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351. Sean Hastings from Worcster MA, USA, live in Ireland, Co. Mayo
by  Sean Hastings

352. Hello to all O'Hara's. My name is Christine O'Hara and I hail from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I am searching for anyone related to James Francis O'Hara my great grandpa and his wife Matilda McShane who came to Canada (Hamilton) in 1934 from Belfast, Antrim. My grandfather was Francis O'Hara his brothers are David O'Hara, Bob and Jim sister Molly. One thing I am very proud to be is an O'Hara. IRISH RULES.
by  Christine O'Hara

353. This message has been deleted by request of contributor
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

354. James Francis O'Hara and family who came from Belfast to Canada (1934)
Hello to all the O'Hara's !
My name is Christine O'Hara. I hail from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I am searching for any information on family related to James Francis O'Hara my great grandfather and his wife Matilda McShane who came to Canada in 1934 from Belfast, along with my grandfather Francis O'Hara his brothers Dave O'Hara, Jim O'Hara and Bob and sister Molly.
I'm very proud to be who I am and that is an O'Hara.
Christine-Ann O'Hara
by  Christine-Ann O'Hara

355. Just another O'Hara looking for any relatives out there or any info on my family. My late father was Joe O'Hara from Belfast, Ireland. Please contact with any O'Hara history.
by  Roisin O'Hara

356. The O'Hora-O'Hara Connection
I read am intresting comment on this web site. The name O'Hora is in fact the same name as O'Hara. Both are English spellings of an Irish name. During the 1798 rebellion (the year of the French) the O'Hara name was dropped by some O'Horas also to avoid been associated with Michael (White) O'Hora as he was against the English in the rebellion and some O'Haras were not seen to be part of the rebellion. However all the O'Horas were severly punished and all the lands taken from them after that rebellion; many were killed and those that did live kept the name. It is only common in the west of Ireland around the Ballina Area.
by  Anonymous

357. Family Tree of Maria Floydeth Jeju O'Hara, from Bolingbrook, Illinios
my name is Maria Floydeth Jeju O'Hara,from Bolingbrook, Illinios ... 5th generation of... Patrick O'Hara 1767-1850, Londonderry, Ireland ...married to Chynthia Prindle 1770-1860 ... I have my Family Tree ... Just wandering if any of my relatives are still searching for us ...Plz. contact us ...
by  Maria Floydeth Jeju O'Hara

358. hi i'm james j O'Hara jnr from bolton lancashire just found your site very interisting as well my G'father is called joseph leo O'Hara from Birkenhead liverpool as is my father james j O'Hara snr.
by  James J. O'Hara jnr

359. Hello again fellow O'Hara's. This is Kim O'Hara from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada again. Still looking for my cousins. Kevin and Jacquline. My great grampa's name was George and gramie was Sadie or Sarah she liked to be called. Please help. Thanks
by  Kimberley O'Hara

May the Lord make his face shine upon you, O'HARA'S!!!
moi?.....b 1964 in Syracuse NY, My grandfather Thomas Gregory O'Hara, from Skaneatles area, NY, my great grandfather John, b 1851, died 1926, born SOMEWHERE in IRELAND.... married Catherine Powers...she was born in 1862 and died in 1938... had 7 sons, my grandpa was the youngest...wish I could go back further...that would be cool...
Heather O'Hara
by  Heather (3) O'Hara

361. Hello fellow O'Haras. My family are originally from Sligo (Ireland) but most of us live in Dublin now. I am one of 10 children from families of an average of at least 7 (12 on my father's side) so we are still growing and we keep very much in contact. We have an msn.oharagroup you might find interesting (
by  Francis ( Frank) Noel O'Hara

362. Looking for Rocky Raymond O'Hara of Alberta, Canada
Hello. I'm looking for somebody from the O'Hara family of Alberta, possibly Morinville, Alberta. His name, I'm told, was Rocky Raymond O'Hara; perhaps Rocky is a nick-name. I found his name on my husband's adoption papers, they listed Mr. O'Hara as the father (not wed to the mother, Margaret Elaine Cross). My husband, now called Robert Arndt, was born February 27, 1962. Any help you could give us is appreciated, thank you
Lori Shaw
by  Lori Shaw

363. Looking for Sarah O'Hara (born in Ireland, c. 1850)
I am looking for any connection to Sarah O'Hara born about 1850 - 1855 in Ireland.
She was married to Henry McGrath. They had a son born 1875 in Belfast. She is my brick wall
Bob Cook
by  Bob Cook

364. Interest In possible O'Hara relatives in Southern Ireland
My maiden name was/is Anne O'Hara. All my older relatives are now deceased. My great grandmother and father came over from the North West of Southern Ireland around the 1840's (Potato famine), to Keighley,West Yorkshire, England. I think from very few indications that they came from somewhere near Knock! 'kiltiknock' if there is such a place?
I would be grateful for any replies. Unfortunately, their names where Mary and John, obviously common names and to make it more difficult they were only small children when they left Ireland.... They had a son soon after arriving called James who died at the age of two and who they then bought a grave for. Neither seemed to be able to read or write.
Anne Cuthbert
by  Anne Cuthbert

365. Looking for William O'Hara (born Toronto, Canada, about 1904)
I am looking for information trying to find my father's dad, William O'Hara; he was married in Syracuse, NY, moved to Cleveland, Ohio with 2 sons, left during the depression and headed toward Alberta, Canada. He was born around 1904 in Toronto, Canada,
Michael O'Hara
by  Michael O'Hara (59)

366. O'Hara picture posted in 2000 — update
Original message: number 2
Later message: number 411
See also query: number 772
Hi Jim,
I wanted to update my email address on the picture of the O’Hara family, that I posted to your website in 2000.
The “dad” in the picture is my great grandfather, Thomas Edward O’Hara.
Many thanks,
Janice Dukes Martin
Paternal Lineage: McNally, Dermody, Donnelly, Burke, O'Hara, Jeffries, Parrett, Holt, Johnson, Conner O’Hara.
Maternal Lineage: Smith, Jackson, Knowles, White, Hayne, Humphrey, Crosby, Routt, Adams, Conyers West, Richel, Cullimore, Haines
by  Janice Dukes Martin

367. Finding Sheila, Francis, Ryan and Jack O'Hara in Ireland
I used to live in London between 1989 and 1990. I lived with a family named the O'Haras — Sheila, Francis, Ryan and Jack O'Hara. They were lovely people and helped me very much. In those days, Ryan was a wonderfu baby. We kept our contact for a while. But this family moved to Dublin from London and we lost the contact. I visited London again and their house but I couldn't find them. I missed them so much and worried about them. Please help me to find my dear friends. I hope everything is okay with them. I thank you for your interest in advance.
Best regards,
A. T.
PS. (November 3, 2006)
First of all, I thank you for your kindness and understanding. I am incredibly happy. Last night I spent two hours on the internet to find my dear friends. I didn't count how many O'Haras (from Dublin) that Icalled. Finally, I found a telephone number in Wicklow County's web site. Then I took my chance and I found my dear friends after 16 years. It was very important for me. I really missed them. In those days, I was young and they were young, there was a lovely baby. We shared everything under the same roof. Now everybody's health is okay. This baby has become a handsome young man. Another one is on the road to be a young man. To know that they are okay means for me more than everything. I really thank you for such a wonderful information and contact channel. Your website helps love and friendship. This is the precious service for peace. I am sending my best wishes to all O'Haras. I am sure if I had not found them, an O'Hara would help me by hearing my voice from your web-site. Thank you again.
With all my best wishes, A. T.
by  A. T.

368. Father Thomas O'Gara, mid-Illinois (1850s)
I am looking for information on Father Thomas O'Gara, a priest in mid-Illinois in the 1850s. Anyone have any information? Thanks.
L. Boston
by  L. Boston

369. I am also from the O'Hara's but we moved to Canada 8 years ago in August and i have only been back home once since coming here. I am now 15, and hope to go back when i am 17 or 18. If any O'Hara's wish to contact me plese feel free to do so.
by  Annie Jade O'Hara

370. St. Jude was there for little McKenzie O'Hara
McKenzie O’Hara, the daughter of Andrew "Andy" O'Hara, General Counsel; Director of Sponsor Relations at ppc Racing, was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. She was admitted to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital exactly one year ago this week and today is free of cancer. The following news item was sent by Andrew, McKenzie's father.
news report dated Mooresville, N.C., November 10, 2006
by  Andrew "Andy" O'Hara

371.Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941)
Link: One Hundred Renowned O'Haras
Hi there,
I am distantly related to Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941) who is mentioned in your "One Hundred Renowned O'Haras" section. I am trying to trace his ancestors and any family he may have had. I know he married Florence Butt in 1919. Florence is my great great aunt! I know he had a brother Charles H O'Hara. Valentine didn't ahve any children, but maybe his brother did? If anyone can help me with tying in his family I would be extremely grateful. I can help anyone out with details I have found out about Valentine if they're interested. He was a fascinating man!
Guy Singer
by  Guy Singer

372. My name is Erin O'Hara, there are ten O'Hara's in my family. Five of us live in Spring Hill Florida, five live in GlenPool Oklohoma. Originally the family was born in New York.
by  Erin O'Hara

373. Hello I am 1 of many O'Hara's living Calgary Alberta Canada.
by  Jordan O'Hara

374.Doing the same O'Hara Tree as Kathy Flynn Simons
I am trying to get in touch with Kathy as we are 'doing' the same O'Hara tree but I can't get an email through on the address given here. Many Thanks, M. Crinion
Kathy's Guest Book message of July 31, 2001
What a wonderful site! I have been trying to find information on Nancy O'Hara (1790?-1870?) from Cloonacool. She married Pat McCarrick (1781- 1864) from Loughill?. They had a daughter, Catherine McCarrick (1844- 1899), who married my great grandfather, Thomas Flynn on 3 Oct 1865, in Tobercurry, Sligo. These O'Hara's began in 1616 with a grant of land at Mullaun by Teighe O'Hara to his brother Cormac. He was the forebearer of Nancy's father. Nancy's brother Paddy O'Hara married and stayed at home, and was the father of Fr. Denis O'Hara, Administratoar in Ballaghadereen and later as a parish priest of Kiltimagh. His other son was ArchDeacon Roger O'Hara, a parish priest of Kilmovee from 1882 to 1924. Are there any O'Hara's out there with a McCarrick connection? Many thanks, in advance
by  M. Crinion

375.I married Martin O'Hara, son of Mary and Daniel O'Hara, Enniskillen,Co Fermanagh. I was trying to track down his uncle Francis who moved to England 50 years ago. So if any one can tell me where is whereabouts I would be very greatful. His brothers are Daniel, Kevin and sisters Bridget and Patricia.
by  Frances O'Hara


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