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426. The «Census of Ireland, 1911» at the «National Archives of Ireland» The 1901 and 1911 censuses are the only surviving full censuses of Ireland open to the public. Both censuses cover the island of Ireland. The 1911 census was taken on 2 April 1911. The records for 1911 are being digitised first, then those for 1901. The order in which counties will be made available, starting in December 2007, with 1911, is:
Dublin, Kerry, Antrim & Down, Donegal, Cork, Wexford, Galway, King’s County (Offaly), Limerick, Mayo, Waterford, Armagh, Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Fermanagh, Kildare, Kilkenny, Leitrim Londonderry (Derry), Longford, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Queen’s County (Laois), Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Tyrone, Westmeath, Wicklow
The National Archives of Ireland
The Census of Ireland, 1911
Search the 1911 Dublin census records
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

427. Hello, David O'Hara was my great grandfater. I was wondering if there are any relations or if anyone has any information on him or James Edward O'Hara. I would be much obliged. KP
by  Katie Payne

428. The O'Hara's of Drumina, near Tubbercurry, Co.Sligo, Eire
We are the O'Hara's of Drumina, just outside Tubbercurry on the Balina Rd, Co Sligo, Connaught, Eire. My name Desmond was chosen by my Mother who is from Munster. Our parents brought themselves looking for work into England running various London pubs through the 1960's- 90's inclusive.
Our grandfather was Michael, who had 2 sons, eldest being Patrick, & my uncle Eamon. Eamon went to Newcastle England & had 4 sons, ( my first cousins ) in order of birth Michael, Sean, junior Eamon, & Liam, some of these have sons too. Can we add these to your O'Hara tree? Regards
Desmond O'Hara,
Architect, Hampton London UK.
by  Desmond O'Hara

429. Mary O'Hara, born 1821 in Longford, Ireland & died 1895 in NSW, Australia
Mary O'Hara was my great great grandmother. Mary was born in 1821 at Kiloe Longford Ireland. Mary's parents were Michael and Margaret O'Hara. Mary arrived Sydney Australia 4 April 1849 on the ship Digby; Mary married Robert Charters in 1851 and had 8 children. Mary died 25 Sep 1895 in Gundaroo NSW Australia.
Susan Young
by  Susan Young

430. John "Jack" O'Hara — Legendary Lawman from South Dakota
I'm the cemetery foreman for the RoseHill Cemetery in Spearfish, South Dakota and I'm just seeking info on a supposed infamous lawman from the Spearfish or Deadwood area named (according to our records) John "Jack" O'Hara. Any additional info about this man would sure be nice to have as part of the cemetery's records.
My records indicate that John "Jack" O'Hara (31 years old) lived between ?/?/1853 and 2/14/1884 when his life was taken by horse thieves. There are two other younger girls buried in his plot as well; Hattie O'Hara (6 yrs. old) lived between 5/22/1874 and 2/16/1880 and Maude O'Hara (3 yrs. old) who lived between 11/16/1877 and 2/18/1880. Another thing that is interesting is all of their dates of death. Could John have died in 1880 or the girls in 1884 and they were all murdered besides their mother whom we have no records of, or is it just a bizarre coincidence? The only conclusion i can come to is that one of their records is wrong and they were all murdered (except for the mother) or the girls died of disease and John was later murdered? Any info. that would be helpfull would sure be appreciated
Clark Hoyt — RoseHill Cemetery Foreman — Spearfish, SD.
P.S. They probably lived in the Deadwood, Spearfish, Lead, or Sturgis area(s) of South Dakota. I found a New York Times article via on John "Jack" O'Hara, it reads as follows:
DEADWOOD, Dakota, Feb. 15.-Information was received here a few days ago that an attempt would be made by cowboys to rescue Jesse Pruden, arrested for horse stealing at Miles City, Montana, and en route for Deadwood. A party left Spearfish to assist the officer having Pruden in charge. On arriving at Stoneville, 75 miles north of Deadwood, yesterday, the posse was attacked by cowboys, and a man named O'Hara was killed and Fred Willard was wounded. One cowboy named Cunningham was killed. Another, whose name is unknown, was wounded and captured. The cowboys then fled. A party is now being organized at Spearhead to pursue the outlaws.
by  Clark Hoyt

431. Yet Another O'Hara, born in Rossendale, Lancashire, England
Seasons greetings to all O'Haras !
I was born in Rossendale, Lancashire, England. My Father was called Tom, my Grandfather George Thomas, my Gt Grandfather Michael and Gt Gt Grandfather Patrick. I would be delighted if any of you contacted me if you recognise these names.
Kevin Michael O'Hara
(Previous message: August 30, 2006)
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to all O'Haras
My family and I now live in Worcester, England, but my Great Great Grandfather, Patrick, married to Mary (nee Sullivan, we think), came to Rossendale in Lancashire at time of potato famine. Don't know when he was born or where. They were in 1871 census as living in Dean, Rossendale Lancs. They had 7 children: Anne born 1868, John 1871, Mary 1875, Michael (my Great Grand Father) 1876, Thomas 1878, William 1881 and James 1884. Apart from James and Michael, who we know stayed in Rossendale we have no knowledge of the others so they could have moved anywhere in UK or the World.
Any info please get in touch. Love to hear from other cousins in any event.
Kevin Michael O'Hara
by  Kevin Michael O'Hara

432. 200 O'Haras' here
My Great Grandfather John O'Hara born 1837 Ireland, died 1883 Boston Massachusetts.One of 13 siblings. He migrated from Rush, Dublin County Ireland to Boston Mass in 1860. At least two brothers followed: Frank J O'Hara arrived 1861 aged 13 and William, age unknown. I'm told some went to Sidney, Australia. My G.G.Grandfather was also John O'Hara and his wife Ellen Dunne (not positive). I'm told my G. Grandfather was a fisherman in Rush before he left. I'm looking for O'Haras' still in Rush, having a tough time, help would be appreciated.
The O'Haras' are great, I consider all O'Haras' as family
God Bless,
Edward L. O'Hara Revere, Mass
Second (guest-book) message
Hi all ,Ed O'Hara Revere, Massachusetts USA.There are 200 O'Haras nearby, all the same family My Great Grandfather, John o'Hara was born in Ireland in 1837. He was one of 13 children. He migeated to the U.S. from Rush,Dublin County Ire. ar. Boston Mass. in1860. Married Margaret Donohue (born dublin 1842,died Revere mass. (1926), Margaret came to US 1861. They lived in the Noth End of Boston, Mass. and had 8 children. John died 1883, age 46. Two of johns brothers also came to the US. Frank J O'Hara B 1847. Frank ar. US in 1861'William dob unk,ar in US 1864. I'm told My G G Grandfathers name was also john, he married Ellen Dunne. The family ended up some how in Rush. They were fishermen. Some of the other siblings migrated to Sidney, Australia. I am having a difficult,time locating any O'Haras who might still be living in Rush, or which ones went to Australia.Any info would be apreciated tel(collect).1 781 485 0732 US..or write Edward O'Hara 330 Beach St. Revere, Massachusetts 02151 USA I consider all O'Haras family.
by  Edward L. O'Hara

433. Coopershill House, County Sligo, and the O'Haras
Hello to you and yours,
I think your correspondent Barbara Best (messages no. 193 & 198, no. 273 & no. 395) from London and I are connected somewhere. She is a carbon copy of an aunt on my fathers side. I understand that we hail from a distant grandfather who challenged Charles O'Hara ( was it him ?) when he transferred the estates into the name of his sisters only child, on he proviso that he change his name to O'Hara from Cooper. There was a court case over it I understand, dcided by whoever had the deepest pockets, I also understand. I had a factory in Ballyshannon in the 70's and 80's and met with Dermot O'Hara in Annaghmore and William in Coopershill House (Link). Dermot invited us to buy the place admitting that he wasn't really an O'Hara.........but it needed so muchwork that we chose not to. I'm now a Tax Practitioner on Anglesy, retired, but working harder than ever.
Viv G. O'Hara
Viv's previous (guest-book) messages: no. 4 & 5, no. 416
by  Viv Gervaise O'Hara

434. Hi all. Just Sayiing Hello for all the O'Haras in Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada
by  Timothy Charles O'Hara

435. My two kids are the Spanish O´Haras: Arantxa Crucelaegui O´Hara and Ricardo Crucelaegui O´Hara. I´m Susan O´Hara and was born in Blackpool in 1951. My dad was Thomas O´Hara born in Leeds in 1913. I´m currently living in Madrid..
by  Susan O´Hara

436. My my two children are also half spanish. Their names are Daniel junior O'Hara and Claudino Antonio O'Hara My name is Daniel O'Hara i was born in eastbourne uk in 1976 my father is anthony peter O'Hara born in Burnley in 1953 and his fathers name was Harvey.
by  Daniel O'Hara

437. My name is Ellen Jane Gleason. I am one of six cheildren born to Martin J. O'Hara and Marjorie E. O'Hara. I was born in New Jersey in 1953. I think I may have a half brother perhaps named John born in 1946/47 on the Pacific Coast. I am looking for him; he has family that wants to meet him and love him. Our father died in 1981 and I think you were at his funeral. I understand he provided for you even though he had six other children. My e-mail is Contact me.
by  Ellen Jane Gleason

438. im 21, im the Son of Richard F. O'Hara from East Boston / Winthrop Mass.. Im looking To find other family from around my area.. so please send me an email....
by  Richard James O'Hara

439. My maternal grandmother was baptized by Cannon O"Hara at Glan Chapel and remembers him coming to her parents home in Glan in the 1890's.
PS. Glan is in the south of Co. Mayo, Ireland. The church is still active and it was and is part of the larger parish of Kilmovee. It is not too far from Knock...the famous shrine, and a good sized airport for jet liners carrying "pilgrims". The nearest small town to Glan and Kilmovee Parish is Kilkelly. The largest "city" near it is Ballahaderrean (spelling ?). It was an area of small tenant farmers fairly poor. He was appointed parish priest in Kilmovee / Glan Parish in 1881. His name was R.O'Hara according to the website – the part dealing with priests who served Kilmovee parish. Canon O'Hara is still remembered today.
by  John Buscemi

440. Pittsburgh, PA O'Haras
Hello from the O'Haras from Pittsburgh.
I am Robert Joseph O'Hara, III, son of Robert Jr, son of Robert Sr. I am one of 8 kids. My dad was one of 4, (2 sisters, Patricia (3 kids) and Peggy (deceased, no children) and on brother, Jack (deceased, 3 or 4 kids; moved to near Columbus, Ohio). My grandfather was with the post office for his entire career, retiring as post master general for a larger area north of Pittsburgh. We are planning a trip to Ireland this summer and I am trying to learn more about where our Irish ancestors are from. This site is helpful.
Best regards to all O'Haras around the world!
Robert Joseph "R.J." O'Hara, III
by  Robert Joseph "R.J." O'Hara, III

441. Born in Singapore, 27th Dec 1982, from Gordon Maurice O'Hara
by  Patricia Ann O'Hara

442. E-mail addition:
by  Edward R. O'Hara

443. O'Hara Family Additions My grandmother was Catherine O'Hara King. I would like to add her family. She and all her siblings were born in County Limerick to John O'Hara and Cathetrine Canty:
John Patrick O'Hara born 26 Aug 1860, died 12 May 1910 in Chicago;
Bridget O'Hara born 16 August 1862;
Anna O'Hara born 24 December 1864;
Thomas O'Hara born 27 October 1867;
Maria O'Hara born 13 March 1870, died 15 January 1952 Chicago, married Michael Barry;
Michael b 2 Dec 1870 d in Boer War;
Francis O'Hara born 28 June 1874, died 1958 in Gary Indiana, married Catherine Barry;
Patrick O'Hara born 13 May 1877, died 11 January 1928 in Limerick;
James O'Hara born 20 October 1878, died 9 November 1945 in Limerick;
Catherine O'Hara born 28 August 1883, died 14 July 1957 in Limerick, married Dan King Bill King;
Bill King
by  Bill King

by  Patrick O'Hara

445. Hello O'Hara Cousins
I'm Francis Xavier O'Hara.
I was born August 29th 1955 to John Francis & Mary Patricia Raines-O'Hara in San Francisco, Calif.
I stumbled across your website. Can i get the oharas alias “” ?
Francis Xavier O'Hara
by  Francis Xavier O'Hara

446. My Grandfather Charles Lee O'Hara from Augusta, Maine
I'm trying to develop information regarding my grandfather's parents. He was born in Augusta Maine around 1883 and had a brother, John. I've found nothing for him or his brother.
Does anyone know anything about the O'Haras from Augusta, Maine?
Sean O'Hara
by  Sean O'Hara

447. Hi OHARAS this is liam here just saying hi .i'm from ireland and was raised in toronto. My entire family is irish.
by  Liam James O'Hara

448. Proud to be an O'Hara
Our O'Hara tree goes back to John O'Hara & Martha Miller 1819; we are looking for their parents or siblings, born in Antrim Ireland. We have Charle's family & Henery's family but also looking for Alexander, John & Samuel O'Hara. They went to Ayrshire Scotland 1856. Happy to hear if you have any information.
We live in Queensland, Australia. Keep up the good work, great guestbook.
Kerrie & John O'Hara
by  Kerrie & John O'Hara

449. I'm an O'Hara, I'm not spanish but I'm peruvian and I know the spanish language, nice to know some spanish speaking O'Hara people!
by  Charles O'Hara -the third-

450. I'm a O'Hara fron NJ. Father is Edward Michael O'Hara named after his father. Mother is Shirley Alu. Have lived in NJ all my life. Father was born in Paterson. Grandfather Edward O'Hara lived in Saddle Brook, NJ until he died of cancer in the mid-80's. Any info would be cool.
by  Jason Edward O'Hara


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