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26. Thank you for your O'Hara information !
My husband, Timothy O'Hara was an all american lacrosse player at Syracuse University in the 70's. He held the record of most points scored for 18 years. I thought maybe you would be interested. The present SU lax coach, John Desko, would have all the stats and details if this is an interest to you. have a great day..again, thank you!
Kristen O'Hara
by  Kristen O'Hara

43. I am from Letterkenny Co. Donegal Ireland and have lived in Chicago for over 30 years. I am a professional singer. I have currently two CD's. One is titled "Home from the Sea" and the other is a Christmas CD. When our great mayor of Chicago died we composed and recorded "Tribute to Richard J. Daley which is still my own favorite. I am married with three great children.
by  Frank O'Hara

80. Dear
Subject: Canadian-Irish singer, Mary Margaret O'Hara
I have just heard a song by Mary Margaret O'Hara from an album Songs for My Mother and Father. I am trying to find out anything I can about her and where I can find her music. I am in Michigan, USA. Thank you !
Sue Turpen
Webmaster's reply:
Dear Sue,
I have added a Mary Margaret O'Hara Page ( to the site. I hope the links provided will put you on the track to the information you're looking for. I wish you success in your search.
James O'Hara
by  Sue Turpen

83. Dear
Subject: Letter of Admiration to Maureen O'Hara
MS. O'Hara,
You've always been my #1 favorite actress of all time and the only one, as there are no others! My favorite men actors are some of your leading men in the movies of yester-year, ie., Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and the man that played Buffalo Bill Cody with you in one of your movies, as his name escapes me at this moment. It often does from a head injury I endured years ago. I do know his name and it disturbs me so much, as I feel ashamed I forget his name. The only living male actor I care about is Sean Connery. Ms. O'Hara, you are still so beautiful for about an 82 year young women and 60 year old women should only look half as pretty as you! Could this forgetful man I can't think of have a first name of George? This really bothers me. Please forward this letter on a print-out to Ms. O'Hara. How does George Montgomery Sound? I think I just remembered his name. Ms. O'Hara, may you reach at least the age of 102! As if I recall, it was the age of your late husband's, General's mother's age. When I think of you often, my heart skips a beat! May the Good Lord always be with you for years to come!!
A Lifetime Admirer,
Arlin Chesin
(480)892-7473 Gilbert, AZ.
by  Arlin Chesin

84. "Maureen O'Hara in 2002", from June Beck
Just wanted to extend a Happy New Year greeting from Maureen and myself and remind you to watch Larry King love tomorrow night 1-2-03 (check local listings for time). This is a new interview. Being invited back to King's interviews is quite a compliment.
The year 2002 was quite a busy one for Ms. O'Hara. She wound down 2001 last December by guesting at the "Christmas Box House" charity in Salt Lake City and an appearance in NY for "Miracle on 34th Street" special screening; January brought the sadness of the loss of her dear friend, writer/director David Swift.
On March 15th, 2002 Maureen appeared at the Irish Fair Foundation in Los Angeles to received their Irish American Celebrity of the Century award and that same month was featured in Irish Connections magazine (on the cover as well as a comprehensive story of her life and career; April found her in Oklahoma City at the National Cowboy Museum Hall of Fame to M.C. the Western Heritage awards.
Between appearances Maureen was kept very busy doing commentary for both Disney and Artisan studios for their new collector's editions. In May the Disney's "Parent Trap" was released, followed by Artisan's "Rio Grande," and "The Quiet Man" The very unique features of the latter two DVD's is that the enhanced audio provides Maureen's narration throughout the entire film.
Maureen was most happy to be able to spend her summer 2002 in Glengarriff, County Cork, Ireland after being away for 2 years. After the loss of both her sister, Florrie and brother Charles during those preceeding years it had to be a welcome return to family memories.
In December, 2002 Maureen returned to the New England Air Museum to host a special event promoting their new video of historic aircraft, including General Charles Blair's "Queen of the Skies" seaplane. Many fans have purchased that video through the museum website and have reported that it is a terrific documentary. Maureen spent several hours autographing the videos for guests.
I will try to get a page published yet this week that incorporates this reflection of Maureen's activities throughout last year with graphics. I know I have probably forgotten some events, but will add to that page as my "senior" memory dictates.
As far as 2003, I have heard nothing in regard possible movies in the works and as reported earlier, her autobiography is due for a 2004 publishing date. There will be an article published in the Aviation & Business Journal newspaper (I believe it is the John Wayne Orange County Edition - exact area publication and date will be provided on my cover page when available)- article written by editor Di Freeze. There will be a large layout on General Charles Blair, his aeronautic history, and Maureen O'Hara.
My best wishes to you all for the happiest of New Years. May you and yours be blessed with good health and inner peace.
God bless, June Beck.
by  June Beck

87. Hi !
I'm Kevin O'Hara, a 37 year old playwright and Artistic Director of a theatre company based in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.
The website for my theatre company, telling you what I'm up to is: Antic Mind (;
my email address is:
Good to see a real O'Hara site. Nice one !!

Webmaster's comment: Links to Kevin's theatre company can be found on the pages Directors (, Playwrights (, and UK ( at this web site.
by  Kevin O'Hara

89. What a wonderful site !
I learned so much about my background and was surprised to see my grandfather-Eliot O'Hara-listed here and here. He was quite a man and prominent in watercolor. He married Shirley Putnam the daughter of Herbert Putnam the Librarian of Congress for over 40 years. My father Desmond O'Hara (Eliot's son) was a public health educator (1925- present) now retired. I own a business Farmhaus Inc. at
Actually there were four brothers of the O'Hara clan related to Eliot. All were of some note. Dwight O'Hara was the President of Tufts New England Medical Center and Dartmouth's Medical School. Fitch O'Hara was a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII); Skidmore O'Hara was also a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII).
Happy St. Patricks day to you and I hope you can add us to whatever databases you are keeping. Thanks so much and again for maintaining this site. I learned so much about O'Haras--- it made me want to go to Ireland and I am buying tickets next week.
Gordon O'Hara
by  Gordon O'Hara

107. Hi - great site!
Hello from the O'Hara family of South Jersey U.S.A.
The Greatest Family Name there is! My Family: Martin Anthony, Sean Michael, Kristine Marie, and Wife Christine.
Visit my site: WWW.OHARA.BZ
Good Luck and keep up the great work!
Sean O'Hara
I wanted to add some information, My Father was a pretty big radio personality, news anchor and had a pretty big Role in the Film "What's so bad about feeling good" I think it is from around 53. He has been deeply rooted in the NYC area for quite sometime. You may be able to find out a lot of info on his past jobs - roles, etc. His name is Martin O'Hara - I know he held a DJ job for many many years on WNEW AM, had News anchor positions in both NYC and Philadelphia - and the movie role.
by  Sean O'Hara

128. Subject: An open letter to Maureen O'Hara
Ms. O'Hara,
I stood in awe of you years ago and I still do. My youngest daughter has now gone to being a red head and has an attitude like Mary Kate in "The Quiet Man".
I wondered if you would possibly know something. I am collecting information about Mr. Wayne for my brother. He's a major Wayne nut. Did Mr. Wayne own any of the horses he rode in his films?
Mary Sherman
by  Mary Sherman

171. Dear,
Subject: Information on Martin O'Hara
– Martin A. O'Hara Broadcaster: WNEW NYC USA, Movie Role: (Uncredited) 1968 "What's so bad about feeling good?"
Sean O'Hara
by  Sean O'Hara

183. Hello — I'm Jamie O'Hara The Magic Guy in Las Cruces New Mexico. Website:
by  Jamie O'Hara

205. Subject: Billy O'Hara of Newcastle, England, around 1900
I am researching the life of a pioneer aviator and racing driver, Arthur E George of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have found a dead web link called "O'Haras 1900" which quotes "Mr A E George was a racing car enthusiast and grandad was his mechanic when they went racing at the Brooklands....", and, "Princess Patricia flew with grandad and promised him a .....".
I know Billy O'Hara worked for Arthur's firm George & Jobling and helped build Arthur's plane, travelling with him around the country to flyimg shows in 1910.
If the person who had that web site is still around, and sees this message, please get in touch with me. I am determined to give Arthur George (and Billy) their place in Britain's aviation and racing history.
Dennis Hill
by  Dennis Hill

234. Christopher O'Hara's «Field Guide to Great American Beer»
I am the author of 6 books, including the upcoming "Field Guide to Great American Beer" (2006, Clarkson Potter/Random House). My family lives in Lloyd Harbor NY, and I'm originally from NYC.
See more at
Christopher B. O'Hara
Webmaster's ps: see also at this site: Non-literary authors.
by  Christopher B. O'Hara

296. The story of Congressman James Grant O'Hara (1925-1989)
Hi, My Dad and I were talking about the days he worked for Congressman O'Hara in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and I wondered where I could find a complete story on his life and accomplishments.
Please pass along any info you might have. Thanks,
Dan Newman
Link: Arlington Natiomal Cemetery Website
by  Dan Newman

371.Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941)
Link: One Hundred Renowned O'Haras
Hi there,
I am distantly related to Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941) who is mentioned in your "One Hundred Renowned O'Haras" section. I am trying to trace his ancestors and any family he may have had. I know he married Florence Butt in 1919. Florence is my great great aunt! I know he had a brother Charles H O'Hara. Valentine didn't ahve any children, but maybe his brother did? If anyone can help me with tying in his family I would be extremely grateful. I can help anyone out with details I have found out about Valentine if they're interested. He was a fascinating man!
Guy Singer
by  Guy Singer

377. Does David Patrick O'Hara have a fan club address? Etc?.
by  Helen Tabor O'Hara

390. Grandson of John O'Hara — founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club — dies aged 99
I thought you would be interested to know that the grandson of John O'Hara, founder of Celtic Football Club, died on 8.2.07, aged 99 years and 5 months. His name was Robert Cosgrove and he was a life-long Celtic fan. I saw him hours before he died and his last question to me was, "How are Celtic doing?"
His funeral will take place at 9.30 a.m. in St. Joseph's, Clarkston, Glasgow on Thursday,15 February.
yours in sorrow,
Pauline Elliot (niece).
Previous message about John O'Hara: John O'Hara & Glasgow Celtic Football Club and message no. 165
by  Pauline Elliot

417. I am very proud to be an O'Hara. I was named afer my father who was named after his. My Grandfather was awarded the Silver and Broze star awards in the pacific during World War Two for valor.
by  Francis Patrick O'Hara Junior

430. John "Jack" O'Hara — Legendary Lawman from South Dakota
I'm the cemetery foreman for the RoseHill Cemetery in Spearfish, South Dakota and I'm just seeking info on a supposed infamous lawman from the Spearfish or Deadwood area named (according to our records) John "Jack" O'Hara. Any additional info about this man would sure be nice to have as part of the cemetery's records.
My records indicate that John "Jack" O'Hara (31 years old) lived between ?/?/1853 and 2/14/1884 when his life was taken by horse thieves. There are two other younger girls buried in his plot as well; Hattie O'Hara (6 yrs. old) lived between 5/22/1874 and 2/16/1880 and Maude O'Hara (3 yrs. old) who lived between 11/16/1877 and 2/18/1880. Another thing that is interesting is all of their dates of death. Could John have died in 1880 or the girls in 1884 and they were all murdered besides their mother whom we have no records of, or is it just a bizarre coincidence? The only conclusion i can come to is that one of their records is wrong and they were all murdered (except for the mother) or the girls died of disease and John was later murdered? Any info. that would be helpfull would sure be appreciated
Clark Hoyt — RoseHill Cemetery Foreman — Spearfish, SD.
P.S. They probably lived in the Deadwood, Spearfish, Lead, or Sturgis area(s) of South Dakota. I found a New York Times article via on John "Jack" O'Hara, it reads as follows:
DEADWOOD, Dakota, Feb. 15.-Information was received here a few days ago that an attempt would be made by cowboys to rescue Jesse Pruden, arrested for horse stealing at Miles City, Montana, and en route for Deadwood. A party left Spearfish to assist the officer having Pruden in charge. On arriving at Stoneville, 75 miles north of Deadwood, yesterday, the posse was attacked by cowboys, and a man named O'Hara was killed and Fred Willard was wounded. One cowboy named Cunningham was killed. Another, whose name is unknown, was wounded and captured. The cowboys then fled. A party is now being organized at Spearhead to pursue the outlaws.
by  Clark Hoyt

483. What a great Site ! You can find some pics of me at: - Best wishes to all O'Haras. God bless you all ! .
by  Tom O'Hara

490. Peter O'Hara, Professional Golfer
I am researching the life and career of Peter O'Hara who emigrated from Greenore, Ireland in 1915 and settled I think in the New York area.
I have found some info in the NY Times archives on the web about his career in US. I believe he married and I would like to hear from any who may have known Peter.
Tony Eaton
by  Tony Eaton

550. William Alexander ("Bill") O'Hara (1883-1931) - Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer, well not yet!!!
Photograph; Photograph source;
Willie's baseball career and biography:
1902.... Syracuse Stars and Montreal Royals
1903.... Seattle Siwashes.... and Oakland Oaks....
1904.... Toledo Mud Hens...
1905... Wilkes-Barre Barons.... and Baltimore Orioles...
1906- 1908 Baltimore Orioles.... won championship in '08....
1909/10 the show with New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals... Mgr. Johm McGraw says: " as a major league outfielder, there was no superior outfielder..".
1910- 1915. Toronto Maple Leafs win championship in 1912....
1926/7 and 1927 Manager of Toronto Maple Leafs...
1928 resigns as mgr to resume duties as business mgr of Maple Leafs base ball team ...
1931 dies on road trip to New Jersey .
William Alexander O'Hara qualifies for induction into the "Hall" in all categories..... builder, player and manager as well as war hero... he came back from WWI and Battle of Ypres shellshocked... could he have been gassed at Ypres, Willie served in 24 th battalion C.E.F after starting in Royal Naval Air service as flight lieut ... he also hung out with the artists and empresarios of Braodway. In 1909... George M Cohan was a close bud.... he was a mad Irish comedian.... certainly no Blarney transplant need for him!!
Andrew Hunter
(cousin of William Alexander O'Hara)
PS. These 2 photos (tif-format) are from the Toronto archives. This is of him and Ty Cobb! Looks like an All-star type game but I’m not sure if they had that back then. I forget the year, it was Ty Cobb’s last year that he played I believe.
Photograph 1   &   Photograph 2
by  Andrew Hunter

604. The writer John H. O'Hara moved away from Pottsville, PA. I need to know when he did this. My deceased mother-in-law was a girl friend of his.Can anyone provide this?
by  Mary Ann Carroll

619. I would like to know if this is a page about, different O'Haras and their place in history. My grandfather was a CFL football player for two Canadian teams - The Ottawa Rough riders and Hamilton Tiger Cats and is found in the football hall of fame.
by  Sean O'Hara

622. John O'Hara — Founder of Glasgow Celtic FC — A Commemoration
John O'Hara worked with Brother Walfrid, John Glass, John McLaughlin, James McKay and others in the formation of Celtic FC and went on to sign the first players, mainly from Edinburgh Hibernians.
Hailing from Greysteel, Co Derry, John remained a director of Celtic until his death on 29 May 1905. Now, on the anniversary of his death, the extended O'Hara family plan a commemoration and celebration of his life, with the unveiling of a long overdue headstone at his place of rest, St Peter's Cemetery, Dalbeth .
A brief ceremony at the graveside will be followed by a special gathering at Celtic Park on Sunday 29 May.
Everyone connected with the O'Hara family, as well as members of the wider Celtic family, are warmly welcomed and we'd be delighted if you can join us on the day.
Friends and family are already confirmed from as far afield as USA, Australia, Ireland and even Denny, Stirlingshire, so we plan for a memorable day:
Sunday 29 May 2011 4pm at St Peter's Dalbeth
Thereafter to the Number 7 restaurant at Celtic Park for a festive meal and entertainment. Ticket donations for the function are £20 and £10 for students and pensioners.
To reserve tickets, please email Michael O'Hara at soonest, stating names. We hope to fully accommodate all friends and family, but please reply soonest as there is a limited capacity in the Number 7.
On behalf of the O'Hara family, I very much look forward to your company,
Yours faithfully,
Michael O'Hara
by  Michael O'Hara

633. William Alexander ("Bill") O'Hara (1883-1931) - Follow up
Original Message: William Alexander (´´Bill``) O'Hara (1883-1931) - Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer, well not yet!!!   =   Message No. 550
Follow-up Message: Billy O'Hara: Knowing how to apply (baseball) skills   and   Family details (parents, grandparents)
Cousin Andrew Hunter .... baseballer...
by  Andrew Hunter

657. Famous O'Haras
It was Charles O'Hara who handed over the sword of surrender to Washington, the second in command, at Yorktown; he also had occasion to surrender to Napoleon. He is not proud of this fact but there is little he can do about it now. It was a sergeant Miles O'Hara who was the first cavalry man to die at Little Big Horn and it was Theodore O'Hara who wrote the immortal lines “On games eternal camping ground their lonely tents are spread And glory guards with solemn round the bivowac of the dead”. Bivoac of the dead is on tens of thousands of headstones and memorials. There is also a battleship called the General James O'Hara.
My people come from Glenhest, Co Mayo.
Sean O'Hara
Webmaster's note: See British Soldiers and American Soldiers at this site!
by  Sean O'Hara


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