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Attorney and Partner Michael J. O'Hara

Michael J. O'Hara was admitted to practice in 1975 and is currently a Partner with the Firm O'Hara, Ruberg, Taylor, Sloan & Sergent. Location: Covington, Kentucky.  

Attorney at Law Michael A. O'Hara, PLLC

Licensed in Kentucky, Ohio, Kentucky Supreme Court, Ohio Supreme Court, and the Federal Court of Claims. Location: Florence, Kentucky.  

Professor Bruce O'Hara

at the University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Biology. Location: Lexington, Kentucky.  

Theodore O'Hara (1820 - 1867)

Theodore O'Hara was a poet and an officer for the United States Army in the Mexican-American War, and a Confederate colonel in the American Civil War. He is best known for the poems The Bivouac of the Dead and The Old Pioneer. The son of the notable educator Kane O'Hara he was born in Danville, Kentucky.  

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