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201. The O'Haras in the «Oxford Dictionary of National Biography»
The «Oxford Dictionary of National Biography» published by Oxford University Press appeared 2004 online (subscription) and in a 60-volume print edition (Link). Volume 41 contains articles on the following O'Haras:
Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724), pp. 626-627
Charles O'Hara (c. 1740-1802), army officer and colonial governor, pp. 627-628; (an illegitimate son of James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley)
James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley and Baron Kilmaine (1681/2-1773), pp. 628-629
Kane O'Hara, playwright (1711/12-1782), pp. 629-630
Volume 3 has an article on the pseudo Abel & Barnes O'Hara, pp. 668-670
John Banim [pseud. Abel O'Hara] (1798-1842), novelist and playwright, was born in Kilkenny on 3 April 1798 ... his brother Michael Banim [pseud. Barnes O'Hara] (1796-1874) was also born at Kilkenny on 5 August 1796 ... The Banims wrote «The O'Hara Tales/ Tales from the O'Hara family» ... The Banims gained a lasting posthumous reputation as nationalist novelists and several of the novels were reprinted in the twentieth century.
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

202. Wonderfull site. You're providing usefull info to the world. Thank you. Keit
by  Keit Marrow

203. I wanted to tell you about some O'Hara's from Louisville, Ky. Joseph C. O'Hara and Kevin M. O'Hara Sr. If you are interested e-mail me back and I will e-mail you a letter about them.
by  Kevin M. O'Hara Jr.

204. I am from Brantford, Ontario, Canada and now attend Lakehead University. My father came from Wales, but my Mother's parents were from Dublin. We all now reside in Canada. Cheers.
by  Devin Trelawney O'Hara

205. Subject: Billy O'Hara of Newcastle, England, around 1900
I am researching the life of a pioneer aviator and racing driver, Arthur E George of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have found a dead web link called "O'Haras 1900" which quotes "Mr A E George was a racing car enthusiast and grandad was his mechanic when they went racing at the Brooklands....", and, "Princess Patricia flew with grandad and promised him a .....".
I know Billy O'Hara worked for Arthur's firm George & Jobling and helped build Arthur's plane, travelling with him around the country to flyimg shows in 1910.
If the person who had that web site is still around, and sees this message, please get in touch with me. I am determined to give Arthur George (and Billy) their place in Britain's aviation and racing history.
Dennis Hill
by  Dennis Hill

206. Subject: Patrick \ James O'Hara of Ontario & New York
Need any information regarding Patrick O'Hara, the son of James. James immigrated to Canada from Ireland, had at least 4 sons, Patrick is one of them. Patrick md. Alice Fay. Had 6 children in Canada and then moved to upstate NY and had about 3 more children. Especially need immigration record. We know that they lived in Oxford-on-Rideau township, Grenville co., Ontario.
The info we have on James and Patrick is as follows: James O'Hara, b. 1811, Ireland, as extracted from his age, given in two censuses of Oxford-on-Rideau township, Ontario, Canada. His wife, Mary Timony's birth year ranges from 1801 to 1811 based on three different censuses from the same area. Marriage date is unknown at this time. We have record of 5 children, although there could be more. Patrick, b. Jan. 1828, I believer from a church record; Michael, b. 1836; James, b.1840; Anthony, b. 1842; Peter, b. 1846. All children except Patrick's birthdates were figured the same as the parents. Patrick md. Alice Fay, 18 Jan 1859 according to the records of the Catholic Mission Church, Kemptville, Ontario Canada. Alice Fay was born Jul. 1827 in Ireland. Her Parents are Owen Fay & Bridget McCawly. Both born in Ireland. This information is either from the Catholic Church in Kemptville or Census records.
Patrick & Alice had 7 children born in Canada. James, Michael, Eugene O., Patrick, Mary C., Peter, and Anna. They were born between the years of 1859 to 1867. Exact dates on most if you would like. These dates are mostly verified by the Kemptville Catholic church records. Sometime between 1867 & 1870 the family migrated to New York state, upstate where two more children were born. John & Edna Martha. Hope this helps. My wife is the great-grandaighter of Mary C.
Richard Bissell
by  Richard Bissell

207. Subject: O'Hara's & Near's
My greatgrandmother was Mary Ann O'Hara, born @1840's in the US. Married Henry Near @ 1860's in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. Her parents were Purvis, Parvis & Catherine O'Hara. Catherine gave her family bible to Mary Ann and Mary Ann gave it to her baby girl Mary Near Dickinson. She took the bible with her to Detroit, Michigan. All Great Aunt Mary's children are dead and I know nothing of her grandchildren who would be around my age (60). I don't know if Catherine's husbands name is right.
I really appreciate this web site. I think it is really great and informative.
Lorna Gail Rice Dale Kidder
by  Lorna Gail Rice Dale Kidder

208. Subject: Family of Patrick and Mary O'Hara, Ireland (1860s & 1870s)
My name is Mary and my mother was an O'Hara; her father was Patrick O'Hara and her mother was Margaret McLoughlin before she married; Patrick's parents were Patrick and Mary O'Hara and they had seven children: Thomas born about1864, James about 1866, John about 1877, Patrick (my grandad) about 1870, Richard about 1871, Mary C. about 1874, Agnes about 1876. My great grandfather worked as a warder in convict prisons in the UK and Ireland the older children were born in Ireland and the others in the UK. They lived in the Gillingham Chatham area. I think Thomas the eldest was born in Tipperary, his mother Mary was born in Queens County (now County Laois), Ireland. Some of his sons worked in the Dockyard.
I was wondering if any of these names were on your family tree.
Thanking you,
by  Mary

209. Wow,
I didnt know there were that many O'Hara's out there!!! I'm 13 yrs old and i was bored, so i went to and typed in my last name, and sure enough there was a website about all the O'Haras in the world!!!
by  Thomas O'Hara

210. Subject: Family of Patrick and Mary O'Hara, Ireland (1860s & 1870s); second message
Hello again
My grandparents were Margaret (McLoughlin) O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara they were married at Enniskillen at St Michael's Church on the 28/4/1894 and Patrick was stationed at the Barracks (Enniskillen Castle). At the time of the marriage they had a son John about 1895 or so and they later moved to Gillingham Kent, England where Patrick was in the army and had four more children. Patrick's parents were Patrick and Mary ? O'Hara. Mary was born in Queens County about 1834. I don't know her maiden name and they had seven children I know of who were: Thomas born Tipperary about 1864, James born Aldershot Hants about 1866, John born Armagh County about1867, Patrick born Cork about 1870, Richard born Chatham Kent about 1871, Mary C Gillingham born Kent about 1873, Agnes born Gillingham about 1875. Also I've been told that Margaret McLoughlin was born in Sligo but at the time of her marriage she lived with her parents Michael and ? McLoughlin at Eden.St Enniskillen, Fermanagh; also on her marriage there was a Catherine Mcloughlin but I don't know who she was. My parents came to Australia when I was five, my mother was Elsie Maud O'Hara her elder sister was Eveline, and her younger brothers were Henry and Thomas. I have never been able to find any trace of Margaret McLoughlin's family. Patrick O'Hara Senior worked as a warder in convict prisons. My grandfather Patrick worked at the Chatham Dockyards for many years and so did his sons and some of his brothers.
Thanking you,
by  Mary

211. Charles O'Hara Esq. (1715-1776) as listed in: «Review of the House of Commons», 1774
The «Review of the House of Commons» was first published by an anonymous political commentator in the « Freeman's Journal» in 1774. This review has now been edited by James Kelly and republished in «Eighteenth-Century Ireland - Iris an dá chultúr», Volume 19 (2004), pp. 163-210. (Link). The members are listed in four parts: Knights of the Shire, Citizens, Burgesses, University of Dublin. Under burgesses there are listed 193 names; number 137 (page 198) is Charles O'Hara. The full entry is as follows:
137. Charles O'Hara, Esq. [(1715-1776), Armagh]: a Pensioner [and] a Commissioner of Accounts and Stamps; voted for the new commissions in which he was included; for Pensions, Stamps, Altered Money bills, every scheme in favour of Popery, and every Address of Thanks for every court measure.
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

212. What a great site ! I married an O'Hara (a sweet talented guitarist in Texas) and am very interested in and proud to wear the name. My maiden name is Irish too. I would love to see the beautiful Ireland one day. Good luck and love to all O'Haras everywhere!
by  Sarah

213. Hi I am an O'Hara too!!! wow. I'm from northern idaho, usa. I have relatives mostly out of California. If you guys want to keep in touch you can count on me for family.
by  Linda O'Hara

214. O'Hara Clan, Late Summer 2005 get-together in Wildwood, NJ
Any O'Haras interested in a huge get-together this September in Wildwood, New Jersey for Irish Weekend which will be held September 23,24,25 ? I thought it would be great for anyone that has the last name O'Hara should meet the rest of the Clan! I'm sure we could take over one of many Irish pubs in Wildwood. If Interested please e-mail me. I will send more info, If I get enough interest, we could make it happen.I think it would be great for all O'Haras to get together in Wildwood,New Jersey To meet up for Irish Weekend. I have attended Irish weekend for the past 10 years and Now I can attend with my Young Son!!
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara

215. Hello from Canada!
What a great site! I live in Calgary Alberta. My Grandparents, Louella and Valentine O'Hara moved here from a farm near Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Katherine L. O'Hara
by  Katherine L. O'Hara

216. Henry O'Harra his wife, Bridgett Bolton,and daughter Suzanna
Great site! Thanks ...
I'm searching for my ancestral line. Need parents of both Henry O'Harra and Bridgett Bolton. Possibly married in Columbus, OH, ca 1770. They went west to Praire Deroucher, not far from Kaskaskia, IL. Their daughter, Suzanna O'Harra married Nathaniel Hull, Randolph Co, IL..
Will appreciate any contact, Thanks
Eleanor Arens
by  Eleanor Arens

217. Looking for James R. (Monk) O'Hara, IV
Last known address in 2000, the Birmingham area, Alabama, U.S.A. Need to contact him regarding his lost property, which has now been found.
Thank you!
Ed Braswell
by  Ed Braswell

218. Hi to all; I m FRom SInGaPore ..17yrs old. and proud to be an O'HARA.
by  Ryan Kelly O'Hara

219. Hi! I'm Jenny O'Hara from Manila, Philippines. I'm an O'Hara too. It's nice to know that we have a website, I hope to trace my granpa's roots from the start. My granpa is a son of a Thomasite, an American Teacher who came to the Phils. to teach in the late 1800's. Hope you can help me in this quest.
by  Jennifer O'Hara-Valencia

220. Greetings to all of you from Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Love the page
As I was reading through the guestbook I was struck by how many of you fine people there are, but that there could never be too many of us.
Great work James, keep it up,
Patrick Barrett O'Hara
by  Patrick Barrett O'Hara

221. Michael, Margaret (O'Shaughnessy) O'Hara & son Patrick Dennis
I have been trying to find more info on my father and his parents. My father was Patrick Dennis O'Hara. I believe his father was Michael O'Hara and his mother Margaret O'Shaughnessy (not sure of spelling). Michael and Margaret met on board a ship coming from Ireland. My father Patrick was born in 1895 in Wisconsin. He was a truck driver most of his life.
Any info would be appreciated
Patricia Kathleen O'Hara Morrison
by  Patricia Kathleen O'Hara Morrison

222. Hi from North County, San Diego, CA. I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ, the son of John and Ellen O'Hara. I have O'Hara relatives in AZ, MI, OH. My brother Michael O'Hara also lives here in San Diego. Ra Ra!.
by  Thomas C. O'Hara

223. Greeting from the Philippines to all the O'Haras
Finally, We already have our own website were we can check out are family members. Hope we could maintain this and Thank you very much to the person who developed this kind of communication system for all the O'Hara. Guys, hope we could set a Family Gathering were we can meet and know each other. Its nice to have Friends, specially within the O'Hara Circle. Guys, lets keep this site and let us treasure it.
Thanks !
Brian Joseph O'Hara (Philippines)
by  Brian Joseph O'Hara

224. My name is Terry O'Hora, of the O'Hora family from Pennsylvania. Changed our name from O'Hara about 200 years ago in Ireland. Any relatives out there?!?
by  Terry O'Hora

225. Hi, my name is George O'Hara. I was born on the 1st March 1947 in Lesley street in a village called Ligoniel in Northern Ireland. My Father was called George (Geordie), his Father was James (Jimmy) and his Father was George.
by  George O'Hara


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