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76. Hello,
I need help in finding family in Ireland if I still have any. I realy have no idea when or if my family came from Ireland. Some family members names are.... Abe, Elmer, Frank, Fred, Pansy, Richard and John. They where from Massachusetts and Canada, which is all I know. I am 37, my dad is John and my grandfather is Richard. He would be in his 80's if still alive PLEASE HELP me if you can.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce O'Hara
by  Bruce O'Hara

77. Nice to see so many O'Haras in one place. Looking for descendents of Christopher O'Hara who lived in London around 1820. Web site: O'Hara Family Info (
by  Steve O'Hara

78. Hi James,
My web site ( is a site for all people who are related in some way to my family which of course includes the O'Hara side. It has details of births deaths and marriages going back to the 1801 for the O'Hara's and many years before that for some of the other family names. I don't charge a fee, so I'm not trying to solicit any business by using your site. I just want to find more of my distant relatives. My ancestor Christopher O'Hara was transported to Australia in 1830. He later married in Australia and I am one of his decendents from that marriage. Christopher left behind a wife and at least 4 children in London. Our family has very little details about his first family and what happened to them after he was transported.
Thanks for putting a link on your site for me.
Steve O'Hara
by  Steve O'Hara

79. Hello to all the O'Haras everywhere !
My name is Patrick O'Hara. I live in Edgeworthstown (Mostrim) in Co. Longford, Ireland. My grandmother was Christine Kent. I think my father's people were from Sligo or Mayo. Anyone who knows anything about them please let me know. Some of my grandmother's people went to America back in the 1800s. Anyone who knows anything about us please let us know.
Patrick O'Hara
by  Patrick O'Hara

80. Dear
Subject: Canadian-Irish singer, Mary Margaret O'Hara
I have just heard a song by Mary Margaret O'Hara from an album Songs for My Mother and Father. I am trying to find out anything I can about her and where I can find her music. I am in Michigan, USA. Thank you !
Sue Turpen
Webmaster's reply:
Dear Sue,
I have added a Mary Margaret O'Hara Page ( to the site. I hope the links provided will put you on the track to the information you're looking for. I wish you success in your search.
James O'Hara
by  Sue Turpen

81. To: James G. O'Hara
Christmas Greetings from the O'Hara Family, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Dear family and friends,
Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn would like to wish you the Peace, Happiness and Joys of Christmas.
We hope that 2003 will bring you all that is good and all that you desire.
by  Arthur O'Hara

82. Hello to O'Haras everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by  Erin (O'Hara) McLemore

83. Dear
Subject: Letter of Admiration to Maureen O'Hara
MS. O'Hara,
You've always been my #1 favorite actress of all time and the only one, as there are no others! My favorite men actors are some of your leading men in the movies of yester-year, ie., Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and the man that played Buffalo Bill Cody with you in one of your movies, as his name escapes me at this moment. It often does from a head injury I endured years ago. I do know his name and it disturbs me so much, as I feel ashamed I forget his name. The only living male actor I care about is Sean Connery. Ms. O'Hara, you are still so beautiful for about an 82 year young women and 60 year old women should only look half as pretty as you! Could this forgetful man I can't think of have a first name of George? This really bothers me. Please forward this letter on a print-out to Ms. O'Hara. How does George Montgomery Sound? I think I just remembered his name. Ms. O'Hara, may you reach at least the age of 102! As if I recall, it was the age of your late husband's, General's mother's age. When I think of you often, my heart skips a beat! May the Good Lord always be with you for years to come!!
A Lifetime Admirer,
Arlin Chesin
(480)892-7473 Gilbert, AZ.
by  Arlin Chesin

84. "Maureen O'Hara in 2002", from June Beck
Just wanted to extend a Happy New Year greeting from Maureen and myself and remind you to watch Larry King love tomorrow night 1-2-03 (check local listings for time). This is a new interview. Being invited back to King's interviews is quite a compliment.
The year 2002 was quite a busy one for Ms. O'Hara. She wound down 2001 last December by guesting at the "Christmas Box House" charity in Salt Lake City and an appearance in NY for "Miracle on 34th Street" special screening; January brought the sadness of the loss of her dear friend, writer/director David Swift.
On March 15th, 2002 Maureen appeared at the Irish Fair Foundation in Los Angeles to received their Irish American Celebrity of the Century award and that same month was featured in Irish Connections magazine (on the cover as well as a comprehensive story of her life and career; April found her in Oklahoma City at the National Cowboy Museum Hall of Fame to M.C. the Western Heritage awards.
Between appearances Maureen was kept very busy doing commentary for both Disney and Artisan studios for their new collector's editions. In May the Disney's "Parent Trap" was released, followed by Artisan's "Rio Grande," and "The Quiet Man" The very unique features of the latter two DVD's is that the enhanced audio provides Maureen's narration throughout the entire film.
Maureen was most happy to be able to spend her summer 2002 in Glengarriff, County Cork, Ireland after being away for 2 years. After the loss of both her sister, Florrie and brother Charles during those preceeding years it had to be a welcome return to family memories.
In December, 2002 Maureen returned to the New England Air Museum to host a special event promoting their new video of historic aircraft, including General Charles Blair's "Queen of the Skies" seaplane. Many fans have purchased that video through the museum website and have reported that it is a terrific documentary. Maureen spent several hours autographing the videos for guests.
I will try to get a page published yet this week that incorporates this reflection of Maureen's activities throughout last year with graphics. I know I have probably forgotten some events, but will add to that page as my "senior" memory dictates.
As far as 2003, I have heard nothing in regard possible movies in the works and as reported earlier, her autobiography is due for a 2004 publishing date. There will be an article published in the Aviation & Business Journal newspaper (I believe it is the John Wayne Orange County Edition - exact area publication and date will be provided on my cover page when available)- article written by editor Di Freeze. There will be a large layout on General Charles Blair, his aeronautic history, and Maureen O'Hara.
My best wishes to you all for the happiest of New Years. May you and yours be blessed with good health and inner peace.
God bless, June Beck.
by  June Beck

85. To Whom it May Concern !
Here's another category for your website: O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
Kind regards,
Ronan Smyth
Sales and Marketing Manager
Carlow Brewing Company
Webmaster's Reply:
Dear Ronan,
Thank you for your suggestion. I have created a new category ‘O'Hara products and brand names’ ( where you will find links to O'Hara's Stout and to your company's products. Likewise on the ‘Ireland’ ( page you will find these links.
by  Ronan Smyth

86. hello to all O'Haras, sure are a lot of us spread to many corners of the world . still trying to find a conection to other O'Haras from Glasgow.
by  Brian G. O'Hara

87. Hi !
I'm Kevin O'Hara, a 37 year old playwright and Artistic Director of a theatre company based in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.
The website for my theatre company, telling you what I'm up to is: Antic Mind (;
my email address is:
Good to see a real O'Hara site. Nice one !!

Webmaster's comment: Links to Kevin's theatre company can be found on the pages Directors (, Playwrights (, and UK ( at this web site.
by  Kevin O'Hara

88. Dear,
I would like you to add more of my family to your O'Hara directory. I am Tom O'Hara, the oldest member of seven children whose second youngest is Catherine, the Canadian actress. If you are interested I can tell you moreabout my family (parents, cousins, siblings and children).
Tom O'Hara

Webmaster's comment:
Dear Tom,
I will be happy to include further details of your family. The site already has pages devoted to your actress sister Catherine O'Hara ( and to your singer-songwriter sister Mary Margaret O'Hara (
by  Tom O'Hara

89. What a wonderful site !
I learned so much about my background and was surprised to see my grandfather-Eliot O'Hara-listed here and here. He was quite a man and prominent in watercolor. He married Shirley Putnam the daughter of Herbert Putnam the Librarian of Congress for over 40 years. My father Desmond O'Hara (Eliot's son) was a public health educator (1925- present) now retired. I own a business Farmhaus Inc. at
Actually there were four brothers of the O'Hara clan related to Eliot. All were of some note. Dwight O'Hara was the President of Tufts New England Medical Center and Dartmouth's Medical School. Fitch O'Hara was a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII); Skidmore O'Hara was also a Lt. Colonel in the Army (WWII).
Happy St. Patricks day to you and I hope you can add us to whatever databases you are keeping. Thanks so much and again for maintaining this site. I learned so much about O'Haras--- it made me want to go to Ireland and I am buying tickets next week.
Gordon O'Hara
by  Gordon O'Hara

90. Hello my name is Gord O'Hara from Orangeville, Ontario and I would like to say hi to all the O'Hara's around the world and especially to my brother Patrick in Red Deer, Alberta.
by  Gord O'Hara

I would like this message to be deleted as current research has indicated that the name is Hehir (not O'Hara!!!) in Limerick,
Thank you,
William O'Hara
ORIGINAL MESSAGE (now invalid)
Subject: Michael O'Hara (b. Ireland, 1858) of Brooklyn, NY, and his children
Researching my great-grandfather Michael O'Hara, born Ireland November 1858 - married Hanna Doran born Ireland August 1858 - married in Brooklyn, NY - issue twelve children - seven survived - Steven b:December 1879 - Mary b: March 1884 - Edward Joseph b:January 15,1889 d:January 3,1973 - Joseph b:March 1891- Florence b: August 1894 - George b:February 1897 d: October 15, 1961 - Nellie b: October 1899 - I believe they all were born in Brooklyn, NY.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
William O'Hara
by  William O'Hara

92. Dear,
Subject: O'Hara: the reckoning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Ryan O'Hara, and I am from Boston Ma, but I now live in East Hampstead, NH..... 4 score and seven years ago my four fathers brought to this nation concieved with liberity the pride of O'Hara's everywhere.......... I have been convinced through yopur protesticsion, that the profilels of all O"Hara should be aware every where.... here is my poem to my pride!!!!!! I will return Nuzgel.this is for Zephyr!!!
Ryan O'Hara
Webmaster's comment
You're a great poet Ryan. I really appreciate your poetic licence !
by  Ryan O'Hara

93. HELLO from Askov Minnesota. Born in Omaha Nebraska 6/24/46.
by  James Patrick O'Hara

94. Hello O'Hara I am just surfing trying to find info for my tree. Good to see so many out there, Our name was O'Harrah and changed to O'Hara. fron PA to FL.
by  Charlene O'Hara Ivey

95. Gerard O'Hara Bathgate West Lothian Scotland.
by  Ged O'Hara

96. Lawrence Francis O'Hara Born: Pittsburgh, Pa 1952 Son of John Patrick O'Hara of Pittsburgh, born 1921, died 1994 Grandson of James R. O'Hara, a retired Pittsburgh Fire Captain. Father of Sean Farrel O'Hara.
by  Lawrence O'Hara

97. Dear
Subject: O'Hara's - Rosendale, NY...Mayo, IR
Just found your sight -- very useful -- some of my relatives are in the database -- wondering how I might find additional information about them?? Can anyone help -- looking for descendants of Thomas and Mary Quinn O'Hara/O'Hora -- Thomas was from Parish Ardagh, Mayo -- settled in Rosendale, NY -- HELP!!
Erin O'Hara Meyer
by  Erin O'Hara Meyer

98. Gentlepeople,
Searching: Robert E. O' Hara, Elizabeth O' Hara, Mary Elizabeth O' Hara, Elizabeth O' Hara
Please explain to me how I can access which site the listings are in via your data base. I can see where the people I have listed are *on* your data base. But for some reason that I haven't quite figured out I can't get to the listings of the site. Please help
Kathleen Donnelly California via Belfast, Co. Antrim
Webmaster's Reply: Dear Kathleen,
Access to the datebase is through The links on this page generate - in addition the main table of all persons in the database - tables of persons selected by geographical location, Irish county or country of origin and dates. There is a search facility near the top of the page which allows you to formulate queries yourself; for example by selecting surnames you could look for families intermarried with O'Haras. Near the bottom of the page there is a link to the ‘O'Hara Genealogy Forum’ whose entries are the source of the data.
If I understand you correctly, your searched for your O'Haras and found the tables in which they are listed, for example for Mary Elizabeth you might have selected forenames from the pull-down menu and entered %Mary, Elizabeth% - note that I have separated double forenames and forenames followed by an initial with a comma. You would also find Mary Elizabeth under GA if you search locations. I guess your problem is finding the detailed information on say Mary Elizabeth. Well according to the table listing her this is entry number 907 (which in this case is your own message) at the ‘O'Hara Genealogy Forum’. At the bottom of the database main page you will find a link to this forum; the link is also at the top or bottom of the query pages. When you click this link you get the complete listings of all the messages posted so far. There is a "jump to box" at the top where you should enter 907 and click "go". The link is:
I wish you success in your search for your O'Haras !

by  Kathleen Donnelly

99. Hi to all O'Hara's in the world.
by  Sean Michael O'Hara

100. Another O'Hara from Glasgow. Father from County Leitrim. Any connections anywere ?
by  Susan (O'Hara) Monaghan


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