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751. My father is Charles O'Hara. I was adopted by my grandparents, hence the McKendree name. He passed away, I believe in March 1980, when I was 4. I am searching for more on my father and his family. He passed away in Philadelphia or around there. Any help or leads appreciated!
by  James McKendree

752. Stumbled on this website on St. Patrick's Day. Another Chris O'Hara checking in (I see there are a few of us). From Halifax originally (grandfather's name is Otis) and now living in Saskatchewan. Glad to meet you all! About Chris O'Hara (5)
by  Chris O'Hara (5)

753. I'm Patricia O'Hara from New Orleans; everyone calls me Tricia. I was born and raised in New Orleans. My father and my grandfather's names were Robert O'Hara. I also have a cousin named Father Denis O'Hara, whom I don't remember meeting. However, my dad brought his name up often. Also, my dad had two brothers, Johnny and Jimmy, and a sister named Carmel. Thank you, Tricia.
by  Patricia (Tricia) O'Hara

754. My ancestor James Austin James, son of Joseph Griffith James and Elizabeth Austin, and his wife was Susan O'Hara. (I'm trying to discover who her parents were.) She is recorded as having been born 15 Nov 1802 in Monroe CO, IL, but she must have roots in Ruma. They married 11 Jan 1820 in Monroe CO, IL. She died 30 Aug 1863 in Monroe CO, IL, and is buried in the Madonnaville Cemetery.
by  Laurel Lee James

755. My Great Grand father was John O'Hara and My Great Grandmother was Mary O'Hara. My Grandparents names were also John and Mary O'Hara. They moved to California around 1940 from Detroit Michigan. Great Grandpa apparently pissed off someone in the mob and they had to leave quickly.
by  Tanya Sheehan

756. I may have traced my O'Hara roots to Samuel O'Hara who married Margaret Blakesly. Their son, Hugh O'Hara was born in Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland on 10 March, 1863. He married Anne Bryson, daughter of Robert Bryson and Sarah Caldwell. Anne gave birth to my grandfather, William Hugh, my father, William Donovan, was born of his marriage. Trying to find out if any of my family remains in Balleymena.
by  Laurel O'Hara Wilson

757. I lived next door to Bill and Jerry Mills O'Hara in New Orleans on Chatham Drive. I woud like to find out about the boys Bill (judge) osted away. Ricky O'Hara an amazing artist and Bobby O'Hara a great sole. From Skeeter Dye, 5818 Chatham Drive, 1960-1970.
by  Mercer Dye

758. Hi, my name is Kathy O'Hara wife of James O'Hara and we would like to contact John O'Hara last known to us living in Perth, Australia. He is James' cousin.
by  Kathy O'Hara

759. Hi, my name is Joe Kearney from Dublin Ireland. I have some World War I medals belonging to a Patrick Joseph O'Hara, Longford, Ireland. His Mother Cathrine (Kate) emigrated to New York with her son Michael, in 1909 (See Message no. 773 below). I would like to reunite Medals with family.
by  Joe Kearney

760. Back into researching after a few years break. My greatgrandfather was a Michael O'Hara, born c.1860, his father's name is recorded as Patrick. My mother remembers them mentioning Sligo, but am unsure if it was Michael or his wife who hailed from this county. Michael left for South Australia via Plymouth in 1881, arriving and settling in Australia in 1882. He married Bridget Collopy in 1885. Michael died in 1932. Hoping to find some links to other O'Hara's.
by  Louise Davoren

761. All I know is that there are 4 generations, all lived in Glasgow in the Cowcaddens area. We know that our GGrand parents were from Ireland. I have what information I can get on Ancestry ( – Richard Hugh O'Hara, from Glasgow, Scotland.
by  Richard Hugh O'Hara

762. Looking for information on Ernest O'Hara. Born Prince Edward Island, Moved to the Boston area in the 1930's. Killed in action WW II when flying back to England over the North Atlantic in a B-17 to his air base. He was my "Grandfather" Would like to find out any information about his life.
by  Robert J. O'Hara Jr.

763. My greatgrandfather James F. O'Hara & greatgrandma Matilda McShane came to Canada around 1924-1925 with thier son my grandfather Francis J. O'Hara. I believe from Ballymena Ireland. Any family out there contact me.
by  C. O'Hara

764. Hi, I'm trying to trace Patrick O'Hara's descendants when he left Monalea, Aclare (County Sligo, Ireland) for Keighley (West Yorkshire, England). He was born 1871 and died 1939 in Keighley where he had several children. Philip, his son, was present at Patrick's death. Any info please to: – Thanks!
by  John Royle

765. My great grandmother was Ellen O'Hara fom Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. She was born in 1887. Her siblings were Laurence born 1889, Edmond born 1891, John Born 1893, Mary born 1895, Lizzie born 1897, Patrick born 1900, Margaret born 1902 and Michael born 1904. Their parents were Patrick O'Hara and Bridget Fennessy. I have more information on the O'Hara clan from Mooncoin if anyone is interested.
by  Danny Doran

766. I located an entry for Edward O'Hara in Illinois for dates 1864 and 1870 in your database. I'm searching for my great-great-grandfather and this could be him.
My question is what does Id: 2617 refer to and what does Entries: 1104 refer to? If one or the other of these items refers to additional comments and/or notes, how do I access that additional information?
Thank you in advance for your assistance. This website has been extremely helpful and I hope it can lead me to my great-great-grandfather. He's my ancestor who came to America from Ireland and I'm trying to determine where in Ireland he migrated from.
Webmaster's Reply
There are three databases at this site, namely the Database of O'Hara Persons, the Database of O'Hara People and the Messages database.
Work on the O'Hara Persons database has been suspended. It was compiled between 1998-2006 and lists more than 2300 persons (that is id numbers 1 though 2300+) from more than a 1000 messages (that is Entry numbers 1 through 1019) posted at the O'Hara Genealogy Forum at The forum still exists but its entry number scheme has been removed and a total of 786 results from posts since 1998 are listed. The posts are not numbered and there is no simple correspondence between the results displayed and the original entry numbers recorded in the O'Hara Persons database at this site. Therefore, the compilation has been suspended.
The O'Hara People database is being continued and the intention is (in due course) to include and analyse all data from the Messages database at this site.
by  Craig O'Hara

767. I'm a Canadian O'Hara. My grandparents are Geraldine and Harold O'Hara from New Brunswick and my mom is Fay Doris O'Hara Thibault. My name is Joshua Philippe Thibault and my mom and her siblings are the sisters Fay, Tracy, Barb, Susan, Karen and the brothers Jacky and Ralph. Stephen O'Hara is my mom's father's father or her grandfather. He passed away sometime around 1929; other than that I don't know much about this side of the family.
by  Joshua Philippe Thibault

768. Hi My name is Jeff Cuffe and I run the worldwide Cuffe Research Centre Family history site. I am trying to get to the bottom of the Mystery of Charles O'Hara, 1st Baron Tyrawley (died 9 June 1724), James O'Hara, 2nd Baron Tyrawley (1682 – 14 July 1774), the latter's illegitimate son Charles O'Hara (1740 – 25 February 1802) [See The History Page at this site] and my own James Cuffe (1747 – 1821), also 1st Baron Tyrawley. I have gleaned a lot of material and his coat of arms is in The Kings Chapel Gibralter as he was Governor once 1756-9. He carried out a raid on Spain with the great British Admiral Sir Edward Hawke in 1757.
by  Jeff Cuffe

769. The Relationship between the O'Hara and Cuffe Families
See also: (1) Guestbook entry of December 2, 2015 = Message #768   (2) House of Names: The Cuffe Family  (3) The Cuffe Family Crest
Dear Webmaster
The dates for the 1st and 2nd Barons Tyrawley seem to be correct. It's the relationship between the families that is confusing.
I accept now that their is little real evidence for any relationship between the two families. The first creations of the Barons Tyrawley 1 & 2 were O Hara's which include Charles O Hara. This became extinct on the death of the second O'Hara Tyrawley. The next creation in 1797 was that of a new line in Sir James Cuffe Minister for War and Barrack master for Ireland. This title again became extinct in 1821.
Now for the confusion. In Gibraltar's Kings Chapel in the ceiling areas are the shields and coats of arms of all the Governors. and their names. It shows the Coat of Arms of the O'Hara's but with the name of Sir James Cuffe Baron Tyrawley of Ballinrobe. The added confusion is that Sir James Cuffe had an illegitimate child but not a lot is known of him. He also had 4 other children legitimately, But they did not it seems inherit the title possibly because of the Union with Great Britain 1800 when the UK flag the Jack also changed. One record I have browsed states that Tyrawley had an affair in Lisbon and had an illegitimate child, was this an O Hara Child she being the wife of an O Hara? and this child inherited the title but only till 1821?
Incidentally the Cuffe coat of arms is entirely different and versions of it appear for the Barons, Viscounts and Earls of Desart as well as Wheeler-Cuffe. But nothing like the O Hara arms.
So you can see the confusion. Anyway I learned a lot about the O Hara's and the Yorktown surrender was fascinating as I am keen on that period and the American Rebellion against the legitimate Crown. (That's an Englishman speaking for you).
That's where I think the connections need to be proved.
Jeff Cuffe
PS. The attached Cuffe coat of arms was granted 1544 by King Henry VIII via Thomas Cromwell. The Cuffes had major estates in Ireland and were Irish peers. The last Earl was voted by all sides in the Irish conflicts 1920's to be acceptable as the new Presidents of an Irish Dominion which Michael Collins, John Redmond and Lloyd George accepted but Éamon de Valera did not! The IRA burnt his house down in 1922 despite the Earl being favourable to Irish home rule.
by  Jeff Cuffe

770. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! from Clan O'Hara of Sligo/Toronto. ...17/3/16... (Attached pdf-file).
by  Andrew Hunter

771. Hi all, I just received this link from my sister in Calgary, Alberta. This is the family we belong to, our Grandfather, Clarence Lyall O’Hara was from Princeton, Kentucky. Please let me know if there have been any updates as the messages posted here are all quite old. Our Cousin, Anne, who is still in Princeton wants to organize a family reunion and family cemetary clean up. This seems like the best place to get everyone aware of it and to actually meet ‘our’ family. Please write back
Fran O’Hara
Edmonton, Alberta
We are the only Canadian O’Hara’s that share this history.
by  Fran O'Hara

772. I have Information for Janice Dukes Martin (messages nos. 2, 366 and 411) re Dermody to sanitarium. I guess she still has her box of pictures?
by  Mary Ugorowski

773. trying to trace a Michael V. O'Hara from Longford Ireland. Sailed to America 1909 with his mother Cathrine (See Message no. 759 above). He and his mother joined Michael's sister Kate Ann (O'Hara). She was married to a man called James Dukes also from Longford Ireland. I am led to believe they are the grandparents of the actress Patty Duke (1946-2016).
by  Joe Kearney

774. Hello! My father was born to a young woman named "Kathryn O'Hara" on November 14th, 1945 in Joplin, MO. He was then adopted by another family 3 days later. I am trying to find out if anyone has any information on this woman. It says on his adoption letter that his father "was not living" so I am thinking that his dad maybe died in WWII?? I know nothing about where my father's original family came from and just want to figure out who I am and where my birth grandparents were really from. Thank you in advance for any help you can give! --Meghan Martin, Tulsa, OK.
by  Meghan Martin

775. Hello my name is Daniel Dodge, I was seperated from my brother when we were very young , His name is Michael O'Hara, our dad was Jack O'Hara and our Mother Rosemarie Ann Homitz (her maiden name). I know that he lived in Clevaland Ohio, and is a professional arm wrestler. I live in Alabama. If you could somehow put me in contact with him I would really appreciate it.
by  Daniel Dodge Sr


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