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1. First message lost
by  Colleen O'Hara

24. Dear friend, I am sorry to interrupt you. C.W. O'Hara, S.J. wrote a book, named "an introduction to projective geometry" in 1936. I need the full name of the author C.W. O'Hara, S.J. . Also I would like to know which is the family name in it and which is the first name in it. I can't find the person in your web. Would you like to do me a favor? Thank you very much! yours Yihong Wu, Beijing, China
From Editor's Reply
Dear Yihong Wu, I checked out your author in the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints: A cumulative author list representing Library of Congress printed cards and titles reported by other American libraries (volume 428, 1976). His full name is Charles Willibrord O'Hara (O'Hara is the surname) and he was born in 1886. The joint author of the book on projective geometry was Dudley Robert Bryant Ward, born 1901; both were Jesuit priests. The full title is: An introduction to projective geometry, by C.W. O'Hara S.J. and D.R. Ward S.J., London: Oxford University Press or Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1937 & second edition 1944.
by  Yihong Wu

65. Dear
Subject: The book "Scarlett"
I'm reading the book "Scarlett" and was wondering if it was made into a film. Is it on video to rent or buy ??
Jean Weidner
Dear Jean,
I did a search for "Scarlett" at the ‘Internet Movie Database (’ and found the following. There is a film "Scarlett" (1996; which is available on VHS video. The CBS TV series "Scarlett" (1994; is available on VHS video and DVD. You might also be interested in the following "Review of Scarlett" ( Hope this answers your question.
Enjoy the book and the film !
James O'Hara
by  Jean Weidner

71. Hi,
I was reading your page about the Titanic ( and Monica O'Hara's book, about her "death" on it. I'd like to contact Monica O'Hara, or her husband, Joe Keeton. You haven't any contact details have you?. I've done web searches found nothing!
Michael Bird
Webmaster's reply:
Dear Michael,
Sorry I don't have a contact address. I did web searches too and found one page repeatedly turning up: The Titanic Book Site.Com ( It appears that her name is Monica (Harding) O'Hara-Keeton. Other books by Monica O'Hara and Joe Keeton are found at the following link ( Perhaps you could try contacting the publishers.
Regards, James O'Hara
by  Michael Bird

85. To Whom it May Concern !
Here's another category for your website: O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
Kind regards,
Ronan Smyth
Sales and Marketing Manager
Carlow Brewing Company
Webmaster's Reply:
Dear Ronan,
Thank you for your suggestion. I have created a new category ‘O'Hara products and brand names’ ( where you will find links to O'Hara's Stout and to your company's products. Likewise on the ‘Ireland’ ( page you will find these links.
by  Ronan Smyth

123. ~ Name link to O'Hara's
Great site! Seems family legend and fact have merged in the data base. Can anyone provide info on Elexious, Queen O'Hara. Any assist is GREATLY appreciated as this is (allegedly) my link to clan O'Hara. TIA.
by  Lawrence ELEXIOUS Harry

125. Dear Editor,
I am trying to find a book called ‘The Red Sailor’ written by Patrick O'Hara in the 60's. Any information on the book or author would be greatly appreciated,
yours sincerely,
Bill Sanderson
From the webmaster's reply:
Dear Bill,
I found the following information about the book on the internet:
It is a fictional tale about a Royal Naval rating during the time of the Chinese communist/nationalist war, and his "adventures" while sailing from the UK to the far east station in Hong Kong.
The British Library's Public Catalogue at lists the following four items:
1. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: pp. 219. Neville Spearman: London, 1963. 8o. Shelfmark: Nov.1153.
2. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Series: [Panther Books. no. 1816.] Publication details: pp. 190. Panther Books: London, 1965. 8o. Shelfmark: W.P.B.29/1816.
3. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: [London]: Panther, 1968. Shelfmark: X.68/420.
4. Title: The Red Sailor. Reprinted. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: London: Panther Books, 1971. SBN 5860254642. pp. 190. Shelfmark: H.72/26.

by  William Sanderson

126. Dear O'Hara's,
I am wondering if there are any O'Hara family gatherings being organised at the moment, and if so where and when?
I would also like to suggest the idea of organising an O'Hara family gathering in Ireland. Would people be interested in attending and/or participating in this?
I come from County Carlow in Ireland and myself and my brother, Seamus O'Hara, run a small brewery there. Our main product is of course, O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
My idea for a family gathering is to get as many O'Hara's together as possible and to celebrate the skills and contributios of O'Hara to the world. This could include O'Hara art exhibitions, literary events, business seminars, political debates, food fairs, etc..
If anyone thinks this is a good idea, and is interested in discussing it further please let me know. Obviously I would hope that our brewery would get some publicity from this (I am an O'Hara after all!).
Eamon O'Hara.
Webmaster's comment: Check out also O'Hara products and brand names ( at this site.
by  Eamon O'Hara

132. hello there,
i am trying to find a book called The Red Sailor written by Patrick O'Hara and just wondered on the off chance that one of your members may be able to help me, it must be nearly 40yrs since since it blessed my hands, hope you can help an avid reader,
yours sincerely,
Bill Sanderson
by  William Sanderson

141. hi ther James,
thanks for your reply on the Red Sailor, No i havent found a copy yet, i live in hope. I have aquired 4 of his books The luck of the Lonely Sea, I Got No Brother, God came On Friday and The Yangtze Run, i see your message on the O'Hara website but as to date no replies, thanks for your help very kind of you. I see on one of his books it said Pat Ohara was living in Aberdeen but this would have to be verified as the book is thirty years old.
regards Bill
by  William Sanderson

153. The rage of Mogh's race blazes out in fits of fury so that their foe's land is set aflame by them: peace on conditions is spurned - such are their terms! - The Book of O'Hara - written in the year of our Lord 1597.
Representing branches of the clan O'Hara in Bergen, Monmouth, Burlington counties in NJ and Rockland county NY.
by  Michael William O'Hara

161. Dear,
Subject: just curious
Anyone heard of the irish webbed feet? I am a decendent of O'Hara and O'Sullivan and curious if any grandparents have passed webbed toes to any one else
by  Daniea Lynn O'Sullivan

169. I'm Sean O'Hara and was born in 1980 in PA. I'm doing research into my family history and my grandmother has a picture of the crest in her bedroom. I Hope to soon uncover my family Ancestory. Good luck to all of you. This site is fantastic.
by  Sean D. O'Hara

172. Dear,
Subject: Queen, Elexious O'Hara
– Crave enlightment about Queen, Elexious O'Hara. Family legend has it that this is my link to the O'Hara Clan and the person who gave me my middle name. TIA
Lawrence E. Harry
by  Lawrence ELEXIOUS Harry

190. Hey im writing this message hoping to learn more about my last name and what it means. All O'Hara's with helpful info email me at
by  Nathan L. O'Hara

194. Subject: Site Question
What does the Entries column in the Persons database ( mean ? Is that a reference to the person listed ? If so, please tell me where to go to access the information. I have found a couple of my relatives on this site and am curious to see what is noted about them.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year!
Erin O'Hara Birchall
Webmaster's reply:
The entries refer to the messages posted at The O'Hara Genealogy Forum (, the source of all the data in the Persons database at this site. More than 1200 messages have been posted since Summer 1998.
A Happy New Year to you and all visitors to the site!
James G. O'Hara
by  Erin O'Hara Birchall

196. Hi,
You have me listed in your ‘Categories’ under ‘soldiers/military history’. I just published my first book. Here is a review:
Vincent P. O'Hara
Note: See references to Vincent P. O'Hara at this site: 'Military History' and 'Other O'Hara Writers'
by  Vincent P. O'Hara

197. Hi, My name is "Scarlett" — I am looking for Rett.
by  Scarlett Bather

201. The O'Haras in the «Oxford Dictionary of National Biography»
The «Oxford Dictionary of National Biography» published by Oxford University Press appeared 2004 online (subscription) and in a 60-volume print edition (Link). Volume 41 contains articles on the following O'Haras:
Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724), pp. 626-627
Charles O'Hara (c. 1740-1802), army officer and colonial governor, pp. 627-628; (an illegitimate son of James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley)
James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley and Baron Kilmaine (1681/2-1773), pp. 628-629
Kane O'Hara, playwright (1711/12-1782), pp. 629-630
Volume 3 has an article on the pseudo Abel & Barnes O'Hara, pp. 668-670
John Banim [pseud. Abel O'Hara] (1798-1842), novelist and playwright, was born in Kilkenny on 3 April 1798 ... his brother Michael Banim [pseud. Barnes O'Hara] (1796-1874) was also born at Kilkenny on 5 August 1796 ... The Banims wrote «The O'Hara Tales/ Tales from the O'Hara family» ... The Banims gained a lasting posthumous reputation as nationalist novelists and several of the novels were reprinted in the twentieth century.
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

205. Subject: Billy O'Hara of Newcastle, England, around 1900
I am researching the life of a pioneer aviator and racing driver, Arthur E George of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have found a dead web link called "O'Haras 1900" which quotes "Mr A E George was a racing car enthusiast and grandad was his mechanic when they went racing at the Brooklands....", and, "Princess Patricia flew with grandad and promised him a .....".
I know Billy O'Hara worked for Arthur's firm George & Jobling and helped build Arthur's plane, travelling with him around the country to flyimg shows in 1910.
If the person who had that web site is still around, and sees this message, please get in touch with me. I am determined to give Arthur George (and Billy) their place in Britain's aviation and racing history.
Dennis Hill
by  Dennis Hill

214. O'Hara Clan, Late Summer 2005 get-together in Wildwood, NJ
Any O'Haras interested in a huge get-together this September in Wildwood, New Jersey for Irish Weekend which will be held September 23,24,25 ? I thought it would be great for anyone that has the last name O'Hara should meet the rest of the Clan! I'm sure we could take over one of many Irish pubs in Wildwood. If Interested please e-mail me. I will send more info, If I get enough interest, we could make it happen.I think it would be great for all O'Haras to get together in Wildwood,New Jersey To meet up for Irish Weekend. I have attended Irish weekend for the past 10 years and Now I can attend with my Young Son!!
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara

217. Looking for James R. (Monk) O'Hara, IV
Last known address in 2000, the Birmingham area, Alabama, U.S.A. Need to contact him regarding his lost property, which has now been found.
Thank you!
Ed Braswell
by  Ed Braswell

234. Christopher O'Hara's «Field Guide to Great American Beer»
I am the author of 6 books, including the upcoming "Field Guide to Great American Beer" (2006, Clarkson Potter/Random House). My family lives in Lloyd Harbor NY, and I'm originally from NYC.
See more at
Christopher B. O'Hara
Webmaster's ps: see also at this site: Non-literary authors.
by  Christopher B. O'Hara

245. H or h? Capitalization of the "h" in O'Hara
Does anyone have a preference on the capitalization of the "h"? I have had this question for a while but it seems that I'm correctly capitalizing it according to the site heading.
Hats off to all lucky enough to have such a cool last name.
by  Sheila O'Hara

246. Looking for a Maurice O'Hara (born ca 1944)
My name is Angela, and I'm looking for a Maurice O'Hara.He lived in Alberta in 1965, he would have been 21 at this time. He had a brother who would have been 15, his father was a mechanic and his mother a housewife. He was a bush pilot. Very important that I find him or a relative of his. Thank you for your site!
Angela Hearns
by  Angela Hearns

251. Free Birth & Marriage Records
Visitors and subscribers to this site who have O'Hara and other ancestors in East Mayo may find something of interest at
Happy Hunting ... Dominick Lee
London, England - but with O'Hara family in Shammer, Kilkelly, County Mayo
by  Dominick Lee

260. A hearty hello from the South Buffalo, NY O'Hara's....Vincent, Kerry, Ava, Vivienne. Does anybody know the official O'Hora/O'Hara connection? Name butchered at Ellis Island or two variations of the same clan name?
by  Vince O'Hara

261. O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village in Madoc, Ontario, Canada
I may have overlooked it but I didn't see any information on the O'Hara Mill and Homestead in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. It was built by some of my O'Hara ancestors. They have a website...just google it.
My O'Hara ancestor was Patrick O'Hara and his wife Cynthia Prindle.
Scott A. Lee
Webmaster's comment: Here it is: O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village
by  Scott A. Lee

268. Sergeant Miles O'Har(r)a (died 1876)
Did you know that Sgt. Miles O'Hara killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and listed on your family geneology, also shows the last name spelling of O'Harra? I have his only known individual photograph in uniform. He was promoted to Sgt. the day before he was killed in the "valley fight" portion of the battle. He is noted in survivor's journals as the first soldier killed in that historic confrontation of soldiers and Indians.
The Irish members of the 7th Cavalry are one of my keen interests, especially regarding the Battle of the Little Big Horn. My mother's maiden name was O'Harra and I have done alot of research concerning the family ... If you have any interest in any of the "other" O'Harras, let me know.
Dick Weart
by  Dick Weart

270. i'm also another o'hara and i will love to meet and to know more about my lastname and maybe i said maybe, yeah sure why not to find family around the world who knows? so anytime at
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

273. An "O'Hara letter" from San Francisco, April 18, 1906
The following thrilling letter, describing the sensations experienced by a sufferer from the San Francisco earthquake, was received by Mr Hugh O'Hara-Monan, of 32, Waverley Ave, Fairview, Dublin, from his brother, who was in the city at the time of the earthquake:
San Francisco California USA
18th April 1906.
My dear Hugh
A terrible earthquake has occurred here, followed by a disastrous fire, which is burning the whole town. Thousands are killed. I narrowly escaped with my life from the earthquake. I may not fare so well with the fire, which is something terrible. Everything is so miserably dreadful that I cannot describe it. It is fearful. It will take me quite a long time to survive the shock. It is another Pompeii. I am sending you the papers.
Every building was wrecked; churches were overthrown; & streets twisted into all kinds of shapes. The people are starving, & no food is to be had until relief trains come in. One has to sleep on sidewalks. And everything is so awful, fearfully dreadful; the shock is still "Ringing in My Ears". Millions of property has been destroyed. But you can read every­thing for yourself in the papers, which I will mail to you as soon as possible.
I am absolutely homeless now. The earthquake was felt all over the states. All the surrounding towns are a total wreck. San Francisco is a town about the size of Dublin. The population is almost 500,000, two-thirds of which are a1ready homeless. I have lost everything in the fire: the town is all in darkness and looks like a graveyard.
Everything is at a standstill, and the people will soon starve if relief does not come soon.
The earthquake started at 5 -15 o'clock in the morning. I was tossed in the bed like a boat in a rough sea. The shock lasted forty seconds. The fire is fierily raging all around me as I write, and soon will demolish the place in which I am writing this letter. I cannot say anything about the future and for the present I must only allow myself to be governed by circumstances. Hoping you are well. I remain
your affectionate brother B. ­
P.S. - This letter was written on a empty sardine - box
The recipient of the San Francisco letter is Mr Hugh Monan 32 Waverley Ave, Fairview ... Regarding the O'Hara connection - my cousin Val told me there was some family disputes within the family and they renounced the family name, even though in my Mother's family address book my great grandfather signed his name O'Hara - Monan.
Best wishes,
Barbara Best
by  Barbara Best

283. Did Jo (or Joe) O'Hara stationed at St Audries camp, or Perry Farm, Somerset, UK, 1943, 1944, survive the World War Two ?
Gordon Hudson
follow-up message
by  Gordon Hudson

295. Ryan Mitchell O'Hara - I am his fiance and I want to take him to Ireland - any suggestions? emails appreciated - please title Ryan O'Hara
by  Heather

296. The story of Congressman James Grant O'Hara (1925-1989)
Hi, My Dad and I were talking about the days he worked for Congressman O'Hara in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and I wondered where I could find a complete story on his life and accomplishments.
Please pass along any info you might have. Thanks,
Dan Newman
Link: Arlington Natiomal Cemetery Website
by  Dan Newman

298. The family motto “Virtute et Claritate”
I read some messages about the family motto on this site. The motto, or at least one of them I believe is "Virtute et Claritate". I do not know latin, but to me the literal translation is "With Virtue and Clarity". An English translation that I read on another site is "To be, not to pretend", or "Not to seem, but to be".
It would be good to have some agreement on the correct English version of it. I have taken Claritas to mean just that, clarity, or truthfulness, or honesty. Noble words indeed, but would they work today? My contribution for what it may be worth is "With Courage and Honesty".
Best wishes cousins,
Brian O'Hara
Wellington, New Zealand
by  Brian O'Hara

320. Facts about O'Haras in Scotland
I was browsing a very interesting surname website recently and discovered that the location in mainland UK with most O'Hara surnames was Glasgow. In fact, I was amazed to discover from the same site that proportionately there are more O'Haras in Scotland than in the Republic of Ireland! It's a quite different story in N Ireland, though, where there seems to be a huge number.
I also found out that it is about the 900th most popular surname in the UK. And that, according to the census of 1881, Bradford was the place in the UK where you were most likely to bump into an O'Hara.
Thought someone might enjoy these interesting but largely useless facts !
by  Diarmid O'Hara

324. Esther O'Hara's “The Witches Necklace”
Dear James,
I just wanted to let you know that my book is being published on the 30th of March 2006 and there is some information on the publisher's website now. (Unfortunatley in Swedish, but it can be of interest to other O'Haras worldwide anyway!).
My book is a children's book called "Häxan och halsbandet" (The Witches Necklace) and is about a wicked witch who has a magic necklace. She uses the necklace to create bad weather and terrorise the town of Trollhättan. She lives in a secret cave outside the town, up in the dark hilly forest. One day she loses her magic necklace and it is found by a little boy who is out for a walk in the woods with his mother. The witch then searches high and low for her necklace. She uses all sorts of spells and poisonous herbs to try and find it. Meanwhile, in the hands of the little boy, the necklace turns good, and works all kinds of little miracles...
Well that is a little summary. I may translate it one day and see if it is publishable in English.
The web address of my publisher is: Click here to see my book and here to see a text about me and a little picture.
Esther O'Hara
by  Esther O'Hara

336. My web page of artwork, some of it focussed on Ireland
My husband and I are just back from our 4th trip to Ireland exploring ruins. This trip we stayed on the west/south coast and did get to the Aran Island of Inis Mor, fascinating. Here is a link to my web page of artwork, some of it focussed on Ireland, which I would be happy to have included on
Our family name was spelled O'Hora at emigration it appears ... siblings include James Patrick O'Hara, a federal magistrate (judge) in Kansas City and Michael James O'Hara, a economist/attorney at U of Nebraska Omaha.
Many thanks,
Maureen O'Hara Ure
Additional link: Maureen O'Hara Ure's page at this site !
by  Maureen O'Hara Ure

377. Does David Patrick O'Hara have a fan club address? Etc?.
by  Helen Tabor O'Hara

430. John "Jack" O'Hara — Legendary Lawman from South Dakota
I'm the cemetery foreman for the RoseHill Cemetery in Spearfish, South Dakota and I'm just seeking info on a supposed infamous lawman from the Spearfish or Deadwood area named (according to our records) John "Jack" O'Hara. Any additional info about this man would sure be nice to have as part of the cemetery's records.
My records indicate that John "Jack" O'Hara (31 years old) lived between ?/?/1853 and 2/14/1884 when his life was taken by horse thieves. There are two other younger girls buried in his plot as well; Hattie O'Hara (6 yrs. old) lived between 5/22/1874 and 2/16/1880 and Maude O'Hara (3 yrs. old) who lived between 11/16/1877 and 2/18/1880. Another thing that is interesting is all of their dates of death. Could John have died in 1880 or the girls in 1884 and they were all murdered besides their mother whom we have no records of, or is it just a bizarre coincidence? The only conclusion i can come to is that one of their records is wrong and they were all murdered (except for the mother) or the girls died of disease and John was later murdered? Any info. that would be helpfull would sure be appreciated
Clark Hoyt — RoseHill Cemetery Foreman — Spearfish, SD.
P.S. They probably lived in the Deadwood, Spearfish, Lead, or Sturgis area(s) of South Dakota. I found a New York Times article via on John "Jack" O'Hara, it reads as follows:
DEADWOOD, Dakota, Feb. 15.-Information was received here a few days ago that an attempt would be made by cowboys to rescue Jesse Pruden, arrested for horse stealing at Miles City, Montana, and en route for Deadwood. A party left Spearfish to assist the officer having Pruden in charge. On arriving at Stoneville, 75 miles north of Deadwood, yesterday, the posse was attacked by cowboys, and a man named O'Hara was killed and Fred Willard was wounded. One cowboy named Cunningham was killed. Another, whose name is unknown, was wounded and captured. The cowboys then fled. A party is now being organized at Spearhead to pursue the outlaws.
by  Clark Hoyt

455. I work for the rail road, my whole family, as far as I know, has or is, working for the rail road. I'm looking for family or O'Haras working for the railroad. I know this is a long connected sentence.
by  John Paul O'Hara

511. The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara
What does the O' signify on Irish names? What is the origin (meaning) of the name?
Jana Strong
Webmaster's reply
Dear Jana,
the O' (really Ó or Uí), like Mac, in an Irish or Scottish (Gaelig) name means "son of". The name probably means something like "son of Hara". I'm James O'Hara so in Irish that would be Séamus Ó hEaghra. The feminine form of Ó is "ní" meaning "daughter of". Thus, a girl called Mary O'Hara would be Máire ní hEaghra. The gh in the name is an aspirated g and was abbreviated in the Gaelig script as g with a dot over it. See the O'Hara crest on the home page. Here's a link about a fifteenth-century O'Hara on the history page at this site.
Follow-up Message: The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara (message no. 527)
by  Jana Strong

527. The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara
Follow-up to: The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara (Message no. 511)
Dear Sir,
The apostrophe in O'Hara does not mean son of O'Hara, but *grandson* of O'Hara. Nowadays it is often used as "Of" the O'Haras. My name is McCormick and I am descended from Laurence O'Hara (b 1770 in Co. Sligo, but moved to Co. Roscommon). He married Mary McDonagh and I have hundreds of their descendants listed on my tree at If you are a member of Ancestry you can view my tree for free. "The McCormick (Niall) Family Tree" If you have any information that would help with the expansion of my tree, I would be really pleased to hear from you,
Kind regards,
Niall Francis McCormick
by  Niall Francis McCormick

529. Looking for a Jack O'Hara that was a US soldier in the DC area early 1968
I am trying to locate a Jack (maybe John?) O'Hara that was in the DC area early 1968. He met a Susan Wright dosSantos who was 20 at the time. The relationship was very brief since she was newly married. She met him when she was out with her friend Tommy in the band. I don't have much more to go on. I know he took her home, smoked and visited her in her apartment bringing flowers. He was more that likely an officer (Lt. Col) in either the Navy or Air Force.
Any information would be helpful. Thank You,
Marcia Van Valen
by  Marcia Van Valen

531. Felix, Offspring of Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley?
Did Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724) whose son James was the second Baron Tyrawley, have a second son, Felix, who was born in France?
Michael Hepler-Smith
by  Michael Hepler-Smith

569. Hello there, I am looking for Sheila O'Hara. I met her in Senegal in 1982. She was then an American Peace Corps volunteer. She left Senegal in in 1983 or 1984. My email is or; thanks.
by  Bakary Diallo

578. Hello all fellow O'Hara's Please click on the following link to help establish our Irish American Museum: This is a very interesting and informative site. Slan, Terrance
by  Terrance O'Hara

588. New musical link from Australia
Hi James,
you might like to add my music page to your site. Check me out at: .
Scott O'Hara
by  Scott O'Hara

592. HI all we are christened O`Hara but just found out we are actually O`Hora. spell mistake. so how many O`Hara`s are actually O`Hora. we were origanaly from.... stonepark, foxford, county mayo, ireland. need to correct the name somehow, any ideas!!!!
by  Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora)

593. This is a reply to the previous message. Concerning O'Hara and O'Hora, consult the following messages in the 'messages' database at this site: No. 97, 144, 224, 233, 255, 260, 291 327, 336, 356 and 495. The address is:
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

606. John O'Hara and Glasgow Celtic Football Club
Hi there!
John was my mother Sarah O Hara's Grandfather. Her sister Anne taught at St Peter's Partick until she retired At the end of the Sixties.
Margaret Browne
See also previous messages about John O'Hara by: Michael O'Hara (= message 165)   and   Pauline Elliot (= message no. 390) 2011-02-07
by  Margaret Browne

609. I am hoping to have a kilt made with the O'Hara Family Tartan. After an internet search I have conflicting Tartans, and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction? Thank you
by  William O'Hara Jr.

610. Patrick O'Hara (c. 1710-1774)
Thank you for the website: Lists of Renowned O'Haras
Thought I’d add a little about Patrick O'Hara (c. 1710-1774) if you’re interested: Patrick O'Hara ( and Patrick O'Hara (Biographia Navalis entry, 1797)
Just a thank you
Brian Lewis.
by  Brian Lewis

612. Hello - I am looking for Debbie O'Hara from Belfast. She used to come to the United States during the summer and stay with my family in New Jersey.
by  Jennifer McEvoy

623. Could anybody point me in the right direction to purchace a o'hara clan kilt?
by  Shaun Joseph O'Hara

635. O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village in Madoc, Ontario, Canada
I just stumbled across this site and it is teriffic. I didn't know it existed. I have been to the O'Hara Mill in Madoc and it is very nice. The park was closed for the season but we were able to walk the grounds.
I am a granddaughter of Evan Lewis O'Hara.
Cynthia Strauss
Webmaster's comment: See: O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village   and   Message by Scott A. Lee (No. 261)
by  Cynthia Strauss

645. Jamie O'Hara wrote the lyrics of the song «50,000 Names (Carved in the Wall)» and George Jones sang it - you gotta hear it. Turn on your sure you wait until the music begins. Click here and scroll down.
by  Terrance O'Hara

680. Great website you got here! And love this flash guestbook :) Cheers Dan from
by  Dan (O'Hara?)

691. Looking for family of John Myers O'Hara. Have what appears to be Mr. O'Hara's personal copy of HELLAS THE IMMORTAL. The book has his photo pasted in, a typed letter from J.H. pasted in, a copy of a poem written to Mr. O'Hara by Corrinne Roosevelt Robinson, and some handwritten items.
by  Margaret Asproyerakas

694. A chara (dear Friend),
as part of the gathering in 2013 we are offering anyone called Dan O'Hara free admission to Dan O' Hara Homestead in Connemara. If your name isn't Dan but your surname is O' Hara we are offering 1/2 price admision to the homestead and 25% of a stay in our farmhouse B&B. Contact at: Facebook and at Connemara Heritage Centre.
Regards, Paula.
by  Paula at Dan O' Hara Farmhouse

757. I lived next door to Bill and Jerry Mills O'Hara in New Orleans on Chatham Drive. I woud like to find out about the boys Bill (judge) osted away. Ricky O'Hara an amazing artist and Bobby O'Hara a great sole. From Skeeter Dye, 5818 Chatham Drive, 1960-1970.
by  Mercer Dye

770. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! from Clan O'Hara of Sligo/Toronto. ...17/3/16... (Attached pdf-file).
by  Andrew Hunter

790. Does the O'Hara family have any details of the 'Valentine O'Hara' from the highwayman song? There is a running discussion on the folk music forum about whether the 'real' person was 'Allan Tine of Harrow' or 'Valentine O'Hara'. Some historical evidence of a military man turned highwaymen in the O'Hara family might settle the argument. Earliest publication of the ballad I can find is 1802, so would have to be before then and after 1617. From: Folklounge (Daniel Kelly). See also: YouTube channel (Daniel Kelly) and Valentine O'Hara.
by  Daniel Kelly

821. Hampton Public Library: Beginner's Course on Historic Research and Genealogy

Good Evening,
I would just like to say a quick word of thanks! As a youth services librarian and educator, I've been running a fun beginner's historic research and genealogy class over the last few months, and I thought you might enjoy hearing that we were able to get some great use out of your genealogical interest resource links list. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you don't mind, one of our youngest, Anna has also asked me if I could share a piece that she and her mother found together which we've begun referencing as a group on Genealogy and Family History Research. I've included it below if you'd like to review! We noticed you don't have this one listed yet, but Anna was actually the one to bring up that this could be something you might like to include for any other young historic research enthusiasts who may also be coming across your information and have an interest in learning more about their family history during their down time, like our group! If you find you are able to add this one to your list, would you please let me know? We're meeting Friday afternoon, and I would absolutely love to surprise Anna and the group if you're able to do so - I'm hoping to keep spirits up in light of the past few years' challenges, and I think it would make her proud to know she was able to pay it forward and maybe even show her mother her contribution if it ends up being included!

Thanks again for all your help here,

Evelyn Williams
Guide to Genealogy and Family History Research

by  Evelyn Williams

822. I used to correspond with a Miss O'Hara who had a Xanga blog site. She used to post on my blog using the name Jen (e.g., See comment on: Link). Is she still available? If so, could you please pass my email address on to her? Thank you.
by  William Meisheid


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