, Connaught, Eire. My name Desmond was chosen by my Mother who is from Munster. Our parents brought themselves looking for work into England running various London pubs through the 1960's- 90's inclusive.
Our grandfather was Michael, who had 2 sons, eldest being Patrick, & my uncle Eamon. Eamon went to Newcastle England & had 4 sons, ( my first cousins ) in order of birth Michael, Sean, junior Eamon, & Liam, some of these have sons too. Can we add these to your O'Hara tree? Regards
Desmond O'Hara,
Architect, Hampton London UK.
by  Desmond O'Hara

429. Mary O'Hara, born 1821 in Longford, Ireland & died 1895 in NSW, Australia
Mary O'Hara was my great great grandmother. Mary was born in 1821 at Kiloe Longford Ireland. Mary's parents were Michael and Margaret O'Hara. Mary arrived Sydney Australia 4 April 1849 on the ship Digby; Mary married Robert Charters in 1851 and had 8 children. Mary died 25 Sep 1895 in Gundaroo NSW Australia.
Susan Young
by  Susan Young

430. John "Jack" O'Hara — Legendary Lawman from South Dakota
I'm the cemetery foreman for the RoseHill Cemetery in Spearfish, South Dakota and I'm just seeking info on a supposed infamous lawman from the Spearfish or Deadwood area named (according to our records) John "Jack" O'Hara. Any additional info about this man would sure be nice to have as part of the cemetery's records.
My records indicate that John "Jack" O'Hara (31 years old) lived between ?/?/1853 and 2/14/1884 when his life was taken by horse thieves. There are two other younger girls buried in his plot as well; Hattie O'Hara (6 yrs. old) lived between 5/22/1874 and 2/16/1880 and Maude O'Hara (3 yrs. old) who lived between 11/16/1877 and 2/18/1880. Another thing that is interesting is all of their dates of death. Could John have died in 1880 or the girls in 1884 and they were all murdered besides their mother whom we have no records of, or is it just a bizarre coincidence? The only conclusion i can come to is that one of their records is wrong and they were all murdered (except for the mother) or the girls died of disease and John was later murdered? Any info. that would be helpfull would sure be appreciated
Clark Hoyt — RoseHill Cemetery Foreman — Spearfish, SD.
P.S. They probably lived in the Deadwood, Spearfish, Lead, or Sturgis area(s) of South Dakota. I found a New York Times article via on John "Jack" O'Hara, it reads as follows:
DEADWOOD, Dakota, Feb. 15.-Information was received here a few days ago that an attempt would be made by cowboys to rescue Jesse Pruden, arrested for horse stealing at Miles City, Montana, and en route for Deadwood. A party left Spearfish to assist the officer having Pruden in charge. On arriving at Stoneville, 75 miles north of Deadwood, yesterday, the posse was attacked by cowboys, and a man named O'Hara was killed and Fred Willard was wounded. One cowboy named Cunningham was killed. Another, whose name is unknown, was wounded and captured. The cowboys then fled. A party is now being organized at Spearhead to pursue the outlaws.
by  Clark Hoyt

431. Yet Another O'Hara, born in Rossendale, Lancashire, England
Seasons greetings to all O'Haras !
I was born in Rossendale, Lancashire, England. My Father was called Tom, my Grandfather George Thomas, my Gt Grandfather Michael and Gt Gt Grandfather Patrick. I would be delighted if any of you contacted me if you recognise these names.
Kevin Michael O'Hara
(Previous message: August 30, 2006)
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to all O'Haras
My family and I now live in Worcester, England, but my Great Great Grandfather, Patrick, married to Mary (nee Sullivan, we think), came to Rossendale in Lancashire at time of potato famine. Don't know when he was born or where. They were in 1871 census as living in Dean, Rossendale Lancs. They had 7 children: Anne born 1868, John 1871, Mary 1875, Michael (my Great Grand Father) 1876, Thomas 1878, William 1881 and James 1884. Apart from James and Michael, who we know stayed in Rossendale we have no knowledge of the others so they could have moved anywhere in UK or the World.
Any info please get in touch. Love to hear from other cousins in any event.
Kevin Michael O'Hara
by  Kevin Michael O'Hara

432. 200 O'Haras' here
My Great Grandfather John O'Hara born 1837 Ireland, died 1883 Boston Massachusetts.One of 13 siblings. He migrated from Rush, Dublin County Ireland to Boston Mass in 1860. At least two brothers followed: Frank J O'Hara arrived 1861 aged 13 and William, age unknown. I'm told some went to Sidney, Australia. My G.G.Grandfather was also John O'Hara and his wife Ellen Dunne (not positive). I'm told my G. Grandfather was a fisherman in Rush before he left. I'm looking for O'Haras' still in Rush, having a tough time, help would be appreciated.
The O'Haras' are great, I consider all O'Haras' as family
God Bless,
Edward L. O'Hara Revere, Mass
Second (guest-book) message
Hi all ,Ed O'Hara Revere, Massachusetts USA.There are 200 O'Haras nearby, all the same family My Great Grandfather, John o'Hara was born in Ireland in 1837. He was one of 13 children. He migeated to the U.S. from Rush,Dublin County Ire. ar. Boston Mass. in1860. Married Margaret Donohue (born dublin 1842,died Revere mass. (1926), Margaret came to US 1861. They lived in the Noth End of Boston, Mass. and had 8 children. John died 1883, age 46. Two of johns brothers also came to the US. Frank J O'Hara B 1847. Frank ar. US in 1861'William dob unk,ar in US 1864. I'm told My G G Grandfathers name was also john, he married Ellen Dunne. The family ended up some how in Rush. They were fishermen. Some of the other siblings migrated to Sidney, Australia. I am having a difficult,time locating any O'Haras who might still be living in Rush, or which ones went to Australia.Any info would be apreciated tel(collect).1 781 485 0732 US..or write Edward O'Hara 330 Beach St. Revere, Massachusetts 02151 USA I consider all O'Haras family.
by  Edward L. O'Hara

433. Coopershill House, County Sligo, and the O'Haras
Hello to you and yours,
I think your correspondent Barbara Best (messages no. 193 & 198, no. 273 & no. 395) from London and I are connected somewhere. She is a carbon copy of an aunt on my fathers side. I understand that we hail from a distant grandfather who challenged Charles O'Hara ( was it him ?) when he transferred the estates into the name of his sisters only child, on he proviso that he change his name to O'Hara from Cooper. There was a court case over it I understand, dcided by whoever had the deepest pockets, I also understand. I had a factory in Ballyshannon in the 70's and 80's and met with Dermot O'Hara in Annaghmore and William in Coopershill House (Link). Dermot invited us to buy the place admitting that he wasn't really an O'Hara.........but it needed so muchwork that we chose not to. I'm now a Tax Practitioner on Anglesy, retired, but working harder than ever.
Viv G. O'Hara
Viv's previous (guest-book) messages: no. 4 & 5, no. 416
by  Viv Gervaise O'Hara

434. Hi all. Just Sayiing Hello for all the O'Haras in Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada
by  Timothy Charles O'Hara

435. My two kids are the Spanish O´Haras: Arantxa Crucelaegui O´Hara and Ricardo Crucelaegui O´Hara. I´m Susan O´Hara and was born in Blackpool in 1951. My dad was Thomas O´Hara born in Leeds in 1913. I´m currently living in Madrid..
by  Susan O´Hara

436. My my two children are also half spanish. Their names are Daniel junior O'Hara and Claudino Antonio O'Hara My name is Daniel O'Hara i was born in eastbourne uk in 1976 my father is anthony peter O'Hara born in Burnley in 1953 and his fathers name was Harvey.
by  Daniel O'Hara

437. My name is Ellen Jane Gleason. I am one of six cheildren born to Martin J. O'Hara and Marjorie E. O'Hara. I was born in New Jersey in 1953. I think I may have a half brother perhaps named John born in 1946/47 on the Pacific Coast. I am looking for him; he has family that wants to meet him and love him. Our father died in 1981 and I think you were at his funeral. I understand he provided for you even though he had six other children. My e-mail is Contact me.
by  Ellen Jane Gleason

438. im 21, im the Son of Richard F. O'Hara from East Boston / Winthrop Mass.. Im looking To find other family from around my area.. so please send me an email....
by  Richard James O'Hara

439. My maternal grandmother was baptized by Cannon O"Hara at Glan Chapel and remembers him coming to her parents home in Glan in the 1890's.
PS. Glan is in the south of Co. Mayo, Ireland. The church is still active and it was and is part of the larger parish of Kilmovee. It is not too far from Knock...the famous shrine, and a good sized airport for jet liners carrying "pilgrims". The nearest small town to Glan and Kilmovee Parish is Kilkelly. The largest "city" near it is Ballahaderrean (spelling ?). It was an area of small tenant farmers fairly poor. He was appointed parish priest in Kilmovee / Glan Parish in 1881. His name was R.O'Hara according to the website – the part dealing with priests who served Kilmovee parish. Canon O'Hara is still remembered today.
by  John Buscemi

440. Pittsburgh, PA O'Haras
Hello from the O'Haras from Pittsburgh.
I am Robert Joseph O'Hara, III, son of Robert Jr, son of Robert Sr. I am one of 8 kids. My dad was one of 4, (2 sisters, Patricia (3 kids) and Peggy (deceased, no children) and on brother, Jack (deceased, 3 or 4 kids; moved to near Columbus, Ohio). My grandfather was with the post office for his entire career, retiring as post master general for a larger area north of Pittsburgh. We are planning a trip to Ireland this summer and I am trying to learn more about where our Irish ancestors are from. This site is helpful.
Best regards to all O'Haras around the world!
Robert Joseph "R.J." O'Hara, III
by  Robert Joseph "R.J." O'Hara, III

441. Born in Singapore, 27th Dec 1982, from Gordon Maurice O'Hara
by  Patricia Ann O'Hara

442. E-mail addition:
by  Edward R. O'Hara

443. O'Hara Family Additions My grandmother was Catherine O'Hara King. I would like to add her family. She and all her siblings were born in County Limerick to John O'Hara and Cathetrine Canty:
John Patrick O'Hara born 26 Aug 1860, died 12 May 1910 in Chicago;
Bridget O'Hara born 16 August 1862;
Anna O'Hara born 24 December 1864;
Thomas O'Hara born 27 October 1867;
Maria O'Hara born 13 March 1870, died 15 January 1952 Chicago, married Michael Barry;
Michael b 2 Dec 1870 d in Boer War;
Francis O'Hara born 28 June 1874, died 1958 in Gary Indiana, married Catherine Barry;
Patrick O'Hara born 13 May 1877, died 11 January 1928 in Limerick;
James O'Hara born 20 October 1878, died 9 November 1945 in Limerick;
Catherine O'Hara born 28 August 1883, died 14 July 1957 in Limerick, married Dan King Bill King;
Bill King
by  Bill King

by  Patrick O'Hara

445. Hello O'Hara Cousins
I'm Francis Xavier O'Hara.
I was born August 29th 1955 to John Francis & Mary Patricia Raines-O'Hara in San Francisco, Calif.
I stumbled across your website. Can i get the oharas alias “” ?
Francis Xavier O'Hara
by  Francis Xavier O'Hara

446. My Grandfather Charles Lee O'Hara from Augusta, Maine
I'm trying to develop information regarding my grandfather's parents. He was born in Augusta Maine around 1883 and had a brother, John. I've found nothing for him or his brother.
Does anyone know anything about the O'Haras from Augusta, Maine?
Sean O'Hara
by  Sean O'Hara

447. Hi OHARAS this is liam here just saying hi .i'm from ireland and was raised in toronto. My entire family is irish.
by  Liam James O'Hara

448. Proud to be an O'Hara
Our O'Hara tree goes back to John O'Hara & Martha Miller 1819; we are looking for their parents or siblings, born in Antrim Ireland. We have Charle's family & Henery's family but also looking for Alexander, John & Samuel O'Hara. They went to Ayrshire Scotland 1856. Happy to hear if you have any information.
We live in Queensland, Australia. Keep up the good work, great guestbook.
Kerrie & John O'Hara
by  Kerrie & John O'Hara

449. I'm an O'Hara, I'm not spanish but I'm peruvian and I know the spanish language, nice to know some spanish speaking O'Hara people!
by  Charles O'Hara -the third-

450. I'm a O'Hara fron NJ. Father is Edward Michael O'Hara named after his father. Mother is Shirley Alu. Have lived in NJ all my life. Father was born in Paterson. Grandfather Edward O'Hara lived in Saddle Brook, NJ until he died of cancer in the mid-80's. Any info would be cool.
by  Jason Edward O'Hara

451. Trying to trace my father James O'Hara's ancestry
My name is Colleen (O'Hara) Weibel. I am in the initial process of trying to trace my father's ancestry. His name was James O'Hara and he came to Canada in approximately 1940 from Armagh. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in Quebec. He lived in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He died in 1967 at an approximate age of 75 years. He has two children in Canada myself, and Edward James O'Hara. I would like to know if I can post on your message board for any information. Thank you,
Colleen (O'Hara) Weibel
by  Colleen (O'Hara) Weibel

452. Hi! I posted a message last March 22, 2008 but it seems that it didn't get through. Anyways, I'm from the Philippines and I would like to know more about my great grandfather James O'Hara, a Thomasite Teacher who came to the Phils. in 1908. He's from Ohio. So if there's anybody out there who know much about him, please contact me through my e-mail address: Thanks!
by  Edward R. O'Hara

453. John O'Hara Junior born 1833 in St Quivox, Scotland
My Grandma was an O'Hara and I have traced our family to St Quivox Scotland. I have John O'Hara (Junior): born 1833 in St Quivox Scotland, married:Mary Mclelland in 1857. Also John O'Hara (Senior): born about 1812 in Scotland, married: Mary Kelly (date unknown). Does any one have any further information on these O'Haras as I have big gaps were no information can be found!!! Thank You
Chris Brown
by  Chris Brown

454. my name is kate o'hara. I would love to contact Shelia O'Hara from kilglass co Sligo. she came to Phelidelphia in the mid 50ts. I am in Cleveland ohio
by  Kate O'Hara

455. I work for the rail road, my whole family, as far as I know, has or is, working for the rail road. I'm looking for family or O'Haras working for the railroad. I know this is a long connected sentence.
by  John Paul O'Hara

456. Born in Hampshire, England in 1952 to Patricia (Pat) O'Hara and later adopted by Grandparents James Joseph (Pat) O'Hara and Dorothy Grace O'Hara. Longer family roots lie in Bray, ROI. Proud of the name and the heritage.
by  James Patrick (Joseph) O'Hara

457. only name and e-mail given.
by  John Kenneth O'Hara

458. Hi, my name is alex and i'm from toronto. I am related to the Liam O'Hara a few pages over (this guest book, March 28), in fact we are brothers. i wasn't from ireland but i've been there.
by  Alex O'Hara

459. Hi, Me & my family all reside in India, I would be glad to know more about my Grandfather Phillip O'Hara, if any of you do so please feel free to pen down a few line.
by  Clive O'Hara

460. Hi Everyone. I am hoping to make contact with O'Hara's descended from the marriage of Mary Flaherty and James O'Hara in Pontiac county, Quebec, Canada in 1869. Mary was my great grandfather's sister. They had 13 children so there should be some of you out there!
by  Cathy O'Flaherty

461. Hi, I was hoping to find Terry O'Hara from my newspaper days in Maine in the early 90's. Thanks so much, Deborah Marshall.
by  Deborah Marshall

462. Looking for a Mary Alice O'Hara
I am looking for a Mary Alice O'Hara born 1895. She is my maternal Grandmother. I have no relatives to fall back on for info. She was a seamstress in NYC and her father / grandfather I believe was a soap maker who lived in North Carolina. I have reached a stumbling block in my research any help will do.
(guest book message) I am a descendent of Mary Alice O'Hara born 1895 She married George Thomas in NYC in 1922. I believe her father was a soap maker in North Carolina. She was a seamstress for Gimbels Dept Store. I have reached a block in my research. Please help if you can Thanks
Thank you for your site, it gives me hope that I can trace this part of the family tree.
Susie Kittell
by  Susie Kittell

463. Searching for my maternal great-grandfather, Edward O'Hara
I am searching for my maternal great-grandfather. He left for America sometime after 1912 leaving my grandmother behind in Shotts in Scotland. We believe he sent for her when she was 16 but she was not allowed to go. We also believe he married and had two children we know of ... possibly one was called Ellenora??? His brother Joseph also sailed for America around the same time or possibly a few years before. Information is really sketchy because no one seemed to want to discuss it and through time all info has been lost.
Please please help as we would like to know what happened. Any help greatly appreciated.
Helen Donaldson
by  Helen Donaldson

464. Felix O'Hara, an Eighteenth-Century Settler in Gaspe, Quebec
Just came across your great web site. I have a site "Our Gaspe Roots" dealing with the families and history of the Gaspesie in Quebec. Felix O'Hara ( born abt 1732 in Antrim County Ireland) and family were early settlers (1765) to this area, and very prominent in Gaspe. I'm trying to find where members of this family went from Gaspe...first- for data for my site, but second, and more important...Gaspe, in 2009, is celebrating its 475th yr. since the arrival of Jacques Cartier, and some of my Gaspe historian friends are looking for information on O'Hara folk because of an historical paper being written for the 475th celebrations......especially trying to trace some that went West??? Can anyone help?
Have a look at my Gaspe Roots website:
Lani Baker Mitchell
by  Lani Baker Mitchell

465. My maternal great grandmother was a Mary O'Hara from Sligo
My maternal great grand mother was a Mary O'Hara from somewhere in Sligo. In 1852 she married my maternal great grandfather, Patrick Cooke (born 1821) who was from Carrigeen (also known as Carrigenagowna), Sligo. Mary and Patrick had two sons, Michael Cooke (born 1 February 1857) and James Cooke (born 22 April 1859). James later married a Margaret Ruddy from Killasser in Mayo in February 1885.
John Brennan
by  John Brennan

466. Searching for info on Andrew O'Hara born around 1840 in Cavan, Ireland
Searching for info on Andrew O'Hara born around 1840 in Cavan Ireland. He married Ellen McGuarty also from Cavan, Ireland. They ended up in Tuolumne County, California and had a daughter named Ellen Theresa O'Hara (b. 1867 in Columbia, CA). Any info on either Andrew O'Hara or his wife Ellen McGuarty O'Hara would be appreciated.
Erin Pollen
by  Erin Pollen

467. Hi... I'm Scott Patrick O'Hara, My father's name is Brian O'Hara, my grandfather was James Micheal O'Hara who was an organist for silent movies and pianist in night clubs ... we are from the Boston Mass. and Hartford Connecticut area ... Looking for information of my family prior to that ...
by  Scott Patrick O'Hara

468. Would like any information regarding Mary O'Hara / Petracco. Have lost Contact
by  Edward M. O'Hara

469. Father's family originally from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Father's name - John, Grandfather's name - Alfred.
by  Bill O'Hara

470. Bradford, West Yorkshire, England – O'Hara's
hi everyone,
thought i`d set down some more of the o`hara clan in bradford, west yorkshire england: douglas o`hara, tennyson o`hara, ezzanda o`hara, lennon o`hara, lincoln o`hara, callan o`hara, vienna o`hara, and in moreton, cheshire luke thomas o`hara and shannon o`hara,
regards to all of you out there !
eric o`hara
by  Eric O'Hara

471. My mother was Louisa O'Hara, Daughter of Alfred and Jean O'Hara of Enniskillen, Ireland. She married a local boy Walter Scott and now we are the Scott Clan in Canada.
by  Carol Scott Rollich

472. Looking for any information on Edward O'Hara born in Hamilton Scotland 1887. We know he joined Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in 1915 and possibly lived in Seattle in 1920's. If anyone has any information we would be very grateful. Thank you.
by  Helen Donaldson

473. Anyone know of Charles O'Hara who married Bedelia Conboy, he was born in Sligo 1875 and had 14 children, Charles lived in Manchester, Tommy lived in Stockton on Tees, Jack lived in Sunderland, Eileen, Birdie and Kitty lived in Birmingham. I would love to hear from any of you. I live in Birmingham.
by  Pat Troam O'Hara

474. I am looking for my husband's relatives. They came from Antrim, Ireland in the 1840s to USA. George A. O'Hara and wife, Martha. Son, William b. 12 Jan 1842 in Antrim
by  Sally Thomas

475. James O'Hara, arrived Boston/Brookline, Ma. from Ireland in 1860s
I am the Great Grandson of James O'Hara, and I was born in Boston in 1959. My father was Sargeant Arthur J. (James) O'Hara from Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was one of 11 children from Roxbury, Massachusetts, and his Grandfather was James, who arrived from Ireland in 1860 on the HMS Diligent, commisioned out of Cork.
My father's Dad was William O'Hara (James's son) who was the caretaker of St. Francis de Sales Church in Roxbury. William was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1890's. I believe he came from Sligo or Donnegal, and if you have any information you can provide - please contact me. I have many family photos to share.
Robert O'Hara
by  Robert O'Hara

476. Bridget O'Hara (Flynn), Kilmacteigue parish, Sligo
My ggrandmother was Bridget O'Hara, born in the early to mid 1800's. Married to Patrick Flynn in the 1850's or 1860's. They lived in the townland of Cloonbarry, in the RC parish of Kilmacteigue, County Sligo.
I've no other information about Bridget O'Hara, would love to hear from anyone who might.
Eileen Licitra
by  Eileen Licitra

477. Looking for relatives in Canada
Hello to all the O'Hara's
I am looking for relatives in Canada. My father William Vincent O'Hara was born in Bonniconlon, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He moved to Brooklyn, New York and married and had six children. I have met relatives in Ireland and England. I know he had a sister named Belle who moved to Canada, I don't know if she had children.
Joan O'Hara
by  Joan O'Hara

478. My name is paul o'hara, was born in eastbourne in 1979. my dad is anthony peter o'hara from burnley. i have two children a son called brody who is 16 months old and a daughter called tiana who is 10 weeks old.
by  Paul O'Hara

479. I'm looking for roots of my parents: Duane Leo O'Hara (1913-1954), and mother, Katherine Cleo Striegel. Granfather is Thomas G. O'Hara, and grandmother is Laura Kelliher. I was separated in 1953.
by  James Michael O'Hara

480. Hello! I just discovered this page and its really sweet. I didn't realize I had such a legacy out there. I'm an O'Hara living in PA near Pittsburgh. How would I go about finding my geneology?
by  Neal O'Hara

481. Hi, I'm Reniery O'Hara from Honduras. I wrote a letter to you in August 2001 (Link: about my great grandfather Patrick O'Hara and and my grandfather Juan O'Hara (who died in July 2004 aged 98). I am still hoping that someone will reply. Well, thanks a lot for managing this site and giving us a sense of union despite the distance and culture.
by  Reniery José O'Hara Castro

482. Hi, just popped in to see if I recognized anyone. My name is Gidget O'Hara from Baltimore, MD. My father was James Leo O'Hara and his father was Thomas O'Hara. Somewhere there exists a 3 generation picture (Baltimore paper?) of My brother Thomas, our father and grandfather. Maybe one day I'll find it. Cheers to all the O'Hara's!
by  Gidget Joyce Lynn O'Hara

483. What a great Site ! You can find some pics of me at: - Best wishes to all O'Haras. God bless you all ! .
by  Tom O'Hara

484. O'Haras in India
I was wondering whether you might be interested in linking to my site on your pages.
The O'Hara and Stuart Family in India
In the course of tracking down the O'Hara's, I accumulated a lot of material that it seemed churlish not to share with any interested parties.
250 O'Haras in India (Unrelated)
Jon Johnson
by  Jon Johnson

485. So many O´Haras! But I´m searching for just one Canadian Jim. He visited us, Tuula and Antti, in the year 1975. We live in Finland near the town of Vammala.
by  Tuula Puraslahti

486. We wish you and yours a Merry and Joyous Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2009.
Christmas Card
From: Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn O'Hara
by  Arthur O'Hara

487. Looking for James/ Jack/ John O'Hara (born Sligo, 1870s or 1880s) who emigrated to Australia
I'm trying to trace a granduncle James/Jack/John O'Hara from Sligo who went to Australia at the time of the great gold rush. He was son to Michael O'Hara (1847-1923) and Lucy Hart (1853-1929). They had the following 8 children:
Mary (1873-1936),
Patrick (1874-1943),
Agnes (1879-1882),
Johannus (1881-1945),
Frank (1884-1893),
James (1885?-1906),
Michael (1890-1958; my grandfather)
and James/Jack/John (born somewhere between 1873 and 1890)
Would anybody have any information on where I could start searching, or would any of your members have come across him during their searches in Australia. Would appreciate any help I can get.
Many thanks & Happy New Year 2009,
Deirdre O'Hara
by  Deirdre O'Hara

488. Looking for Richard Elwood/ Denise/ or Brandon O'Hara
Just looking to reconnect with family. My biological grandfather ran off when my dad was quite young, and I never actually knew him. My father (Steven) was in the military, so we ended up moving a few times, and lost track of my Aunt Denise and my cousin Brandon. Last time I heard, they lived in Georgia (Warner Robins City?).
If anyone has any info, I'd gladly appreciate it! Thanks-
Jen O'Hara
by  Jen O'Hara

489. My O'Hara Family from South Boston
We are looking for information about Thomas William O'Hara born 3/3/1874 in South Boston.
Charles O'Hara (b.1849) was the father of William Bernard, John, Charles Francis, Peter Thomas, Cornelius, Winifred, Mary Ellen, Isabelle, Marcella, Thomas William, Thomas John, and Charles.
Charles O'Hara had married married Catherine Conley in 1870 in South Boston. We are looking for baptismal information for Charles and information for Catherine Conley.
Best wishes to all
William (Bill) O'Hara
by  William (or Bill) O'Hara

490. Peter O'Hara, Professional Golfer
I am researching the life and career of Peter O'Hara who emigrated from Greenore, Ireland in 1915 and settled I think in the New York area.
I have found some info in the NY Times archives on the web about his career in US. I believe he married and I would like to hear from any who may have known Peter.
Tony Eaton
by  Tony Eaton

491. Patrick, Michele, Patrick Martin and Marissa Frances O'Hara's all say HELLO
by  Patrick O'Hara (from South Jersey)

492. My Father was William Raymond O'Hara. I'm just starting a trace.
by  Edward John O'Hara III

493. Looking for information on Bridget O'Hara b.1842, married Edward Martin I belive in Laois county Ireland. They lived in Wolfhill. Thank You, Janice.
by  Janice Walsh

494. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of Frances 0'Hara Thompson? She is my godmother and I am trying to trace her, last heard of in Winchester Hampshire, was a radiologist.
by  Frances Faulkner

495. CORRECTION !! O'HARA is not the same as O'HORA. Webmaster replied: Yes, but see nevertheless the ‘Tables for (O'Hara) Surname variants’on the index pages of the ‘People’ and ‘Persons’ databases here
by  O'Hora

496. Looking for information on my grandmother - Mary Ann O'Hara
I would love to find information on my paternal grandmother - Mary Ann O'Hara. She was born in Longford about 1886. She married Thomas McDermott and they lived all their married life in Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim, both dying in 1960's.
Thank you,
Terri Last
by  Terri Last

497. Looking for information on Dennis O'Hara who married Elizabeth Hahn (early 1880s)
I am looking for any information regarding Dennis O’Hara who married Elizabeth Hahn. They had Andrew J. P. O’Hara in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on December 30, 1883; he died on August 8, 1910. Andrew was married to Mary Keeley (born on January 23, 1884) on June 28, 1905 in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. After he died in 1910 she remarried Edward Appel on November 11, 1920, in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Andrew and Mary O’Hara were the parents of Marie, Dorothy and Thomas (my grandfather).
If anyone has any information about this family, particularly the original Dennis and Elizabeth O’Hara, I would be so grateful.
Erin Go Brah,
Pamela O’Hara Huff
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

498. The O'Hara Family from Neale, Killimor, County Galway
I am currently searching the O'Hara family from Neale, Killimor, County Galway. My great great grandfather was Michael O'Hara, married to Ann (Bridget) Brehony from Tynagh. They were married on June 18th 1870.
Can anyone help with more information?
Gerry O'Hara
by  Gerry O'Hara

499. Greetings Clan! I had found this site some time ago but had forgotten about it (whoops) Its still good. Best wishes to all, Chris.
by  Chris O'Hara (4)

500. My name is Ann Helms. I am trying to research my family history. My Great Great Grandmother was Anna O'Hara; she married William Eggleston my Great Great Grandfather. My Great Grandmother was Esther J Eggleston born in Hadley MA. Anna O'Hara arrived 8-15-1894 when she was 19. I believe she was from Achore Ireland. She came over on the Teutonic out of Liverpool-Queenstown. I am looking for any that might know any thing about her or her family. I do not know how many brothers and sisters she had if any. She came over on the Teutonic out of Liverpool-Queenstown 8-15-1894..I believe she came from Achore Ireland. I do not know how many brothers or sisters she had if any. If you have any info I would appreciate it. I am going to Ireland in May hopefully I can find something.
Update (February 15, 2009): I have an update: the name is not Anna O'Hara as I thought it is Mary O'Hara Her middle name may be Anna. So the arrival info I do not know. She did marry William Eggleston and had a daughter Esther J Eggleston that married Charles Dawes in or around Springfield MA. Any info would be appreciated.
by  Ann Kellogg Helms

501. Lost O'Hara Family
I'm Chris, son of John James,Grandson of James O'Hara and Sarah (Haynes).
Could anyone contact me with any information concerning the Galway O'Hara's in/around the Tuam area. My Father, John (living in England) was beleived to be the last in the family line, not so. Last contact was around 1950.
Thanks er... cousins.
Christopher F O'Hara
PS. See also messages 149 and 247
by  Christopher F. O'Hara

502. hello. my name is Danice O'Hara. i'm from the philippines and i am a descendant of James O'Hara, an American thomasite who went here in the philippines to teach eduaction a long long time ago. i would just want to say that there are many O'Haras here in the philippines as well. and i'm quite surprised that we O'Haras have a family crest. if you are well informed about our last name's history please do inform me. thankyou!. please do email me here:
by  Danice O'Hara

503. My father: Delmar T. O'Hara
I saw the following on your site under Lists of Renowned O'Haras:

O'Hara, Delmar T. (*1916), Lawyer, company executive. II 450, 311

This is my father. WC Bunting is the company he founded. I am curious what "II 450, 311" means.
Biograhical details about my father: he was born November 10th 1916 and passed away on December 7th 1978 at the tender age of 62. He had five children born between 1947 and 1958: Delmar Terrence O'Hara (12/7/47), Timothy Mark O'Hara (11/30/49), Kathleen Ann O'Hara Hursh (10/18/51), Becky Jane O'Hara Gendreau (9/10/56) and me, Patrick Thomas O'Hara (11/10/58). I don't know if it means anything, but I think it's fascinating that he shares a birthday with his youngest son and passed away on the birthday of his eldest son.
Patrick O'Hara
National Sales Manager
WC Bunting Co
1425 Globe St
East Liverpool
OH 43920
PS. Dad was also in the State Legislature of Ohio.
Extract from the Webmaster's Reply
The reference numbers "II 450, 311" are found on page 2797 (volume 7) of the American Biographical Index, 2nd cumulated and enlarged edition (ABI), which contains a summary of the information contained about more than 488,000 persons featured in the American Biographical Archive (ABA) and the American Biographical Archive, Series II (ABA II). Completed in 1996 ABA II is a cumulation of 127 biographical reference works published to 1980 and reproduced in a single alphabetical sequence of 734 microfiches. ABA and ABA II together cover a total of 502 biographical reference works contained on 2576 microfiches. The reference "II 450 311" therefore means: ABA II, microfiche no. 450 and frame no. 311. That frame contains a photographic copy of the entries about your father in two biographical reference works, namely Who's Who and Midwest.
by  Patrick Thomas O'Hara

504. Looking for O'Hara ancestors
My name is Eileen Hartley. I am searching for any relatives of Martin O'Hara who married Agnes (Bridget) Spellman in Phila. PA in 1909. His father was Michael O'Hara and mother was Mary Brady from County Mayo.
by  Eileen Hartley

505. How does one get into the database? Sharon O'Hara, Director Center for Community Action & Training (CCAT), 448 Ignacio Blvd, #148, Novato, CA 94949, ph: 415.493.5722, fx: 415.634.3224,
Webmaster's reply: I have added your name to the List of Contributors to the Database
by  Sharon O'Hara

506. I will have to sign in from down-under. [AUSTRALIA- for those unitiated] My gggrandfather was Thomas who married 1st cousin Sarah. Both hailed from Greahdosan, Cavan, Ireland. Contact welcome.
by  Colin O'Hara

507. my mother was a o'hara from heathlawn killimor co. galway — pat kenny, from portarlington co. laois
by  Pat Kenny

508. Updating message posted in 2003
Just giving everyone a quick update about me, Lionel Hamilton O'Hara: born 1956 of Desmond Hamilton and grandson of Edward Hamilton, have 2 children Harrison Hamilton (born 1989) and Holly Mitzie Elizabeth (born 1994), reside in the UK with both children, have danced on moon beams across the Indian Ocean and sat in solitude upon mountains high, lived, loved and laughed a lot.
My son Harrison is now at University in the UK reading Construction Management. My daughter is going to be a famous actress ... she told me so but first she has to attend school.
Lionel Hamilton O'Hara
Original messages: 103 & 104
by  Lionel OHara

509. My name is Colin O'Hara (26), I am from Cavan. My Father was born in Sligo.
by  Colin O'Hara

510. O'Hara, Flynn, McCarrick of County Sligo
My ggrandmother was Bridget O'Hara, of County Sligo, Townland of Cloonbarry, RC parish of Kilmacteige. Born probably mid-1800's. Deceased by the time the 1901 census was taken. She married Patrick Flynn, Sligo, Cloonbarry,probably mid to latter 1800's. One of their daughters, Mary Flynn (my grandmother) married my grandfather, Henry Thomas McCarrick (also Cloonbarry) between 1901 and 1905. I know very little about my O'Hara/Flynn side.
Anyone out there who knows anything about these people? Thank you,
Eileen Licitra
See also Previous message: No. 476
by  Eileen Licitra

511. The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara
What does the O' signify on Irish names? What is the origin (meaning) of the name?
Jana Strong
Webmaster's reply
Dear Jana,
the O' (really Ó or Uí), like Mac, in an Irish or Scottish (Gaelig) name means "son of". The name probably means something like "son of Hara". I'm James O'Hara so in Irish that would be Séamus Ó hEaghra. The feminine form of Ó is "ní" meaning "daughter of". Thus, a girl called Mary O'Hara would be Máire ní hEaghra. The gh in the name is an aspirated g and was abbreviated in the Gaelig script as g with a dot over it. See the O'Hara crest on the home page. Here's a link about a fifteenth-century O'Hara on the history page at this site.
Follow-up Message: The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara (message no. 527)
by  Jana Strong

512. Seeking further information about ancestors
My great grandfather John O'Hara was born circa 1819 in the Ballymena, Antrim area. His wife was Martha Millar and they had six children: Alexander b. 1841; Jane,b.1844; Charles, b.1846; Henery b.1847; John, b 1850; Samuel, b 1854. They then moved to Scotland where Margaret was born1/3/1857.
We have 650 descendants in the family tree but know nothing about the descendants of the youngest three children, John, Samuel & Margaret.
Would love to hear from their descendants please.
Charles Robert O'Hara
by  Charles Robert O'Hara

513. Hello my name is Jennie O'Hara from Minnesota. I am currently researching my grandfather John Terrence O'Hara b. 08/12/1880 had children with Minnie Leyde, however, never married. Resided in Minneapolis, MN. All I have to go on is a WWI Registration Card for him. I'm looking for any information I can get. It has been said that he was born in New York. Family has mentioned that his mother lived in Duluth or Two Harbors, MN.
by  Jennie M. O'Hara

514. If anyone knows me contact me ...
Born In Newark New Jersey 12-05-1972; graduted Union High School Union NJ.
Father James Patrick O'Hara Sr. Mother Luz Digna Melendez O'Hara.
James Patrick O'Hara Jr.
by  James Patrick O'Hara Jr.

515. Looking to trace O'Hara family roots to Ireland
Looking to trace family roots to Ireland, possibly Co. Mayo. My great great grandmother was Kathryn O'Hara who married Patrick Pryle.
Their daughter Kathryn Pryle married John Ritenour. They had 4 children: Kathryn Naomi, John, Charles Raymond and Wanda.
Lisa Ordean
by  Lisa Ordean

516. I would like the e-mail of Dermot and Rosemary O'Hara, I was babysitting during summer 19.. looking after the lovely Kean and the so charming Durcan. I enjoyed so much the welcome, and "la joie et les taquineries" of Dermot during my summer at Annaghmore ! Dermot learn me driving his land rover in the parc, and I remember a wonderful and terrific morning in the zodiac for picking up the "casiers" of lobsters.
From the Webmaster's Reply: In the Sligo Weekender I found the following death notice (Tuesday, November 01, 2005): «BEREAVEMENT: Sincere sympathy is extended to Dermot O'Hara and family on the recent death of his wife, Rosemary, late of Annaghmore».
From Emmanuelle de Schompré's Reply: Your mail confirms that is indeed the family of Dermot O'Hara and it is with sadness I read about the death of Rosemary. I thank you very much for your research; it is so great a souvenir for me.
by  Emmanuelle de Schompré

517. Can someone convert a Family Tree Maker backup file to a Gedcom? I received a family tree from a distant cousin but it is in the form of .fbk but I need it converted to a .ged to import into my tree. I believe the software is called Family Tree Maker. Any help most appreciated. :)
by  Mark O'Hara

518. Looking for Patrick O'Hara from Ottawa Ontario Canada. I am looking for Patick O'Hara who was looking for Sean O'Hara who married Marcia Latty in MO Bay Jamaica.
by  Donna Moreland O'Hara

519. Grandfather Jerry O'Hara came to Canada and then to SW Missouri (c. 1900)
My grandparents (Jerry O'Hara and Mamie Normile) came to Canada and then to SW Missouri. I don't have the facts in front of me but will say it was around 1900. They had six sons (James, Paul, Brian, Mark, and Clarence) and one daughter (Ruth). In the 30s and 40s the farm failed and all of the boys dispersed from SW Missouri (Ruth died in her youth). There are still some relatives back there.
I am the third child of Paul and Dorthy (Kennedy). I live in Georgia now.
Jerald Patrick O'Hara
by  Jerald Patrick O'Hara

520. Dennis O'Hara from Ireland who married Elizabeth Hahn
Is anyone related to Dennis O'Hara from Ireland who married Elizabeth Hahn?
They had Charles b. 10/13/1882, Andrew b. 12/30 1883, Edward b. 2/2/1887, Ann b. 10/13, 1888, Helen b. 8/5/1890 and Elizabeth b. 12/23/1891.
They were members of St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Chester Heights, PA and lived in Lenni, PA.
Pam O'Hara Huff
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

521. My father was William Joseph O'Hara
My father was William Joseph O'Hara he had 2 sisters Mary and Margaret both never married.
He Married Margaret C Bunce they had 8 children; Mary Jane,William,Pam,Francis,Gerard,Gerald, Margot and Kathleen. The parents lived in NYC and moved to Ridgewood NJ.
Any info would help.
Gerard T O'Hara
by  Gerard T O'Hara

522. I am looking for information on my great-grandfather John "Jack" Terrence O'Hara. I have a WWI Registration Card to go off of. He was born 08/12/1880 in New York. He moved at some point to Minnesota. Did not marry but had approx. 9 children with Minnie Leyde. Children are: Fern Alice, John T, Daniel, Donald, Thomas, Frank, Leo, Patrick, Mary Jane... birth years range from 1914 to 1927. If anyone has any information regarding John I would greatly appreciate it.
by  Jennie M. O'Hara

523. I'm trying to find info on Roger O'Hara b. Ireland abt 1802 who lived in Bradford, Yk and died about 1865. Son Patrick was married to Bridget McGuinn. and had 9 children in Bradford. Hope someone can help. Best, Kathleen.
by  Kathleen Eaton

524. im guessing all oharas arent related lol nj.
by  Marissa O'Hara

525. My name is Kathryn O'Hara from Skaneateles Falls, NY. If anyone knows anything about O'Hara's from that area please email. I'm trying to research my family tree.
by  Kathryn O'Hara

526. Hugh O'Hara, Justice of the Peace, Gaspe, QC-1814
I received a copy of a micro film of the civil marriage record that was performed by Hugh O'Hara for a decendent of mine and my question is this: how do I find and obtain a copy of this archived record ?
Marriage record for William (Brown) Broom and Marie-Anne Arguimeau:
Le trois septembre 1814 vû la dispense des trois bans entre WILLIAM Broom, fils majeur de Philip Brown Et de Marie ..(her name left blank) du Royaume d'Angleterre et Marie Anne ARGUIMEAU ou ARDIMOND, veuve de Joseph Lejeuneau, sauvage de Gaspé d'autre part, nous prête missionaire soussigné avons rehabilité le mariage des personnes susdites contracté d'avant Mr. Hugh O'Hara, juge de paix de Gaspé et quant les avons emis au légitime mariage et legit selon la forme ordinaire du Retevil. Un enfant s'appellée Elisabeth, qu'ils nous ont declare être leur fruit mutual, et ce en present de Olivier Morrisse et Mathieu Morris, amis de l'epoux, Thomas Reil et plusiers autres, qui n'ont sue signer.
Are you able to help me locate this document? Thank you,
Manon Bolduc
Please contact me if any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family.
The transcript of the marriage record below is that of the Catholic Church stating that Hugh O'Hara, Justice of the Peace, performed a civil marriage for the said couple prior to 1814. The Catholic Church did not view the marriage legal so the couple remarried. The statement below is that of the baptism of William to become a Catholic on September 3rd, 1814 followed by the marriage to Aboriginal Marie-Anne Arguimeau/Ardimand (sp?) - also on September 3rd, 1814. Also stated in 1813 they had a daughter Elizabeth. How and where can I obtain a copy of the transaction for the civil marriage performed for this couple prior to 1814 by JP Hugh O'Hara ? Your assistance is very much appreciated.
Translation into English
September 3rd, 1814, we Missionary & Preast undersigned have performed the Baptismal Ceremony for Guillaume (William) Browns, born the 15th day of March, 1790 from the ligitimate marriage of Philip and Mary Browns from the Kingdom of England. Godfather David Conden - Godmother Francoise Power - that they along with other witnesses were unable to sign. AL Leclerc, Preast.
(This was when he was baptized and joined the Catholic Church.)
The complete entry in French
Le trois septembre mil huit cent quatorze par mous prête missionaire soussigné a été reçu l’abjuration de l’heresie(?) et supplées les ceremonies du baptême á Guillaume BROWNS, né le quinze mars 1790 du légitime mariage de Philip BROWNS et de Marie ….(her name not entered) du Royaume d’Angleterre. Parrain: David Conden – Marraine Françoise Power, qui tous ainsi que plusiers témoins n’ont sue signer.. A.L. Leclerc, Ptre.
Translation to English
Sept 3rd, 1814 after the publication of three banns of marriage between William Browns, major son of Philip and Marie Browns (her maiden name not provided) from the Kingdom of England and Marie-Anne Ardimond, widow of Joseph ??(name left blank), living, Aboriginal of Gaspe. A daughter named Elisabeth for which they declared is of their mutual unity, this in the presence of Oliver Morrisse and Mathiew Morris, friend of the groom, Thomas Reil and many others for which were unable to sign.
The entry in French
Le trois septembre 1814 vû la dispense des trois bans entre WILLIAM BROWNS, fils majeur de Philip BROWNS Et de Marie ..(her name left blank again) du Royaume d’Angleterre et Marie Anne ARDIMOND, veuve de Joseph ………..(his name was blank also), vivant, sauvage de Gaspé d’autre part, nous prête missionaire soussigné avons rehabilité le mariage des personnes susdites contracté d’avant Mr. Hugh O’Hara, juge de paix de Gaspé et paretense (have no idea what this might be) quant les avons emis au légitime mariage et legit selon la forme ordinaire du Retevil? Un enfant s’appellée Elisabeth, qu’ils nous ont declare être leur fruit mutual, et ce en present de Olivier Morrisse et Mathieu Morris, amis de l’epoux, Thomas Reil et plusiers autres, qui n’ont sou signer.

by  Manon Bolduc

527. The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara
Follow-up to: The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara (Message no. 511)
Dear Sir,
The apostrophe in O'Hara does not mean son of O'Hara, but *grandson* of O'Hara. Nowadays it is often used as "Of" the O'Haras. My name is McCormick and I am descended from Laurence O'Hara (b 1770 in Co. Sligo, but moved to Co. Roscommon). He married Mary McDonagh and I have hundreds of their descendants listed on my tree at If you are a member of Ancestry you can view my tree for free. "The McCormick (Niall) Family Tree" If you have any information that would help with the expansion of my tree, I would be really pleased to hear from you,
Kind regards,
Niall Francis McCormick
by  Niall Francis McCormick

528. History of Ann O'Hara and Francis Rox/Rocks
My name is Carole and I have been doing my family tree for 12 months now but I have come to a stand still with my Ann O'Hara. She was born around 1837 in Ardboe, Co Tyrone, and was married to Francis Rocks/Rox; they were my great great grand parents. I have their children born from 1864 in Co Tyrone but no history on them at all after that. The children ended up comming to Stockton in Yorkshire, England. I was told Anne left Francis with the children for someone else and Francis died in a work house. But where Francis Rocks/Rox came from prior to the marriage is a mystery A lovely lady Pat Grimes has been helping me endlessly but cannot find any trace of my Francis Rocks and his family after the births of their children.
Wonder if any one can help me please.
Here is a list of their children, and dates and places of birth:
James 7/5/1860 Ardboe
Catherine 28/8/1864 Ardboe
Hannah 14/7/1867 Stewartstown Co Tyrone
John 15/8/1870 (my great grandfather)
Mary 1873 Co Tyrone
Patrick 1875 Tamnavally Co Tyrone
Francis 7/6/1877 Dromore Co Tyrone.
I feel Francis may of died soon after birth as he was baptised on the 9/6/1877
Could any one put a light on this family for me please.
Best regards,
Carole Cross
by  Carole Cross

529. Looking for a Jack O'Hara that was a US soldier in the DC area early 1968
I am trying to locate a Jack (maybe John?) O'Hara that was in the DC area early 1968. He met a Susan Wright dosSantos who was 20 at the time. The relationship was very brief since she was newly married. She met him when she was out with her friend Tommy in the band. I don't have much more to go on. I know he took her home, smoked and visited her in her apartment bringing flowers. He was more that likely an officer (Lt. Col) in either the Navy or Air Force.
Any information would be helpful. Thank You,
Marcia Van Valen
by  Marcia Van Valen

530. O'Haras in Australia / Rush, Ireland
I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I am looking for family members in Australia descending from Joseph O'Hara and Margaret Carroll who arrived in Australia about 1864. I would like to hear from any descendant of the O'Hara clan from Rush, Ireland.
William O'Hara
by  William O'Hara

531. Felix, Offspring of Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley?
Did Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724) whose son James was the second Baron Tyrawley, have a second son, Felix, who was born in France?
Michael Hepler-Smith
by  Michael Hepler-Smith

532. The O'Hara Family in Louisville, Kentucky
My grandmother was Mildred Marie (O'Hara) Schook. Her parents were William Patrick O'Hara and Catherine Bossmeyer. William's father was William Patrick O'Hara and immigrated from Ireland in the 1850's.
If anyone is related, please contact me. Would love to exchange information and photos.
Mary Trekell
by  Mary Trekell

533. Hi, im liam and i can't believe how many people know of this site. I found it a few years back but i never made an entry, but i am now. I was canadian born but have pretty much a full Irish background. I've been to ireland and i just loved it. When its time i'll for sure move there. So to all the O'Hara's i wish you the best.
by  Liam James O'Hara

534. I knew the O'Haras from Finley St., Belfast
I knew the O'Haras from Finley St., Belfast. Quinton O'Hara was related to me; my great grandad was James O'Hara. I remember Quinton from Finley St. My mother was named Bella Toland; Grannie Margaret Toland was a blind lady from Ligional Road.
Nice to see this site devoted to O'Haras.
Margaret Sheehan, née Rankin
by  Margaret Sheehan, née Rankin

535. Richard O'Hara took sons Richard (10-12 yrs) and Patrick (8-10) to US, early 1930s
I don't know where to start this story, it seems so sad and unreal to me, how little i know about my family and myself. It reads like a bad movie script but apparently it's true. I hope it makes some sense to someone. Shortly before my father died he informed me that he had some half brothers that our family never knew about.
Well here goes ... my father, George O'Hara was born 4th june 1928 in Dublin Ireand. He was born outside of wedlock; both his parents had been recently widowed and became a couple for a few years but later broke up and he was reared by his mother (first marriage name Conway, maiden name Uzell). His father was Richard O'Hara (unknown age) who had two sons from his first marriage. Their names were Richard and Patrick O'Hara born in the late 1910's or early 1920's. Their birth mother had died giving birth and they were removed from their fathers care by the Irish State and placed in Artane Industrial School - a shamefull practice from Ireland's recent history which has shocked my nation because of the abuse suffered by individuals in these institutions.
When wy father was only 2 or 3 years old (circa 1930/3) his father Richard broke his two other sons, Richard roughly aged 10-12 and Patrick roughly aged 8-10 out of the industrial school and tried to take my father from his mother's home but she managed to chase him away and never seen him again. At this point it is believed that his father took the other boys to the United States, unknown location, as this is what my father was told by other members of his family.
So if anyone knows of a Richard O'Hara who immigrated to the United States with his two sons Richard (10-12 yrs)and Patrick (8-10) in the early 1930s and came from Dublin, Ireland with what some might think are tall tales like the one I have recited, could they please contact me. I know these peolpe are most likely deceased as my father was 77 years old when he told me this story before he died, but they may have had families that are still alive.
It amazes me and saddens me to the bottom of my hearth how little I know about my family only one generation back.
Dermot O'Hara
by  Dermot O'Hara

536. Looking for information about Bruce O'Hara. He was born 1952, New York city. He was one of a couple of brothers and sisters given in adoption and separated from each other. So if you have any information send it to my email, Cire.
by  Cire

537. This site is really cool, i always wanted to know the history of my last name and how many people had it in America. I hope more people get on the this site.
by  Thomas O'Hara (2)

538. Hi All,
Just came across this website, congratulations and keep it up. I have a family tree going back to the 1880's with about ten O'Haras from Coolgraine, Foxford Co Mayo. I need to figure out how to scan it and send it on. We had a reunion two years ago and was represented by five generation which was nice. Although born in Foxford Co, Mayo, I live in Clonmel Tipperary since 1979. I have two sons who played GAA football for Tipperary - What a waste of Mayo Blood !. I was a member of Clonmel Corporation 1987 to 1992 and served as Mayor Of Clonmel 1990-1991 as a member of the Fine Gael Party. Keep up the good work
Dominick O'Hara PC.
by  Dominick O'Hara PC

539. Thank you for this web site. I have been looking for my biological father, Victor O'Hara. At this point in time, I'm sure he has passed away. He had connections in Bath, Maine. Perhaps through this site my search will reach fruition.
by  Gayle McCormick Warren

540. Descendants of Seán Lách O'Hara
This is the family tree of Seán Lách O'Hara, born in Colgraine near Foxford Co Mayo in the mid 1800s. It may be of some use to fellow O'Haras on the website
If interested go to pdf file and enlarge (200-400%)
Regards, Dominick O'Hara PC
by  Dominick O'Hara PC

541. Additional information for the descendants of Seán Lách O'Hara
See Previous Message (N. 540) and Irish Politicians
Tommy O'Hara was my father's (John) first cousin and was a memeber of the Irish Parliment, the Dail, in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
His biography is a follows: Born 20 July 1911, died 5 April 1984; Unscuccesful candidate in the 1943 and 1944 general election as an Independent in Mayo North; Elected in 1951 election, Mayo North constituency, for the "Clann Na Talmhan" party, was re-elected in 1954 but was unsuccessful in 1957 and 1961; Successful in new Constituency of Mayo East as a Candidate for the "Fine Gael" party in 1965 and 1969 but failed in 1973 and retired then from national politics.
Please contact me with any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family.
Dominick O'Hara PC
by  Dominick O'Hara PC

542. I was looking for some family history and I found this and it is very interesting. Thank you.
by  Eoan O'Hara Mays

543. The O'Hara (O'Hare) Family in Louisville, Kentucky
See also: previous message (Number 532)
I'm glad this page is here for the O'Hara (O'Hare) family. I'm trying to do my mother's family genealogy. Her mother was Mildred Marie (O'Hare). Her parents were William Patrick O'Hare and Catherine Bossmeyer. They lived in the Louisville, Kentucky area. My great uncle is William Patrick O'Hare, which was priest to the Old St Patrick Church in Louisville. I don't know where in Ireland we are from. I've heard rumor of County Cork.
If any body out there has information and would like to exchange it, please e-mail me.
Mary Trekell
by  Mary Trekell

544. Looking for relatives in Ireland and America
Hi, great web site, there are so many O'Haras out there!
My dad is Jim O'Hara, he has 4 brothers, William, Tam, Gerard and Robert. Their father was William O'Hara and their mother was Agnes or Nancy O'Hara. We live in Bathgate, Scotland. My grandfather's father was Pat O'Hara who I believe is from County Mayo.
If anyone thinks they are related it would be great to hear from you!!!.
James O'Hara
by  James O'Hara7

545. I am looking to find my Father's family. They are from Bonsboro PA, from what I was told. My Father's name was Lester Merle O'Harrah and Moved to NC sometime in the 1950's. My Father never returded to PA and I never met his family. I belive he had one brother and one sister but I am not sure. Any information would be appreciated.
by  Timothy P. O'Harrah

546. DNA Results for John O'Hara born ca. 1810 in Drumlish, Co. Longford
See also: DNA testing through the O'Hara DNA Project & Alternatives
Dear Webmaster
I am interested in contacting the person who received results for Kit # N7780 who scored 12 at DYS 393 and 16 at 385B as we have similar scores at those two DYS numbers.
Kit # N7780 – John O’Hara, born about 1810 in Drumlish area of County Longford, Ireland. He married Ann Feehily who was also born in the Drumlish area of County Longford, Ireland. Four of their seven children (Bernard, Maria, Kate, and Frank) immigrated to Pennsylvania.
Thanking you
Maura O'Gara-O'Riordan
Historian, O'Gara Clan
by  Maura O'Gara-O'Riordan

547. Researching the family tree of John Terence O'Hara (Australia, early 20th Century)
I'm trying to research the family tree of John Terence O'Hara who married Marjorie Alice Mara. They had at least one son - John Bernard O'Hara, born around 1915, Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia.
Any help much appreciated.
Margaret McDonnell
by  Margaret McDonnell

548. Mary O'Hara who immigrated (before 1850) from Ireland to Hartford, CT.
Mary O'Hara married Nicholas Freeman in Hartford, CT in 1850. She had immigrated from Ireland and he from Canada. Mary had a sister Winifred O'Hara who married Cornelius Ryan, later the Chief of Police in Hartford.
Looking for more info on this family
Marciel Gilmore
by  Marciel Gilmore

549. Mathew O'Hara b 1822 Sligo son of Michael and Bridget nee Gurden came to Halifax England with wife Mary nee McGuinn of Cavan and 3 children during An Gorta Mór. they had 7 more children inc. my ggrandfather James b 1868. I would welcome any information about any of this family.
by  Dave Bland

550. William Alexander ("Bill") O'Hara (1883-1931) - Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer, well not yet!!!
Photograph; Photograph source;
Willie's baseball career and biography:
1902.... Syracuse Stars and Montreal Royals
1903.... Seattle Siwashes.... and Oakland Oaks....
1904.... Toledo Mud Hens...
1905... Wilkes-Barre Barons.... and Baltimore Orioles...
1906- 1908 Baltimore Orioles.... won championship in '08....
1909/10 the show with New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals... Mgr. Johm McGraw says: " as a major league outfielder, there was no superior outfielder..".
1910- 1915. Toronto Maple Leafs win championship in 1912....
1926/7 and 1927 Manager of Toronto Maple Leafs...
1928 resigns as mgr to resume duties as business mgr of Maple Leafs base ball team ...
1931 dies on road trip to New Jersey .
William Alexander O'Hara qualifies for induction into the "Hall" in all categories..... builder, player and manager as well as war hero... he came back from WWI and Battle of Ypres shellshocked... could he have been gassed at Ypres, Willie served in 24 th battalion C.E.F after starting in Royal Naval Air service as flight lieut ... he also hung out with the artists and empresarios of Braodway. In 1909... George M Cohan was a close bud.... he was a mad Irish comedian.... certainly no Blarney transplant need for him!!
Andrew Hunter
(cousin of William Alexander O'Hara)
PS. These 2 photos (tif-format) are from the Toronto archives. This is of him and Ty Cobb! Looks like an All-star type game but I’m not sure if they had that back then. I forget the year, it was Ty Cobb’s last year that he played I believe.
Photograph 1   &   Photograph 2
by  Andrew Hunter

551. John & Martha O'Hara born circa 1819
See also: Previous message (No. 512)
Like my relative John Marshall O'Hara in Melbourne (Message 384) I am too am keen to learn more about my forebears who emigrated from Antrim (Ballymena?) to Scotland between 1853 and 1857.
Charles Robert O'Hara
by  Charles Robert O'Hara

552. Hi to all the O'Hara's. I didnt realize that there was so many of us. My dad, Patrick Joseph, was originally from Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. His dad, John, served in the British Army during the Great War and subsequently in India for a number of years. Just curious.
by  Edward O'Hara1

553. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Haras of Leixlip, County Kildare
by  Arthur O'Hara

554. More O'Hara's than you can shake a stick at — Hello from Sandusky, Ohio, USA. Can't wait to show my father Patrick LeRoy O'Hara (86) in Youngstown, OH. He will be thrilled to see so many with the family name
by  Maureen O'Hara

555. Santiago O'Hara (died 1881) was a National Hero of Peru
I'm from Perú, my father's grandfather was a grandson of an inmigrant from Liverpool called Bernard O'Hara Coor; his son Santiago O'Hara was a National Hero because he died in the "Batalla de Miraflores" (Battle of Miraflores).
Fabio O'Hara
by  Fabio O'Hara

556. O'Haras from NY: looking for our ancestors and living relatives
My mother and I were looking for our ancestors and living relatives. She is Ruth O'Hara who was born to John Edward O'Hara (1912-1986) and Clare Catherine Stevenson O'Hara (DOD 1980). My grandfather John Edward was born in NYC to Edward O'Hara ( who was pre-deceased by his first wife Kathleen and then married Margaret O'Hara nee Casey (Margaret was born in Ireland we think and her mother brought her to the states and left her at a church when she was young to help them clean. She would never talk much about it. John Edward O'Hara had brothers James, Edward, George, William and sister Mary (Minnie) and Rose.
We are looking for current cousins and history . Thank you,
Clare Mulqueen
by  Clare Mulqueen

557. James and Jane (Nee McKowen) O'Hara from Fintona, Tyrone, Ireland
Trying to locate more details of this family.
John (son) and Sarah (daughter) emigrated to New Zealand in 1875 and 1879 respectively. James (Jnr) emigrated to USA about the same time. No further contact from him or location where he went. James and Jane remained in Fintona. We are desendants of John in NZ.
Any information would be gratefully recieved
David John O'Hara
by  David John O'Hara

558. Trying to find information about my grandfather Matthew M. O'Hara (c.1871-1949)
Hi O'Hara Clan,
I am trying to find information about a Matthew M. O'Hara, my grandfather. His date of birth is about 1871, death 1949.
He married Nora M. Lynch in Chicago. They had four children: Therese, James, John Joseph (Jack) and Noreen.
Thank you,
Caron R. O'Hara Davis
by  Caron R. O'Hara Davis

559. Hi from California. Trying to locate family related to my father, Francis O'Hara (6/18/03 - 9/28/55) of Malden, MA. His mother was Rose Kane of MA and father John Henry Kane of Boston. Great grandparents were James F. O'Hara (O'Hare) and Elisa (Eliza) Pugh of Antrim, Ireland. Thanks for any information.
by  Gail O'Hara Sollazzo

560. Hello Everyone! Just found this website. I am also an O'Hara. My father's family originally came from Mooncoin, county Kilkenny. I believe my grandfather, John O'Hara, moved to America when young. I am curious about my background.
by  Aileen Faulkner

561. I'm wondering if, in anyone's research, someone has come across a Clarence Mervin O'Hara, my grandfather, or a Randall Clarence O'Hara, my father. Im curious to find my family history.
by  Justin O'Hara

562. My grandfather, James Patrick O'Hara, born in Belfast, married Jean Diamond (also related to "Whitelaw" branch from England), emigrated to Toronto Ontario, while brothers emigrated to Australia. Had 4 daughters and 1 son ... Would be estatic if able to connect with anyone who is related to us ...
by  Jackie Assad

563. My grandfather Russell Michael O'Hara (born 1901) and siblings
My mother Marie Helen O'Hara was born April 5, 1927 and was married to George F. Cleary. Grandfather was Russell Michael O'Hara born September 19, 1901 and he was married to Marie C. Carrier. He had a brother named David, and two other brothers and a sister named Helen.
Starting family trees for my grandchildren.
Michele Coble
by  Michele Coble

564. Hi, I am looking for family in Belfast, Northern Ireland ...O'Hara's of course ... My Dad is Joe O'Hara ... his brother was Jim and his sister, my aunt, was Roisin O'Hara ... Please contact me if anyone thinks we may be related or if you may know any of my family ... It would mean so much to me>>>Thanks so much to all the O'Hara's ...
by  Roisin A. O'Hara

565. Trying to find Nancy (Anne) O'Hara who married Francis Rocks
Hello everyone,
I am wondering if there would be anyone here who would be able to help me find some information on my great great great grandmother. Her name was Nancy O'Hara she wed Francis Rocks. Francis and Nancy had one child that I know at this point, Patrick Rocks. Patrick married a Mary Duffin on the 31 December 1901 in the Govan District (Scotland). Please, I am begging if anyone knows of any of these people I would dearly love to hear from you.
Kind Regards,
Lisa Spry

Webmaster's Comment
As regards the Rocks-O'Hara connection, see the message by Carole Cross at:
or message number 528 in the "Messages" database at:
There is also a guest book message from Carole Cross on September 7, 2009 at:

by  Lisa Spry

566. Sligo —> Boston O'Haras
I am always looking for information on Charles O'Hara. He wrote b 1849 in Sligo on his paper work. Items such as the naturalization papers simply say Charles. Some thoughts to the names of his parents via naming system inference suggest that he wrote differing names on his marriage registration in South Boston.
He disappears on the US census for a bit, he might have moved from Boston for a spell. I have a whole bunch of relatives of his descent tracked. I can not find any record of him. He might not have been Catholic.
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara1

567. Looking for the parents of my grandfather Russell Michael O'Hara Sr.(1901-1972)
My grandfather's father was a butcher in Chicago, IL. My grandfather, Russell Michael O'Hara Sr. (c. 9/19/1901-11/1972) had three brothers; David, Lester, and another who was a priest but cannot remember his name. He also had a sister whose name I think was Helen. My grandfather was a butcher for a short time working for his father. Later he was employed by the railroad, and he also played football around 1927. Married to Marie Carrier from Chicago, IL. Two children; Russell Michael, Jr., and Marie Helen.
Looking for names of my grandfathers parents or any other information that is accessible.
Michele Coble
See also: Previous message (No. 563)
by  Michele Coble

568. My father Patrick John O'Hara was born in 1930, either in Ireland or in the U.S. He resided in the Chicago area, where he was a mechanic in the 1960s, and he died in 1987.
by  Duane Patrick O'Hara

569. Hello there, I am looking for Sheila O'Hara. I met her in Senegal in 1982. She was then an American Peace Corps volunteer. She left Senegal in in 1983 or 1984. My email is or; thanks.
by  Bakary Diallo

570. Looking for information about E. J. O'Hara (b. about 1864) or his parent from Ireland
Here are his statistics:
Name: E J O'Hara
Age in 1910: 46
Estimated birth year: abt 1864
Birthplace: New York
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Ireland
Mother's Birth Place: Ireland
Spouse's name: Fannie Mae Smith
Home in 1910: Washington, Appanoose, Iowa
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members (1910):
E J O'Hara (46)
Fannie O'Hara (41)
Gemeve O'Hara (20)
James O'Hara (13)
L Roy (Leroy) O'Hara (9)
Wilfred O'Hara (6)
If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate.
Barbara J. Bentley
PS - I think his name was Edward for the E J O'Hara.
by  Barbara J. Bentley

571. Dennis O'Hara was my great grandfather who was born in Ireland in 1833. He migrated to southeast Wisconsin later on. I'm looking for any information about where in Ireland he came from. I plan on visiting Ireland and would like to find my roots.
by  Claudia Busateri

572. My grandfather was John J. O'Hara from near Scranton, PA
My grandfather was John J. O'Hara from near Scranton Pa. I think he worked on the Erie Lackawanna RR; he may have been an orphan from St. Johns Orphanage. He married Francis Kramer - guess about 1900 in Scranton. He had 3 children, Margaret Agnes, Joseph Frances and Nicholas Lawrence, all dead.
I am Joseph's daughter. They moved early 1900s to Brooklyn, New York. I know he married into a German family (Brills, Spohrer, Hammerschmidts etc.) That is all I know about his life in Pa.
Patricia A. O'Hara
by  Patricia A. O'Hara

573. My Grandfather, James Francis O'Hara, came to America in 1916 from County Sligo
His brother, Michael O'Hara remained in Ireland and had a son named Michael O'Hara. My parents visited Mike and his wife Kathy in the 1980's and the last address they have is: Carragalda Bohola, Clare Morris, Couny Mayo, Ireland. They also have the address Breaffly Balinda, County Mayo.
Can anyone help us locate any of our remaining family members? My two sons will be traveling through Ireland in August 2010.
Thank you,
Barbara Blair
by  Barbara Blair

574. Hi, like all of you I too am an O'Hara. My father's name was Patrick Joseph. He came from Mooncoin in Co Kilkenny. His father's name was John and he served in the British army. He then moved to India whilst still serving in the British Army. John's father's name was Patrick. And Patrick had two brothers Lawrence and James; they lived in the Mooncoin area and just outside. If anyone has other info will you contact me.
by  Catherine Alexander

575. I am Looking for information on Mary Margaret O'Hara who married Louise Deguire. She was born 1837 in County Sligo, Ireland and died April 9, 1909 in Stamford, CT. Their son's name was Joseph Edward Deguire who was my great grandfather. Any info on her would be great appreciated. Thank you.
by  Joy Tyler

576. Looking for my father Michael Robert O'Hara, born 1947 or 1948 in Ireland or Montreal
My name is Michael Ryan O'Hara-Hanson, I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and I was born August 1st, 1986. I'm looking for my father Michael Robert O'Hara, born around April 13, 1947 or 1948. I don't have much info on him. He lived in Regina, Saskatchewan and may have been born in Ireland or Montreal. My mother is Marion and did not take his last name but was never married to him.
If anyone can help me with any leads or any information I would be grateful. I am aware that a Michael Robert O'Hara is posted here but he's 23. I am 23 years old and have been at this for 5 years.
Thank you all,
Michael (Mickey) Ryan O'Hara-Hanson
by  Michael (Mickey) Ryan O'Hara-Hanson

577. John O'Hara (1782-1846) from Londonderry / Derry to Kentucky
We've traced our lineage back to John O'Hara (1782-1846), who is said to have been brought over from Ireland by James O'Hara (1754-1819) (Link) of Pittsburgh, PA. We don't know if these men were related (son & father?, cousins?, no relation?), which is a questions that would be nice to answer. There is much written about James, but nothing further about his relationship to John other than bringing him from Ireland. We are also interested in learning something of our Irish roots.
1. Reuben Rowland, Reverend 1743-1807   +   Anna Blalock 1749-1829
2. Melario (Mildred) Rowland 1784-1856   +   John O'Hara 1782-1846
3. William O'Hara 1804-1866   +   Mary Francis Cartwright 1818-1848
4. William Francis (Wish) O'Hara 1847-1909  +  Millie Jane Lyall 1864-1928
5. Reuben Rowland O'Hara 1890-1948   +   Alma Jean Appel 1893-1974
6. Robert William (Bill) O'Hara 1925-2006   +   Mary Ellen Sullivan 1923-1978
7. Seán Aloysius O'Hara 1954 -
by  Seán Aloysius O'Hara

578. Hello all fellow O'Hara's Please click on the following link to help establish our Irish American Museum: This is a very interesting and informative site. Slan, Terrance
by  Terrance O'Hara

579. I am seeking descendants of the O'Haras of Lorrha, Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary, in particular of Thomas O'Hara, b. c. 1870.
by  Eilis Deeney O'Hara

580. Looking for Elizabeth O'Hara, born 1880 in Longford, Ireland
I am hoping for assistance. My great great grandmother was Elizabeth O'Hara, born 23 May 1880 in Longford, Ireland. I have her photo. She was beautiful. Her mothers maiden name was Butler. She married Marcel Lateulere I am told in Port Jervis, New York.
I am looking for any information regarding her father and mother to jump start that part of my family tree search. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to render.
CherylAnn Lateulere Kraft
by  CherylAnn Lateulere Kraft

581. Hello, My name is Kathy O'Hara. My dad is Charles D. O'Hara his parents are Van and Viola O'Hara; my dad has 1 brother Thomas O'Hara. Dad has 4 children: Charles Jr. , Janet, Kelly and me Kathy. My dad has passed away and I just wanted his name out there he would have liked this site.
by  Kathy O'Hara

582. my name is tim, i am from brooklyn, n.y. i am searhing for my father noel o'hara, he sepperated from my mom in 1970 the year i was born and possibly moved back to ireland.
by  Tim O'Hara

583. My name is Katharine Margaret O'Hara Scatena. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. There are many O'Hara's and I wish you all many blessings. Some of my grandfather's people were: John O'Hara, William Denny O'Hara, many Katharines in the family tree.
by  Katharine Margaret O'Hara Scatena

584. I want to connect with O'Hara desendants of John Patrick O'Hara & Frances Drusilla Siegertz from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) who moved to Malaysia. Have connected with some O'Hara relatives in Singapore, Cheers.
by  Myrtle O'Hara

585. My name is Shannon Brooke O'Hara. My father was James Milton O'Hara born in Alberta and his father was John O'Hara from Ottawa. James had a sister Frances and his mother's name was Margaret. I would like to get in touch with the children of Frances who are my cousins. I know one is Matthew McCallum but no others.
by  Shannon Brooke O'Hara

586. Descendents of James and Ellen O'Hara who moved to Lowell, MA from Oldham England
James and Ellen O Hara moved to Lowell Mass. from Oldham England. They were related to the Keane family of Oldham of which my father Arthur was a member.
According to the census of 1911 they were living with Joseph and Betsy Keane before sailing to Boston.
Please contact me if you have any information - thanks!
Kathleen Keane Armstrong
by  Kathleen Keane Armstrong

587. Hey, I'm Molly-Kate O'Hara, I am 14 and come from Liverpool, England. I love the fact that there are loads and loads of O'Hara's out there :). My dad is O'Hara too.
by  Molly-Kate O'Hara

588. New musical link from Australia
Hi James,
you might like to add my music page to your site. Check me out at: .
Scott O'Hara
by  Scott O'Hara

589. Joining my gang, following my/our fathers footsteps
Hello to all the family.
I just had a son - Tait James Tynan O'Hara. My father Vivian Gervaise O'Hara (listed in here as one of the first to join) had me born & brought up in my early years in Dublin (to further forever remind me of my routes). As my dad has stated y/our family dates back to 900 AD so we must be good at producing boys eh!
I am very proud to be an O'Hara!
Tynan O'Hara
Webmaster's PS: See Vivian's messages in the messages database: no. 4 & 5, no. 416 and no. 433
by  Tynan O'Hara

590. Another O'Hara from Peru
My great grand father was a Bernard O'Hara from Liverpool. He had eleven children, the third died fighting Chile in the 19th Century and is a national hero (Santiago O'Hara). I am descended from the fourth, the O'Hara-MacPherson branch.
Walter O'Hara
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by  Walter O'Hara1

591. Doing genealogy research; my O'Hara ancestors
My mom is Kelly O'Hara and her father is Patrick Francis O'Hara, 1917-1979; his parents are Francis P. O'Hara, 1888-1965, born in Canada, married Florence K. (Can't find maiden name cause she was brought in on an orphan train ... I think it is Heeter because that is who adopted her), 1892-1964. Francis P O'Hara's parents are Patrick O'Hara, 1840-1916, born in Ireland went to Canada and died in Missouri. He married Catherine Rowe, 1843-1936, born in Canada and died in Missouri. Patrick's parents were Bryan O'Hara born in Ireland and Hellen (I think it is Anglin?) also born in Ireland. As for Bryan and Hellen I am trying to find more info on them; I think they were in Sligo Co but not sure. I haven't found children for any of these past Patrick Francis except for the immediate bloodline of mine.
If anyone has a similar family tree and can provide me with any info please do. I am trying to find as much as possible before I go to Ireland in May 2011. I am desperately trying to find info on Bryan and Hellen and any children they had, DOB, place of residence, etc.
Jamie Craig
by  Jamie Craig

592. HI all we are christened O`Hara but just found out we are actually O`Hora. spell mistake. so how many O`Hara`s are actually O`Hora. we were origanaly from.... stonepark, foxford, county mayo, ireland. need to correct the name somehow, any ideas!!!!
by  Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora)

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by  James Gabriel O'Hara

594. Hello I am looking for a Peter John O'Hara who up until 2005 lived in Normanby, Middlesborough, Cleveland, England. His father was also Peter and he died in November 2002. I would appreciate any information about PJ.
by  Marie O'Hara

595. I am looking for Patrick O'Hara son of Marica Latty who married Sean O'Hara in Mo Bay Jamaica.
by  Donna

596. HI
by  John Kenneth O'Hara

597. I am looking for unknown relatives. Originally from Raritan Twsp. now Edison, NJ, now residing in Georgia, son of Martin J. O'Hara deceased 1981.
by  Martin John O'Hara

598. My O'Hara ancestors from from Cazenovia / Manlius, NY
Being an O'Hara, I can understand wanting to know your roots. I can provide my family history and those who wish can go from there:
Father Robert Edward OHara, (3 brothers) Cazenovia, NY; Grandfather Edward O'Hara (2 Brothers, 1 Sistrer) all from Cazenovia / Manlius, NY.
I will try and provide more details, but father passed when I was only 1yr old so history is a painful question.
Tracy O'Hara
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by  Tracy O'Hara

599. Dennis O'Hara born in County Cork in 1833
Hi ... I'm not O'Hara but a distant in-law was Dennis O'Hara who was born in County Cork in 1833. He was married to Margaret Hyde (b. 1839), daughter of Robert (b. 1808 County Cork) and Catherine Hyde (b. 1811 Westminster London). Dennis was a tailor as was Robert. The Hydes lived at Robin Hood Court St Clement Danes Westminster London.
Any news would be most welcomed ... Cheers
Mark Eyles
by  Mark Eyles

600. To Tracy O'Hara from Cazenovia, NY. (#598) I am from a large clan of O'Hara's from the same area. We may be related. My grandfather Edward A O'Hara ("Bud") 1988 - publisher of the Syracuse Harold Journal.
by  Michael A Costello

601.Looking for O'Hara in Roscommon Ireland
Hi - I am from Illinois in the United States. I am looking for my grandmother's family in Roscommon, Ireland.
My grandma came to America when she was about 18 years old. She was born about 1904 and had an older brother named Lawerence. The only info I have is from a 1911 Ireland Census form that stated their address was House 9, Clegna Townland, Cootehall, Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Lawerence stayed in Ireland while my grandma came to Ameica. She ended up living in Chicago and getting married to a Michael Quinn from Galway, Ireland. I know Lawerence had a couple of kids. But, I have no idea if they are even still in the area. If anyone knows, please let me know.
Thank you,
Patti Olson
by  Patti Olson

602. O'Hara Irish Song, 1911
The following The following photos are words and music by Keller Mack and Frank Orth 1911, published by MACK and ORTH, Philadelphia, PA, 908 Walnut St.: Link
by  Terrance O'Hara

603. Looking for parents of Abraham O'Hara, born in Canada in 1820. His father was from Ireland and mother from Canada.
by  Madeleine O'Hara

604. The writer John H. O'Hara moved away from Pottsville, PA. I need to know when he did this. My deceased mother-in-law was a girl friend of his.Can anyone provide this?
by  Mary Ann Carroll

by  Timothy Michael O'Hara

606. John O'Hara and Glasgow Celtic Football Club
Hi there!
John was my mother Sarah O Hara's Grandfather. Her sister Anne taught at St Peter's Partick until she retired At the end of the Sixties.
Margaret Browne
See also previous messages about John O'Hara by: Michael O'Hara (= message 165)   and   Pauline Elliot (= message no. 390) 2011-02-07
by  Margaret Browne

607. John O'Hara: Rochester, NY was my great-grandfather. Looking for other O'Hara people from Rochester that might have information about his wife Susan O'Hara.
by  Mary Calianese

608. Searching for O'Hara's in Ballymeana, County Antrim
My grandmother was Esther O'Hara and as she was the only one who had children in her family and she died when my dad was young, We dont know much about the O'Hara external family apart from that they resided in Ballymeana, county Antrim, Ireland. Any information about families with the same name or similar names such as O'Hare or O'Gara would be usefull as my family have been trying to find information on the O'Haras for some time now.
Thank you,
D. G. Hughes
by  D. G. Hughes

609. I am hoping to have a kilt made with the O'Hara Family Tartan. After an internet search I have conflicting Tartans, and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction? Thank you
by  William O'Hara Jr.

610. Patrick O'Hara (c. 1710-1774)
Thank you for the website: Lists of Renowned O'Haras
Thought I’d add a little about Patrick O'Hara (c. 1710-1774) if you’re interested: Patrick O'Hara ( and Patrick O'Hara (Biographia Navalis entry, 1797)
Just a thank you
Brian Lewis.
by  Brian Lewis

611. The Kelly / O'Hara Family
Hi there,
I have a Kelly/O'Hara website which traces a branch of the O'Hara line back to 1770 in Sligo/Roscommon.
You can have limited viewing. The address:
Michael Kelley
by  Michael Kelly

612. Hello - I am looking for Debbie O'Hara from Belfast. She used to come to the United States during the summer and stay with my family in New Jersey.
by  Jennifer McEvoy

613. John O'Hara was born in Ireland (1851)
Hello, I am Stephen C. O’Hara.
After searching for info in America I found out that John O’Hara was born in Ireland @1851. He married Eliza J. Unknown who was born in Ireland @ 1852. John and Eliza arrived in the U.S. @1880. So I am trying to find out more info of the O’Hara’s. So if you can find out anything, please let me know.
Thank You
Steve O’Hara
by  Stephen C. O’Hara

614. My great grandfather John Patrick O'Hara
I came across a message from a George Hesse dated June 5, 2007:
Searchimg my great grandfather John Patrick O'Hara's genealogy or Message 402
We have the same grandparents and I wish to contact him. I have been unable to do so at the email address given. Is there a new email adress to contact him?
Thanks so much.
Myrtle Joyce O'Hara
by  Myrtle Joyce O'Hara

615. Catherine O'Hara and Rev Michael O'Hara
Looking for info on Catherine O'Hara, born circa 1755-1765, lived in/near Newport Co Mayo, married Francis O'Donel/O'Donnell.
Looking info on Rev Michael O'Hara, working in Newport/Newport Pratt, County Mayo, 1785. What church was he in?
Good site, thanks anyway.
Ralph O'Donel
by  Ralph O'Donel

616. Hello my name is P. O'Hara from Midlesbrough, England. My daughter is Scarlett O'Hara.
by  P. O'Hara

617. My ggg-grandfather, James O'Hara, born in Philadelphia on 15 Oct 1799
My ggg-grandfather, James O'Hara, was born in Phila, PA on 15 Oct 1799. I am searching for his father, Stephen O'Hara, who immigrated to US prior to his birth. Family stories indicate he came from Ireland with two brothers. James brother was Henry.
Any help would be appreciated.
Maureen O'Hara Warick
by  Maureen O'Hara Warick

618. Hi, my name is Henry T. O'Hara FCA born Dublin 1952. Father's name was Nicholas A. O'Hara from Ballymacurley Co. Roscommon where my grandfather Henry O'Hara was born and was a farmer. I am looking for family prior to 1876, or earlier.
by  Henry Thomas O'Hara

619. I would like to know if this is a page about, different O'Haras and their place in history. My grandfather was a CFL football player for two Canadian teams - The Ottawa Rough riders and Hamilton Tiger Cats and is found in the football hall of fame.
by  Sean O'Hara

620.Revisiting the O'Hara site
It's grown so much since the last time I posted in 2005. Well, I just wanted to update my family tree:
Cody Tyler Ohara age: 8, Kailyn Therese Ohara age: 3, Kaeden Arturo Ohara age: 1
Quinn M. O'Hara
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by  Quinn M. O'Hara

621. Does anyone know of a Robert Henry O'Hara that was married to a Lois Jeanne Stephens in California in the 50's. He was my father though I didn't know him. She was my mother and was from Chico Calif born in 1930. Would like to know if I have any relatives in this world. Thanks.
by  David Lee O'Hara

622. John O'Hara — Founder of Glasgow Celtic FC — A Commemoration
John O'Hara worked with Brother Walfrid, John Glass, John McLaughlin, James McKay and others in the formation of Celtic FC and went on to sign the first players, mainly from Edinburgh Hibernians.
Hailing from Greysteel, Co Derry, John remained a director of Celtic until his death on 29 May 1905. Now, on the anniversary of his death, the extended O'Hara family plan a commemoration and celebration of his life, with the unveiling of a long overdue headstone at his place of rest, St Peter's Cemetery, Dalbeth .
A brief ceremony at the graveside will be followed by a special gathering at Celtic Park on Sunday 29 May.
Everyone connected with the O'Hara family, as well as members of the wider Celtic family, are warmly welcomed and we'd be delighted if you can join us on the day.
Friends and family are already confirmed from as far afield as USA, Australia, Ireland and even Denny, Stirlingshire, so we plan for a memorable day:
Sunday 29 May 2011 4pm at St Peter's Dalbeth
Thereafter to the Number 7 restaurant at Celtic Park for a festive meal and entertainment. Ticket donations for the function are £20 and £10 for students and pensioners.
To reserve tickets, please email Michael O'Hara at soonest, stating names. We hope to fully accommodate all friends and family, but please reply soonest as there is a limited capacity in the Number 7.
On behalf of the O'Hara family, I very much look forward to your company,
Yours faithfully,
Michael O'Hara
by  Michael O'Hara

623. Could anybody point me in the right direction to purchace a o'hara clan kilt?
by  Shaun Joseph O'Hara

624. Hi, I am looking for Jim o'Hara from Rochester that came to San Diego during the summer of 1971, my name at the time was Debbie Taylor. Any info is appreciated, Thanks.
by  Debra Taylor

625. I am looking for my gg grandparents, Paddy and Honor (Fodey) O'Hara, who would have been born around 1850-60 in Sligo, Ireland-possibly Kilglass. My g grandfather, Michael Joseph O'Hara (b. 1879 in Sligo), married Catherine "Kate" Murray (b. 1883 in Sligo), in Glasgow,Scotland in 1905. Michael & Kate lived on Queen St in Govan, Glasgow until 1925. Kate had a second cousin named Peter McGowan, who also lived on Queen Street in Govan in 1925. They and their children moved to New York in 1924-25, eventually settling in North Plainfield, NJ. I know Michael had a brother in Ireland, named Tommy b. 1898-99, also Patrick, who came to New York before Michael. He also had four sisters in Youngstown, OH. One of them may have been named Delia. Also, we have an ancestor named Val O'Hara that still lived in the original homestead in Sligo when my Aunts and Uncles visited in the 1980s. If you have any information to help me piece together more of my family history, I would appreciate it.
by  Erin O'Hara Patrick

626. Looking for relatives: Roger O'Hara b. 1802 Sligo, settled in Yorkshire, England in 1840's. 3 sons: James, Patrick and Roger and daughter Mary Ann. Patrick married Bridget McGuinn in 1860's. in Bradford, England.
Thanks, K.
by  Kathleen (kathieeaton)

627. Looking for decendants of Joseph O'Hara & Ethel O'Neil who lived in Wallaroo, South Australia, in the late 1800's.
by  Vicki (vbuenen)

628. Go online and Google O'Hara from Ballysadare and Kilvarnet and you'll find and interesting book that you may read online.
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

629. Looking for any information on my father Patrick James O'Hara
I am looking for any information about my father Patrick James O'Hara. I have never met him and know very little about him. I was born in 1960 in Pemberton, Western Australia. On my birth certificate my father is noted as Patrick James O'Hara, 52 years old born Dublin Ireland. His occupation is listed as mechanic. My mother Joyce and Patrick were living and working in Shannon River a small timber logging community in the South West of West Australia.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Patricia Marion O'Hara
by  Patricia Marion O'Hara

630. My 1st name is O'Hara !!!! Last name is Costello. I am black Irish. My father is from Matawan, New Jersey. Love to know if there are any others lucky enough to be blessed with the 1st name O'Hara !!!
by  OHara Jane Costello

631. Hello my name is Elizabeth O'Hara, my family tree goes back to 1800s Robert O'Hara. I live in Scotland.
by  Elizabeth O'Hara

632. Looking for information about Anna O'Hara (my grandmother)
I am looking for information about Anna O'Hara (my grandmother). She came to Brooklyn NY in 1905 as a servant. Mother was Anna Mcalpine O'Hara. Father was James O'Hara. Anna was born 1888 in Ireland; she died 25 December 1925.
Jim Hopkins
by  Jim Hopkins

633. William Alexander ("Bill") O'Hara (1883-1931) - Follow up
Original Message: William Alexander (´´Bill``) O'Hara (1883-1931) - Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer, well not yet!!!   =   Message No. 550
Follow-up Message: Billy O'Hara: Knowing how to apply (baseball) skills   and   Family details (parents, grandparents)
Cousin Andrew Hunter .... baseballer...
by  Andrew Hunter

634. Currently living in Pittsview, AL. My Father was Robert Thomas O'Hara and my Mother is Marilyn McQuarter O'Hara. Just wanted to check in. Any family members that know me, get in touch.
by  Kevin O'Hara

635. O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village in Madoc, Ontario, Canada
I just stumbled across this site and it is teriffic. I didn't know it existed. I have been to the O'Hara Mill in Madoc and it is very nice. The park was closed for the season but we were able to walk the grounds.
I am a granddaughter of Evan Lewis O'Hara.
Cynthia Strauss
Webmaster's comment: See: O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village   and   Message by Scott A. Lee (No. 261)
by  Cynthia Strauss

636. (from Phila., PA) Records show a George O'Harra arrived in Philadelphia from Dublin in 1773 as an indentured servant, and likely fought for the colonies in the Revolution. Any way I can track ship arrivals back that far? Can't seem to connect to a town in Ireland.
by  Terence G. O'Hara

637. Looking for information on my 4th great-grandfather, Stephen O'Hara, who immigrated to Phila PA prior to 1799. Family lore says that 3 brothers came to America together. Other prominent first names in family are George, Henry, James and Charles. Any help is sincerely appreciated.
Previous message: no. 617
by  Maureen O'Hara Warick

638. Hello, does the name Agnes O'Hara born around 1780 who married John Matthews around 1800 and had at least two children Edward Matthews born about 1802 and a John Matthews born about 1804. Ring a bell to any one? I don't know what part of Ireland they were from but they were Catholic. Please help!
by  Carole Freeman

639. Looking for the amcestors and / or descendants of William O'Hara of Sligo who married Jane Johnston of Torpenhow, Cumbria and settled in Spennymoor, Co Durham mid 1870s.Their daughter Jane married an Adam Worthy, my great grandfather.
by  Paul Weatherall

640. John Patrick O'Hara and Frances Drucilla Siegertz
This couple were my great-grandparents. Their first child was Evangeline O'Hara, Yzelman Cowley-Brown, my grandmother. If you want more information, contact me by email
Valerie Shadlyn
Webmaster's comment: See: Myrtle O'Hara's guest book entry of July 28, 2010 (Link) = Message no.584 and: "My great grandfather John Patrick O'Hara" by Myrtle Joyce O'Hara (Link) = Message no.614
by  Valerie Shadlyn

641. My Great-Grandfather, Patrick J. O'Hara, came to America (Pennsylvania) in 1914 from County Longford. He was born on October 8, 1892. Patrick's family was from an island on the Lough Ree, King's Island, which is one of the Black Islands. His parents were named Patrick and Anne O'Hara. Looking for any information that may help. Thank you :)
by  Sean O'Hara

642. Where is Valerie O'Hara from Homestead, Florida? Your relatives would like to be in touch.
by  Cindy O'Hara

643. I am the granddaughter of Ernest Reginald O'Hara and Anna Mae Herlihy, My father John Douglas was their eldest son b. May 30 1927 d. Feb 28 2007. My family has been seaarching for my cousins Kevin Elwin O'Hara approximately 44 years of age and his sister Jaqueline unsure of her age for many years. If anyone has any information.
by  Kathleen O'Hara

644. I am looking for info on Jane Clarke O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara and 11 Children: Michael, William, John, Patrick, Edward, Sarah, Mrs Frank Mulrooney, Elizabeth, Mrs. John O'Malley and 3 Children Unknown.
by  Tricia LaFrance

645. Jamie O'Hara wrote the lyrics of the song «50,000 Names (Carved in the Wall)» and George Jones sang it - you gotta hear it. Turn on your sure you wait until the music begins. Click here and scroll down.
by  Terrance O'Hara

646. Looking for a long lost friend, Scott O'Hara who was last known to be in the twin cities of Minn. Scott worked for me in the Marine Corps in the late 80's. Please if you know him have him contact me.
by  Bob Greer

647. I am an O'Hara from New Zealand, and am looking into my family history that backs to my irish heritage.
by  Michael O'Hara

648. I am looking for any information on a Mary C O'Hara (died Diebold) from Pittsburgh. She passed on February 12, 1934 during or shortly after childbirth. My grandmother was her daughter.
by  Kimberly Schaaf

649. Connecting with O'Hara family members in Pennsylvania and NY
See also: DNA Results for John O'Hara born ca. 1810 in Drumlish, Co. Longford (Link) = Message #546 and: DNA testing through the O'Hara DNA Project and Alternatives (Link)
Dear Webmaster
I signed up on your List of Messages page & mentioned I was working on the family tree. I also referred to my DNA which is noted on your List of Messages: #546. I'd like to trace grandaunts who went to PA, e.g. Mary O'Hara, b. 28 Sept 1851, her sister Catherine/Kate, b. 06 Jun 1856. Also, their brother, Bernard b. 16 Oct 1859. Possibly to Pottsville or Wilkes Barre. We would love to have others join the O'Hara Surname DNA Project (in your < href="">Genealogy page).
Might I request I be included in your Categories Index under Authors & Writers (Other O'Hara Writers) ? If you need any further details on publications I can let you have them. Thank you. Brief professional biog: Broadcaster and writer, Aidan O'Hara, has worked as a presenter and producer with RTÉ (Raidió Telefís Éireann – Irish National Broadcasting) and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and now lives in County Longford. He is engaged in writing full-time (Eng. & Gaelic), but stays in touch with broadcasting through occasional contributions to Radio Telefís Éireann and Raidió na Gaeltachta.
Aidan O'Hara
by  Aidan O'Hara

650. Hello, My name is Barry O'Hara Jr. I am trying to find out more about my ancestors and the rest of my family, all I know is my father grew up around Sylvania Ohio, If anyone can help me in any way please feel free to contact me through my email.
Thank You.
by  Barry O'Hara Jr.

651. My name is Kevin Michael O'Hara, from England. I am trying to trace my GG Grandfathers family in Bocks Mayo. GG Grandfather was Patrick and he was born in 1836. Uk census says Bock Co Mayo. He, like a million Irish, left during/after potato famine. They settled in Lancashire and worked in cotton mills. UK census info says that both Patrick and wife, Mary Sullivan, were born in Bocks Co Mayo. They married in England. This is going to be difficult as both the names Patrick and O'Hara are not exactly unusual. Any help appreciated.
by  Kevin Michael O'Hara

652. Hi, I am searching for a young lady who was a painter and had a gallery. Her name was Katie O'Hara. She passed away in 2001. I used to chat with her, she was part of a prayer team we belonged to. Her Dad had passed on when she was young and she called me Pop. I would like to find out more about Katie, I even wrote a poem about her, but cannot remember her. Please contact me if you have any information about Katie O'Hara.
Thank you.
by  Bob Macchia

653. Hello to whomever reads this. I am an O'Hara, of Ottawa, Canada. Currently, I am mastering International Studies, with specializations in French and Economics, to become a diplomat. My most dire inquiry concerns the location of any saved notation or photograph - whether singular or multiple, any number of documentation would be precious - of my grandfather, Platoon and Artillary Sergeant Kenneth O'Hara.
by  Conor Kenneth Lorne (O'Hara)

654. Hello, I am Colleen O'Hara living in the United States. I have a friend doing geneology for me and she has traced my tree back many generations. My father is Robert William O'Hara (Bob) in northern California, Grandfather William O'Hara of San Fernando, California. I'd be happy to provide anyone who is interested a link to our family tree.
by  Colleen O'Hara

655. My GGGrandfather Patrick moved to Lancashire, he was born in Co Mayo in 1837 and left during potato famine. He married Mary Sullivan, also from Mayo, in 1867. His father is listed, on their marriage certificate, as Patick O'Hara, deceased, and occupation of Farmer. I am unable to discover if Patrick senior died in Ireland or England and have no idea of his DOB.Family names are: Patrick, John, Joseph, Michael, William, Thomas,James and Ann. I think I have Patrick Jnr as a lodger in 1861 census near Rochdale but as a lodger, he was 24 years old. Any help appreciated.
by  Kevin O'Hara

656. I was born in England. My GGfather, David, came down to Carlisle from Glasgow (Scotland) but whether it was he or his father that came over from the West of Ireland - Co. Mayo probably, I do not know. I now live in Nova Scotia. Family names were James, Thomas, William.
by  Martin O'Hara

657. Famous O'Haras
It was Charles O'Hara who handed over the sword of surrender to Washington, the second in command, at Yorktown; he also had occasion to surrender to Napoleon. He is not proud of this fact but there is little he can do about it now. It was a sergeant Miles O'Hara who was the first cavalry man to die at Little Big Horn and it was Theodore O'Hara who wrote the immortal lines “On games eternal camping ground their lonely tents are spread And glory guards with solemn round the bivowac of the dead”. Bivoac of the dead is on tens of thousands of headstones and memorials. There is also a battleship called the General James O'Hara.
My people come from Glenhest, Co Mayo.
Sean O'Hara
Webmaster's note: See British Soldiers and American Soldiers at this site!
by  Sean O'Hara

658. Can't find anyone before my great great great grandfather Hugh O'Harra
I have been trying to find when my family actually came to the US but I've hit a road block. I can't find anything beyond my great great great grandfather Hugh O'Harra who was born between 1770 and 1780 and died in 1850 in Indiana. As far as I know he had 10 children who's names are as follows from oldest to youngest: Arthur, Charlotte, Ezekiel, John (died in the 1850s), Margaret, Wesley, James (born 1810), Hugh Jr. (born 1820), Daniel (my gggrandfather, lived 1817-1888), and Elizabeth (born 1839).
So if anyone has information that can help me continue my search back it would be great.
Lane O'Harra
by  Lane O'Harra

659. HI i am John Kenneth O'Hara from Franklin, Ohio. I'm a systems Analyst and my Parents are ken and Barbra O'Hara, and my Grand father was Russ O'Hara from Kentuckey.
by  John Kenneth O'Hara

660. Hi This is great ! Iam hoping for some help. My Great Granfather Robert O'Hara came to Minnesota from Canada not sure when and the courthouse burned in both Mn and Canada. My GGreat Grandmothers maiden name was Mariah LeTed. My Grandfathers name was Leo O'Hara he was a horse trainer (trotters), My father is Thomas Robert O'Hara.
by  Amber Marie O'Hara

661. Hi to all the O'Hara people all over the world, my great grandfather was Michael Daniel O'Hara, born in1823, maybe came from Sligo, we believe he was in the British army, he migrated as a free settler to Australia, settled at Oatlands; Van Diemens Land, nowTasmania. Married an Irish girl named Catherine Hynes (unsure of correct spelling of her maiden name,) Catherine and her sister Ann came together from county Clare; worked as housemaids, Anne married George Sawford, Michael and Catherine had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Do any of the O"Haras know anything about my great grandfather Michael Daniel.
by  Patricia O'Hara

662. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Haras of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
by  Arthur O'Hara

663. I am searching for any information about my biological father Alfred Paul O'Hara born 1915-1916, I believe in Montgomery Alabama. My mother would never give me any information about him, and now that I am 70 years of age, born 10-16-1941, it would be wonderful to hear anything I could about my Dad. Thank you in advance, Ruth.
by  Ruth O'Hara Nolan Montville

664. I'm searching for family of Robert Bernard O'Hara, son of John Bernard O'Hara and Virginia Lazenby. Robert was a pilot in WW2 and was killed on November 11, 1943.
Chris van der Linden, from Holland.
by  Chris van der Linden

665. Hello to all of the amazing O'Haras in the world, simply the best name there is!! I am Melanie O'Hara, youngest child of Robert H. O'Hara and Hazel O'Hara, from Youngstown Ohio.
by  Melanie O'Hara (Cronk)

666. Please contact me if your line has any connections through Chester County, Pennsylvania! I am looking for relatives of Dennis O'Hara and Elizabeth Hahn/Hawn. They lived in Chester County in 1880 and had six children: Charles, Edward, Andrew, Elizabeth, Helen and Anne.
Previous messages: No. 497 and No. 520
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

667. Deborah O'Hara - Hi searching for information on the O'Hara's from Youngstown, Ohio. Will be traveling soon to Belfast and wanted to trace my husband's family. My husbands name is Timothy E. O'Hara and his father's name was Joseph T. O'Hara (died 1988 at age of 49), he had two brothers Leslie and Jerome. Their mothers name was Hazel and fathers name Joseph. They lived on the Northside of Youngstown. Any information would be great. was of no help at all.
by  Deborah O'Hara

668. Looking for margaret o'ara that married louis deguire, need their parents, deguire is my ancestor line on my dad side.
by  Fran Larose

669. Good Afternoon ! I have noticed a number of posts regarding the O'Hara family of Neale, Killimor, Co Galway. If you check the 1911 census you will notice that the townland's spelling is "nail". My grandfather was Bernard O'Hara and was from a large family who had a farm there. I can provide additional information if needed, Mary O'Hara
by  Mary Memery (O'Hara)

670. I am Edward O'Hara Grandson of Mickey O'Hara Inventer of The Mouse Wheel.
by  Edward O'Hara

671. My Family (O'Hara) has its start in Derragh, Kilmovee Parish in Kiklelly, County Mayo, starting with John O'Hara born 1793 in Shammerbaun, Kilkelly. He married Briget Snee in April 1830. Their son James, is my Great Grandfather. He married Anne Gallagher in February 1877. Their son Patrick James was born 1878 in Derragh, Kilkelly and emigrated to U.S.(Philadelphia). He married Mary O'Donnell From Sligo (1887-1933). They married in U.S. (where ?), and they lived in N.Y.C. where he died in 1926. They had three children, James Francis, Thomas Joseph ( my father) and Anna Mary (Mae). If anyone has additional Info, please post it. Thanks JO'H
by  Jim O'Hara

672. My GreatGrandFather came to Saint John New Brunswick circa 1850 from County Sligo.I am one of two remaining great grand children of a family of 9 siblings sons and daughters of Roland O'Hara and Winnifrieda Dunn.Would love to hear from any and all O'Haras or Dunns,I expect we are all related in one way or another if we go back far enough.
by  Allan Edward O'Hara

673. Looking for Abraham O'Hara's father who was born in Ireland and moved to Canada (lower). Abraham was born in Canada in about 1820. His mother was French.
by  Madeleine O'Hara

674. My grandfather would have come over from Ireland around the beginning of the 20th century. His son, Patrick Joseph O'Hara Jr. was a professor at UCF; he committed suicide in the late 80's I think. We completely lost touch with that side of the family as my mother had divorced Jr. when I was 18 months old.
I am Patrick Joseph O'Hara III and I carried it on with my son, # IV.
by  Patrick Joseph O'Hara III

675. I am trying to place Rose O'Hara, born 1741 and married to William Mackey, born 1741 in Richmond, Virginia. Any lead would be appreciated.
by  Nan Murphy

676. Dan O'Hara, from Connemara, renowned in the popular ballad
A nice informative story of Ireland and Dan O'Hara in three YouTube videos:
Part 1: YouTube video (1)
Part 2: YouTube video (2)
Part 3: YouTube video (3)
by  Terrance O'Hara

677. Hi, I am looking for my grandmother June Meria O'Hara. From what I understand June and her sister came on a ship or boat to the United States. My grandmother from what I understand, went to San Antonia Texas. She got married on the Q Bar X Ranch and had a daughter. My grandmother died in a car fire when my mom was 3 months old. And my mom was then raised by mother's sister. She lived in Rockingham North Carolina . Does any one have info on this. I know none of the family. Thanks in advance, Gert.
by  Gertrude Thomas

678. I am looking for information about my grandfather, Albert James O'Hara, Sr. My father was born in northern New Jersey to Claire Hendrickson O'Hara who passed away a few years later due to TB. My late father was raised by his maternal grandmother so we don't have much information about him other than the father disappeared shortly after she died.
by  Kathleen O'Hara Smith

679. Looking for relatives of Hugh Sr (b. 1856) and Anna Ginnity O'Hara. Children: Patrick (b. 1880) Sharon PA, Thomas (b.1882) Pittsburgh, John (b. 1887) Struthers, OH, Bridget O'Hara Tegge (b 1885), Mary (b. 1892), James F (b. 1891), Hugh Leo (b. 1897) and Therese O'Hara Desper (b. 1898).
by  Colleen O'Hara

680. Great website you got here! And love this flash guestbook :) Cheers Dan from
by  Dan (O'Hara?)

681. I am looking for Tom O'Hara. Met him in Calcutta India. He was on the ships. My name is rebecca Russell née Jacob.
by  Rebecca Russell

682. I am the son of Kathleen Schwager nee O'Hara who is the daughter of Reginald Leo O'Hara who is son of Richard Hugh O'Hara son of James O'Hara.
by  Leo Schwager

683. I am Robert P O'Hara, son of Joseph P O'Hara, Grandson of Arthur O'Hara, Great Grandson of Bernard F O'Hara of Vestal, NY. Any geneology would be greatly appreciated.
by  Robert P. O'Hara

684. My mother is Elizabeth Kathleen O'Hara, daughter of Dr. Francis Paul O'Hara, who was the son of Francis James O'Hara, who was the son of Jerome O'Hara, who was the son of James O'Hara,who was the son of Henry Jr O'Hara, who was the son of Henry Sr. O'Hara. He came to Maryland in the early 1700s from Ireland but still searching for details.
Any help welcome.
by  Susan Starrett Pinto

685. Hello all, I am Maureen (O'Hara) LaMarra daugther of Anothony Joseph O'Hara borm August 8 1911. He is one of eight children born to Michael O'Hara and Agnes (Flowers) O'Hara. Michael was born in Ballena, County Mayo, Ireland around 1876 and died in the great flu epidemic in the 1920's in Philadelphia Pa. USA. I'm just starting to delve into my ancestry and would love to have contact with anyone who may be related to me.
by  Maureen (O'Hara) LaMarra

686. Hi my name is Allannah O'Hara. I don't have a lot if any information about my biological fathers family. He is Robert Wesley O'Hara. I don't know his fathers name or his mothers maiden name, but his mothers name was Loraine O'Hara. My father was from Lima, Ohio area. I know my brother and I have a half brother and his name is Micheal, but not sure if his last name is the same as ours. I've been looking and have found nothing. My biological father is 1 of 12 maybe 13, they were all spilt up when their mom died I believe and their dad took off. So any kind of information would be wonderful.
by  Allannah O'Hara

687. Australian O'Hara Family Information
To whom it may concern,
I've visited your webpage and found some Australian O'Haras mentioned, specifically -

Henry O'Hara (1823-1880 SA, Au) married Mary Barton (1830-1879 SA, Au) in 1852 in Adelaide South Australia and their 9 children are:
Cathy Ann Terasa 1856-1931
Bernard 1856-1857
Henry 1857-1858
Mary Jane 1859-?
Sarah 1861-1862
Thomas 1862
Ellen 1864
Joseph 1867-1931
Norah 1869

Any further information you could provide would be most helpful. I can't seem to navigate your site easily and find the information myself.
Thank you for your time,
Clare Loudon
by  Clare Loudon

688. My name is Amber Marie O'Hara. My father is Thomas Robert O'Hara, my granfather Leo O'Hara, great grandfather Frances O'Hara lived in Minneasota, came in thru Canada. All records were burned in fires in US and Canada. Any info would be so much appreciated.
PS. See also message 660
by  Amber Marie O'Hara

689. I am looking for information on my great-grandfather John Terrence O'Hara. I have a WWI Registration Card to go off of. He was born 08/12/1880 in New York, however the 1920 census states 1883 but based on his birth month and age at the time he would've been born in 1882. He moved at some point to Minnesota. Did not marry but had 10 children with Minnie Leyde (1920 cenus states Minnie OHara). Children are: Fern Alice, John T, Daniel, Donald, Thomas, Frank, Leo, Patrick, Mary Jane... birth years range from 1914 to 1927. If anyone has any information regarding John I would greatly appreciate it. I have nothing but the 1920 census and WWI Draft Card.
PS. See also: messages 191 and 337.
by  Jennifer M O'Hara

690. Visited your website today and am looking to view more information on Jane b. 1859 who married Jacob Teskey. Noticed there is an entry # 770 at the O'Hara Family Genealogy Forum. They are my mother-in-law's grandparents. Florence b. 1897 (from Jacob and Jane).
by  Karen Morningstar

691. Looking for family of John Myers O'Hara. Have what appears to be Mr. O'Hara's personal copy of HELLAS THE IMMORTAL. The book has his photo pasted in, a typed letter from J.H. pasted in, a copy of a poem written to Mr. O'Hara by Corrinne Roosevelt Robinson, and some handwritten items.
by  Margaret Asproyerakas

692. O'Hara — Blair Family History
The link you have on your genealogy page to:
O’Hara Family History Some Historic Facts About the O’Hara Family Assembled March 27, 1893 By C.H. Willey Principal, Barton Academy. Courtesy of Vermont Historical Society. From: Blair Genealogy: a site that provides information on Blair genealogy in general and the roots and history of my Blair ancestors who immigrated from Scotland to Vermont and New Hampshire in particular
has changed to
John A. Blair
Haywards Heath, England
Blairgenealogy WebMaster
by  John A. Blair

693. mi nombre es victor o'hara silva vivo en korea naci en peru i ha todos les digo k la mitad de 8 es 8 igual k es 0 igual k es 3 sera por k soy un o'hara.
by  Victor Ricardo O'Hara

694. A chara (dear Friend),
as part of the gathering in 2013 we are offering anyone called Dan O'Hara free admission to Dan O' Hara Homestead in Connemara. If your name isn't Dan but your surname is O' Hara we are offering 1/2 price admision to the homestead and 25% of a stay in our farmhouse B&B. Contact at: Facebook and at Connemara Heritage Centre.
Regards, Paula.
by  Paula at Dan O' Hara Farmhouse

695. Hi, I am looking for information about my great great grandfather Denis O'Hara who married Matilda Griffin in around 1865. Originally from Leitrim I believe but who settled in Fermanagh and had 11 children including my great grandfather John.
by  Martina O'Hara

696. Hi everyone. My O'Hara line is Daniel O'Hara Sr, born in Ireland about 1726, went to KY, USA; looking for something on him or his family before he left Ireland. I have everything on his line after he moved here, I am 6 gggggg granddaugther.
by  Diane Hurley

697. Hello, I have found the U.S. discharge papers of Michael O'hara from 1880. They state his birth place as Sligo, Ireland. It states his height at 5' 4", light complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair. There are other facts, including his captain's name, company, regiment, etc. It is difficult to read some of the words due to the cursive that was handwritten in the appropriate blank spaces. It shows he served his 5 year contract from 1875-1880. If I can find a living relative I would like to get this to them. This was found in Germantown TN.
by  Clint Overstreet

698. I am trying to get in touch with Nursing Sister Agnes O'Hara or indeed any relatives of hers. Can anyone help me? Her last known address was in Ballymena, County Antrim.
Many Thanks.
by  Janice Pearce

699. Canadian World War I Veteran Lieutenant William Alexander O'Hara
        Recipient of British War Medal and Victory Medal (1925)

Extract from a letter to Cadet Major Andrew Hunter fom the Acting Director General, Commemoration Division, Veterans Affairs Canada:
I am writing on behalf of the Minister of Veterans Affairs in response to your correspondence regarding the service of Lieutenant William Alexander O’Hara. I would first like to take this opportunity to respectfully acknowledge the dedicated service of your late cousin, Lieutenant William Alexander O’Hara, during the First World War. All Canadians benefit from the many sacrifices made by those who served and we remain truly grateful to them.
While Veterans Affairs Canada does not keep files on former Canadian Forces personnel, the Department does have access to military service documents, which are maintained by Library and Archives Canada. Library and Archives Canada also maintains information on bravery medals, such as the Military Cross, found written on citation cards. The citation cards indicate every order and decoration awarded to the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during the First World War.
Departmental officials have obtained the service records for Lieutenant O’Hara through Library and Archives Canada. It was confirmed that he was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, both issued to him in 1925. I have enclosed a background sheet for each of these medals for your information ...We were not able to find indication that Lieutenant William Alexander O’Hara received the Military Cross.
Attachments:   British War Medal (pdf)   and   Victory Medal (pdf)
Previous messages about William Alexander O’Hara:       (message #550 )       (message #633 )
by  Andrew Hunter

700. Hi, I am looking for any decendents of my grandfather Patrick O'Hara, married Anna Styles of Vermont round 1936. He was born around 1904 and came to USA – Massachusettes – lived with his uncle for a while in Worcester.
by  Anna Brabazon

701. Being involved in the compilation of a family tree I am looking for anyone who may have known my uncle Lawrence Edward O'Hara who was born in Cloongreaghan, Cootehall, Boyle, Co Roscommon, Ireland on the 6/Jan/1906. He was a Sgt in the US Army during World War 11. He died on 20 Jan 1956 in the US in a construction accident. It is believed that he was married but may have been separated or divorced when he died. He is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetry in St Louis.
by  William J. O'Hara

702. Hi. Nice site! My mother's great grandfather was Martin O'Hara. He came to the U.S. in 1848 and we guess his age at 15 when he made the journey. He had two daughters and six grandchildren. I'd be his great, great grand daughter. I'm stumped at 1848 though....I don't know what ship he was on, nor county origin, nor point of departure or arrival. Any tips for my research??
by  Valerie Cichanowicz

703. My Husband's name is MICHAEL O'HARA and his great, great grandparents left Ireland sometime between 1847-1851. ANTHONY O'HARA - born ? 1811, married MARY CORCORAN - ? 1811. They had 5 children who were born in Ireland … CATHERINE, born 1836, THOMAS, born 1839, MICHAEL, born 1843, ELLEN, born 1845, and ANN, born 1847 ... then one more child after arriving in Canada - JOHN, born May 5 1851. We know that they traveled to Canada sometime after Ann's birth in 1847 and their last son was born in Canada in 1851, but have not been able track any connections in Ireland prior to immigrating to Canada. Any info would be appreciated.
by  Nancy O'Hara

704. I am looking for information on the family of Father Denis O'Hara born in Cloonacool, County Sligo, Ireland. His father was Paddy O'Hara and I believe his mother was Mary Brennan O'Hara. He was one of six children, five boys and one girl, Mary, who never married. One of his brothers was Father Roger O'Hara. I am looking for the name of Paddy's father and mother. I believe Mary Brennan was the daughter of Walter Brennan. I am looking for her mother's name.If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate hearing from you.
PS.   I think Paddy was born in 1825 as was his wife Mary. Father Denis was born born in 1850 but I do not have the exact date. He died on 4/26/1922 in Kiltimagh. His brother Roger was about 10 years older and he died on 11/19/1924 in Kilmovee. The other brothers were James O'Hara ( a doctor), Patrick O'Hara (a farmer) and Peter O'Hara (a businessman). I do not have their birth or death dates. I think Mary was born about 1856.
by  Sharon Kuhn

705. I have just read a message from Kevin O'Hara Nov 15th 2011 (= Message number 655). He is asking about Patrick O'Hara. From what he said Patrick was my Great Grandfather. He married Mary Sullivan. They were both from Co Mayo . They moved from Liverpool to Lumb in Lancashire where Mary died. Their children were Mary, Ann, John, Michael, Thomas, William and James. James was my grandfather. Patrick died aged 67 in Lumb.
by  Jean Moolgaoker

706. My name is Margaret Brent O'Hara Jacocks. My dad was John A. O'Hara, his dad was Harry F. O'Hara, and Harry's dad was John Ambrose O'Hara. Harry and John were born in Pittsburgh; John's parents were born in Ireland. Does anyone know anything about this line?
by  Margaret Brent O'Hara Jacocks

707. I am William O'Hara from Melbourne, Australia. I am looking for any information on Joseph O'Hara, born 1834 in "Rush"(?), Ireland, married Margaret Carroll on the 5th October 1863 in Dublin, and emigrated to Melbourne, possibly in 1864. They had their first child, Margaret O'Hara in Melbourne in 1865. Regards!
by  William (Bill) O'Hara

708. Looking for any info on Abraham O'Hara born in lower Canada in 1820-25. He eventually came to live in Maine. Primarily need names of his father mother and any siblings.
by  Madeleine (O'Hara?)

709. Hello, Am researching O'Haras who lived in Philadelphia beginning in 1850s. Hannah O'Hara married Michael Welsh about 1860. Her parents were Margaret Catherine and John or Patrick O'Hara. Possibly from County Galway. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pat.
by  Pat Meriwether

710. Hello, my first name is O'Hara. I am the daughter of Thomas Francis Costello who is from Matawan, New Jersey. My father has 9 brothers and sisters. Costello is black Irish. Costello is black Irish and often thought to be of Italian descent when thes left Spain and went to Ireland. Here are many black Irish with olive skin, dark eyes, dark hair and we are all black Irish. My true full given name is: O'Hara Jane Costello. Interested in knowing if there are any others with O'Hara as 1st name??? Get back to me if your 1st name is O'Hara, love to talk to you!!! Much love to all. O'Hara is a beautiful name and I'm pround that I am. Bless my parents who gave me a name so unique as O'Hara for my first name, with kind regards to all! O'Hara Costello. Contact me at the email address below.
by  O'Hara Jane Costello

711. Patricia Ann Moran, from Scranton PA, Wilkes Barre, is looking for a past friend Patrick O'Hara who would be approx. 75 or so. Patricia Ann Moran married Stanley Frank Kaminski. He has since passed away approx. 15 years ago. She would love to catch up, if possible.
by  Susan Ferguson

712. hi my great greatgrandmother was called Mary O'Hara ive been told her father was a blacksmith in drumbo northern ireland. She married Edward Gordon from Derryaghy n.i., they had 3 sons Edward, Charles and David and maybe a daughter called Jane; this is in and around 1830 to 1909. Hope you can shead some light on this, many thanks.
by  Edward Gordon

713. Hello, I am a decendent of Mabel E. O'Hara (Jan 5, 1904-June 23, 1986), Daughter of John W. O'Hara (Feb. 22, 1873 - Nov. 10, 1949), Grand daughter of James O'Hara from Galway, Ireland (Feb. 1, 1837 - April 12, 1912). James, John, Mabel, and I all live(d) in Ohio.
by  Amy Fox

714. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, never knew there are so many of us O'Hara's out there.
by  Anne O'Hara

715. Hi, I am the great grandson of Bridget (O'Hara) Welch, born in County Cork Ireland 1869 and died in Massachusetts (Brockton) 1969 - lived to be 100 years old. Her husband was Patrick Welch (sometimes spelled Welsh) from County Claire Ireland, born 1858 and died 1936. They had seven children - Helena, Thomas, Dan, Henry, Edward, Anne and Mary. Her daughter, Mary (Welch) Kirk was my maternal grandmother born 1897 and died 1953 (buried in Lynn). She married Walter Kirk, a Navy pilot born 1898 died 1939 (airplane crash at Fore Rivers shipyard in Quincy), and raised their family in Quincy, Mass. Right now, trying to piece together family history.
by  Mark Allen

716. I am an O'Hara by birth. My Father was John Percy O'Hara, his father was Peter O'Hara, all born in Ontario, Canada. Peter was married to Charlotte Prosser. My mother was Edith Ruth Van Steinburgh. I would like to know where & when my O'Haras came to Canada. Thanks. D. Burson.
by  Dolores Burson

717. Hello, my name is Victoria O'Hara, my father was Willaim O'Hara, he passed in 1966, grandfather Stanely James O'Hara and my GGfather was Joseph O'Hara. They lived in Toronto and had a farm in the Oakwood and Vaughn area. Would love to hear back from anyone that might know them.
by  Victoria O'Hara

718. FYI and info that may be of use for researching an O'Hara family of Pennsylvania, Scranton and Carbondale areas, plus other cities
Here below is a weblink to an online folder containing an O'Hara family tree (cut into 4 jpegs) dating from post 1924. It contains addresses of individuals at that time who are second cousins. I know the date is post 1924 because of my grandfather's family's address is noted for Panama City, FL. Prior to 1924, the Edward Aloysius O'Donnell family was living in California.
The tree has the second cousins, first cousins and aunts and uncles and if I understand the document the parents are listed at the top of the page.
The document appears to be have been made and mailed out for the purpose of tracking down individuals for an inheritance.
Edward A. O'Donnell begat Edwin James O'Donnell who begat James Madison O'Donnell, me.
Please use and share the contents of the folder with those to whom it may be of interest.
James Madison O'Donnell
by  James Madison O'Donnell

719. I am looking into my family tree. My great grandfather was John O'Hara possibly born Galway. His son my Grandfather was Patrick O'Hara born around 1885 born Galway. John married Catherine Concannon born approx late 1880's who was from Roscommon. Children of my grandparents were Mary, Kathleen, Lillian and Terrence who was my father. Any information would be welcome.
by  Jacqueline O'Hara

720. I have just come across this website and discovered that someone originates from the same village (Stonepark, Foxford, Co. Mayo) and with the same surname O'Hara. My father originated from Stonepark, and was O'Hora (as was my grandparents). The entry I saw was :- 592. HI all we are christened O`Hara but just found out we are actually O`Hora. spell mistake. so how many O`Hara`s are actually O`Hora. we were origanaly from.... stonepark, foxford, county mayo, ireland. need to correct the name somehow, any ideas!!!! 2010-10-01 by Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora). Is there anyway of contacting the writer or letting them know? Thank you — Margaret Birtwhistle (nee O'Hara).
Webmaster: The entry you found is message number 592 in our database. It was first posted in this guest book. Scroll down this page to October 1, 2010 to find it and the contact e-mail address left by Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora).
by  Margaret Birtwhistle (nee O'Hara)

721. Do you have listings for O'Hara's in New Zealand? My mother-in-law, Winifred Nancy O'Hara, is from New Zealand and I believe her father's family immigrated there from Ireland. I seem to recall Sam O'Hara followed his brother from a town north of Belfast (County Antrim).
James Peffall from Woodstock, MD.
Webmaster's reply:
Of the more than 700 messages posted at this site the numbers 250, 298, 300, 557 and 647 refer to New Zealand. Here is the link:
In the "persons" database the numbers 067, 323, 535, 653 and 1054 refer to New Zealand. These are entry numbers from the "O'Hara Genealogy Forum". Here is the link:
Of the more than 1900 messages there, I have analysed to date the data from about the first 1200. The database is therefore not complete. Here is the link:
Hope you get a lead on your mother-in-law's family.
by  James Peffall

722. my father was Joseph Patric O'Hara II married to Beatriz Kadala giving me 12 brothers and sisters: Teresa, Joe P. III, Robert, Monica, Christopher, Mark, Me, Oona, Emmette, Mathew, Christina, Steve and Thomas. His father is Joseph Patrick O'Hare (Rep. MN) married to Leila Lee White, his parents Patrick O'Hara and Catharine Doyle (Ireland) two younger brothers; Edward and Terry.
by  Moira Leila O'Hara

723. Hi, I live in Marin County, CA, and am the daughter of Lori Cecilia O'Hara (MY mom passed tho on 12.27.08) and granddaughter of Thomas J. O'Hara and Coral O'Hara of San Francisco and San Rafael, CA. My second cousins are Francis and Kathleen O'Hara of New York and San Francisco.
by  Jamie O'Hara

724. My great grandmother was Sabina O'Hara Hurley of Connecticut. Her son was Robert Augustine Hurley, a former governor of Ct. Does anyone know if she/they are related to Charles Hurley, former governor of Massachusetts? Thanks.
by  Lee Webber

725. Looking for relatives of the Hugh O'Hara family who co-owned a grave site in Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden MA with my great grandfather James Foley son of Briget O'Hara and Patrick Foley.
by  Tom Lamey

726. I'm at a "dead end" with my research! All I know is that my great, great grandfather came to the U.S. in 1848. His name was Martin O'Hara. We estimate he was about 15 years old at the time. He later married Mary and they had two daughters: Mary and Delhia. It seems Mary never married but Delhia married a Fitzgerald and they had 6 children (five daughters and one son). The son died around age 23. One daughter also died very young. Three daughters never married and the last daughter married a Phipps and had 2 daughters. One became a Nun for 60+ years and the other is my Mom who had 6 children. I don't think there is anyone around who could be related....unless they are a decendent of my great, great grandfathers brother or sister - if he had any! If any of this sounds familiar to anyone, please write!
by  Valerie Cichanowicz

727. James, I don't know if you have a link to the O'Hara's in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. It seems very informational and dates back to 1769. The link "O'Hara Family History" is:
Webmaster's comment: I have added the link under “Canada” on the Tree menu. In the messages numbers 261 and 635 there are also references to the “O'Hara Mill Homestead & Conservation Area” in Madoc, ON.
by  Terrance O'Hara

728. Hello everyone. I am trying to trace John O'Hara who I believe was born in Waterford in 1942. Between 1961 and 1963 (maybe longer) he lived at 19 Woodseer Street in Stepney, London with Margaret O’Hara who I think might have been his sister (both of their birth records show their mother’s maiden name as Keane). It is thought that John worked in the building trade. At various points in the early 60s he shared the Woodseer Street property with Thomas McCann, Daniel Molane, Denis O’Donnell, plus Ronald S and Georgina Bowen.
Any information you could email me would be very helpful. Thank you.
by  Sally Laver

729. Hi, I am trying to help a friend find her biological parents and any siblings there may be. She was born on August 25, 1949 in a Catholic Hospital in Buffalo New York. The name she was given was Kathleen O'Hara but her adoptive parents renamed her. She was the youngest of 5 children. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was leaving/divorcing him and couldn't care for the children so she gave them to any relatives that would take them and then put the rest up for adoption. That's all she knows. Thanks for any suggestions or help. She has tried before but the records are sealed. In your research have you come across anything that we could use to try and trace her family? Thanks so much!
by  Teresa Ebel

730. We have been looking for on the family on Gabriel(le) O'Hara. Her mother, sister Kim, and brother were shipped off to Austarila some time in the 1800's, we think on theas the John Calvin as inmates. Any information would help, thank you so much!
Webmaster's comment: There appears to have been only one voyage of the John Calvin convict ship to Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island, Australia, and that was in 1846 with 199 passengers. See the Australian Convict Records. These records show more than 30 convicts filed under O'Hara or variant forms of the name (Ohara, oharra or ohora). See the records for ohara here.
by  Susan Lynn Bethel

731. Am looking for Harrison O'Hara- Greensburgh Latrobe, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania areas.
by  Phyllis O'Hara

732. Hi my name is Edward Gordon. My G.G Grand mother was a Mary O’Hara from Drumbo N.I. Her father was a blacksmith called Arthur O'Hara. She married an Edward Gordon from Derriaghy hope you can help me with this many thanks, Edward.
by  Edward Gordon

733. Hi, My name is Theresa O'Hara Van Allen. I was excited to find this website. My great grandparents were Michael O'Hara and Ann Devine O'Hara from Ardee, County Louth. Are there any O'Hara relatives in the area?
by  Theresa O'Hara Van Allen

734. My Great-grandfather was John O'Hara, co-founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club - It would be great to hear from my relatives out there.
by  John O'Hara

735. Moris Peter O'Hara, born 20 July 1944, Tambram Madras, South India; Father Patrick O'Hara. born approx 23 Nov.1920; G/Father buried Bangalore South India; G/G/Father apparently taken out of tent by The Famous Lions of Tsavo, died and buried in Kenya.
Webmaster's comment: See also Message number 792
by  Moris Peter O'Hara

736. born 14th April 1995, age 19, live Belfast Ireland.
by  Georgina O'Hara

737. Hi, My first book, «A French Renaissance» (see links below) is being published today and I was wondering if it would be possible to share this news with the O’Hara community? Kind regards, Eamon O’Hara. Links: (1) Orpen Press (2) Amazon & (3) Second Message
by  Eamon O'Hara

738. Please update family data included here on December 5, 2004
please add myself, Kenneth-Roland Heinz O'Hara son of William Homer O'Hara Jr (6/2/1941 - 3/5/2014) and brother of William Homer O'Hara III. Please also add my son Kenneth- Roland O'Hara Jr.
The Message I found on the site that my brother posted a while back is Message Number 185 in the Messages database.
If there are any events in New England, I would love to go. I am located in the Hartford CT area.
Thank you!
Ken O'Hara
by  Kenneth-Roland Heinz O'Hara

739. My grandmother's name was Joanne Leddy O'Hara, she married my grandfather Peter Tremari Griffin; the couple had 3 children Pedro, Pablo, Antonio. I am the son of Antonio, Fernando Tremari. You can help me by telling me where my grandmother was born and some of my family history. Thanks and best regards.
by  Fernando Tremari

740. My mother is Colleen O'Hara of Alberta, Canada. My grandfather was George O'Hara of Manitoba. His father was John O'Hara of Ontario, son of Charles O'Hara and Elizabeth Agnew. Any info on this line would be helpful.
by  Sean UnKauf

741. Hello, my Great grand Mother was Margaret O'Hara from near Aclare in Co. Sligo. Her Brother, James Jim is known to me through stories my late much loved Mother (Sarah) told me. James Jim joined the British army in the 1st World War; sent to France; deserted; went back to Ireland and joined the IRA.
by  Stephen Roper

742. Found artwork from a Jack O'Hara, famous artist in Kansas City, MO. Any relation? Webmaster's comment: See Missouri and Artists pages at this site!
by  Hazael Evans

743. O'Horas from around Ballina, Co Mayo. My GGG Grandfather was Patt O'Hora, (1801-1865) married Bridget (Biddy) Mangan in 1829. I think his father was John (1775-1842). They had children John, Edward (Ned), Ellen and Patt (my GG Grandfather) in 1838 whilst living in Tullysleva. Anyone got connections to these people please? Love to hear from you.
by  Kevin Michael O'Hara

744. Hi not sure if you can help, my mother was born in Sunderland UK: Margaret Ann Ohara («O'Hara»;19/02/1945) later adopted as Margaret Elizabeth Blakelock. I have found some half siblings. My mother's birth certificate says mother Violet Wild, her father Benjamin Ohara («O'Hara»;Merchant Seaman), address at my mothers birth was 8 Trinity Place, Sunderland, United Kingdom .We are trying to find my mother's family. I am a member of the ancestry sight but can't find anything on Benjamin Ohara. Can you help in anyway? Kind regards.
by  Loraine Yeoman

745. My Great Grandmother was Alice O'Hara who m. Alexander McMinn 1872 in Woolwich. Alice was born in Ireland (place unknown) but her father was Patrick O'Hara Land Steward on her marriage. Her husband Alexander McMinn took his Army Discharge from Cork Eire and the McMinn family and British Newspapers article found both lived in Smee, Clonmel, Tipperary and since no luck with obtaining certificates please help me to locate the right family. Alice's Mother's names unknown but possibly (Alice) or (Mary Anne) as she named her daughter Mary Anne. Marriage of Patrick would be pre 1845-9 in Eire.
by  John Attrill

746. lovely site. i havent gone thrugh it all but i have found a message that interests me as far as my family search is concerned. number 48 about joseph and annie o'hara from diane o'hara. i think annie is annie Bird who married Joseph in 1901 in Bandon. i may be wrong but i just want to break this wall down so i need to confirm or disprove my theory. if i can get in touch with diane, that would help alot. sorry if this is wrong email to send to but it would help if one could email people who have posted messages. regards John in wicklow.
by  John Tyner

747. Hi...I'm trying to find the father of Patrick Timothy Gerard O'Hara (married to Blanche), who was born in 1901 and died in 1986 in California, parents of Donald Reid O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara Jr. Can you help me? Thanks!
by  James (Jimohara) O'Hara

748. Hello O'Haras from Sligo. When are we going to reclaim and restore our castle. Ha! Books at Ballymote about O'Haras. Great history and reading. Irish Heritage Centers have a lot of help with finding relatives. Also, churches and cemetery records in Ireland which may be found on websites. Slainte to All.... Mairead.
by  Mairead (O'Hara)

749. I am attempting to locate the parents of Charles F. O'Hara born about 1814 in Pittsburg Pa., died april 9 1885 in Suwannee county FL. He married Elizabeth Rachel Slaughter (born about 8/15/ 1826 in Lowndes county, GA and died 4/25/1861 Taylor County FL.) daughter of Samuel Slaughter and Susan Riley; his second marriage was with Maryanne Elizabeth Wilder (born 12/5/1837, died 7/29/1866). His third wife was Lucretria Hill Alderman (born 1843 Jefferson County, FL). Samuel Valentine O'Hara was born 9/9/1855, Jefferson County, FL and died 2/5/1926 Suwannee County, FL. Charles F. O'Hara is my g-g grandfather. I would appreciate any available resources. Thank you.
by  Bridget J. Richardson

750. I am trying to find details on how Joseph O'Hara (from Rush, Co, Dublin) and Margaret Carroll, who married in Dublin on the 5 Oct 1863, actually left Ireland in 1864 for Australia. They had their first child, Margaret, in Melbourne in 1865. Regards, Bill.
Webmaster's comment: See also Message No. 707.
by  William (Bill) O'Hara

751. My father is Charles O'Hara. I was adopted by my grandparents, hence the McKendree name. He passed away, I believe in March 1980, when I was 4. I am searching for more on my father and his family. He passed away in Philadelphia or around there. Any help or leads appreciated!
by  James McKendree

752. Stumbled on this website on St. Patrick's Day. Another Chris O'Hara checking in (I see there are a few of us). From Halifax originally (grandfather's name is Otis) and now living in Saskatchewan. Glad to meet you all! About Chris O'Hara (5)
by  Chris O'Hara (5)

753. I'm Patricia O'Hara from New Orleans; everyone calls me Tricia. I was born and raised in New Orleans. My father and my grandfather's names were Robert O'Hara. I also have a cousin named Father Denis O'Hara, whom I don't remember meeting. However, my dad brought his name up often. Also, my dad had two brothers, Johnny and Jimmy, and a sister named Carmel. Thank you, Tricia.
by  Patricia (Tricia) O'Hara

754. My ancestor James Austin James, son of Joseph Griffith James and Elizabeth Austin, and his wife was Susan O'Hara. (I'm trying to discover who her parents were.) She is recorded as having been born 15 Nov 1802 in Monroe CO, IL, but she must have roots in Ruma. They married 11 Jan 1820 in Monroe CO, IL. She died 30 Aug 1863 in Monroe CO, IL, and is buried in the Madonnaville Cemetery.
by  Laurel Lee James

755. My Great Grand father was John O'Hara and My Great Grandmother was Mary O'Hara. My Grandparents names were also John and Mary O'Hara. They moved to California around 1940 from Detroit Michigan. Great Grandpa apparently pissed off someone in the mob and they had to leave quickly.
by  Tanya Sheehan

756. I may have traced my O'Hara roots to Samuel O'Hara who married Margaret Blakesly. Their son, Hugh O'Hara was born in Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland on 10 March, 1863. He married Anne Bryson, daughter of Robert Bryson and Sarah Caldwell. Anne gave birth to my grandfather, William Hugh, my father, William Donovan, was born of his marriage. Trying to find out if any of my family remains in Balleymena.
by  Laurel O'Hara Wilson

757. I lived next door to Bill and Jerry Mills O'Hara in New Orleans on Chatham Drive. I woud like to find out about the boys Bill (judge) osted away. Ricky O'Hara an amazing artist and Bobby O'Hara a great sole. From Skeeter Dye, 5818 Chatham Drive, 1960-1970.
by  Mercer Dye

758. Hi, my name is Kathy O'Hara wife of James O'Hara and we would like to contact John O'Hara last known to us living in Perth, Australia. He is James' cousin.
by  Kathy O'Hara

759. Hi, my name is Joe Kearney from Dublin Ireland. I have some World War I medals belonging to a Patrick Joseph O'Hara, Longford, Ireland. His Mother Cathrine (Kate) emigrated to New York with her son Michael, in 1909 (See Message no. 773 below). I would like to reunite Medals with family.
by  Joe Kearney

760. Back into researching after a few years break. My greatgrandfather was a Michael O'Hara, born c.1860, his father's name is recorded as Patrick. My mother remembers them mentioning Sligo, but am unsure if it was Michael or his wife who hailed from this county. Michael left for South Australia via Plymouth in 1881, arriving and settling in Australia in 1882. He married Bridget Collopy in 1885. Michael died in 1932. Hoping to find some links to other O'Hara's.
by  Louise Davoren

761. All I know is that there are 4 generations, all lived in Glasgow in the Cowcaddens area. We know that our GGrand parents were from Ireland. I have what information I can get on Ancestry ( – Richard Hugh O'Hara, from Glasgow, Scotland.
by  Richard Hugh O'Hara

762. Looking for information on Ernest O'Hara. Born Prince Edward Island, Moved to the Boston area in the 1930's. Killed in action WW II when flying back to England over the North Atlantic in a B-17 to his air base. He was my "Grandfather" Would like to find out any information about his life.
by  Robert J. O'Hara Jr.

763. My greatgrandfather James F. O'Hara & greatgrandma Matilda McShane came to Canada around 1924-1925 with thier son my grandfather Francis J. O'Hara. I believe from Ballymena Ireland. Any family out there contact me.
by  C. O'Hara

764. Hi, I'm trying to trace Patrick O'Hara's descendants when he left Monalea, Aclare (County Sligo, Ireland) for Keighley (West Yorkshire, England). He was born 1871 and died 1939 in Keighley where he had several children. Philip, his son, was present at Patrick's death. Any info please to: – Thanks!
by  John Royle

765. My great grandmother was Ellen O'Hara fom Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. She was born in 1887. Her siblings were Laurence born 1889, Edmond born 1891, John Born 1893, Mary born 1895, Lizzie born 1897, Patrick born 1900, Margaret born 1902 and Michael born 1904. Their parents were Patrick O'Hara and Bridget Fennessy. I have more information on the O'Hara clan from Mooncoin if anyone is interested.
by  Danny Doran

766. I located an entry for Edward O'Hara in Illinois for dates 1864 and 1870 in your database. I'm searching for my great-great-grandfather and this could be him.
My question is what does Id: 2617 refer to and what does Entries: 1104 refer to? If one or the other of these items refers to additional comments and/or notes, how do I access that additional information?
Thank you in advance for your assistance. This website has been extremely helpful and I hope it can lead me to my great-great-grandfather. He's my ancestor who came to America from Ireland and I'm trying to determine where in Ireland he migrated from.
Webmaster's Reply
There are three databases at this site, namely the Database of O'Hara Persons, the Database of O'Hara People and the Messages database.
Work on the O'Hara Persons database has been suspended. It was compiled between 1998-2006 and lists more than 2300 persons (that is id numbers 1 though 2300+) from more than a 1000 messages (that is Entry numbers 1 through 1019) posted at the O'Hara Genealogy Forum at The forum still exists but its entry number scheme has been removed and a total of 786 results from posts since 1998 are listed. The posts are not numbered and there is no simple correspondence between the results displayed and the original entry numbers recorded in the O'Hara Persons database at this site. Therefore, the compilation has been suspended.
The O'Hara People database is being continued and the intention is (in due course) to include and analyse all data from the Messages database at this site.
by  Craig O'Hara

767. I'm a Canadian O'Hara. My grandparents are Geraldine and Harold O'Hara from New Brunswick and my mom is Fay Doris O'Hara Thibault. My name is Joshua Philippe Thibault and my mom and her siblings are the sisters Fay, Tracy, Barb, Susan, Karen and the brothers Jacky and Ralph. Stephen O'Hara is my mom's father's father or her grandfather. He passed away sometime around 1929; other than that I don't know much about this side of the family.
by  Joshua Philippe Thibault

768. Hi My name is Jeff Cuffe and I run the worldwide Cuffe Research Centre Family history site. I am trying to get to the bottom of the Mystery of Charles O'Hara, 1st Baron Tyrawley (died 9 June 1724), James O'Hara, 2nd Baron Tyrawley (1682 – 14 July 1774), the latter's illegitimate son Charles O'Hara (1740 – 25 February 1802) [See The History Page at this site] and my own James Cuffe (1747 – 1821), also 1st Baron Tyrawley. I have gleaned a lot of material and his coat of arms is in The Kings Chapel Gibralter as he was Governor once 1756-9. He carried out a raid on Spain with the great British Admiral Sir Edward Hawke in 1757.
by  Jeff Cuffe

769. The Relationship between the O'Hara and Cuffe Families
See also: (1) Guestbook entry of December 2, 2015 = Message #768   (2) House of Names: The Cuffe Family  (3) The Cuffe Family Crest
Dear Webmaster
The dates for the 1st and 2nd Barons Tyrawley seem to be correct. It's the relationship between the families that is confusing.
I accept now that their is little real evidence for any relationship between the two families. The first creations of the Barons Tyrawley 1 & 2 were O Hara's which include Charles O Hara. This became extinct on the death of the second O'Hara Tyrawley. The next creation in 1797 was that of a new line in Sir James Cuffe Minister for War and Barrack master for Ireland. This title again became extinct in 1821.
Now for the confusion. In Gibraltar's Kings Chapel in the ceiling areas are the shields and coats of arms of all the Governors. and their names. It shows the Coat of Arms of the O'Hara's but with the name of Sir James Cuffe Baron Tyrawley of Ballinrobe. The added confusion is that Sir James Cuffe had an illegitimate child but not a lot is known of him. He also had 4 other children legitimately, But they did not it seems inherit the title possibly because of the Union with Great Britain 1800 when the UK flag the Jack also changed. One record I have browsed states that Tyrawley had an affair in Lisbon and had an illegitimate child, was this an O Hara Child she being the wife of an O Hara? and this child inherited the title but only till 1821?
Incidentally the Cuffe coat of arms is entirely different and versions of it appear for the Barons, Viscounts and Earls of Desart as well as Wheeler-Cuffe. But nothing like the O Hara arms.
So you can see the confusion. Anyway I learned a lot about the O Hara's and the Yorktown surrender was fascinating as I am keen on that period and the American Rebellion against the legitimate Crown. (That's an Englishman speaking for you).
That's where I think the connections need to be proved.
Jeff Cuffe
PS. The attached Cuffe coat of arms was granted 1544 by King Henry VIII via Thomas Cromwell. The Cuffes had major estates in Ireland and were Irish peers. The last Earl was voted by all sides in the Irish conflicts 1920's to be acceptable as the new Presidents of an Irish Dominion which Michael Collins, John Redmond and Lloyd George accepted but Éamon de Valera did not! The IRA burnt his house down in 1922 despite the Earl being favourable to Irish home rule.
by  Jeff Cuffe

770. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! from Clan O'Hara of Sligo/Toronto. ...17/3/16... (Attached pdf-file).
by  Andrew Hunter

771. Hi all, I just received this link from my sister in Calgary, Alberta. This is the family we belong to, our Grandfather, Clarence Lyall O’Hara was from Princeton, Kentucky. Please let me know if there have been any updates as the messages posted here are all quite old. Our Cousin, Anne, who is still in Princeton wants to organize a family reunion and family cemetary clean up. This seems like the best place to get everyone aware of it and to actually meet ‘our’ family. Please write back
Fran O’Hara
Edmonton, Alberta
We are the only Canadian O’Hara’s that share this history.
by  Fran O'Hara

772. I have Information for Janice Dukes Martin (messages nos. 2, 366 and 411) re Dermody to sanitarium. I guess she still has her box of pictures?
by  Mary Ugorowski

773. trying to trace a Michael V. O'Hara from Longford Ireland. Sailed to America 1909 with his mother Cathrine (See Message no. 759 above). He and his mother joined Michael's sister Kate Ann (O'Hara). She was married to a man called James Dukes also from Longford Ireland. I am led to believe they are the grandparents of the actress Patty Duke (1946-2016).
by  Joe Kearney

774. Hello! My father was born to a young woman named "Kathryn O'Hara" on November 14th, 1945 in Joplin, MO. He was then adopted by another family 3 days later. I am trying to find out if anyone has any information on this woman. It says on his adoption letter that his father "was not living" so I am thinking that his dad maybe died in WWII?? I know nothing about where my father's original family came from and just want to figure out who I am and where my birth grandparents were really from. Thank you in advance for any help you can give! --Meghan Martin, Tulsa, OK.
by  Meghan Martin

775. Hello my name is Daniel Dodge, I was seperated from my brother when we were very young , His name is Michael O'Hara, our dad was Jack O'Hara and our Mother Rosemarie Ann Homitz (her maiden name). I know that he lived in Clevaland Ohio, and is a professional arm wrestler. I live in Alabama. If you could somehow put me in contact with him I would really appreciate it.
by  Daniel Dodge Sr

776. Hi, I have recently joined and am trying to construct a family tree. Does anyone know if the Carlow O'Haras came from the West. I was told Sligo. Im finding it very hard to get beyond 1859 in Carlow. Would appreciate any help.Thanks
Katie O'Hara
by  Kathleen (Katie) O'Hara

777. My O'Hara Family in Ireland - they were O'Hehir there but my uncles changed it to O'Hara when they were in the United States. I know my Great grandfather Micheal Hehir came from Ireland but now I'm stuck because I can't figure out the names of his parents in Ireland...
by  Karla Allen

778. Hi! I am looking for information of my grandfather's family. He is Edward O'Hara (1920-2005) from Glasgow. He moved to the US as an adult. He had a sister Kathleen O'Hara Ward (1924-2009) who lived in Glasgow, and a brother Gerald O'Hara who died in WWII. His parents were Michael O'Hara and Catherine Buchanan, both of Glasgow but I have no information on them. Any information on Glasgow O'Haras would be greatly appreciated!
by  Jennifer (Jen) Jurczak Caruso

779. My great-grandfather John O'Hara came from Killimore, Galway and was born in 1878. My great-great grandfather was James O'Hara born about 1850. His wife was Honoria Killackey. My great-great-great gandfather was Mathias O'Hara born about 1820. His wife was Margart Brenan. I believe this family spent time in Portumna, Kilemore and Taum. I think their home was somewhere in the middle of the those places. Their occupation was most likely carpenters/woodworkers. My great-grandfther John O'Hara, moved to the U.S. in 1899 and he settled in Rochester, NY. Other names associated with this family are: Kenney, Lawless, Killacky, Carolan, Larkin, Mooney. If you are connected or have information on the O'Hara's or Hara's from East Galway please feel free to email.
by  Mary from Rochester

780. Hi my name is Sharron and I have been looking for my 3 great granddad John O'Hara for the last 7 years and still can not find any thing at all . Can any one shed any light on my John O'Hara he was born in Galway, Ireland in 1817 he then came to England and married Elizabeth Ives from Oxford then lived in Birmingham and had four children . Thomas O'Hara 1842. Lucy O'Hara 1844. Fredrick John O'Hara 1846. Elizabeth O'Hara 1850. John died in 1854 in Birmingham he was a tailor by trade and so was Elizabeth his wife . Elizabeth married again to Micheal Fitzsimmons in 1857 . Lucy O'Hara was my 2 x great grandmother. That is all I can find out. So if there is any one there that could shed any light I would be so grateful.Thank you so much even if you can not help me thank you for taking the time to read this.
by  Sharron Allen

781. Hello,
I was looking for help finding my birth mother. Her name is Colleen Lynn O'Hara who lived in Lombard, a village in DuPage County, Illinois. She was 22 years old on Aug 12 1973. I was born in Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Elmhurst, Illinois. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Michael Shulkin
by  Michael Shulkin

782. Hi, my name is Mark Anthony Ira Harris Lunningham. My grandmother on my father's side told me we are part irish but my wife's family did some genealogy and my wife told me I'm an O'Hara from a David O'Hara (from 1790 or 1890). Do you think you can find proof?
by  Mark Harris

783. My grandfather Walter Howard was born Birmingham, Al, in1904 .I came accross William O'Hara of Birmingham in1820 and am trying to find out if there is a relationship for William who was the grandson of General Charles O'Hara who surendered to Gen. Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte.
by  Timothy Patrick O'Hara

784. Good morning,
I am the great great grandson of Columbus Washington O'Hara of Alabama. We are trying to find out more about him. Any information you could share would be helpful.
Thank you, Kevin T. O'Hara
by  Kevin Thomas O'Hara

785. I am looking for Patrick James O'Hara Buffalo New York. He had sister Maureen and a brother named Don (columnist). I think 7 children in all. Father John O'Hara and mother Sophia O'Hara. He was stationed at Millington Naval Base Memphis, TN in 1970s.
by  Courtney Zurfluh

786. Gladys Martin: I am very interested in family history. Seeing your website gave me some inspiration to delve deeper into my own family history. Thank you.
by  Gladys Martin

787. There's plenty of information out on in O'Hara land about my gr-gr-gr grandfather, Oliver O'Hara b. ca 1790 or earlier who married Mary McIver and raised their brood in Bogues Town, Skerry's Townland in the Irish glens near Ballymena, Ulster, N. Ireland. No idea where he was born and raised although there is mention of a bountiful & kindly aunt. He had one brother, Charles O'Hara, and likely half siblings with the last name of Brown from his mother's second marriage as his father died when he was a young child. A family story is that he poached on his cousin's estate at Crebilly to put food on the table prior to emigrating in about 1832 after most of his children were grown. The entire family loaded up and sailed off to America on an almost seaworthy cargo ship. Don't know what happened to brother Charles but did see a passenger list ca 1840s for a ship headed for Tasmania with a Charles O'Hara and unknown wife on board. They didn't get along.
I never have been able to make a direct connection with my Oliver to the descendants of Teige O'Hara of The Route although a "grandmother" Jameson is mentioned . There is no mention connecting him, his brother, mother and his father, John, in the old historical O'Hara family genealogy records from Ireland that I've seen. I'm wondering if the John O'Hara who died in the West Indies supposedly without issue was his father. Also, some time back there was a historical note of an Oliver O'Hara wandering around the Caribbean (maybe a privateer) possibly in the late 1600s. That would have been a way to raise money to send back home to support the vast estates. Not a few Irish were, and are, rovers.
The reason for this new interest in my ancestor O'Hara's history is recent DNA findings of a bit of Sub-Saharan African from 'way back when (1700s). Being aware that the English sent their Irish military out to all sorts of miserable locations in the world during their empire building years and then the men mixed and cohabitated with the local women, I'm wondering about the possibilities of that having happened in my O'Hara genes somewhere out there in the sunny West Indies - and the beloved results were sent home to family in Ireland. Apparently that did happen occasionally - back in the time. Not that the folks back home were terribly thrilled or inspired to spread about the news, or record it in family history. I'm thinking Victorian era and before: Rudyard Kipling, Gunga Din, Sharpe's Rifles. Call it a vivid imagination at work. I've been doing a process of elimination only to discover the most likely in my gene pool (the usual suspects) - didn't or weren't. Which has brought me to "The Most Unlikely." I've been able to account for almost all of my unusual DNA results thanks to my years of genealogy research, not many surprises, but this one has me baffled. Are there any other O'Hara descendants out there with this interesting .2% anomaly?
by  Karen Engstrom

788. Im searching for my biological father Harvey O'Hara, last known where abouts El Monety, Ca. My name is Jacqueline, I was born in Ft. Worth, TX. May 1972. My mothers name is Teresa Bellah ..grandmothers name: Ollie Mea Knight (Bellah), aka. Jackie Bellah. Please contact me: 918-892-5586 (address; p.o. box 6075 Tulsa,OK 74148). I just wanna meet my Father, I've waited alot of years asking God and wondering if i'd ever get a chance to say "HELLO.'. plz contact me....
by  Jacqueline Poole

789. My maternal grandmother is Sabina O’Hara Parsons. Her family was from Salisbury, Connecticut. Her Aunt was Sabina O’Hara Hurley. I’m trying to trace her family in the Twins Lakes, O’Hara’s Marina, area. My grandmother had brothers Charles and George. Some of the family were from Bridgeport and West Haven Connecticut.
I believe her father (Joseph?) and his brother came to the US from Ireland in the mid to late 1800’s and settled on land at Twin Lakes where there was (and remains) a family compound.
If anyone has any information, could you please share? Thanks!
Lee Webber, 2095 Oyster Reef Lane Mount Pleasant, SC 29466.
by  Lee Webber

790. Does the O'Hara family have any details of the 'Valentine O'Hara' from the highwayman song? There is a running discussion on the folk music forum about whether the 'real' person was 'Allan Tine of Harrow' or 'Valentine O'Hara'. Some historical evidence of a military man turned highwaymen in the O'Hara family might settle the argument. Earliest publication of the ballad I can find is 1802, so would have to be before then and after 1617. From: Folklounge (Daniel Kelly). See also: YouTube channel (Daniel Kelly) and Valentine O'Hara.
by  Daniel Kelly

791. I'm seeking to learn about my great grandfather O'Hara. His father's name was Black Paddy O'Hara and his son my grandfather was Patrick John O'Hara born first generation in USA in New York. Black Paddy's father was named Anthony O'Hara. If you have read this far, much thanks.
by  Francis X. O'Hara

792. I am the grand daughter of Helen Grace O'Hara / Creux/ Harris. I understand I was related to the Engineer Mr O'Hara who was killed by a lion in Tsavo, Kenya. Looking for details of the family of Helen Grace O'Hara who married Dr Paul Alfred Creux, later divorced and married a Mr Harris.
Webmaster's comment: See also Message number 735
by  Nadine Claudette Creux

793. Hi to all! My name is Patricia O'Hara and am looking for information on my great grandparents who came from Ireland/England and settled in Wilkesbarre Pa, sometime in late 1800’s. They had 12 children, my grandfather James P O'Hara was the youngest. His family ran a general store , I think on Washington Street next to their house.
This is a great site!! Thanks for starting this.
by  Patricia (pohara) O'Hara

794. Hello, my name is Cesar O'Hara, son of Arsenio O'Hara, son of John O'Hara, son of Patrick O'Hara, I am looking for information about my great grandfather, PATRICK O'HARA. I have a document which says that he was born on May 23, 1859 in Ireland, and emigrated to the United States on April 22, 1892, and died aged 81.
He had a daughter named MARY DEASY and he lived in New York
by  Cesar O'Hara

795. My great-grandfather was James O'Hara, he married my great grandmother Ellen Martin. From what I understand they had a child together by the name of Edna O'Hara (who) came from Fall River, Massachusetts, and James O'Hara from what I can understand passed away un married (?) at St Elizabeth home he left my great-grandmother with his child Edna. I am just trying to find out information about my great-grandfather as my aunt has never met him and it would be her grandfather. We know he passed away at St Elizabeth's at Fall River but we're thinking that he has a sister, that is also (with) deceased name Helen but had children. Any information would be wonderful. Webmaster's comment: Regarding the children's home at Fall River, see (or Google) for example: S. J. Kleinberg's book: Widows and Orphans First: The Family Economy and Social Welfare Policy, 1880-1939 (published by Unviversity of Illinois Press, 2006).
by  Sharon Wayss

796. I'm Jennifer O'Hara from Boston mass. My father was John Bradley O'Hara. He started and ran F.J. O’Haras & Sons in Boston. I don't know much about his father's family and would love to find anything out and meet other O'Haras!
by  Jennifer O'Hara

797. Hello, My great great great grandmother was Elizabeth O'Hara, born in Ireland around 1810. She married Patrick Boyle and had a son named William Boyle which was my great grandfather. She died in Philadelphia. I would like to find more information about her family.
by  Jessica Boland

798, Hello, I am doing my family tree and have got stuck on my great great grandfather Peter O'Hara, born 1805. He married a Bridget Marran both born in Sligo. I cannot find his parents; he left Ireland and settled in Keighley, west Yorkshire. My grandmother was Ellen O'Hara who married John McDonnell. If anyone could give me some info, I would be really grateful. Thank you, Kathleen Stebbings.
by  Kathleen Stebbings

799. My maiden name is Danielle Marie O'Hara (now Murphy) daughter of Jeffrey William O'Hara from Newington, CT. My father’s dad was Robert William "Bob" O'Hara born in Waterbury, CT and was in the WWII in the United States Army. I am looking for more information on my lineage.
by  Danielle O'Hara Murphy

800. Hello lads and lasses. My name is John David O'Hara currently living in beautiful New Mexico USA . My father was James O'Hara the musician from the 50's band using harmonicas. My great Grandfather Mickey stowed away on a boat from Ireland to the US in 1870's and married an American thus bringing my family to this country . The only information before that is he was possibly from county Cork or another nearby county in southern Ireland anyone who has information please contact me.
by  John David O'Hara

801. Hello O'Hara rellies, I'm the grand daughter of Ruben Rolland O'Hara of Princeton, KY.
by  Kate O'Hara

802. Hi, Its a long shot, as I don't have a lot of detail. I am looking for information about by Great great great Granddad ; James O'Hara born in "Ireland" circa 1817, who married Hannah in England. First appears in 1851 census in Kingsbury, Staffs, UK. passed away 9/10/64 in Over Whitacre [Warwickshire]. Can any body help? Regards Dave.
by  Dave Glover

803. I see my cousin Tricia posted on here [on March 30, 2015 (note 753)]. Our great great GF is Michael O'Hara from Longford, Ireland (Killoe Parish). He settled in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Irish Channel. His son John is my GF's father and his son Robert is my grandfather.
by  Karen O'Hara

804. I would like to contact a Brendan O’Hara from Melbourne, AU, re Joseph and Margaret O’Hara (nee Carroll). I received a message from him which referred me to this site. He was looking for any information on Joseph and Margaret O’Hara's arrival in Melbourne around 1860. I have been chasing the same information for 40 years. Our tree goes back to Thomas O’Hara (1750) from Rush, Dublin. Details can be found in my two previous messages at this site, namely Messages no. 707 (April 23, 2013) and no. 750 (March 7, 2015) at this site. Any assistance, thoughts or ideas, would be gracefully accepted. William (Bill) O'Hara.
by  William (Bill) O'Hara

805. I have been unsuccessful in tracing my O'Hara ancestry. My father is Gerald Joseph O'Hara born 1933 and deceased 1977. His father was Joseph Crawford O'Hara. I know that his dob is 12/18/1889 and that he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylivania. He married young to Anna Volava or Volata and divorced young also. Had a daughter, Gladys from that marriage (lived in Indiana for a time). He married my grandmother, Angela Niebergall-O'Hara in Chicago where my Dad was born. Joseph's father was born in New York and his mother was born in Ireland. But I have been unable to learn anything more about who Joseph's parents were and their ancestry back to Ireland. It interesting that my DNA results showed a higher percentage of Scottish than Irish. If anyone can help make some kind of connection, it would be appreciated!
by  Kathy O'Hara Gracyalny

806. My grandfather on my father’s side of my family was actually my step grandfather. His name was Edward O’Hara an immigrant from Ireland. He married Iva O. Baldwin (possibly related to the Vanderbilt Family). Edward was a dairy farmer. They lived in Little Falls, NY. As a child I visited in the summer. The names associated with my grandparents that lived nearby were Anna, Mary, Frank, Ray ?, and my playmates, Maureen, Aileen, Monica and Theresa. Those girls had the O’Hara last name but I never knew who their parents were. I think Anna and Mary were their aunts. There was a teenage cousin named Charles, handsome with curly black hair, he had a pretty sister also. His parents might have been Marian and John O’Hara. When I was 9 years old my parents and I (the Purdy’s) moved to Fl. I missed my NY ‘family’ that lived ‘on the farm’ near Utica, NY. The 40s and 50s time period.
PS. My step grandfather was Edward O’Hara. While I did not find information about him, I did find Theresa Van Allen’s name there. She was an O’Hara who lived at the dairy farm and was my friend and playmate. I visited her in the 1990’s. Such a sweet lady she is. My quest has been to find out more about Edward, just curious. I know he and my grandmother (not Irish) have long since died but I have some Irish DNA so have interest in Ireland.
by  Karen Purdy Stanley

807. Is there information on Mary Ellen O'Hara? She would be be my paternal great grandmother. She was born in 1863 in Ontario, and was married to John James Mooney, who passed in 1893. They had one son, my grandfather, John Edward Mooney. Thank you, Michele [O'Hara?].
by  Michele [O'Hara?]

808. Hello, everyone! I live in Arkansas, and my branch of the O'Haras fled Ireland during the Potato Famine. They lived in Killeedy South in County Limerick, but I've only traced as far back as my 4th great grandfather, Bryan O'Harra, who was born in 1792. If anyone knows about O'Haras from Limerick, I would love if you could reach out! I hope everyone has a great day.
by  Logan Connor O'Hara

809. Hola, saludos a todos los O’Hara, soy de Honduras, estoy en busca de información de los descendientes de PATRICK Henry (pack) O’Hara ya sea en Irlanda y Estados Unidos, él era irlandés, nació en meath Irlanda el 26 diciembre de 1843, se casó con winifred winnie Collins, falleció el 3 de septiembre de 1929 en condado de el corpus, honduras, ellos llegaron a Estados Unidos y tenían seis hijos allí en Estados Unidos, y PATRICK dejó seis hijos también en honduras, una de las hijas vino a honduras de nombre Mary deasy , dejó una dirección en New York, 304 Hollywood, ave. Crestwood, si hay alguna información ó algún descendiente de ellos por favor contactarme, se los agradeceré. Atte, Ada O’Hara
by  Ada O'Hara

810. Dia daoibh, everyone! I made an Entry in the Guestbook here in January 2022 (Message 808 above); this Letter is a more detailed follow-up to that guestbook entry.
by  Logan Connor O'Hara

811. I just came across this website. I was born in Belfast Ireland, now living in Niagra Falls Ontario. My grand parents were O’Hare, Keenan and Macauley. All born Irish. It’s nice to know there are lots more O’Haras out there. God bless you all.
by  Brendan O'Hara

812. My GGF Michael O'Hara was in an orphanage in paterson / Passaic NJ, born 1866. We know nothing else. Looking for possible siblings or names of parents.
by  Ann Sawyer

813. Just started looking into our genealogy. I think I've correctly traced back to Colonel Charles Henry O'Hara of Antrim County--possibly of the Crebilly O'Hara's. I would like to be able to confirm this.
by  Teresa O'Hara Bell

814. I have some O'Hara's in my ancestry, its a small world.
by  Aileen [Slow Wave]

815. Any O'Hara families from the Foxford, County Mayo area??? Names like, Patrick, Michael, John, James.
by  Maureen O'Hara [Moe O'Hara]

816. Hi, I'm looking for some details about my granddad John Daniel O'Hara; dob 2/7/1931; born in Ireland I think in Mayo. His brother ran the post office in Tubbacurry. My grandfather died 22/08/1996 in England. I'm looking for my grandfather's parents names. Can you help me? Regards, Elizabeth
by  Elizabeth Craven

817. Good afternoon, James! It's been awhile, but I wanted to update you on something I've been working on! I've still been just as obsessed with the family and genealogy research, and I decided that I wanted to take a page out of your book and compile all of my information into a single place! This way, I can share it with my cousins and record all of the different media and resources that I've chanced upon, so that it's not just locked away in my mind.
I'm honestly pretty proud of what I've been able to discover, all in all! It's still nothing like being able to go to Ireland and see these places in person, but it also gives me a very helpful roadmap for when I am able to go there. I've got so many plans, which this little book helps to detail and describe! The information contained therein does go a bit beyond the scope of just the O'Hara family, and it's been a good place for me to collect all of the interesting stuff I've been able to learn over the past few months. I'm still working out the formatting and the arrangement of the information, but I would love for you to examine it! Please let me know what you think, or if there's any other items that you think should be adjusted or added.
I hope you and yours have been doing well! Someday, it would be so amazing to have a big and extended family reunion! And one of these days, hopefully sooner than later, I would love to finally be able to cross the Pond and settle in Ireland, permanently. I also work in hotels and love hospitality, so maybe I could snag myself a position at Annaghmore House! That would be a dream come true, honestly.
Link to: An Scéal í Eaghra (The O'Hara Story), Compiled by Logan O'Hara
by  Logan Connor O'Hara

818. The O'Haras are an amazing bunch dating back some 3000 years and originally from Galicia, north west Spain and south west France. Although the Heagrah part is 12 century I believe. I always love to hear from any O'Haras worldwide.
by  Will O'Hara

819. I am interested in learning about a Charles Hilditch from Ballyclug, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland whom had a Son with Sarah O'Hara. Charles left N. Ireland and came to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and remarried.
by  Debora Cowie

820. I am having difficulties finding birth details for my gggrandfather: Quintin O'Hara , b 1854? Married Martha Ann Hamilton in Ballysillan Presbyterian Church Belfast on 20 March 1874. He was a timekeeper in one of the Linen Mills, details say he was born in Co Antrim but I can't find anything about his birth. Two things mark him out 1. His first name and 2. He was a Presbyterian. My ggrandmother was his daughter Maggie, she was born in Ballymena in 1882.
by  Ivor Mitchell

821. Hampton Public Library: Beginner's Course on Historic Research and Genealogy

Good Evening,
I would just like to say a quick word of thanks! As a youth services librarian and educator, I've been running a fun beginner's historic research and genealogy class over the last few months, and I thought you might enjoy hearing that we were able to get some great use out of your genealogical interest resource links list. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you don't mind, one of our youngest, Anna has also asked me if I could share a piece that she and her mother found together which we've begun referencing as a group on Genealogy and Family History Research. I've included it below if you'd like to review! We noticed you don't have this one listed yet, but Anna was actually the one to bring up that this could be something you might like to include for any other young historic research enthusiasts who may also be coming across your information and have an interest in learning more about their family history during their down time, like our group! If you find you are able to add this one to your list, would you please let me know? We're meeting Friday afternoon, and I would absolutely love to surprise Anna and the group if you're able to do so - I'm hoping to keep spirits up in light of the past few years' challenges, and I think it would make her proud to know she was able to pay it forward and maybe even show her mother her contribution if it ends up being included!

Thanks again for all your help here,

Evelyn Williams
Guide to Genealogy and Family History Research

by  Evelyn Williams

822. I used to correspond with a Miss O'Hara who had a Xanga blog site. She used to post on my blog using the name Jen (e.g., See comment on: Link). Is she still available? If so, could you please pass my email address on to her? Thank you.
by  William Meisheid

823. I have recently learned that my maternal great grandfather's name is/was Robert O'Hara from N.Y. His wife's name was Anne, and they had three children, Robert, Eleanor and Jean.
by  Jennifer Naples

824. Hello, My name is Rhianon Gendreau (Rannow). However my biological maiden name would have been O'Hara, had it not been for a last minute marriage that occured with my maternal grandmother. I am looking for my biological grandfather. His name is Patrick O'Hara. I met him one time about 20 years ago at his home in Thousand Islands, New York. I'm looking to learn more about my heritage, when my bloodline came to America, where we are from in Ireland, family history. Also hereditary health issues I might need to be aware of. When I met him, he was married to Patty.
Thank you, Rhianon Gendreau
by  Rhianon Gendreau

825. I'm just getting in touch to thank the O'Hara family -- your collection of genealogy research sites were such a huge help! This weekend I'm helping my granddaughter Maria with an Ellis Island/family tree project she's working on for her Social Studies class. As the daughter of an immigrant family, I've always loved learning about our heritage and culture...this project is fun for both of us hehe! Her teacher asked the class to put together a report exploring where their family came from. They are required to define the vocabulary related to their family history research, interview an elder family member to gain more insight on their heritage and write a journal entry describing what a day in the life of an immigrating family was like. You listed some wonderful websites to cite in the report -- we really appreciate the help! Maria has also asked me to send you this guide that she found on building your family It's a nice overview with lots of research tips and tools for tracing your family's lineage! The question asking tips on here were perfect for Maria's interview portion of the project. We didn't see it listed, but Maria thought it might help other families! Can you include it on your page for her? ( ...I'd love to share this with Maria's teacher if you use it! I'm hoping she'll get some extra credit! The next round of report cards come out in a week and she could really use some help. Will you let me know? Thank you again! Mrs. Ana Rodriguez Fernandez
by  Ana Rodriguez Fernandez


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