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801. Hello O'Hara rellies, I'm the grand daughter of Ruben Rolland O'Hara of Princeton, KY.
by  Kate O'Hara

802. Hi, Its a long shot, as I don't have a lot of detail. I am looking for information about by Great great great Granddad ; James O'Hara born in "Ireland" circa 1817, who married Hannah in England. First appears in 1851 census in Kingsbury, Staffs, UK. passed away 9/10/64 in Over Whitacre [Warwickshire]. Can any body help? Regards Dave.
by  Dave Glover

803. I see my cousin Tricia posted on here [on March 30, 2015 (note 753)]. Our great great GF is Michael O'Hara from Longford, Ireland (Killoe Parish). He settled in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Irish Channel. His son John is my GF's father and his son Robert is my grandfather.
by  Karen O'Hara

804. I would like to contact a Brendan O’Hara from Melbourne, AU, re Joseph and Margaret O’Hara (nee Carroll). I received a message from him which referred me to this site. He was looking for any information on Joseph and Margaret O’Hara's arrival in Melbourne around 1860. I have been chasing the same information for 40 years. Our tree goes back to Thomas O’Hara (1750) from Rush, Dublin. Details can be found in my two previous messages at this site, namely Messages no. 707 (April 23, 2013) and no. 750 (March 7, 2015) at this site. Any assistance, thoughts or ideas, would be gracefully accepted. William (Bill) O'Hara.
by  William (Bill) O'Hara

805. I have been unsuccessful in tracing my O'Hara ancestry. My father is Gerald Joseph O'Hara born 1933 and deceased 1977. His father was Joseph Crawford O'Hara. I know that his dob is 12/18/1889 and that he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylivania. He married young to Anna Volava or Volata and divorced young also. Had a daughter, Gladys from that marriage (lived in Indiana for a time). He married my grandmother, Angela Niebergall-O'Hara in Chicago where my Dad was born. Joseph's father was born in New York and his mother was born in Ireland. But I have been unable to learn anything more about who Joseph's parents were and their ancestry back to Ireland. It interesting that my DNA results showed a higher percentage of Scottish than Irish. If anyone can help make some kind of connection, it would be appreciated!
by  Kathy O'Hara Gracyalny

806. My grandfather on my father’s side of my family was actually my step grandfather. His name was Edward O’Hara an immigrant from Ireland. He married Iva O. Baldwin (possibly related to the Vanderbilt Family). Edward was a dairy farmer. They lived in Little Falls, NY. As a child I visited in the summer. The names associated with my grandparents that lived nearby were Anna, Mary, Frank, Ray ?, and my playmates, Maureen, Aileen, Monica and Theresa. Those girls had the O’Hara last name but I never knew who their parents were. I think Anna and Mary were their aunts. There was a teenage cousin named Charles, handsome with curly black hair, he had a pretty sister also. His parents might have been Marian and John O’Hara. When I was 9 years old my parents and I (the Purdy’s) moved to Fl. I missed my NY ‘family’ that lived ‘on the farm’ near Utica, NY. The 40s and 50s time period.
PS. My step grandfather was Edward O’Hara. While I did not find information about him, I did find Theresa Van Allen’s name there. She was an O’Hara who lived at the dairy farm and was my friend and playmate. I visited her in the 1990’s. Such a sweet lady she is. My quest has been to find out more about Edward, just curious. I know he and my grandmother (not Irish) have long since died but I have some Irish DNA so have interest in Ireland.
by  Karen Purdy Stanley

807. Is there information on Mary Ellen O'Hara? She would be be my paternal great grandmother. She was born in 1863 in Ontario, and was married to John James Mooney, who passed in 1893. They had one son, my grandfather, John Edward Mooney. Thank you, Michele [O'Hara?].
by  Michele [O'Hara?]

808. Hello, everyone! I live in Arkansas, and my branch of the O'Haras fled Ireland during the Potato Famine. They lived in Killeedy South in County Limerick, but I've only traced as far back as my 4th great grandfather, Bryan O'Harra, who was born in 1792. If anyone knows about O'Haras from Limerick, I would love if you could reach out! I hope everyone has a great day.
by  Logan Connor O'Hara

809. Hola, saludos a todos los O’Hara, soy de Honduras, estoy en busca de información de los descendientes de PATRICK Henry (pack) O’Hara ya sea en Irlanda y Estados Unidos, él era irlandés, nació en meath Irlanda el 26 diciembre de 1843, se casó con winifred winnie Collins, falleció el 3 de septiembre de 1929 en condado de el corpus, honduras, ellos llegaron a Estados Unidos y tenían seis hijos allí en Estados Unidos, y PATRICK dejó seis hijos también en honduras, una de las hijas vino a honduras de nombre Mary deasy , dejó una dirección en New York, 304 Hollywood, ave. Crestwood, si hay alguna información ó algún descendiente de ellos por favor contactarme, se los agradeceré. Atte, Ada O’Hara
by  Ada O'Hara

810. Dia daoibh, everyone! I made an Entry in the Guestbook here in January 2022 (Message 808 above); this Letter is a more detailed follow-up to that guestbook entry.
by  Logan Connor O'Hara

811. I just came across this website. I was born in Belfast Ireland, now living in Niagra Falls Ontario. My grand parents were O’Hare, Keenan and Macauley. All born Irish. It’s nice to know there are lots more O’Haras out there. God bless you all.
by  Brendan O'Hara

812. My GGF Michael O'Hara was in an orphanage in paterson / Passaic NJ, born 1866. We know nothing else. Looking for possible siblings or names of parents.
by  Ann Sawyer

813. Just started looking into our genealogy. I think I've correctly traced back to Colonel Charles Henry O'Hara of Antrim County--possibly of the Crebilly O'Hara's. I would like to be able to confirm this.
by  Teresa O'Hara Bell


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