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651. My name is Kevin Michael O'Hara, from England. I am trying to trace my GG Grandfathers family in Bocks Mayo. GG Grandfather was Patrick and he was born in 1836. Uk census says Bock Co Mayo. He, like a million Irish, left during/after potato famine. They settled in Lancashire and worked in cotton mills. UK census info says that both Patrick and wife, Mary Sullivan, were born in Bocks Co Mayo. They married in England. This is going to be difficult as both the names Patrick and O'Hara are not exactly unusual. Any help appreciated.
by  Kevin Michael O'Hara

652. Hi, I am searching for a young lady who was a painter and had a gallery. Her name was Katie O'Hara. She passed away in 2001. I used to chat with her, she was part of a prayer team we belonged to. Her Dad had passed on when she was young and she called me Pop. I would like to find out more about Katie, I even wrote a poem about her, but cannot remember her. Please contact me if you have any information about Katie O'Hara.
Thank you.
by  Bob Macchia

653. Hello to whomever reads this. I am an O'Hara, of Ottawa, Canada. Currently, I am mastering International Studies, with specializations in French and Economics, to become a diplomat. My most dire inquiry concerns the location of any saved notation or photograph - whether singular or multiple, any number of documentation would be precious - of my grandfather, Platoon and Artillary Sergeant Kenneth O'Hara.
by  Conor Kenneth Lorne (O'Hara)

654. Hello, I am Colleen O'Hara living in the United States. I have a friend doing geneology for me and she has traced my tree back many generations. My father is Robert William O'Hara (Bob) in northern California, Grandfather William O'Hara of San Fernando, California. I'd be happy to provide anyone who is interested a link to our family tree.
by  Colleen O'Hara

655. My GGGrandfather Patrick moved to Lancashire, he was born in Co Mayo in 1837 and left during potato famine. He married Mary Sullivan, also from Mayo, in 1867. His father is listed, on their marriage certificate, as Patick O'Hara, deceased, and occupation of Farmer. I am unable to discover if Patrick senior died in Ireland or England and have no idea of his DOB.Family names are: Patrick, John, Joseph, Michael, William, Thomas,James and Ann. I think I have Patrick Jnr as a lodger in 1861 census near Rochdale but as a lodger, he was 24 years old. Any help appreciated.
by  Kevin O'Hara

656. I was born in England. My GGfather, David, came down to Carlisle from Glasgow (Scotland) but whether it was he or his father that came over from the West of Ireland - Co. Mayo probably, I do not know. I now live in Nova Scotia. Family names were James, Thomas, William.
by  Martin O'Hara

657. Famous O'Haras
It was Charles O'Hara who handed over the sword of surrender to Washington, the second in command, at Yorktown; he also had occasion to surrender to Napoleon. He is not proud of this fact but there is little he can do about it now. It was a sergeant Miles O'Hara who was the first cavalry man to die at Little Big Horn and it was Theodore O'Hara who wrote the immortal lines “On games eternal camping ground their lonely tents are spread And glory guards with solemn round the bivowac of the dead”. Bivoac of the dead is on tens of thousands of headstones and memorials. There is also a battleship called the General James O'Hara.
My people come from Glenhest, Co Mayo.
Sean O'Hara
Webmaster's note: See British Soldiers and American Soldiers at this site!
by  Sean O'Hara

658. Can't find anyone before my great great great grandfather Hugh O'Harra
I have been trying to find when my family actually came to the US but I've hit a road block. I can't find anything beyond my great great great grandfather Hugh O'Harra who was born between 1770 and 1780 and died in 1850 in Indiana. As far as I know he had 10 children who's names are as follows from oldest to youngest: Arthur, Charlotte, Ezekiel, John (died in the 1850s), Margaret, Wesley, James (born 1810), Hugh Jr. (born 1820), Daniel (my gggrandfather, lived 1817-1888), and Elizabeth (born 1839).
So if anyone has information that can help me continue my search back it would be great.
Lane O'Harra
by  Lane O'Harra

659. HI i am John Kenneth O'Hara from Franklin, Ohio. I'm a systems Analyst and my Parents are ken and Barbra O'Hara, and my Grand father was Russ O'Hara from Kentuckey.
by  John Kenneth O'Hara

660. Hi This is great ! Iam hoping for some help. My Great Granfather Robert O'Hara came to Minnesota from Canada not sure when and the courthouse burned in both Mn and Canada. My GGreat Grandmothers maiden name was Mariah LeTed. My Grandfathers name was Leo O'Hara he was a horse trainer (trotters), My father is Thomas Robert O'Hara.
by  Amber Marie O'Hara

661. Hi to all the O'Hara people all over the world, my great grandfather was Michael Daniel O'Hara, born in1823, maybe came from Sligo, we believe he was in the British army, he migrated as a free settler to Australia, settled at Oatlands; Van Diemens Land, nowTasmania. Married an Irish girl named Catherine Hynes (unsure of correct spelling of her maiden name,) Catherine and her sister Ann came together from county Clare; worked as housemaids, Anne married George Sawford, Michael and Catherine had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Do any of the O"Haras know anything about my great grandfather Michael Daniel.
by  Patricia O'Hara

662. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Haras of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
by  Arthur O'Hara

663. I am searching for any information about my biological father Alfred Paul O'Hara born 1915-1916, I believe in Montgomery Alabama. My mother would never give me any information about him, and now that I am 70 years of age, born 10-16-1941, it would be wonderful to hear anything I could about my Dad. Thank you in advance, Ruth.
by  Ruth O'Hara Nolan Montville

664. I'm searching for family of Robert Bernard O'Hara, son of John Bernard O'Hara and Virginia Lazenby. Robert was a pilot in WW2 and was killed on November 11, 1943.
Chris van der Linden, from Holland.
by  Chris van der Linden

665. Hello to all of the amazing O'Haras in the world, simply the best name there is!! I am Melanie O'Hara, youngest child of Robert H. O'Hara and Hazel O'Hara, from Youngstown Ohio.
by  Melanie O'Hara (Cronk)

666. Please contact me if your line has any connections through Chester County, Pennsylvania! I am looking for relatives of Dennis O'Hara and Elizabeth Hahn/Hawn. They lived in Chester County in 1880 and had six children: Charles, Edward, Andrew, Elizabeth, Helen and Anne.
Previous messages: No. 497 and No. 520
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

667. Deborah O'Hara - Hi searching for information on the O'Hara's from Youngstown, Ohio. Will be traveling soon to Belfast and wanted to trace my husband's family. My husbands name is Timothy E. O'Hara and his father's name was Joseph T. O'Hara (died 1988 at age of 49), he had two brothers Leslie and Jerome. Their mothers name was Hazel and fathers name Joseph. They lived on the Northside of Youngstown. Any information would be great. was of no help at all.
by  Deborah O'Hara

668. Looking for margaret o'ara that married louis deguire, need their parents, deguire is my ancestor line on my dad side.
by  Fran Larose

669. Good Afternoon ! I have noticed a number of posts regarding the O'Hara family of Neale, Killimor, Co Galway. If you check the 1911 census you will notice that the townland's spelling is "nail". My grandfather was Bernard O'Hara and was from a large family who had a farm there. I can provide additional information if needed, Mary O'Hara
by  Mary Memery (O'Hara)

670. I am Edward O'Hara Grandson of Mickey O'Hara Inventer of The Mouse Wheel.
by  Edward O'Hara

671. My Family (O'Hara) has its start in Derragh, Kilmovee Parish in Kiklelly, County Mayo, starting with John O'Hara born 1793 in Shammerbaun, Kilkelly. He married Briget Snee in April 1830. Their son James, is my Great Grandfather. He married Anne Gallagher in February 1877. Their son Patrick James was born 1878 in Derragh, Kilkelly and emigrated to U.S.(Philadelphia). He married Mary O'Donnell From Sligo (1887-1933). They married in U.S. (where ?), and they lived in N.Y.C. where he died in 1926. They had three children, James Francis, Thomas Joseph ( my father) and Anna Mary (Mae). If anyone has additional Info, please post it. Thanks JO'H
by  Jim O'Hara

672. My GreatGrandFather came to Saint John New Brunswick circa 1850 from County Sligo.I am one of two remaining great grand children of a family of 9 siblings sons and daughters of Roland O'Hara and Winnifrieda Dunn.Would love to hear from any and all O'Haras or Dunns,I expect we are all related in one way or another if we go back far enough.
by  Allan Edward O'Hara

673. Looking for Abraham O'Hara's father who was born in Ireland and moved to Canada (lower). Abraham was born in Canada in about 1820. His mother was French.
by  Madeleine O'Hara

674. My grandfather would have come over from Ireland around the beginning of the 20th century. His son, Patrick Joseph O'Hara Jr. was a professor at UCF; he committed suicide in the late 80's I think. We completely lost touch with that side of the family as my mother had divorced Jr. when I was 18 months old.
I am Patrick Joseph O'Hara III and I carried it on with my son, # IV.
by  Patrick Joseph O'Hara III

675. I am trying to place Rose O'Hara, born 1741 and married to William Mackey, born 1741 in Richmond, Virginia. Any lead would be appreciated.
by  Nan Murphy


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