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151. Good-looking site. Congratulations.
by  James (New York)

152. Hello I am Terry O'Hara from Middlesbrough England. Born in North Ormesby in1944. Also known as Doggy to the people who lived there.
by  Terry O'Hara

153. The rage of Mogh's race blazes out in fits of fury so that their foe's land is set aflame by them: peace on conditions is spurned - such are their terms! - The Book of O'Hara - written in the year of our Lord 1597.
Representing branches of the clan O'Hara in Bergen, Monmouth, Burlington counties in NJ and Rockland county NY.
by  Michael William O'Hara

154. Hi, my name is Pat O'Hara, I was born in Liverpool UK in 1957, the son of Paddy & Frances. I have 2 brothers Jimmy & Terry. I am Married to Patsy - can be confusing somtimes - we have a daughter, Kate and son, Shaun.
This web Site is terrific, well done!
by  Pat O'Hara

155. All Ye O'Haras Originate from Foxford Co Mayo! If Ye Go Back Far Enuf !!.
by  Heather (1) O'Hara

156. Dear,
Subject: Patrick O'Hara & Bridget McCormick
I am descended from the above mentioned individuals. (deep breath...) Patrick was born (I think) Feb 1 1823 in County Mayo Ireland. Bridget was born (I think) Oct 1 1838. They had 7 children: Thomas (my gg grandfather, b. ~ 1865, d 1940 Ste-Cecile-de-Whitton, county Frontenac, Quebec, Canada), MIchael, John, Patrick, James (b Mar 28 1877), Ann (b May 16 1872), Margaret, Mary. Patrick, Bridget and James can be found in Ste-Cecille in the 1901 Canadian Census.
Thomas married Catherine Paradis (b 1876, d 1964). They lived on a farm in Ste-Cecille (which is still standing today!) and had 13 children: Helen (my grandmother b 1916, d 1972), Mary, Gladys (b 1920, d 2004), Michael, Joseph, George, Thomas Jr (d abt 1979 in NY state, "Uncle Tom" worked for Metropolitan Life), Edward ("uncle Eddie" was blind, b 1893, d 1975), Patrick, Louie, Herbert ("uncle Herbie", liked fast cars, died in Haliburton, Ont), Catherine "Kay", and William ("uncle Billie", never married, looked after the farm until his dying day, b 1908, d 1973).
If anyone has any further information (I'm trying to trace the family back further in Ireland) or this looks like some of your relatives, by all means contact me.
by  Richard Sevigny

157. Dear,
Subject: Family roots
Antrim 1930's - Clonard confections - Ellen and Andrew O'Hara - lived 142 Falls Road [Belfast] - need info.
Thank you O'Hara's,
Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara
by  Maureen Macfarlane nee O'Hara

158. My father always said : "Remember your name"....we all knew that meant to walk a straight line, and hold our head high.
In loving memory of my father- Carl Vincent O'Hara ...a very proud Irishman
by  Courtenay O'Hara Hill

159. I Love This Site I Dey Here.
by  Maga

160. Hey you O'Hara's!! Good job!! Love seein' all of us here. Huggs Lerin.
by  Lerin Keeliey O'Hara

161. Dear,
Subject: just curious
Anyone heard of the irish webbed feet? I am a decendent of O'Hara and O'Sullivan and curious if any grandparents have passed webbed toes to any one else
by  Daniea Lynn O'Sullivan

162. Dear,
Subject: We are all Family!
After several months of searching for members of my O'Hara Ancestors, I have hit a brickwall.I would be nice to have O'Hara Family from other Places, When I realized I do have Family everywhere, Every O'Hara started from the Same place,Making us all Family in one way or another. If Any O'Hara out there would like to Talk with a O'Hara From Philadelphia e-mail me.
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara Jr.(2)

163. Hey, writing in here again, I live in South Dakotah, my name is Mitchell O'Hara, Parents :William O'Hara and Karen Ohara Grandparents: Jerry O'Hara and David O'Hara.
by  Mitchell O'Hara

164. Hello I am Adam Ralph Peter O'Hara of Alberta Canada. My Grandparents are Harrold Henry O'Hara and Geraldine Mary O'Hara of Moncton New Brunswick Canada. If there are any other O'Hara's from the east coast of canada send me an e-mail at
by  Adam Ralph Peter O'Hara

165. Hello all O'Hara's round the world from Michael O'Hara in Glasgow, Scotland.
Our great, great grandfather, John O'Hara, in the year 1888, was instrumental in the founding of Celtic Football Club. My wee, wee cousin Brendan O'Hara of the Glasgow, Cardross Parish, deserves global appreciation.
Loud Clapping:- An unmarked grave in Dalbeth Cemetery is the final resting place of said John O'Hara. Thanks to Brendan's investigations and wee paces along the cemetery, it shall soon be unmarked no more. To signify the 100th anniversary of John O'Hara's death early in 1905, lots of local O'Hara descendants of John are being asked to contribute a few pounds for an appropriate stone. It is fitting that one of the founders of the institution called Celtic Football Club should be remembered in this way.
by  Michael O'Hara

166. Dear,
Hi – I'm looking for Dr. Michael O'Hara, probably a surgeon or cardiologist, about 50-53 yrs old, is very tall, with a dark mustache and longinsh grey hair. I had seen him before and am planning on moving to Ireland in the winter. I remember he spoke Irish as a primary language and may have been from the west or northwest coast of Ireland. If you know where I might find him, please contact me – it is important that I speak to him.
Go raibh mile moith agat!
by  Debora M. Came

167. I'm Patrick O'Hara born in Cleveland,OH. Currently in college @ U of Alabama.
by  Patrick O'Hara

168. My name is Ashley O'Hara, born in Cleveland, OH and currently attending Auburn University in Alabama. Any O'Haras who will be in or around Madrid, Spain this spring please e-mail me!
by  Ashley Beth O'Hara

169. I'm Sean O'Hara and was born in 1980 in PA. I'm doing research into my family history and my grandmother has a picture of the crest in her bedroom. I Hope to soon uncover my family Ancestory. Good luck to all of you. This site is fantastic.
by  Sean D. O'Hara

170. Hello I have done some research and I have uncovered that all of us O'Hara's are family – well long long lost family. I'm Canadian and Irish.
by  ‘O'Hara’

171. Dear,
Subject: Information on Martin O'Hara
– Martin A. O'Hara Broadcaster: WNEW NYC USA, Movie Role: (Uncredited) 1968 "What's so bad about feeling good?"
Sean O'Hara
by  Sean O'Hara

172. Dear,
Subject: Queen, Elexious O'Hara
– Crave enlightment about Queen, Elexious O'Hara. Family legend has it that this is my link to the O'Hara Clan and the person who gave me my middle name. TIA
Lawrence E. Harry
by  Lawrence ELEXIOUS Harry

173. Hello O'Hara's
– from Tom O'Hara in St Charles Minnesota. Son of Joseph P. O'Hara Jr. of Glencoe MN and grandson of former Minnesota Congressman Joseph P O'Hara Sr from Tipton, IA.
by  Tom O'Hara

174. I am living in Fresno, CA, but am from Grass Valley, CA. as is my dad (Willard James O'Hara Jr.) and grandfather (Willard James O'Hara (aka Turk O'Hara) . My Great Grandfather (James John O'Hara) born in Sonora, CA. 1872.
by  Michael Patrick O'Hara

175. Dear,
– I am trying to find out information on my Great Grandmother Jean O'Hara, or any of her family, who moved from Sligo to Glasgow and married George Oliphant in 1920. Details known about her family are as follows:- Mary - moved to Scotland at same time married a Scot who worked as a road roller and has 3 children; Edith - married and moved to Canada and worked in a newspaper office and had a daughter also Edith who would be about 82 now; Robert - moved also to Scotland and married had a least 1 son.
Thanks to anyone in advance for information given.
This is a great website!!!
Clare Oliphant
by  Clare Oliphant


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