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‘Letters to the Editor’ and the ‘O'Hara GuestBook’ contain messages and requests for information.

Database of Messages at this site includes more than 700 messages posted since summer 2000.

Database of O'Hara Persons, 1500-2000 being compiled from the O'Hara Genealogy Forum — the database now contains data from more than a 1200 messages and the main table now contains the names of more than 2700 persons.

The O'Hara Genealogy Forum More than 1900 messages posted since Summer 1998.

Database of O'Hara People (under construction) includes the names of people referred to in the messages posted at this site.

Select O'Hara Surname Genealogy  Select O'Hara Resources on The Internet include: The O'Hara Clan, O'Hara history - O'Hara Genealogy, O'Hara genealogy resources - O'Hara Family History, O'Haras from county Cavan - The O'Hara Family of Gaspe, Early O'Haras in Canada - The O'Hara Family in India, Descendants of Lawrence O'Hara.

Sarah Perowne's Crossword Solver Genealogy and Family History: Our Top 22 Resources To Explore Who You Are.

Sarah Perowne: Understanding Your Family History & Tips For Curating Genealogy Resources & Research

Harrah Family Genealogy Forum includes Harrah (O'Hara) family of Lanc. Co., PA.

O'Hara Surname DNA Project The project that we are initiating is intended to be a supplement to conventional genealogical research, by identifying male ancestors shared by members of different families.

DNA Weekly: Family Tree Creator by Eric Michelson. Statement: Our mission is to provide users with honest, useful, and objective information when looking for the best DNA test kit for their needs.

DNA Results for John O'Hara born ca. 1810 in Drumlish, Co. Longford provided by Aidan O'Hara.

Records of 2291 O'Haras who came through Ellis Island (1892-1924)

Records of 43 O'Haras (search for “Hara”) who died in WWI

The «Census of Ireland, 1911» at the «National Archives of Ireland»

National Archives of Ireland: Genealogy Website

Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI (18th & 19th centuries)

Best Genealogy Sites – The Definitive Guide (iReviews)

EverPresent: A Guide to Genealogy and Family History Research

Genealogy for kids — building a family tree

Irish Genealogy Resources — by Peter J. Clarke. Statement: My objective is to build the biggest index of freely available eBooks on Irish History, Biography and Genealogy.

House History and Genealogy: Internet Resources, Search Resources, and Historical Societies — by Amber Martinez. Statement: Most people have very strong attachments to their homes, but over time, they might also stop to consider who else has called the house their home ... it's easier than ever to research the history of real estate holdings. Homeowners can start by compiling what they know or think they know about the house.

The Irish Family Detective — by Fiona Forde. Statement: The aim of this site is to provide you with the tools to help you build your Irish Family Tree and learn what life was like for your ancestors in Ireland.

WorldConnect Database (RootsWeb.Com & lists 6659 O'Haras

Frank Gloeckner's ‘O'Haras from LDS Film 989737’ Table of O'Haras for the years 1812-1840 Taunagh parish and Riverstown, County Sligo, Ireland.

Convict Records of Australia This website allows you to search the British Convict transportation register for convicts transported to Australia between 1787-1867. Information available includes name of convict, known aliases, place convicted, port of departure, date of departure, port of arrival, and the source of the data. Browse by Surname, Year of Transportation, Ship Name, or Try A Search, or Add a Convict. 28 convicts are filed under O'Hara (Ohara).

The Irish Times: Irish Ancestors (O'Hara) — O'Hara Surname History O'Hara is a phonetic anglicisation of Ó hEaghra. The family claim descent from Eaghra, lord of Luighne (the modern Leyney) in Co. Sligo, who died in 976 and who was himself, in the traditional genealogies, of the family of Olloil Ollum, king of Munster. The O'Haras remain strongly associated with Co. Sligo, where they were chiefs in two areas, Ó hEaghra Buidhe ("fair") around Collooney, and Ó hEaghra Riabhach ("grey") at Ballyharry, more properly "Ballyhara". In the fourteenth century a branch of the family migrated north to the Glens of Antrim and established themselves in the area around the modern town of Ballymena. There they intermarried with powerful local families and acquired great prominence themselves. Another branch, in Sligo, acquired the title Barons Tyrawley in the early 18th century and acquired very large land-holdings in counties Sligo and Leitrim.
The site includes: O'Hara households by county and parish in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1848-64.

Ulster Ancestry: O'Hara — This name is equally common in Ulster, Leinster and Connacht, its main centres being Dublin, Co. Sligo and Co. Antrim. The name is in Gaelic Ó hEaghra and the family was originally of Co. Sligo, descendants of one Eaghra, pronounced 'ara', a chief of Leyny in that county.
In the fourteenth century a branch migrated to the Glens of Antrim and settled at Crebilly near Ballymena. Here it became an important sept and entered into several marriages and alliances with the great families of Antrim. In the mid-nineteenth century O'Haras were still found concentrated in the barony of Lower Glenarm.
At the beginning of the twentieth century the name was being used interchangeably with Haren in several parts of Co. Fermanagh and so some at least of the O'Haras of that county will be originally O'Harens, Gaelic Ó hÁráín. The O'Harens were erenaghs of Ballymactaggart.

Your Irish Roots: Genealogy, Surnames and Coat of Arms resource The site provides a wealth of information on all aspects of tracing your Irish Genealogy, History, Irish Surnames, Irish Coat of arms and the sort of life your Irish roots might have led in Ireland.

The IrelandGenWeb Project "This is a resource and reference website for researchers to Ireland. We are a member of the British IslesGenWeb Project and The WorldGenWeb Project, non-profit, volunteer organizations dedicated to helping researchers gain access to resource and reference materials for the British Isles and other parts of the world".

Northern IrelandGenWeb This website is part of the British IslesGenWeb, a non-profit project devoted to providing free access to genealogical materials through the internet.

Alec's Ancestors - The O'Hara Family  Families connected with Robert "Bob" Eugene Erickson, Zoe de Crevecoeur Erickson & their son Alec Bennett Erickson include The O'Hara Family: Three generations following John James O’Hara who was born in 1807 in county Armagh, Ireland.

The Kelly / O'Hara Family Michael Kelley's Kelly/O'Hara website traces a branch of the O'Hara line back to 1770 in Sligo/Roscommon

20+ O'Hara ancestors of Gaspé, Quebec Search Results for "O'Hara" in Our Gaspé Roots database.

The General Register Office ~ Oifig an Árd Chláraitheora The General Register Office is the central civil repository for records relating to Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Republic of Ireland. Records of marriages other than Roman Catholic marriages date back to 1st April 1845 and those of Births, Deaths and Roman Catholic Marriages date back to 1st January 1864.

Lists of Renowned O'Haras This page presents lists of the most renowned O'Haras, from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, derived from national biographical reference works. Almost 100 individuals are listed and links to known web sites are provided.

Locations of O'Hara Graves 150 grave locations in the United States.

O'Haras in the Political Graveyard The graves of about 50 O'Hara politicians in the United States.

National Library of Ireland: O'Hara Papers  Estate and family papers relating to the O’Hara Family of Annaghmore, County Sligo, 1585- 1967. National Library of Ireland: Compiled by Andrew Shields and Victoria Perry, 2002.

The Coopershill (O'Hara Family) Papers The Coopershill Archive runs from 1676 to 1974 and occupies 52 boxes of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland. Almost all of it remains in family possession at Coopershill, Riverstown, Collooney, Co. Sligo.

O'Hara of Annaghmore, Co.Sligo The genealogy site of Mark Humphrys. His ancestors include the Line: Blennerhassett - O'Hara of Annaghmore, Co.Sligo.

Lord Belmont in Northern Ireland: Annaghmore House & The O'Hara Family  Blog established in 2007. Observations and experiences from a personal perspective, writing about a wide variety of topics including the Monarchy, the Nobility, the Gentry, Heraldry, Pageantry, Heritage, Country Houses, the National Trust, etc. Includes this blog entry about Annaghmore House & The O'Hara Family.

O'Hara of Annaghmore & O'Hara of Coopershill (County Sligo)  From Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1912, pg.541 [533]. See also

O'Hara late of O'Hara Brook (Co. Antrim), O'Hara of Lenaboy (Co. Galway), O'Hara of Mornington (Co. Westmeath)  From Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1912, pg.542 [534]. See also

The O'Hara Family Crest   O'Hara is a phonetic anglicisation of Ó hEaġra (Ó hEaghra). The family clan descent from Eoghra, lord of Luighne (the modern Leyney) in Co Sligo, who died in 976 and who was himself, in the traditional genealogies, of the family of Oiloll Ollum, king of Munster. The O'Haras remain strongly associated with Co Sligo, where they were chiefs in two areas, O hEaghra Buidhe ('fair') around Collooney, and O hEaghra Riabhach ('grey') at Ballyharry, more properly 'Ballyhara'. In the fourteenth century a branch of the family migrated north to the Glens of Antrim and established themselves in the area around the modern town of Ballymena. There they intermarried with powerful local families and acquired great prominence themselves. Apart from Dublin, Sligo and Antrim are still the two regions where the surname is most concentrated." - Arthur O Hara Information Network (

The O'Gara Clan site: The Clan of O'Gara, O'Gadhra in Irish, is closely associated with O'Hara.

The O'Hara Family Info Web Page You will need to be a registered user to get to the rest of this site. Please contact Steven O'Hara if you wish to obtain a user ID and password.

Ancestors and family members of Phillip H. Pitzer & Carol Ann O'Hara The O'Hara Line takes you to the family line starting with William Henry O'Hara (1901-1976).

Descendants of Laurence O'Hara born about 1770 in Co. Sligo, Ireland includes seven generationsof descendants, surname list & name index.

The O'Hara and Stuart Family in India Jon Johnson's great grandfather was John William Lawrence O'Hara. The first related O'Hara in India was Lawrence, born around 1770. Lawrence's first son was John Lawrence O'Hara born 1808 (died in 1849) and from then on there are a succession of John William Lawrence O'Haras.

250 O'Hara's in India   - Family Tree unrelated to Jon Johnson.

Tim O'Hara and Esther Colbert O'Hara (born Ireland, 1840s) Esther gave birth to four children, two girls and two boys in Boston. Mary died during childbirth; Timothy Paul grew with his parents and two younger siblings a baby girl named Mary Anna and a boy Micah Paul ... From "The MacGilligan Family and the Great Hunger" (website).

Eric Popham's ‘Scottish O'Hara Photo Postcards’ Message: "I have setup two pages of photos. The first page contain the ones that I think are of people related to Mary "Nana Bayonne" O'HARA CONNAHAN (my great-grandmother). The second page are of people whom I feel are not related but were friends; however, there are several who are unidentified. I have posted messges at various genealogy sites with this link in the hopes that someone will be able to identify them. If anyone can place the faces in the pictures please let me know."

Ancestors of Frank O'Hara of Toronto, Canada icludes: Name List, Surname List, Last Will & Testament of Thomas O'Hara (1818 - 1892), Photographs and the History of St. Isidore Church, March Township, City of Kanata.

The O'Hara Family Of Charlestown, Massachusetts: John, Margaret & Sons Includes picture in possession of Rev. Francis A. O'Hara, which depicts his Great-grandfather, John O'Hara and Great-grandmother, Margaret[Duddy]O'Hara with their nine sons.

Last Will & Testament of Thomas O'Hara (1818 - 1892) Thomas O'Hara was of the Township of March in the County of Carleton in the Province of Ontario, Canada. O'Hara Crescent, now in Nepean, consists of up-scale homes in an attractive wooded area and may be the property referrred to in the will.

Dr. R. H. O'Hara (1838-1878, or later) was born in Owen County, Kentucky and was a son of James, a native of Ireland, and Lucy (Hardy) O'Hara.

Edward Fiske O'Hara (born 1890) born in Hanson County, South Dakota in 1890; his parents were John Fiske O'Hara, probably born in PA, possibly the Johnstown area.

Edwin J. O'Hara (1923-1942) The New York Chapter of the American Merchant Marine Veterans is named in memory of Cadet-Midshipman Edwin J. O'Hara. Site includes photograph of Cadet O'Hara from: We'll Deliver: Early History of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, 1938-1956.

Genealogy of Robert J. O'Hara The personal genealogy pages of Dr. Robert J. O'Hara of Department of Biology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. One of two main ancestral branches represented is a poorly-known Boston Irish branch going back to the time of the Irish potato famine (surnames O'Hara, Nugent, Cross, Thomson, and others).

The O'Hara Family of New Hampshire Amber Kelly O'Hara's genealogy page; she is researching the O'Hara's who now live in Gorham, NH.

Hugh O'Hara (born1812 in Ohio) Possibly connected to 1) Hugh O'Hara from Wayne County, Ohio, and maybe Mercer County, PA, and/or 2) Hugh O'Hara first located in Wabash County, Indiana.

R.W.O'Hara is a British professional genealogist. He conducts Public Record searches including military, naval, merchant seamen, West Indies, Foreign & Colonial Offices.

Bob O'Hara: Public Record Searches Quote: "I will conduct historical or genealogical research intovarious subjects ... many of which are held at the Public Record Office in Kew, London".

O'Hara/Flynn Looking for info on Bernard O'Hara his wife Catherine(Flynn) and dtr Rose anna all settled in US(New jersey) in 1850. From The Leitrim-Roscommon Bulletin Board.

John K. O'Hara (1860- c. 1926) family tree with pictures of John K. O'Hara (born Ireland, October 1860, died Lenawee, Michigan c. 1926), his spouse Sarah McCook, and their children.

O’Hara Families of County Cavan and Australia The O’Hara Family Association of Killinkere Parish, County Cavan, Ireland & NSW, Australia; provides locations of the 49 townlands, 1857 locations of O’Hara farms, and family history and genealogy.

Descendants of Thomas O'Hara (1831-1896) of County Cavan and Australia Thomas O'Hara born 17 May 1831 in County Cavan, Ireland; died 8 Sep 1896 at Plainfield, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia; buried 10 Sep 1896 3 in C of E Section (Grave A5 & 6) of Glen Innes Cemetery. He married on 7 Jul 1852 in Killinkere Church of Ireland, Co. Cavan, Ireland, his first cousin Sarah O'Hara born circa 1831; died 4 Jun 1881 6 in Glen Innes, NSW, Australia, buried with her husband in Glen Innes Cemetery, daughter of Samuel O'Hara and Elizabeth Jordan of Greaghadossan, Killinkere, Co. Cavan, Ireland.

William O'Hara may have been the only O'Hara to sail on R.M.S. Titanic. Read all about him.

Thomas Edward O'Hara (1875-1937) Picture of him belonging to his daughter, Mary Bridget O'Hara (1900 - 1964), showing him surrounded by 9 other O'Hara boys and men.

Patrick Lavin's Ancestral Quest His ancestors have lived for generations in the baronies of Boyle and Ballintuber North in County Roscommon; his research recounts only his paternal and maternal forebears, the Lavins and the Callerys, and his father's maternal forebears, the O'Haras.

The Life and Times of James O'Hara (c. 1808-1865) was born 17 July around 1808 in or around the Drumkeeron area of Co Leitrim, Ireland, and died at Tarben Creek, Australia, on June 24, 1865. He married Elizabeth Anderson Egan from Kildallen, Co Cavan at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sydney, on 16 or 24 June 1845. He was stationed at Oakhampton, West Maitland, NSW, Australia, where all their children were born, starting with Thomas in 1846, James 1848 who died, Mary Ann 1849, Sophia 1851, John 1855, James 1857 and Robert 1859 (Cheryle Judge, Local Ireland, 2000).

Dennis O'Hara Kelly Birth: 18 Jun 1912, Bolding, Union County, Lapile Township, Arkansas. Death: 12 Sep 1915, Bolding, Union County, Lapile Cemetary, Arkansas.

The Family of John O'Hara & Mary Laden John O'Hara died 1908 (locations: Ballinisloe, Kilkenny, Ireland). Other family members: William O'Hara, Edward O'Hara, Marie O'Hara, Joseph O'Hara, Charles O'Hara, George O'Hara, Elizabeth O'Hara, Frank O'Hara, Robert Henry O'Hara (1888-1959)

Dr. Gary O'Hara Family Home Page Address: 131 S. Douglas Salina, KS 67401 United States. Quote: "I am researching John Joesph O'Hara who died about 1849 on the Ohio or Mississippi rivers. His three children were James Phillip O'Hara, Henry Clay O'Hara, and Alice (wife of Hugh Hampson in Memphis Tennessee). H. C. was "bound out" to Moses Hammond by a lawyer in Evansville, IN. after his father's death, and grew up in Warsaw, Il. H.C. O'Hara was the father of Henry Pitt my grandfather. Earl is my father".

O’Hara Family History Some Historic Facts About the O’Hara Family Assembled March 27, 1893 By C.H. Willey Principal, Barton Academy. Courtesy of Vermont Historical Society. From: Blair Genealogy: a site that provides information on Blair genealogy in general and the roots and history of my Blair ancestors who immigrated from Scotland to Vermont and New Hampshire in particular.

The Sharon Little-O'Hara Family Home Page Family Tree Maker page of Sharon A. O'Hara, Beach Park, Ill 6099-3809. Her Husband's ancestors included Randall O'Hara from Ireland.

Descendants of John James O'Hara+Sarah Ann McCaffery From Homepage of Gaelynn Wall and Miles Dube, Fox Creek, Alberta. Family Trees iclude: O'Hara Family - from Ireland to Ontario to North Dakota.

Alida Victoria O'Hara Birth: 29 April 1892, Ada, Ohio. Father: William Tecumseh Sherman O'Hara. Married: Henry Reese Butler, 28 November 1913, Cleveland, Ohio.

Olive Ann O'Hara (born 12-27-1839; died 5-21-1864) Daniel L.(J) Fuller, born Jan 1833 Ohio, died 3-18-1924 Lake Co, FL, married 6-14-1857 Allen Co, IN Olive Ann O'Hara, born 12-27-1839 Allen Co, IN, died 5-21-1864 Allen Co, buried Bethel Cemetery in Allen Co, IN, with others of her family. Olive Ann was a daughter of Hugh O'Hara and Sarah Hopple.

Genealogy Information of Bob and Hazel O'Hara This page was designed to help keep O'Hara family information at the fingertips of all that access this site. And to encourage those that can to become interested in this form of communication and Family information Sharing. The Family of Robert and Hazel (Salvatore) O'Hara has its roots in Youngstown, Ohio but is spread out across Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania. The extended O'Hara Family reaches all over the United States. Homepage links to ‘O'Hara Family Genealogy Information’.

The Sharon O'Hara Family Page Looking for the ancestors of James and Susanna O'Harrah, who lived in Scioto County, Ohio but moved here from Pennsylvania. They lived in Scioto County, Ohio and had a grandson named George Elza (or Eldon) Boldman and changed his name to O'Hara in the early 1900's.

O'Hara family Quote: "I am trying to research my great great grandfather Patrick O'Hara but am having a hard time as i don't know what part of Ireland he is from or anything of his family. all i know is he was born in 1840 0n saint patricks day and later found his way to oregon where he married and owned a meat market, was a city councilman and had 3 children with wife Jennie" -Posted by Chandra Sawyer on November 01, 2000.

James and Ellen O'Hara came to the United States in 1953, with five of their children (the family would later grow to eight children). James was born in Aughaboy, County Longford, and Ellen (Kelly) at Kilroosky, County Roscommon. Site includes photographs of the O'Hara family and of Mary O'Hara (child). From Murphy's Family HomePage: Genealogy: Work-In-Progress.

Pearl N. O'Hara father of Benjamin Clarence O'Hara (born 1936) and grandfather of Jamie Denae O'Hara (born 1959) and Ramona Renae O'Hara (born 1962) of Upshur County, Texas.

The O'Hara and Kennedy Family Home Page seeking information about the John O'Hara family and the Andrew Black Kennedy family. John O'Hara was married March 10, 1877 in Watertown, Wisconsin to Ellen McLaughlin, daughter of George and Ann McLaughlin. They settled in or near Evanston.

The Frank and Louise O'Hara Family Home Page Frank O'Hara (1900-1971) was a native of the town land of Buggan, in the parish of Aughnasheelan, town of Ballinamore, County Leitrim, Ireland. His father was Patrick O'Hara and his mother was Mary McCaffrey. He emigrated to New Jersey in the late 1920's. Louise O'Hara (nee O'Kane, died 1988) was a native of Kilrea, County Derry, Northern Ireland. She came to America in 1930 and married Frank on June 8, 1932 at St. John's Church, Ridge Street, Orange. They were the parents of nine children, Patrick, Frank, Mary, Mike, Ed, Joe, Tom, Kathleen, and Ann. Frank O'Hara was the co-founder of both the Newark St.Patrick's Day Parade and the West Orange St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Descendants and Ancestors of Thomas Foster Tree currently contains 7067 individuals, in 3020 family groups, including George Earl O'Hara, Herbert Lee O'Hara, Harry Edward O'Hara, William Harvey O'Hara, William Howard O'Hara (born 25 August 1874 ), and William Howard O'Hara (Long Island Genealogy Surname Information).

O'Hara, Thomas Edward (1885-1957) & James L. (1887-1957) are burried at Mountain View Cemetery, Riverton, Fremont County, Wyoming.

Miles F. O'Hara served under George A. Custer and was killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn River. From Muster Rolls of 7th U.S. Cavalry, June 25, 1876 - scroll down to ‘Company M’.

Sergeant Miles O'Hara Archeology of the Battle of Little Bighorn/ Bibliography lists an article (Scott, Douglas, Melissa Connor, and Clyde Snow, 1988, ‘Nameless Faces of the Little Bighorn’. Greasy Grass 4:2-5 ) that identifies the human remains of Miles O'Hara.

Henry O'Hara Captain during the Revolutionary War (1776-1781); reference in the ‘Horton, Hennegan and Walton Family Page’.

The Fox, Carr, McDermott, O'Hara, McKee etc. Page Includes: 8 Generations starting in Co. Cavan, Ireland, in 1826, all descendants of James O'Hara and Mary Uunknown.

Patricia Ann O'Hara (born September 2, 48) Family tree.

David & Clemencia O'Hara Family Tree Maker: David E. O'Hara of Medford, OR 97501.

O'Hara, Reeve, Plowmann, Barton Family Tree Quoute:"This family tree is based on the life time of work my mother put into it. The sources are many. She spent many hours searching through parish registers, decyphering unreadable handwriting". Includes: Daniel O'Hara, Helen O'Hara (b 1952), Hugh Michael O'Hara (b 1951), Ian O'Hara (b. 1951), Stanley O'Hara (1883-1969), William Michael O'Hara (1922-1985), William O'Hara (1847-1924), William O'Hara (1807-1853).

Dennis O'Hara married Annie Maria McGeever (born 1930); children: Aidan, Pauline, Kevin, Deirdre, and Denise. From ‘Maggi's Home Page’(©

John O'Hara of Sligo and Brooklyn, NY children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of John O'Hara, born aprx 2/20/1830 in county Sligo, Ireland, came to Brooklyn 1849, married Mary McNight, and died 4/11/1881.

O'Hara's of Attymchugh, Co. Mayo I'm looking for any information abou the o'haras of attymchugh. Hugh O'Hara was listed as living there in 1836 - his daughter Catherine born in 1840's married Patrick Mullen of Attymass in 1866. She moved to Corrower. I'm wondering if any O'Haras still live in attymchugh any whether there is any who have heard of Hugh and family. please respond wiht any info to Rory Conway ( From: Foxford Discussion Board, Nov 18, 2001.

An O'Hara Family Tree (Pennsylvania, ± 1924)   FYI and info that may be of use for researching an O'Hara family of Pennsylvania, Scranton and Carbondale areas, plus other cities

Logan Connor O'Hara of the Seventh Generation of O'Haras, originally from Limerick   Logan Connor lives in Northwest Arkansas, but many of my family lived in Newton County, Missouri, specifically Pierce City and Monett.