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726. I'm at a "dead end" with my research! All I know is that my great, great grandfather came to the U.S. in 1848. His name was Martin O'Hara. We estimate he was about 15 years old at the time. He later married Mary and they had two daughters: Mary and Delhia. It seems Mary never married but Delhia married a Fitzgerald and they had 6 children (five daughters and one son). The son died around age 23. One daughter also died very young. Three daughters never married and the last daughter married a Phipps and had 2 daughters. One became a Nun for 60+ years and the other is my Mom who had 6 children. I don't think there is anyone around who could be related....unless they are a decendent of my great, great grandfathers brother or sister - if he had any! If any of this sounds familiar to anyone, please write!
by  Valerie Cichanowicz

727. James, I don't know if you have a link to the O'Hara's in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. It seems very informational and dates back to 1769. The link "O'Hara Family History" is:
Webmaster's comment: I have added the link under “Canada” on the Tree menu. In the messages numbers 261 and 635 there are also references to the “O'Hara Mill Homestead & Conservation Area” in Madoc, ON.
by  Terrance O'Hara

728. Hello everyone. I am trying to trace John O'Hara who I believe was born in Waterford in 1942. Between 1961 and 1963 (maybe longer) he lived at 19 Woodseer Street in Stepney, London with Margaret O’Hara who I think might have been his sister (both of their birth records show their mother’s maiden name as Keane). It is thought that John worked in the building trade. At various points in the early 60s he shared the Woodseer Street property with Thomas McCann, Daniel Molane, Denis O’Donnell, plus Ronald S and Georgina Bowen.
Any information you could email me would be very helpful. Thank you.
by  Sally Laver

729. Hi, I am trying to help a friend find her biological parents and any siblings there may be. She was born on August 25, 1949 in a Catholic Hospital in Buffalo New York. The name she was given was Kathleen O'Hara but her adoptive parents renamed her. She was the youngest of 5 children. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was leaving/divorcing him and couldn't care for the children so she gave them to any relatives that would take them and then put the rest up for adoption. That's all she knows. Thanks for any suggestions or help. She has tried before but the records are sealed. In your research have you come across anything that we could use to try and trace her family? Thanks so much!
by  Teresa Ebel

730. We have been looking for on the family on Gabriel(le) O'Hara. Her mother, sister Kim, and brother were shipped off to Austarila some time in the 1800's, we think on theas the John Calvin as inmates. Any information would help, thank you so much!
Webmaster's comment: There appears to have been only one voyage of the John Calvin convict ship to Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island, Australia, and that was in 1846 with 199 passengers. See the Australian Convict Records. These records show more than 30 convicts filed under O'Hara or variant forms of the name (Ohara, oharra or ohora). See the records for ohara here.
by  Susan Lynn Bethel

731. Am looking for Harrison O'Hara- Greensburgh Latrobe, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania areas.
by  Phyllis O'Hara

732. Hi my name is Edward Gordon. My G.G Grand mother was a Mary O’Hara from Drumbo N.I. Her father was a blacksmith called Arthur O'Hara. She married an Edward Gordon from Derriaghy hope you can help me with this many thanks, Edward.
by  Edward Gordon

733. Hi, My name is Theresa O'Hara Van Allen. I was excited to find this website. My great grandparents were Michael O'Hara and Ann Devine O'Hara from Ardee, County Louth. Are there any O'Hara relatives in the area?
by  Theresa O'Hara Van Allen

734. My Great-grandfather was John O'Hara, co-founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club - It would be great to hear from my relatives out there.
by  John O'Hara

735. Moris Peter O'Hara, born 20 July 1944, Tambram Madras, South India; Father Patrick O'Hara. born approx 23 Nov.1920; G/Father buried Bangalore South India; G/G/Father apparently taken out of tent by The Famous Lions of Tsavo, died and buried in Kenya.
Webmaster's comment: See also Message number 792
by  Moris Peter O'Hara

736. born 14th April 1995, age 19, live Belfast Ireland.
by  Georgina O'Hara

737. Hi, My first book, «A French Renaissance» (see links below) is being published today and I was wondering if it would be possible to share this news with the O’Hara community? Kind regards, Eamon O’Hara. Links: (1) Orpen Press (2) Amazon & (3) Second Message
by  Eamon O'Hara

738. Please update family data included here on December 5, 2004
please add myself, Kenneth-Roland Heinz O'Hara son of William Homer O'Hara Jr (6/2/1941 - 3/5/2014) and brother of William Homer O'Hara III. Please also add my son Kenneth- Roland O'Hara Jr.
The Message I found on the site that my brother posted a while back is Message Number 185 in the Messages database.
If there are any events in New England, I would love to go. I am located in the Hartford CT area.
Thank you!
Ken O'Hara
by  Kenneth-Roland Heinz O'Hara

739. My grandmother's name was Joanne Leddy O'Hara, she married my grandfather Peter Tremari Griffin; the couple had 3 children Pedro, Pablo, Antonio. I am the son of Antonio, Fernando Tremari. You can help me by telling me where my grandmother was born and some of my family history. Thanks and best regards.
by  Fernando Tremari

740. My mother is Colleen O'Hara of Alberta, Canada. My grandfather was George O'Hara of Manitoba. His father was John O'Hara of Ontario, son of Charles O'Hara and Elizabeth Agnew. Any info on this line would be helpful.
by  Sean UnKauf

741. Hello, my Great grand Mother was Margaret O'Hara from near Aclare in Co. Sligo. Her Brother, James Jim is known to me through stories my late much loved Mother (Sarah) told me. James Jim joined the British army in the 1st World War; sent to France; deserted; went back to Ireland and joined the IRA.
by  Stephen Roper

742. Found artwork from a Jack O'Hara, famous artist in Kansas City, MO. Any relation? Webmaster's comment: See Missouri and Artists pages at this site!
by  Hazael Evans

743. O'Horas from around Ballina, Co Mayo. My GGG Grandfather was Patt O'Hora, (1801-1865) married Bridget (Biddy) Mangan in 1829. I think his father was John (1775-1842). They had children John, Edward (Ned), Ellen and Patt (my GG Grandfather) in 1838 whilst living in Tullysleva. Anyone got connections to these people please? Love to hear from you.
by  Kevin Michael O'Hara

744. Hi not sure if you can help, my mother was born in Sunderland UK: Margaret Ann Ohara («O'Hara»;19/02/1945) later adopted as Margaret Elizabeth Blakelock. I have found some half siblings. My mother's birth certificate says mother Violet Wild, her father Benjamin Ohara («O'Hara»;Merchant Seaman), address at my mothers birth was 8 Trinity Place, Sunderland, United Kingdom .We are trying to find my mother's family. I am a member of the ancestry sight but can't find anything on Benjamin Ohara. Can you help in anyway? Kind regards.
by  Loraine Yeoman

745. My Great Grandmother was Alice O'Hara who m. Alexander McMinn 1872 in Woolwich. Alice was born in Ireland (place unknown) but her father was Patrick O'Hara Land Steward on her marriage. Her husband Alexander McMinn took his Army Discharge from Cork Eire and the McMinn family and British Newspapers article found both lived in Smee, Clonmel, Tipperary and since no luck with obtaining certificates please help me to locate the right family. Alice's Mother's names unknown but possibly (Alice) or (Mary Anne) as she named her daughter Mary Anne. Marriage of Patrick would be pre 1845-9 in Eire.
by  John Attrill

746. lovely site. i havent gone thrugh it all but i have found a message that interests me as far as my family search is concerned. number 48 about joseph and annie o'hara from diane o'hara. i think annie is annie Bird who married Joseph in 1901 in Bandon. i may be wrong but i just want to break this wall down so i need to confirm or disprove my theory. if i can get in touch with diane, that would help alot. sorry if this is wrong email to send to but it would help if one could email people who have posted messages. regards John in wicklow.
by  John Tyner

747. Hi...I'm trying to find the father of Patrick Timothy Gerard O'Hara (married to Blanche), who was born in 1901 and died in 1986 in California, parents of Donald Reid O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara Jr. Can you help me? Thanks!
by  James (Jimohara) O'Hara

748. Hello O'Haras from Sligo. When are we going to reclaim and restore our castle. Ha! Books at Ballymote about O'Haras. Great history and reading. Irish Heritage Centers have a lot of help with finding relatives. Also, churches and cemetery records in Ireland which may be found on websites. Slainte to All.... Mairead.
by  Mairead (O'Hara)

749. I am attempting to locate the parents of Charles F. O'Hara born about 1814 in Pittsburg Pa., died april 9 1885 in Suwannee county FL. He married Elizabeth Rachel Slaughter (born about 8/15/ 1826 in Lowndes county, GA and died 4/25/1861 Taylor County FL.) daughter of Samuel Slaughter and Susan Riley; his second marriage was with Maryanne Elizabeth Wilder (born 12/5/1837, died 7/29/1866). His third wife was Lucretria Hill Alderman (born 1843 Jefferson County, FL). Samuel Valentine O'Hara was born 9/9/1855, Jefferson County, FL and died 2/5/1926 Suwannee County, FL. Charles F. O'Hara is my g-g grandfather. I would appreciate any available resources. Thank you.
by  Bridget J. Richardson

750. I am trying to find details on how Joseph O'Hara (from Rush, Co, Dublin) and Margaret Carroll, who married in Dublin on the 5 Oct 1863, actually left Ireland in 1864 for Australia. They had their first child, Margaret, in Melbourne in 1865. Regards, Bill.
Webmaster's comment: See also Message No. 707.
by  William (Bill) O'Hara


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