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126. Dear O'Hara's,
I am wondering if there are any O'Hara family gatherings being organised at the moment, and if so where and when?
I would also like to suggest the idea of organising an O'Hara family gathering in Ireland. Would people be interested in attending and/or participating in this?
I come from County Carlow in Ireland and myself and my brother, Seamus O'Hara, run a small brewery there. Our main product is of course, O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
My idea for a family gathering is to get as many O'Hara's together as possible and to celebrate the skills and contributios of O'Hara to the world. This could include O'Hara art exhibitions, literary events, business seminars, political debates, food fairs, etc..
If anyone thinks this is a good idea, and is interested in discussing it further please let me know. Obviously I would hope that our brewery would get some publicity from this (I am an O'Hara after all!).
Eamon O'Hara.
Webmaster's comment: Check out also O'Hara products and brand names ( at this site.
by  Eamon O'Hara

127. Dear,
My great, greatgrandfather Felix Ohara married Elizabeth in New york 1875. Would love to know were in Ireland they were from. Can anyone be of help ?
Thanks! What a wonderful site this is for all oharas...
Joan Jasinski
From the webmaster's reply:
Dear Joan,
In the ‘Datebase of O'Hara Persons’ (, you can search for forenames like Felix or Elizabeth. To date three persons with forename Felix have been entered. All three lived in the nineteenth century and two have New York associations. These correspond to messages 37, 105, and 804 at the O'Hara Genealogy Forum.
The place to start is:
I wish you success in your search for your Felix & Elizabeth O'Hara.
by  Joan Jasinski

128. Subject: An open letter to Maureen O'Hara
Ms. O'Hara,
I stood in awe of you years ago and I still do. My youngest daughter has now gone to being a red head and has an attitude like Mary Kate in "The Quiet Man".
I wondered if you would possibly know something. I am collecting information about Mr. Wayne for my brother. He's a major Wayne nut. Did Mr. Wayne own any of the horses he rode in his films?
Mary Sherman
by  Mary Sherman

129. Hey OHara's, I kind of stumbled across this website. Totally cool. I am a 31 year old living in New York City. Shout out to all the O'Haras across the world.
by  Chris O'Hara

130. Good Day all O'Hara's...
Best wishes to all from Ipswich Massachusetts - on the Atlantic Coast...On a clear day I think I can see the green hills of Ireland as I look east over the Atlantic!
by  Mark O'Hara

131. Dear
Does anyone recognize Frank Wallace born 1872 in NY married Elizabeth Ohara 1893 ?
by  Joan Jasinski

132. hello there,
i am trying to find a book called The Red Sailor written by Patrick O'Hara and just wondered on the off chance that one of your members may be able to help me, it must be nearly 40yrs since since it blessed my hands, hope you can help an avid reader,
yours sincerely,
Bill Sanderson
by  William Sanderson

133. Dear,,
Subject: Hugh O'Harra & Sarah Hopple O'Harra
I am looking for any information on Hugh and Sarah. The centered around Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Hugh born in the early 1800's in Ohio. Late moved to Constantine Michigan area. Had a daughter, Olive Ann. I have lots of information on their descendants.
Brian O'Harra
by  Brian O'Harra

134. Dear,
Subject: Patrick & Margaret O'Hara from Enniskillen, Ireland
My grandparents Patrick & Margaret O'Hara were married in Enniskillen Ireland they came to England &lived at Chatham Kent he worked at Chatham Dockyards in the 30's& 40's they had four children Tom,Eva, Henry & Elsie.Patrick's father's name was Michael &lived at New Brompton,my grandfather was also called Henry and used to have drink at the Red Lion at Chatham. Would appreciate any help as I don't much more than this. Thanking You.
Mary O'Hara
by  Mary O'Hara

135. Dear,
For Gilles O'Hara, I'm looking for his gggrand father, Thomas O'Hara and his wife Rose Grant, married around 1858, who came to Canada in 1872 (noted in Canadian census 1901) with children James-Bernard (born 1859), John-Thomas, Mary and John.
Gilles is going to visit his ancestral land in September. Where is he going to go?...
Thank's for informations!
by  Bernard Lebeuf

136. Dear,
Antrim 1930's, Ellen and Andrew O'Hara owned Clonard Confections, 142 Falls Road, [Belfast]. My dad Joseph O'Hara was altar boy, Clonard Monestery. Anyone know them or heard of them please let me know.
Thank you,
Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara
by  Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

137. Hello Everyone!
I was born in Dublin, Ireland but currently live in Oakville, Ontario Canada. I have lived all over the world with my husband's job & am thrilled to find this website.
by  Deborah (O'Hara) Matteazzi

138. I did not realise there were so many O'Hara's. Unfortunately I don't know any of my ancestors. My mother was an orphan from Banagher, Co. Offaly and I know nothing about my fathers family. (Big secret!). But it's great to know that there are so many potential relatives.
by  Anthony O'Hara

139. HEY OHARAS!!!! I didn't realise that there were so many of us. I actually stumbled on this sight be accident and it is GREAT. Way to show some OHARA pride. Keep up the good work!!!
Meagan O'Hara, Chicago, Illinois
by  Meagan O'Hara

by  Mugu O'Hara

141. hi ther James,
thanks for your reply on the Red Sailor, No i havent found a copy yet, i live in hope. I have aquired 4 of his books The luck of the Lonely Sea, I Got No Brother, God came On Friday and The Yangtze Run, i see your message on the O'Hara website but as to date no replies, thanks for your help very kind of you. I see on one of his books it said Pat Ohara was living in Aberdeen but this would have to be verified as the book is thirty years old.
regards Bill
by  William Sanderson

142. listen mate i dunno who you are apart from that you are o'hara, and consequently, that happens to be my name! YES mine! If you do not want to go home in an ambulance change your name and delete this website so the REAL oharas can make their own on the address. GRRRRR! - kiddin hi!
by  mr muffin man ohara

143. Dear,
My Grandfather was John O'Hara (O'Harra) born Sabina Ohio, near Washington Courthouse in 1840. My Mother Genevieve born in Columbus Ohio 1894. Then lived in Lancaster, Cleveland Ohio and Huntington W.Va. I live in Hamilton Ohio. I have History on O'Hara,Kiernan and Donahue.
Joseph O'Hara Brandabur M.D.
by  Joseph O'Hara Brandabur M.D.

144. Hi, my name is Angela Roache but my grandmothers name was Alice O'Hora ( O'Hara in US). Dont know much about my american relations but would love to find out any thing.
by  Angela Roache

145. Dear,
I stumbled on this site looking for a crest for our Family reunion and there was a link from! Its great. I came from a Charles O'Hara branch who adventured in the Philippines and meet my Spanish Grandma there. My father's name is Harvey, 3rd of 5 siblings. My Grandpa was also married to a Filipina before my Grandma and had three kids. The O'Hara family from this branch (Charles) is celebrating a reunion May 23/04 and we're looking to have 150 folks on this side here in Naperville, IL USA.
Keep up the Great Work!
Floyd O'Hara
by  Floyd O'Hara

146. I am descended from Catherine Theresa O'Hara who wed John Patrick Higgins in New Orleans, LA, in 1845. She was born in New Brunswick. I think her father was Charles Keane O'Hara, since he died at her home address. He was born in Ireland.
by  Rita Curry-Pittman

147. Dear,
I am looking for any information on Patrick O'hara that married a Mary Nolan. I do not know when this took place but sure it was in the late 1800's. Any information would be helpful.
Rhonda McCarthy
by  Rhonda McCarthy

148. I am James F. O'Hara, son of James Hugh, son of James Richard, son of Hugh James (He being born in the "auld sod" we're not sure where). All gone but me, all of Pittsburgh, PA USA.
by  Jim O'Hara

149. Hello Everyone,
I'm Chris, son of John James,Grandson of James O'Hara and Sarah (Haynes). Could anyone contact me with any information concerning the Galway O'Hara's in/around the Tuam area-My Father,John(living in England) was beleived to be the last in the family line,not so. Last contact was around 1950.
Thanks er... cousins.
Christopher F. O'Hara
by  Christopher F. O'Hara

150. O'Hara Rulz!!
Just wanted to say hello to all of those other O'Hara's in the world!! Have a great day!
by  Aubrey O'Hara


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