(Received November 24, 2011)


Famous O'Haras

    It was Charles O'Hara who handed over the sword of surrender to Washington, the second in command, at Yorktown; he also had occasion to surrender to Napoleon. He is not proud of this fact but there is little he can do about it now. It was a sergeant Miles O'Hara who was the first cavalry man to die at Little Big Horn and it was Theodore O'Hara who wrote the immortal lines “On games eternal camping ground their lonely tents are spread And glory guards with solemn round the bivowac of the dead”. Bivoac of the dead is on tens of thousands of headstones and memorials. There is also a battleship called the General James O'Hara.

    My people come from Glenhest, Co Mayo.

    Sean O'Hara

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