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501. Lost O'Hara Family
I'm Chris, son of John James,Grandson of James O'Hara and Sarah (Haynes).
Could anyone contact me with any information concerning the Galway O'Hara's in/around the Tuam area. My Father, John (living in England) was beleived to be the last in the family line, not so. Last contact was around 1950.
Thanks er... cousins.
Christopher F O'Hara
PS. See also messages 149 and 247
by  Christopher F. O'Hara

502. hello. my name is Danice O'Hara. i'm from the philippines and i am a descendant of James O'Hara, an American thomasite who went here in the philippines to teach eduaction a long long time ago. i would just want to say that there are many O'Haras here in the philippines as well. and i'm quite surprised that we O'Haras have a family crest. if you are well informed about our last name's history please do inform me. thankyou!. please do email me here:
by  Danice O'Hara

503. My father: Delmar T. O'Hara
I saw the following on your site under Lists of Renowned O'Haras:

O'Hara, Delmar T. (*1916), Lawyer, company executive. II 450, 311

This is my father. WC Bunting is the company he founded. I am curious what "II 450, 311" means.
Biograhical details about my father: he was born November 10th 1916 and passed away on December 7th 1978 at the tender age of 62. He had five children born between 1947 and 1958: Delmar Terrence O'Hara (12/7/47), Timothy Mark O'Hara (11/30/49), Kathleen Ann O'Hara Hursh (10/18/51), Becky Jane O'Hara Gendreau (9/10/56) and me, Patrick Thomas O'Hara (11/10/58). I don't know if it means anything, but I think it's fascinating that he shares a birthday with his youngest son and passed away on the birthday of his eldest son.
Patrick O'Hara
National Sales Manager
WC Bunting Co
1425 Globe St
East Liverpool
OH 43920
PS. Dad was also in the State Legislature of Ohio.
Extract from the Webmaster's Reply
The reference numbers "II 450, 311" are found on page 2797 (volume 7) of the American Biographical Index, 2nd cumulated and enlarged edition (ABI), which contains a summary of the information contained about more than 488,000 persons featured in the American Biographical Archive (ABA) and the American Biographical Archive, Series II (ABA II). Completed in 1996 ABA II is a cumulation of 127 biographical reference works published to 1980 and reproduced in a single alphabetical sequence of 734 microfiches. ABA and ABA II together cover a total of 502 biographical reference works contained on 2576 microfiches. The reference "II 450 311" therefore means: ABA II, microfiche no. 450 and frame no. 311. That frame contains a photographic copy of the entries about your father in two biographical reference works, namely Who's Who and Midwest.
by  Patrick Thomas O'Hara

504. Looking for O'Hara ancestors
My name is Eileen Hartley. I am searching for any relatives of Martin O'Hara who married Agnes (Bridget) Spellman in Phila. PA in 1909. His father was Michael O'Hara and mother was Mary Brady from County Mayo.
by  Eileen Hartley

505. How does one get into the database? Sharon O'Hara, Director Center for Community Action & Training (CCAT), 448 Ignacio Blvd, #148, Novato, CA 94949, ph: 415.493.5722, fx: 415.634.3224,
Webmaster's reply: I have added your name to the List of Contributors to the Database
by  Sharon O'Hara

506. I will have to sign in from down-under. [AUSTRALIA- for those unitiated] My gggrandfather was Thomas who married 1st cousin Sarah. Both hailed from Greahdosan, Cavan, Ireland. Contact welcome.
by  Colin O'Hara

507. my mother was a o'hara from heathlawn killimor co. galway — pat kenny, from portarlington co. laois
by  Pat Kenny

508. Updating message posted in 2003
Just giving everyone a quick update about me, Lionel Hamilton O'Hara: born 1956 of Desmond Hamilton and grandson of Edward Hamilton, have 2 children Harrison Hamilton (born 1989) and Holly Mitzie Elizabeth (born 1994), reside in the UK with both children, have danced on moon beams across the Indian Ocean and sat in solitude upon mountains high, lived, loved and laughed a lot.
My son Harrison is now at University in the UK reading Construction Management. My daughter is going to be a famous actress ... she told me so but first she has to attend school.
Lionel Hamilton O'Hara
Original messages: 103 & 104
by  Lionel OHara

509. My name is Colin O'Hara (26), I am from Cavan. My Father was born in Sligo.
by  Colin O'Hara

510. O'Hara, Flynn, McCarrick of County Sligo
My ggrandmother was Bridget O'Hara, of County Sligo, Townland of Cloonbarry, RC parish of Kilmacteige. Born probably mid-1800's. Deceased by the time the 1901 census was taken. She married Patrick Flynn, Sligo, Cloonbarry,probably mid to latter 1800's. One of their daughters, Mary Flynn (my grandmother) married my grandfather, Henry Thomas McCarrick (also Cloonbarry) between 1901 and 1905. I know very little about my O'Hara/Flynn side.
Anyone out there who knows anything about these people? Thank you,
Eileen Licitra
See also Previous message: No. 476
by  Eileen Licitra

511. The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara
What does the O' signify on Irish names? What is the origin (meaning) of the name?
Jana Strong
Webmaster's reply
Dear Jana,
the O' (really Ó or Uí), like Mac, in an Irish or Scottish (Gaelig) name means "son of". The name probably means something like "son of Hara". I'm James O'Hara so in Irish that would be Séamus Ó hEaghra. The feminine form of Ó is "ní" meaning "daughter of". Thus, a girl called Mary O'Hara would be Máire ní hEaghra. The gh in the name is an aspirated g and was abbreviated in the Gaelig script as g with a dot over it. See the O'Hara crest on the home page. Here's a link about a fifteenth-century O'Hara on the history page at this site.
Follow-up Message: The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara (message no. 527)
by  Jana Strong

512. Seeking further information about ancestors
My great grandfather John O'Hara was born circa 1819 in the Ballymena, Antrim area. His wife was Martha Millar and they had six children: Alexander b. 1841; Jane,b.1844; Charles, b.1846; Henery b.1847; John, b 1850; Samuel, b 1854. They then moved to Scotland where Margaret was born1/3/1857.
We have 650 descendants in the family tree but know nothing about the descendants of the youngest three children, John, Samuel & Margaret.
Would love to hear from their descendants please.
Charles Robert O'Hara
by  Charles Robert O'Hara

513. Hello my name is Jennie O'Hara from Minnesota. I am currently researching my grandfather John Terrence O'Hara b. 08/12/1880 had children with Minnie Leyde, however, never married. Resided in Minneapolis, MN. All I have to go on is a WWI Registration Card for him. I'm looking for any information I can get. It has been said that he was born in New York. Family has mentioned that his mother lived in Duluth or Two Harbors, MN.
by  Jennie M. O'Hara

514. If anyone knows me contact me ...
Born In Newark New Jersey 12-05-1972; graduted Union High School Union NJ.
Father James Patrick O'Hara Sr. Mother Luz Digna Melendez O'Hara.
James Patrick O'Hara Jr.
by  James Patrick O'Hara Jr.

515. Looking to trace O'Hara family roots to Ireland
Looking to trace family roots to Ireland, possibly Co. Mayo. My great great grandmother was Kathryn O'Hara who married Patrick Pryle.
Their daughter Kathryn Pryle married John Ritenour. They had 4 children: Kathryn Naomi, John, Charles Raymond and Wanda.
Lisa Ordean
by  Lisa Ordean

516. I would like the e-mail of Dermot and Rosemary O'Hara, I was babysitting during summer 19.. looking after the lovely Kean and the so charming Durcan. I enjoyed so much the welcome, and "la joie et les taquineries" of Dermot during my summer at Annaghmore ! Dermot learn me driving his land rover in the parc, and I remember a wonderful and terrific morning in the zodiac for picking up the "casiers" of lobsters.
From the Webmaster's Reply: In the Sligo Weekender I found the following death notice (Tuesday, November 01, 2005): «BEREAVEMENT: Sincere sympathy is extended to Dermot O'Hara and family on the recent death of his wife, Rosemary, late of Annaghmore».
From Emmanuelle de Schompré's Reply: Your mail confirms that is indeed the family of Dermot O'Hara and it is with sadness I read about the death of Rosemary. I thank you very much for your research; it is so great a souvenir for me.
by  Emmanuelle de Schompré

517. Can someone convert a Family Tree Maker backup file to a Gedcom? I received a family tree from a distant cousin but it is in the form of .fbk but I need it converted to a .ged to import into my tree. I believe the software is called Family Tree Maker. Any help most appreciated. :)
by  Mark O'Hara

518. Looking for Patrick O'Hara from Ottawa Ontario Canada. I am looking for Patick O'Hara who was looking for Sean O'Hara who married Marcia Latty in MO Bay Jamaica.
by  Donna Moreland O'Hara

519. Grandfather Jerry O'Hara came to Canada and then to SW Missouri (c. 1900)
My grandparents (Jerry O'Hara and Mamie Normile) came to Canada and then to SW Missouri. I don't have the facts in front of me but will say it was around 1900. They had six sons (James, Paul, Brian, Mark, and Clarence) and one daughter (Ruth). In the 30s and 40s the farm failed and all of the boys dispersed from SW Missouri (Ruth died in her youth). There are still some relatives back there.
I am the third child of Paul and Dorthy (Kennedy). I live in Georgia now.
Jerald Patrick O'Hara
by  Jerald Patrick O'Hara

520. Dennis O'Hara from Ireland who married Elizabeth Hahn
Is anyone related to Dennis O'Hara from Ireland who married Elizabeth Hahn?
They had Charles b. 10/13/1882, Andrew b. 12/30 1883, Edward b. 2/2/1887, Ann b. 10/13, 1888, Helen b. 8/5/1890 and Elizabeth b. 12/23/1891.
They were members of St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Chester Heights, PA and lived in Lenni, PA.
Pam O'Hara Huff
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

521. My father was William Joseph O'Hara
My father was William Joseph O'Hara he had 2 sisters Mary and Margaret both never married.
He Married Margaret C Bunce they had 8 children; Mary Jane,William,Pam,Francis,Gerard,Gerald, Margot and Kathleen. The parents lived in NYC and moved to Ridgewood NJ.
Any info would help.
Gerard T O'Hara
by  Gerard T O'Hara

522. I am looking for information on my great-grandfather John "Jack" Terrence O'Hara. I have a WWI Registration Card to go off of. He was born 08/12/1880 in New York. He moved at some point to Minnesota. Did not marry but had approx. 9 children with Minnie Leyde. Children are: Fern Alice, John T, Daniel, Donald, Thomas, Frank, Leo, Patrick, Mary Jane... birth years range from 1914 to 1927. If anyone has any information regarding John I would greatly appreciate it.
by  Jennie M. O'Hara

523. I'm trying to find info on Roger O'Hara b. Ireland abt 1802 who lived in Bradford, Yk and died about 1865. Son Patrick was married to Bridget McGuinn. and had 9 children in Bradford. Hope someone can help. Best, Kathleen.
by  Kathleen Eaton

524. im guessing all oharas arent related lol nj.
by  Marissa O'Hara

525. My name is Kathryn O'Hara from Skaneateles Falls, NY. If anyone knows anything about O'Hara's from that area please email. I'm trying to research my family tree.
by  Kathryn O'Hara


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