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401. Looking for any information on Robert O'Hara (possibly O’Hora) born (?) Co. Mayo, Ireland
Looking for any information on the following:- ROBERT O'HARA (possibly O’HORA) Born possibly Co Mayo in Ireland. He was a farmer by trade. Married and had a least 10 or 100 children of which I know some details of four:-
i. MARY3 O'HARA, born in Ireland; married to a man with the surname KENNEY. Mary possibly died in the UK
ii. MARTIN O'HARA, b. Abt. 1873, Ireland; moved to the UK and married a Margaret FOY born 1875 in Bohola Ireland. They married in Wigan but travelled around Lancashire as he was a Miner. Martin died. 13 Jun 1907, Brodsworth Main Colliery, Yorkshire.
iii. WILLIAM O'HARA, b. Ireland; married Mary Anne KILGALLON. Had three children William ( last known residing in Belgium in 1949); John Patrick died in Canada possibly 1999 and Mary Catherine
iv. JOHN O'HARA, b. Abt. 1883, Ireland. - was in Liverpool in 1901 census living with Martin
Any info would be great
Michelle O'Hara
by  Michelle O'Hara

402.Searchimg my great grandfather John Patrick O'Hara's genealogy
My great grandfather, John Patrick O'Hara, was born in Ireland. He was a Major in an Irish Regiment that was garrisoned in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) when occupied by the British, just after the take over from the Dutch. He married Mary Ann Duffy daughter of a fellow officer in 1830 in Ceylon.
George Hesse
by  George Hesse

403. Greetings to the Klan O'Hara. 35 from Sacramento in Northern California. My father is Walter James born to John O'Hara and Helen Gilfoyle in NY. 1941. My 2 brothers are Jeffray Scott 40, and Brian James 20, all in California. I have 2 boy's Michael Sean jr. and Dillan James...all boy's.Just doing my part to keep the name alive. " When Irish eyes are smiling, watch your...back!"
by  Michael Sean O'Hara

404. Greetings all! Michael Scott O'Hara from BC Canada here. Son of James Milton O'Hara (born September 1929 in Calgary AB). Great site!
by  Michael Scott O'Hara

405. Hi everyone I just want to add my name into this fantastic guest book. A big hello for the "West Midlands" England.
by  Ian David O'Hara

406. heyy O'Hara's, hello from Victoria, Canada. thought i'd sign this lovely lovely guestbook. hopefully i'll get the chance to meet some of you someday, maybe on a random day the next time im in Ireland. byeee xx
by  Karyn O'Hara

407. Hi O'Haras, My full name is Mary Shawn O'Hara-Smith. I am beginning to create my family tree. I did not know how many O'Haras there were!!! WOW! My Father was born and raised in Rochestor NY (Thomas Patrick O'Hara) Hope to write to some of you in the future.
by  Shawn O'Hara-Smith

408. Searching for my father Michael J. O'Hara Jr.
My father Michael John O'Hara Jr. was born in Brooklyn New York by a NYPD father, and he was in the US Air Force when he meet mother in Philippines in 1965-1966, and i was born in may 26,1967. My Dad left for the states when i was just a few months old and my mother and i never heard of him again.I want to get to know and meet him because my mother told me a lot about him and now i am 38 years old and i have two daughters Caitlin 11 years old and Christine 6 years old. I want him to know his grandchildren because we love him and miss him so much. Currently,I live here in San Diego California with my two daughters, and i would love to know my real father Michael John O'Hara Jr. Can your office help me to find him please.
Thank You,
Donna Kathleen Gaco O'Hara
by  Donna Kathleen Gaco O'Hara

409. hi to all you O'Haras out there, never knew we were so widespread. I'm an aul hand and new to modern technology. My father's people came from Crebilly Co.Antrim; there is a family burial plot there, love to hear from anyone out there who is from that area.
by  George O'Hara

410. I'm IBM - Irish By Marriage, and somehow ended up being the keeper of the family history. Our branch is descended from Henry O'Hara, who arrived in upstate New York 1848, and married Mary Langan (both of Co. Mayo) in 1851. Any cousins, please drop a note!
by  Amy O'Hara

411. Photo of O'Hara, Donnelly and Dermady First Cousins (ca. 1900)
Hi Jim
I found this picture in my files and am sure it will be of interest to kindred researchers.
Names recorded on the back:
Front row: Frank Donnelly and Margaret O’Hara
Middle row: Jack Donnelly and James O’Hara
Back row: Steve O’Hara, Annie Dermady, Jack O’Hara and Jane O’Hara.
Time and place are unknown but my guess is turn of the century, in Westport, Ontario, Canada.
Regards, Janice Dukes Martin
Janice's first message
Janice's second message
(or in this database)
Original message: number 2
Later message: number 366
See also query: number 772

by  Janice Dukes Martin

412. O'Hara's from County Armagh
Hello O'Hara's.
I'm a descendant of Bernard O'Hara born about 1791 & Elizabeth McConnell born about 1807. Arrived in Canada in 1839 & settled in Newton Robinson (near Alliston) Ontario. Please write if you might be a distant cousin.
Jane Bernacki
by  Jane Bernacki

413. hi to all the o'hara's. my name is mikala o'hara, sister of james j o'hara further down the page (message no. 358). i was born and live in bury, lancs. trying to find out info on my grandads parents james o'hara and sarah? came from ireland possibly co.mayo. can anyone help??
by  Mikala O'Hara

414. Looking for anyone who might of heard of Clonard Confectionarys on Falls Road circa 1930; names Joesph and Shiela O'Hara
thank you, Maureen
by  Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

415. Searching for other family members
Hi, I am from Ausralia and reside in Victoria, searching for family, Grandparents lived in Whyalla South Australia. Fathers name John, possibly had a sister Dorothy Bell?
Would be interested to hear from any other family members.
Brian John O'Hara
by  Brian John O'Hara

416. I'm Viv G O'Hara, one of the earliest signatories, from Anglesey in Wales UK. Hey, its great to see so many of us have visited and signed in since this Book was started. In the O'Hara family there is a Book of O'Hara written by the family Bard called Higgins. It tells of the history of the family and the brave deeds of the Clan and its leaders. Our name in old irish and to the point.Its so true of the many O's I've met up to now. I'd like to re-create this ancient book but this time as a record of all of us in a family tree e-mail me your details to We are a very capable and successful proud of your name . It goes back to 900AD.
by  Viv Gervaise O'Hara

417. I am very proud to be an O'Hara. I was named afer my father who was named after his. My Grandfather was awarded the Silver and Broze star awards in the pacific during World War Two for valor.
by  Francis Patrick O'Hara Junior

418. Hi to all the O'Hara's...what a great name
I live in The Netherlands at the moment and I am from Enniscrone, Co.Sligo. My Father is Eamonn O'Hara from Co.Sligo and my Grandfather was James O'Hara also from Co.Sligo.I know our name originally comes from Co.Sligo so no doubt we are some how related to the High Kings of Ireland!! .
Fiona O'Hara
by  Fiona O'Hara

419. Hello from Russia
Hello everyone. Just found this site and would like to add my name to it as well. Originally from Park End area of Middlesbrough now living in Normanby. Im currently working over in Sakhalin Island Russia. Feel free to drop me a note if you want. Cheers
Tony O'Hara
by  Tony O'Hara

420. Good Day to all fellow members of the O'Hara family
My grandfather, James came to Australia from Crebilly, Co.Antrim, in the 1800s. His parents were Richard O'Hara and Rebecca Ann (Kelly). He was born around 1867. Regards to all of the Family O'Hara.
Bernard O'Hara
by  Bernard O'Hara

421. Looking for any information on Michael O'Hara b 1785 Enniskillen, Ireland
I am looking for any information on Michael O'Hara born 1785 in Enniskillen, married Molly Bond born about1800, married about 1825. They had a son Thomas born 30 Oct. 1829 in Ross Township, Renfrew, Canada. Thomas married Maria McDonnell and had 12 children. I have information on and after Thomas but am trying to find the roots in Ireland.
Leslie Lavell
by  Leslie Lavell

422. Seeking O'Hara Relatives
Hello to all the O'Hara's!! I stumbled upon this site by accident and I must say it is fabulous! Anyway, my grandfather is Andrew (went by Lester - his middle name), married to Helen F Hayn. My ggrandfather was Patrick O'Hara m to Daisy Snyder. My gggrandfather was Patrick O'Hara also, m to Jane (last name??). I do know that my ggrandfather Patrick was born in Erie PA, he had a sister Ann or Anna who lived near Roanoke, IN. That's about it. Anyone have anything that fits with this bit of info? Let me know. Thanks bunches!
Dana (O'Hara) Dollahan
by  Dana (O'Hara) Dollahan

423. The Life & Times of James O'Hara (c.1808-1865)
I would like to contact Cheryl Judge re The Life & Times of James OHara (c. 1808-1865).
Judy Wynn
by  Judy Wynn

424. John / James O'Hara and Catherine Winton
Catherine died giving birth to my grandfather James Winton O'Hara/Harrie in 1885. Any information about them and the Swaneys all from Leith would be greatly appreciated
Graham O'Harae, Australia.
Also contactable on:
by  Graham O'Harae

425. O'Hara's of Rush, Dublin, Ireland
Looking for information on the O'Hara's of Rush, Dublin, Ireland. Large family consisting of possibly 13 children (John I, Thomas, James, Joseph, Anne, John II, Eleanor, William, Mary Ann, Francis, Alice and Louis) born in that order between 1827-1850. Some emigrated to the Boston area (John II, and Francis) in the 1850's, possibly others.
My great, great grandfather John II married a Margaret and lived on Henchmann Street in North End according to the 1880 census. He worked as a laborer, then as a fish monger. His brother Francis settled in Boston, then Winchester and started FJ O'Hara Fisheries. One manifest shows Francis and his daughter Hanora returned to the US from Austrailia (maybe to visit family?) Rumor has it some/many of the 13 children emigrated there. Any help appreciated.
Mark O'Hara
by  Mark O'Hara


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