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251. Free Birth & Marriage Records
Visitors and subscribers to this site who have O'Hara and other ancestors in East Mayo may find something of interest at
Happy Hunting ... Dominick Lee
London, England - but with O'Hara family in Shammer, Kilkelly, County Mayo
by  Dominick Lee

252. Looking for information on the O'Haras of Faughanvale, County Derry
Is there any family tree or listings on the O'Haras of Faughanvale incorporating Greysteel in County Derry, Ireland ? I am starting to trace my family tree now and could use all the help i can get,
Thanks, Fergus O'Hara.
by  Fergus O'Hara

253. Hello there from Seoul, South Korea
hi my name is brayan, well where should i start, i was born in peru may 14th 1983, my grandpa came there from ireland in 1942, his name was thomas o'hara mcpherson, well i live now in south korea, seoul, well i don't know what to say, yeah, i'm delighted to find a web page about our last name, well this might sound absurd, but i'm really happy to find this page, well, good luck to all of you guys, and god bless you all, chau
Brayan O'Hara Lopez
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

254. Joseph O'Hara (b. 1874) son of Henry James O'Hara
I am looking for information on Joseph O'Hara, b. 1874, son of Henry James O'Hara and Catherine Callahan O'Hara. Brothers include Frank and Henry, sisters include Barbara and Agnes and Catherine. They were in Scranton, PA at turn of century. Immigrants from County Mayo.
Susan Halpin
by  Susan Halpin

255. O'Hara's & O'Hora's
My name is David John O'Hora. I was born on 23.06.1979 in Dublin, Ireland. It is nice to see that there is such a great reference point for O'Hara's & O'Hora's. Both names share an almost identical family crest. I believe that many people changed the name O'Hora to O'Hara in the 1800's.
David O'Hora.
by  David John O'Hora

256. A howdy ya'll from Georgia
Sending all the O'Haras a howdy ya'll from Georgia. Myself not being form here it is nice to see that there are O'Hara spread everywhere, a touch of family in every backyard.
Tracy O'Hara.
by  Tracy O'Hara

257. O'Hara's from Upstate NY
Hi, I'm 38 yo male from upstate NY, the Binghamton Area for sure. Grandma Francis and Grandpa Mitchell O'Hara. Father Michael J. and Mother Janet L. O'Hara. Any info out there about my family and the history of the O'Hara's in this area down to Scranton, PA area ? Contact me please!
Michael Sean O'Hara
by  Michael Sean O'Hara

258. Hello fellow O'Hara family members. I too am an O'Hara and Canadian. I live in southwestern Ontario.
by  Bev Bailey

259. O'Hara's in Missouri
Trying to find my husbands family. Anyone with information on a William O'Hara from Flourisant Missouri who was left an orphan and raised by a Mrs. Harris, when William's father (James O'Hara) never returned home from the civil war.William's mother's name is unknown. She died shortly after his father. Other family names related are Stinson, Condon, Stewart, Donner, Wolf, and Nieman.
Please contact me if any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family.
Amanda O'Hara
by  Amanda O'Hara

260. A hearty hello from the South Buffalo, NY O'Hara's....Vincent, Kerry, Ava, Vivienne. Does anybody know the official O'Hora/O'Hara connection? Name butchered at Ellis Island or two variations of the same clan name?
by  Vince O'Hara

261. O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village in Madoc, Ontario, Canada
I may have overlooked it but I didn't see any information on the O'Hara Mill and Homestead in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. It was built by some of my O'Hara ancestors. They have a website...just google it.
My O'Hara ancestor was Patrick O'Hara and his wife Cynthia Prindle.
Scott A. Lee
Webmaster's comment: Here it is: O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village
by  Scott A. Lee

262. O'Hara's in Australia
I'm from Ballarat, an old mining town established in the 1800's during the great gold rush. A Town in Victoria, Australia.
If you are ever in Australia, look up my father, Peter O'Hara. He'll look after you.
Louise Mary O'Hara
by  Louise Mary O'Hara

263. An O'Hara from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wow ... I never knew there were so many! Im Michael Robert O'Hara - Born In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in the early '90s.
I'm 23 Years old and a web designer/developer/etc/etc by profession. If you want to check out some of my work follow the link below:
Mike O'Hara
by  Michael Robert O'Hara

264. Looking for O'Hara Family
Hi I'm MUGU MGBADA O'Hara and I'm trying to locate all my Irish family. I'm 18 years old and live in England with my mum.
Mgbada Igbo O'Hara
by  Mgbada Igbo O'Hara

265. Hello from the O'Hara clan of Long Island, NY
by  Anthony O'Hara (2)

266. a very interesting site.
by  patricia young nee ohara u.k

267. I am also an O'Hara and I would be very interested in speaking with other people from around the world.
by  Kristin O'Hara

268. Sergeant Miles O'Har(r)a (died 1876)
Did you know that Sgt. Miles O'Hara killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and listed on your family geneology, also shows the last name spelling of O'Harra? I have his only known individual photograph in uniform. He was promoted to Sgt. the day before he was killed in the "valley fight" portion of the battle. He is noted in survivor's journals as the first soldier killed in that historic confrontation of soldiers and Indians.
The Irish members of the 7th Cavalry are one of my keen interests, especially regarding the Battle of the Little Big Horn. My mother's maiden name was O'Harra and I have done alot of research concerning the family ... If you have any interest in any of the "other" O'Harras, let me know.
Dick Weart
by  Dick Weart

269. My O'Hara family Connection
The O'Hara Family from Youngstown, Ohio were cousins of my mother. I know they lived on the North side of Youngstown and I do believe one of the family members lived on Kensington Ave. The O' Hara Family are from the Rochford Family side of my family. I know that my great great grandfather was James Rochford and my great great grandmother was Mary (Narry) Rochford and they had Anna who married Martin Finnerty both comming to this country from England in 1859. They married over here in Youngstown at St. Columbus church. It was called St. Columbus at the time and they changed the name to St. Columbas church after the old church burned down. Martin and Anna had either 13 or 15 children, my grandmother being the eldest. She married William (Bockey) McGowan and they were my grandparents. James and Anna were my great grandparents. My mother was Leona (McGowan) that is all I do know. Please contact me if you have any information. We want to know more about our O'Hara family connection.
I want to thank you very the old world Irish way of saying God Bless.....Godspeed...
Judy Burton
by  Judith Burton

270. i'm also another o'hara and i will love to meet and to know more about my lastname and maybe i said maybe, yeah sure why not to find family around the world who knows? so anytime at
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

271. Looking for my relatives in New Hampshire
Hi my name is Bruce O'Hara. I am from Laconia New Hampshire. My father's name is John O'Hara from Gorham New Hampshire. My Grand Father is Richard O'Hara; he is now deceased, came from Mass. and lived in Gorham New Hampshire for many many years until his death. If you have relitives from New Hampshire like Gorham Email me please at:
Bruce O'Hara
by  Bruce O'Hara

272. From one O'Hara to another - just want to say hello from Rochester NY - I was born and raised in South Buffalo.
by  Edward O'Hara

273. An "O'Hara letter" from San Francisco, April 18, 1906
The following thrilling letter, describing the sensations experienced by a sufferer from the San Francisco earthquake, was received by Mr Hugh O'Hara-Monan, of 32, Waverley Ave, Fairview, Dublin, from his brother, who was in the city at the time of the earthquake:
San Francisco California USA
18th April 1906.
My dear Hugh
A terrible earthquake has occurred here, followed by a disastrous fire, which is burning the whole town. Thousands are killed. I narrowly escaped with my life from the earthquake. I may not fare so well with the fire, which is something terrible. Everything is so miserably dreadful that I cannot describe it. It is fearful. It will take me quite a long time to survive the shock. It is another Pompeii. I am sending you the papers.
Every building was wrecked; churches were overthrown; & streets twisted into all kinds of shapes. The people are starving, & no food is to be had until relief trains come in. One has to sleep on sidewalks. And everything is so awful, fearfully dreadful; the shock is still "Ringing in My Ears". Millions of property has been destroyed. But you can read every­thing for yourself in the papers, which I will mail to you as soon as possible.
I am absolutely homeless now. The earthquake was felt all over the states. All the surrounding towns are a total wreck. San Francisco is a town about the size of Dublin. The population is almost 500,000, two-thirds of which are a1ready homeless. I have lost everything in the fire: the town is all in darkness and looks like a graveyard.
Everything is at a standstill, and the people will soon starve if relief does not come soon.
The earthquake started at 5 -15 o'clock in the morning. I was tossed in the bed like a boat in a rough sea. The shock lasted forty seconds. The fire is fierily raging all around me as I write, and soon will demolish the place in which I am writing this letter. I cannot say anything about the future and for the present I must only allow myself to be governed by circumstances. Hoping you are well. I remain
your affectionate brother B. ­
P.S. - This letter was written on a empty sardine - box
The recipient of the San Francisco letter is Mr Hugh Monan 32 Waverley Ave, Fairview ... Regarding the O'Hara connection - my cousin Val told me there was some family disputes within the family and they renounced the family name, even though in my Mother's family address book my great grandfather signed his name O'Hara - Monan.
Best wishes,
Barbara Best
by  Barbara Best

274. Looking for Sean Michael O'Hara (born April 1, 1970)
Looking for Sean Michael O'Hara, born in Illinois, lived in Las Vegas in 1989ish. Born 4/1/1970.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
by  Jon

275. Erir PA. Hello everyone.
by  Joseph P O'Hara


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