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26. Thank you for your O'Hara information !
My husband, Timothy O'Hara was an all american lacrosse player at Syracuse University in the 70's. He held the record of most points scored for 18 years. I thought maybe you would be interested. The present SU lax coach, John Desko, would have all the stats and details if this is an interest to you. have a great day..again, thank you!
Kristen O'Hara
by  Kristen O'Hara

27. Slan abhaile to all !
As an O'Hara living here in Ireland I decided to give ye all a shout and say how happy i am to see more O'Haras out there. I will get my familly up on the site as soon as i get it built, So slan abhaile to all and good luck,
Sean O'Hara
PS As you probably know ohara is one of the most popular names in Japan!!!
by  Sean O'Hara

28. Dear James,
I have been involved in the Genealogy of my family and the History of the O'Hara Sept for more than thirty years now and have some information that I would enjoy sharing. Iv'e just retired from active service as a Catholic Priest in the Archdiocese of Boston after working in Parishes for 44 years with three terms as Pastor. And, I have just begun to get involved with Genealogy on the Computer this past couple of years. If you could use this material or let me know how I might include it in your Web, I would appreciate it.
Part I: John &Margaret O'Hara & Sons [Photograph]
About This Photo: This picture, which I have chosen as the cover photo for my family site, depicts my Great-grandfather, John O'Hara and Great-grandmother, Margaret [Duddy] O'Hara with their nine sons. Margaret died in 1899. John in 1900.So the photo was taken before 1899. John and Margaret and the oldest son, Michael, were born in Ireland. Six of the boys were born in the North End of Boston and the last two were born in Charlestown. John is seated in the front center and Margaret is seated front right. Beginning on the left from bottom to top are John, James,William [who is my Grandfather], Richard, Bernard, Dennis, George, Edward, Michael. The family lived on Charter Street and Endicott Street in the North End beginning in 1860 and purchased their own home at 102 Medford Street in Charlestown in 1874. John Jr. became a Boston City Coumcilman; Michael was a printer; my grandfather and great-grandfather both worked for the City of Boston; Richard and Bernard started an early Milk Delivery Company in the City of Boston and O'Hara Brothers Milk had a Contract with the Boston City Hospital in the 1890s. I have traced the Family in the Boston City Directory all through the 1860s-70s-80s-90s. When they came to Boston from Pennsylvania in the early 1860s, they moved into an apartment with another John and Margaret O'Hara at 31 Charter Street in the North End. John's parents were John O'Hara Sr. and Margaret Noonan. Margaret Duddy's parents were James Duddy [a corruption of the O'Dowd Sept name] and Elizabeth Sheilds. They came to the United States from County Derry, Ireland in the late 1850s.
Rev. Francis A. O'Hara
PS. It might be of interest to you that I am first cousin, once removed through our fathers, to Fred O'Hara whose Website ( is included in your Regional/Tennessee category. Fred is the Grandson of John Jr [seated front left] and he is also Great-grandson of John and Margaret [Duddy] O'Hara.
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

29. How interesting to read messages from O'Haras, all of whom sound proud of the name, as I have always been! My first direct ancestor that I know about is Henry O'Hara, born in 1730 in or near Frederick MD. One of his sons, Henry, Jr., and wife, Margaret Brown O'Hara, left Maryland in 18ll and emigrated to Randolph County IL. Currently, an eighth generation of U.S. O'Haras is growing up on the original Illinois homestead. My assumption is that the Frederick MD Henry's parents immigrated from Ireland, but so far, I have found this information elusive.
by  Jane O'Hara

30. Dear Jim:
Some interesting (at least to me) embellishments to Fr. Frank's synopsis of the family (Message No. 28): The John O'Hara that John and Margaret moved in with when they first came to Boston was a first cousin who was a fisherman (according to his immigration papers). The existence of the two John O'Haras with similar immigration dates, emigration points, and new-world addresses has made tracing the family even more challenging. One of John and Margaret's next-door neighbors during their tenure in the North End of Boston (a perennial staging ground for immigrants of all nationalities) was Rose Fitzgerald, who married Joe Kennedy and bore John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The John O'Hara, Jr., described by Fr. Frank was also a member of the House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He served both on City Council and in the House of Representatives under James Michael Curley, on whose ticket he ran.
Fred O'Hara
by  Fred O'Hara

31. Dear Jim:
Thru trial and error I found Fr Frank. Since then, he has confirmed what info I had. He has been very generous sharing his expertise. My grandfather was Bernard O'Hara, he is also in the photo, standing behind his father. Bernard married Ellen E. Ripley and they had 6 children. My father was Albert Andrew O'Hara. Fr Frank suggested I post a message ( on the GENFORUM, which I did, Jan 20,2002. I thoroughly enjoy researching and learning about the O'Haras, it is quite addictive. Sincerely,
Elaine Casey
by  Elaine Casey

32. I had no idea that there was an O'HARA website and newsletter. Does anyone have any ties to Western New York State?
by  Thomas J. O'Hara III


34. I'm James Christopher O'Hara of Selby, North Yorkshire, England. I believe that my family name came to Selby more than 100 years ago from Co Mayo via (Stockton on Tees). About 10 years ago over 12 O'Hara's worked at the local shipbuilding company, My granddad James William worked there 50 years. Many local O'Hara's have their own business because the shipyard closed down. Some have moved to Oz.
by  James Christopher O'Hara

35. My name is Tommy O'Hara i live in skelmersdale england Just checking the family and where they live in the world.
by  Thomas (Tommy) O'Hara

36. Great site. I am looking for O'Hara ancestors from the Scranton, PA area. My grandfather Emmett O'Hara b.abt.1900 is from there and had a sister Julia b.1913-d.1992, but that is all I know right now. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreicated. Brian O'Hara
by  Brian M. O'Hara

37. Dear, I am looking for the relatives of Hugh and Anna O'Hara of Pittsburgh. They had 13 children, one of which was my grandfather Hugh Leo. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Colleen M. O'Hara
by  Colleen M. O'Hara

38. I'm looking for relations to Bartlett O'Hara from Buffalo, New York.
by  Mary O'Hara

39. I'm sending you this information about the Sons of John and Margaret O'Hara. It has Genealogical Value, since it includes their birth and death information as well as the names of their wives and their children. Many thanks for your help with these projects.
Best wishes,
Father Frank
Part II: The Sons of John and Margaret O'Hara
(Graphic Image with text at:
PS. It might be of interest for you to know that only one of the children of the nine sons [and consequently, only one Grandchild of John and Margaret] is still living. He is my Uncle and my Godfather, my father's brother, son of the 8th one in the list [William Francis]. His name is Edmund O'Hara and he is 91 years old this past November. He lives with his lovely wife Virginia in Hemet Southern California. He and his wife came East this past fall and we had a grand get-together here in Falmouth on Cape Cod...Both of them have had an intersting life...When they retired, they went to Africa with the Peace Corps and he taught electricity while she worked as a Librarian. When their time was up with the Corps, the people begged them to stay on; but they were required to return home.
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

40. this is a great site, could any one help. our honor/annie o'hara[not to sure as she kept changing her name]we think she was christened as annie but used her mothers name as she brought shame onto the family?.she left ireland in the 1880's [she could have been about 17] and came to liverpool she had a son we think in 1881 called michael and she was known as annie,in 1885 she married william sandford the father of michael again as annie, in 1886 she had catherine[my greatgrandma]and she was called honor,she was buried in liverpool in the late 40's , 50's as honor ohara.we do know that she either divorced[may not be right as she was catholic]or left her husband as he beat her.please if anyone has any information or advice on how to continue,contact me.i'm at that brick wall.
thanks debbie.
by  debbie

41. i have a bit more information regarding my previous comments.i said that honoro'hara ,was buried as a o'hara this is incorrect,she was buried as a sandford in feb 9 1950 she was 96, her grave is in yew tree cemetery liverpool.alsothere is a grave of a ellen o'hara buried may 26 1915 she was 78[born about 1837].the deed holder for the grave was a annie o'hara does this ring any bells with anyone.
thanks debbie
by  debbie

42. It's good to be Irish in Canada. I'm tring to find A Sean O'hara who was married to Marica latty in mobay JA in 1974. I could really need the help on this web page. thank you.
Patrick o'hara.
by  Patrick O'hara

43. I am from Letterkenny Co. Donegal Ireland and have lived in Chicago for over 30 years. I am a professional singer. I have currently two CD's. One is titled "Home from the Sea" and the other is a Christmas CD. When our great mayor of Chicago died we composed and recorded "Tribute to Richard J. Daley which is still my own favorite. I am married with three great children.
by  Frank O'Hara

44. i am looking for my kin from ireland,what part i dont know. my grandparents came to america from ireland. if somebody can help me it would be nice. i would love to visit ireland someday. just e-mail me.thanks. i have been trying for years to trace my family history with no luck.
by  john ohara

45. im just sighning it because im an o'hara.
by  matthew ryan o'hara

46. just hopeing to find kin in ireland, fathers name was patrick ohara from kane pa. grandparents burried in kane pa. they came from ireland when i dont know.can somebody please help me? the grandparents are my dads parents.
just learned grandparents name michael ohara my grandfather married margarot nagle both from ireland they had four children pat,mary,charles g.,and ason they called dolly? my father pat,and his parents are burried in kane pa. i hope to learn more about my ancestors. can somebody help me? i hope to here from somebody in ireland.just e-mail me.
by  john ohara (2)

47. Hello Jim,
My name is John O'Hara. I am 35 yrs. old. My grandparents were Michael O'Hara (1889-1967) and Margaret Nagle (1891-1965). Both are right from Ireland and came here prior to 1916 when their first son was born. I would like to know more on both sides of my grandparents.
I am married with five children: two boys and three girls. Two are twins, Amber Lynn and Heather Lynn, and they were born May 1, 2001. My first child Stephanie Kay was born December 24, 1995 - I lost my only son Daniel Owen, the day of his birth, April 25, 2000 which was one week before his due date. My step sons are Joshua (born April 30, 1992) and Matthew (born August 30, 1994).
There are no twins on my mother's side or on my wife's side either. This is one reason why I want to learn about my roots: because my son and twins have to be very special. By the way we live in Bradford, Pennsylvania, home of the zippo lighter,and case knives. I hope you can help me. I dont even know what part of Ireland they came from. Hope to here from you soon.
A friend always
John O'Hara
by  john ohara

48. my greatgrand father joseph o'hara was born stateside but his daddy and mother were joseph and annie o'hara from ireland who came to the states. i am going to ireland summer 2002 and would like to look up my relatives. can anyone tell me of a good site for info to search for the irish clan. diane.
by  diane kathleen o'hara

49. I have been searching my husbands O'Hara family. Great grandparents are William O'Hara and Mary Stinson. They had 3 children that know of. They are Joseph, Anthony, and Elizabeth. Anthony O'Hara married Thelma Venable and are from Missouri. Elizabeth O'Hara married William Stewart. They had a child named Marie. Marie Stewart married Gene Neeman. They had 2 children, Mike and johnny Neeman. Any information on these O'Hara's please contact me.
by  Amanda O'Hara

50. I'm trying to find my ancestors and family in Ireland. I've traced as far back as the following. I'll begin with my mother. Mother - Karen Kaye O'Hara married Willard Andrew Cohen Grandfather - James W. O'Hara married Betty Bell Great Grandfather - Thomas J. O'Hara married Ethel Haslam Great Great Grandfather - James O'Hara Great Great Great Grandfather - Dennis O'Hara born in Armagh. Came to America the age of 16. First wife, Katherine Creagh, children, Mary,Nellie,John,Thomas. Katherine later died. Second wife, June Gilmore, children, James (GGGrand),Daniel,Rosie,Katherine,Jane,Charles,Mary,Annie That's as far back as it goes, any help would be appreciated.
by  Scott Cohen


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