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526. Hugh O'Hara, Justice of the Peace, Gaspe, QC-1814
I received a copy of a micro film of the civil marriage record that was performed by Hugh O'Hara for a decendent of mine and my question is this: how do I find and obtain a copy of this archived record ?
Marriage record for William (Brown) Broom and Marie-Anne Arguimeau:
Le trois septembre 1814 vû la dispense des trois bans entre WILLIAM Broom, fils majeur de Philip Brown Et de Marie ..(her name left blank) du Royaume d'Angleterre et Marie Anne ARGUIMEAU ou ARDIMOND, veuve de Joseph Lejeuneau, sauvage de Gaspé d'autre part, nous prête missionaire soussigné avons rehabilité le mariage des personnes susdites contracté d'avant Mr. Hugh O'Hara, juge de paix de Gaspé et quant les avons emis au légitime mariage et legit selon la forme ordinaire du Retevil. Un enfant s'appellée Elisabeth, qu'ils nous ont declare être leur fruit mutual, et ce en present de Olivier Morrisse et Mathieu Morris, amis de l'epoux, Thomas Reil et plusiers autres, qui n'ont sue signer.
Are you able to help me locate this document? Thank you,
Manon Bolduc
Please contact me if any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family.
The transcript of the marriage record below is that of the Catholic Church stating that Hugh O'Hara, Justice of the Peace, performed a civil marriage for the said couple prior to 1814. The Catholic Church did not view the marriage legal so the couple remarried. The statement below is that of the baptism of William to become a Catholic on September 3rd, 1814 followed by the marriage to Aboriginal Marie-Anne Arguimeau/Ardimand (sp?) - also on September 3rd, 1814. Also stated in 1813 they had a daughter Elizabeth. How and where can I obtain a copy of the transaction for the civil marriage performed for this couple prior to 1814 by JP Hugh O'Hara ? Your assistance is very much appreciated.
Translation into English
September 3rd, 1814, we Missionary & Preast undersigned have performed the Baptismal Ceremony for Guillaume (William) Browns, born the 15th day of March, 1790 from the ligitimate marriage of Philip and Mary Browns from the Kingdom of England. Godfather David Conden - Godmother Francoise Power - that they along with other witnesses were unable to sign. AL Leclerc, Preast.
(This was when he was baptized and joined the Catholic Church.)
The complete entry in French
Le trois septembre mil huit cent quatorze par mous prête missionaire soussigné a été reçu l’abjuration de l’heresie(?) et supplées les ceremonies du baptême á Guillaume BROWNS, né le quinze mars 1790 du légitime mariage de Philip BROWNS et de Marie ….(her name not entered) du Royaume d’Angleterre. Parrain: David Conden – Marraine Françoise Power, qui tous ainsi que plusiers témoins n’ont sue signer.. A.L. Leclerc, Ptre.
Translation to English
Sept 3rd, 1814 after the publication of three banns of marriage between William Browns, major son of Philip and Marie Browns (her maiden name not provided) from the Kingdom of England and Marie-Anne Ardimond, widow of Joseph ??(name left blank), living, Aboriginal of Gaspe. A daughter named Elisabeth for which they declared is of their mutual unity, this in the presence of Oliver Morrisse and Mathiew Morris, friend of the groom, Thomas Reil and many others for which were unable to sign.
The entry in French
Le trois septembre 1814 vû la dispense des trois bans entre WILLIAM BROWNS, fils majeur de Philip BROWNS Et de Marie ..(her name left blank again) du Royaume d’Angleterre et Marie Anne ARDIMOND, veuve de Joseph ………..(his name was blank also), vivant, sauvage de Gaspé d’autre part, nous prête missionaire soussigné avons rehabilité le mariage des personnes susdites contracté d’avant Mr. Hugh O’Hara, juge de paix de Gaspé et paretense (have no idea what this might be) quant les avons emis au légitime mariage et legit selon la forme ordinaire du Retevil? Un enfant s’appellée Elisabeth, qu’ils nous ont declare être leur fruit mutual, et ce en present de Olivier Morrisse et Mathieu Morris, amis de l’epoux, Thomas Reil et plusiers autres, qui n’ont sou signer.

by  Manon Bolduc

527. The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara
Follow-up to: The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara (Message no. 511)
Dear Sir,
The apostrophe in O'Hara does not mean son of O'Hara, but *grandson* of O'Hara. Nowadays it is often used as "Of" the O'Haras. My name is McCormick and I am descended from Laurence O'Hara (b 1770 in Co. Sligo, but moved to Co. Roscommon). He married Mary McDonagh and I have hundreds of their descendants listed on my tree at If you are a member of Ancestry you can view my tree for free. "The McCormick (Niall) Family Tree" If you have any information that would help with the expansion of my tree, I would be really pleased to hear from you,
Kind regards,
Niall Francis McCormick
by  Niall Francis McCormick

528. History of Ann O'Hara and Francis Rox/Rocks
My name is Carole and I have been doing my family tree for 12 months now but I have come to a stand still with my Ann O'Hara. She was born around 1837 in Ardboe, Co Tyrone, and was married to Francis Rocks/Rox; they were my great great grand parents. I have their children born from 1864 in Co Tyrone but no history on them at all after that. The children ended up comming to Stockton in Yorkshire, England. I was told Anne left Francis with the children for someone else and Francis died in a work house. But where Francis Rocks/Rox came from prior to the marriage is a mystery A lovely lady Pat Grimes has been helping me endlessly but cannot find any trace of my Francis Rocks and his family after the births of their children.
Wonder if any one can help me please.
Here is a list of their children, and dates and places of birth:
James 7/5/1860 Ardboe
Catherine 28/8/1864 Ardboe
Hannah 14/7/1867 Stewartstown Co Tyrone
John 15/8/1870 (my great grandfather)
Mary 1873 Co Tyrone
Patrick 1875 Tamnavally Co Tyrone
Francis 7/6/1877 Dromore Co Tyrone.
I feel Francis may of died soon after birth as he was baptised on the 9/6/1877
Could any one put a light on this family for me please.
Best regards,
Carole Cross
by  Carole Cross

529. Looking for a Jack O'Hara that was a US soldier in the DC area early 1968
I am trying to locate a Jack (maybe John?) O'Hara that was in the DC area early 1968. He met a Susan Wright dosSantos who was 20 at the time. The relationship was very brief since she was newly married. She met him when she was out with her friend Tommy in the band. I don't have much more to go on. I know he took her home, smoked and visited her in her apartment bringing flowers. He was more that likely an officer (Lt. Col) in either the Navy or Air Force.
Any information would be helpful. Thank You,
Marcia Van Valen
by  Marcia Van Valen

530. O'Haras in Australia / Rush, Ireland
I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I am looking for family members in Australia descending from Joseph O'Hara and Margaret Carroll who arrived in Australia about 1864. I would like to hear from any descendant of the O'Hara clan from Rush, Ireland.
William O'Hara
by  William O'Hara

531. Felix, Offspring of Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley?
Did Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724) whose son James was the second Baron Tyrawley, have a second son, Felix, who was born in France?
Michael Hepler-Smith
by  Michael Hepler-Smith

532. The O'Hara Family in Louisville, Kentucky
My grandmother was Mildred Marie (O'Hara) Schook. Her parents were William Patrick O'Hara and Catherine Bossmeyer. William's father was William Patrick O'Hara and immigrated from Ireland in the 1850's.
If anyone is related, please contact me. Would love to exchange information and photos.
Mary Trekell
by  Mary Trekell

533. Hi, im liam and i can't believe how many people know of this site. I found it a few years back but i never made an entry, but i am now. I was canadian born but have pretty much a full Irish background. I've been to ireland and i just loved it. When its time i'll for sure move there. So to all the O'Hara's i wish you the best.
by  Liam James O'Hara

534. I knew the O'Haras from Finley St., Belfast
I knew the O'Haras from Finley St., Belfast. Quinton O'Hara was related to me; my great grandad was James O'Hara. I remember Quinton from Finley St. My mother was named Bella Toland; Grannie Margaret Toland was a blind lady from Ligional Road.
Nice to see this site devoted to O'Haras.
Margaret Sheehan, née Rankin
by  Margaret Sheehan, née Rankin

535. Richard O'Hara took sons Richard (10-12 yrs) and Patrick (8-10) to US, early 1930s
I don't know where to start this story, it seems so sad and unreal to me, how little i know about my family and myself. It reads like a bad movie script but apparently it's true. I hope it makes some sense to someone. Shortly before my father died he informed me that he had some half brothers that our family never knew about.
Well here goes ... my father, George O'Hara was born 4th june 1928 in Dublin Ireand. He was born outside of wedlock; both his parents had been recently widowed and became a couple for a few years but later broke up and he was reared by his mother (first marriage name Conway, maiden name Uzell). His father was Richard O'Hara (unknown age) who had two sons from his first marriage. Their names were Richard and Patrick O'Hara born in the late 1910's or early 1920's. Their birth mother had died giving birth and they were removed from their fathers care by the Irish State and placed in Artane Industrial School - a shamefull practice from Ireland's recent history which has shocked my nation because of the abuse suffered by individuals in these institutions.
When wy father was only 2 or 3 years old (circa 1930/3) his father Richard broke his two other sons, Richard roughly aged 10-12 and Patrick roughly aged 8-10 out of the industrial school and tried to take my father from his mother's home but she managed to chase him away and never seen him again. At this point it is believed that his father took the other boys to the United States, unknown location, as this is what my father was told by other members of his family.
So if anyone knows of a Richard O'Hara who immigrated to the United States with his two sons Richard (10-12 yrs)and Patrick (8-10) in the early 1930s and came from Dublin, Ireland with what some might think are tall tales like the one I have recited, could they please contact me. I know these peolpe are most likely deceased as my father was 77 years old when he told me this story before he died, but they may have had families that are still alive.
It amazes me and saddens me to the bottom of my hearth how little I know about my family only one generation back.
Dermot O'Hara
by  Dermot O'Hara

536. Looking for information about Bruce O'Hara. He was born 1952, New York city. He was one of a couple of brothers and sisters given in adoption and separated from each other. So if you have any information send it to my email, Cire.
by  Cire

537. This site is really cool, i always wanted to know the history of my last name and how many people had it in America. I hope more people get on the this site.
by  Thomas O'Hara (2)

538. Hi All,
Just came across this website, congratulations and keep it up. I have a family tree going back to the 1880's with about ten O'Haras from Coolgraine, Foxford Co Mayo. I need to figure out how to scan it and send it on. We had a reunion two years ago and was represented by five generation which was nice. Although born in Foxford Co, Mayo, I live in Clonmel Tipperary since 1979. I have two sons who played GAA football for Tipperary - What a waste of Mayo Blood !. I was a member of Clonmel Corporation 1987 to 1992 and served as Mayor Of Clonmel 1990-1991 as a member of the Fine Gael Party. Keep up the good work
Dominick O'Hara PC.
by  Dominick O'Hara PC

539. Thank you for this web site. I have been looking for my biological father, Victor O'Hara. At this point in time, I'm sure he has passed away. He had connections in Bath, Maine. Perhaps through this site my search will reach fruition.
by  Gayle McCormick Warren

540. Descendants of Seán Lách O'Hara
This is the family tree of Seán Lách O'Hara, born in Colgraine near Foxford Co Mayo in the mid 1800s. It may be of some use to fellow O'Haras on the website
If interested go to pdf file and enlarge (200-400%)
Regards, Dominick O'Hara PC
by  Dominick O'Hara PC

541. Additional information for the descendants of Seán Lách O'Hara
See Previous Message (N. 540) and Irish Politicians
Tommy O'Hara was my father's (John) first cousin and was a memeber of the Irish Parliment, the Dail, in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
His biography is a follows: Born 20 July 1911, died 5 April 1984; Unscuccesful candidate in the 1943 and 1944 general election as an Independent in Mayo North; Elected in 1951 election, Mayo North constituency, for the "Clann Na Talmhan" party, was re-elected in 1954 but was unsuccessful in 1957 and 1961; Successful in new Constituency of Mayo East as a Candidate for the "Fine Gael" party in 1965 and 1969 but failed in 1973 and retired then from national politics.
Please contact me with any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family.
Dominick O'Hara PC
by  Dominick O'Hara PC

542. I was looking for some family history and I found this and it is very interesting. Thank you.
by  Eoan O'Hara Mays

543. The O'Hara (O'Hare) Family in Louisville, Kentucky
See also: previous message (Number 532)
I'm glad this page is here for the O'Hara (O'Hare) family. I'm trying to do my mother's family genealogy. Her mother was Mildred Marie (O'Hare). Her parents were William Patrick O'Hare and Catherine Bossmeyer. They lived in the Louisville, Kentucky area. My great uncle is William Patrick O'Hare, which was priest to the Old St Patrick Church in Louisville. I don't know where in Ireland we are from. I've heard rumor of County Cork.
If any body out there has information and would like to exchange it, please e-mail me.
Mary Trekell
by  Mary Trekell

544. Looking for relatives in Ireland and America
Hi, great web site, there are so many O'Haras out there!
My dad is Jim O'Hara, he has 4 brothers, William, Tam, Gerard and Robert. Their father was William O'Hara and their mother was Agnes or Nancy O'Hara. We live in Bathgate, Scotland. My grandfather's father was Pat O'Hara who I believe is from County Mayo.
If anyone thinks they are related it would be great to hear from you!!!.
James O'Hara
by  James O'Hara7

545. I am looking to find my Father's family. They are from Bonsboro PA, from what I was told. My Father's name was Lester Merle O'Harrah and Moved to NC sometime in the 1950's. My Father never returded to PA and I never met his family. I belive he had one brother and one sister but I am not sure. Any information would be appreciated.
by  Timothy P. O'Harrah

546. DNA Results for John O'Hara born ca. 1810 in Drumlish, Co. Longford
See also: DNA testing through the O'Hara DNA Project & Alternatives
Dear Webmaster
I am interested in contacting the person who received results for Kit # N7780 who scored 12 at DYS 393 and 16 at 385B as we have similar scores at those two DYS numbers.
Kit # N7780 – John O’Hara, born about 1810 in Drumlish area of County Longford, Ireland. He married Ann Feehily who was also born in the Drumlish area of County Longford, Ireland. Four of their seven children (Bernard, Maria, Kate, and Frank) immigrated to Pennsylvania.
Thanking you
Maura O'Gara-O'Riordan
Historian, O'Gara Clan
by  Maura O'Gara-O'Riordan

547. Researching the family tree of John Terence O'Hara (Australia, early 20th Century)
I'm trying to research the family tree of John Terence O'Hara who married Marjorie Alice Mara. They had at least one son - John Bernard O'Hara, born around 1915, Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia.
Any help much appreciated.
Margaret McDonnell
by  Margaret McDonnell

548. Mary O'Hara who immigrated (before 1850) from Ireland to Hartford, CT.
Mary O'Hara married Nicholas Freeman in Hartford, CT in 1850. She had immigrated from Ireland and he from Canada. Mary had a sister Winifred O'Hara who married Cornelius Ryan, later the Chief of Police in Hartford.
Looking for more info on this family
Marciel Gilmore
by  Marciel Gilmore

549. Mathew O'Hara b 1822 Sligo son of Michael and Bridget nee Gurden came to Halifax England with wife Mary nee McGuinn of Cavan and 3 children during An Gorta Mór. they had 7 more children inc. my ggrandfather James b 1868. I would welcome any information about any of this family.
by  Dave Bland

550. William Alexander ("Bill") O'Hara (1883-1931) - Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer, well not yet!!!
Photograph; Photograph source;
Willie's baseball career and biography:
1902.... Syracuse Stars and Montreal Royals
1903.... Seattle Siwashes.... and Oakland Oaks....
1904.... Toledo Mud Hens...
1905... Wilkes-Barre Barons.... and Baltimore Orioles...
1906- 1908 Baltimore Orioles.... won championship in '08....
1909/10 the show with New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals... Mgr. Johm McGraw says: " as a major league outfielder, there was no superior outfielder..".
1910- 1915. Toronto Maple Leafs win championship in 1912....
1926/7 and 1927 Manager of Toronto Maple Leafs...
1928 resigns as mgr to resume duties as business mgr of Maple Leafs base ball team ...
1931 dies on road trip to New Jersey .
William Alexander O'Hara qualifies for induction into the "Hall" in all categories..... builder, player and manager as well as war hero... he came back from WWI and Battle of Ypres shellshocked... could he have been gassed at Ypres, Willie served in 24 th battalion C.E.F after starting in Royal Naval Air service as flight lieut ... he also hung out with the artists and empresarios of Braodway. In 1909... George M Cohan was a close bud.... he was a mad Irish comedian.... certainly no Blarney transplant need for him!!
Andrew Hunter
(cousin of William Alexander O'Hara)
PS. These 2 photos (tif-format) are from the Toronto archives. This is of him and Ty Cobb! Looks like an All-star type game but I’m not sure if they had that back then. I forget the year, it was Ty Cobb’s last year that he played I believe.
Photograph 1   &   Photograph 2
by  Andrew Hunter


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