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1. First message lost
by  Colleen O'Hara

2. Hi Jim I just found this picture - in a box of unidentified O'Hara pictures, there was 1 with names written on the back. The picture belonged to my grandmother, Mary Bridget O'Hara (1900 - 1964) and says: "Reading left to right Bernard O'Hara Pat O'Hara Marcellus O'Hara Sam Nichols Jimmie Oakie Tom O'Hara (dad) John O'Hara Phonse O'Hara Jerome O'Hara Uncle Steve O'Hara". [Photograph] The "dad" is Thomas Edward O'Hara, born 6/26/1875 in Westport, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada. He died 4/24/1937 in Harper County, KS. Thomas Edward is the son of William Patrick O'Hara and Brigote aka Bridget Dermady. Wm Patrick supposedly was born in Castle Bar, County Mayo, Ireland. Bridget is from Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. Wm Patrick is rumored to have had 2 wives and 21 or 22 children. My great grandfather, Thomas Edward is said to be one of the last. Known siblings names are: Ambrose, Mark, Mary, Margaret, John Jack, M. Jane, Stephen, and James Edward (1865 - 1909),. Some of the O'Hara family ran a tb sanitarium called the Dermady Home, in Philadelphia, PA. According to box of pictures, it appears that they all vacationed together annually, in Atlantic City, NJ on the boardwalk. I've appended the picture. Since your webpage looks like a forum for all O'Hara researchers, perhaps this might be of use to others - and I might get some help, as well! Thanks for the forum.
Janice Martin
second message: number 366
third message: number 411
See also query: number 772
by  Janice Dukes Martin

3. Hi wouldn`t it be great to have one giant bar-b-q,and I thought it would be neat if O`Hara`s jazz bistro, in Fort lauderdale fla.would have an e-mail site so we could order the golf shirts, and ball caps that he advertised!!oh well can`t win em all,maybe if I ever visit there i`ll buy some for the family,their all prud of their name or maybe better still I`ll go into the t-shirt business,and advertise them on this site looks pretty lucrative to me!!I live in Petawawa Ontario Canada,which is two hours drive north of Ottawa the capital of Canada, and just discovered that there was a family of O`Hara`s in Pembroke Ontario, 10 mils down the road, I`m also happy to mention that I was born on the Glorious day,long live the O`Hara`s, Patrick O`Hara.
by  Patrick O'Hara

4. Great to see a clan page. I met Dermot Ohara at Annaghmore House in Sligo a few years ago. They hold there the clan artifacts, like the original of The Book of OHara, and the clan drinking vessel. I suggested he do something to gather the clan, but he is a shy retiring man, who dutifully informed me that he was really a Cooper. When Charles Keane, his Great grandfather died, he did so without heirs, so he left Annaghmore estate to his sisters son, provided that he change his name from Cooper to Ohara ! There is another stately house called Coopers Hill of the main Slig rd, and owned by William OHara. I met his mother, dear old lady, who tells me that they take visiting gurests if anyone is in the area researching their roots. I'm a past managing Director of an American multinational, which had one of its factories in Donrgal.... and a British plc, now practising as a Management Accountant and tax Practitioner from manchester , u.k. Dad was Patrick Syvester from cloonacool in co sligo. vivan g ohara
by  Viv Gervaise O'Hara

5. Message removed by webmaster
by  Webmaster

6. Hello fellow O'Hara(s) - have just found this site -&- was tickled pink to do so. I have been researching my great grandfather Michael (James or Henry 2nd name) O' Hara who was born (1844) in Crosskeep Cavan Ireland -&- left Ireland in August 1862, probably in the company of his brother James. My greatmother was Bridget Ryan born 1844 in Tipperary -&- left Ireland in Feb 1862. Michael -&- Bridget married in Newcastle, NSW Australia in 1872. Any further information - particularly about 'cousins' that might exist would be gratefully accepted. Trish O'Hara
by  Trish O'Hara

7. Have just discovered the website. I am of the O'Hara's that stayed at home in Ireland ( we probally could not afford the ship's passage to the U.S.A.) I don't know too much about the family tree except that my Grandfather was an R.I.C. Sgt. and was stationed in Bodyke in Co. Clare where he married a Leddy. He was in Bodyke around the time of the famous Bodyke evictions at the beginning of the 1900's. I would be delighted to hear from any O'Hara's anywhere. My address is g_o_hara@ Regards to all the O'Hara's.
by  Gerry O'Hara

8. I am looking for a Mary Catherine O'Hara from Ireland and a June Meria O'Hara from Ireland. Mary and June were sisters. They came from Ireland, from what I understand, to the U.S.A. on a boat to Texas. I know it had to before 1923. My mother is the daughter of June and Mary was her aunt. June died in late 1923 after my mother was born in August. She was killed in a car accident from what I understand. We have been searching for some time with no results at all. Can you help. my e-mail is Please contact me if you have any information at all. Thanks. Gertrude Thomas
by  Gertrude Thomas

9. I forget exactly how I found "The O'Hara News", but it's fun coming back and checking around. I'm an O'Hara by marriage and have been having a devil of a time finding info on my husbands family. The last person I can find is James Edward O'Hara who lived in New Jersey and was married to Catherine Hourrigan. They eventually lived in the Belleville/Bloomfield area of NJ. The records I have state that Catherine died in 1955 and was born in 1885, so I'm figuring that James should have those timelines or similar. Don't know if anyone here has any info on this branch but I thought what the heck! Keep up the good work! Linn O'Hara
by  Linn O'Hara

10. Great site. It would be nice to see a family tree on the O'Hara's that is from the Irish side that goes back several centuries.
by  Dennis M. O'Hara

11. Great to find this site! I'm just starting to search for my direct ancestors,I hope this site or someone here can help1 Thanks, Tim (in the 4th generation from Ireland).
by  Tim O'Hara


13. I am researching the O'Hara's from Roscommon, some of whom settled in NY, and NJ. If there are others out there researching the Roscommon O'Hara's I would love to hear from you. I may be able to help. John.
by  John Higgins

14. This is great display and as a OHara I appreciate it. I am also looking for OHara relatives from the Lowell MA Area such as My Grandfather's Father Patrick OHara born o/a 1866 but not sure if he was born in Ireland or MA His wifes first name was Mary and the last Name that I have is TIVEIAN. (NOT SURE OF HER NAME SPELLING.) Patrick had at least two Sons with one being names Michael Francis born in Lowell MA Nov 1889, and a brother Named James, np other info. can anybody help on this?
by  Larry O'Hara

15. My name is mitchell O'Hara and my grandma is gerry O'Hara.
by  Mitchell O'Hara

16. i am an o'hara from birmingham,england, but i was born in killkenny and have lots of family in mayo. its good to no that theres a lot of good people walking around with the same name as me!! farewell my fellow o'haras liam o'hara.
by  liam o'hara

17. Hi there to all. I'd like to give my input to this guestbook and tell you a bit about the O'Haras in my family. The most distant relative is on William O'Hara who came from Sligo. He was born in the 1840s, apparently in Sligo. He came to England via the West coast at Maryport and teamed up with a girl called Jane Johnston, who came from Torprnhow in Cumberland. They arrived in the NE of England in about 1875 and eventually settled in Spennymoor. All of this detail can be seen by visiting the WorldConnect page identified above. If anybody has any O'Hara conncetions with the NE of England i'd be delighted to hear from them. You can contact me at the address given in this entry. Kind regards, Dave O'Hara. Address (url):
by  David Kevin O'Hara

18. I am so happy to have found all these O'Hara's. My Dad, George P. O'Hara...his brother John....his parents,Michael and Catherine (Huson) O'Hara came over in approx. 1879. Lived in Durham, Baltimore and NYC.
by  Deborah O'Hara Pepin

19. Dear Mr. O'Hara My Dad was George Patrick O'Hara.DOB 11-12-1877; his parents were Michael and Catherine Hewson O'Hara. His siblings were John, Edward, Michael and Mary Alice. They arrived from Liverpool approx. l879. They lived in Durham, N.C., Baltimore, Md. and NYC. Dad and John served with the lst North Carolina Volunteers during the Spanish-American War in l898. My grandfather was a chemist for a soap making company. Belive the family came from Sligo originally. That is about all I know.....please let me know if any of this sounds familiar. I am so very happy to have found your site and God bless you for putting it together. And that music....Dad always said we were decended from "Charlie" and he was very proud of the fact since Charlie surrendered Cornwallis sword to Washington. (Dad was not thrilled that Charles was English-Sorry). Sincerely, June Pepin
by  June Pepin

20. What a wonderful site! I have been trying to find information on Nancy O'Hara (1790?-1870?) from Cloonacool. She married Pat McCarrick (1781- 1864) from Loughill?. They had a daughter, Catherine McCarrick (1844- 1899), who married my great grandfather, Thomas Flynn on 3 Oct 1865, in Tobercurry, Sligo. These O'Hara's began in 1616 with a grant of land at Mullaun by Teighe O'Hara to his brother Cormac. He was the forebearer of Nancy's father. Nancy's brother Paddy O'Hara married and stayed at home, and was the father of Fr. Denis O'Hara, Administratoar in Ballaghadereen and later as a parish priest of Kiltimagh. His other son was ArchDeacon Roger o"Hara, a parish priest of Kilmovee from 1882 to 1924. Are there any O'Hara's out there with a McCarrick connection? Many thanks, in advance. Kathy Flynn Simons.
by  Kathy Flynn Simons

21. Great to see so many O'Hara's looking for their roots, if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me. I know quite a lot about the clan and its different branches It is interesting to note that there are more O'Hara's scattered around the world than there are at home here in Ireland.
by  Desmond O'Hara

22. Hello! I hope every thing is O.k. I am from Honduras Central America, and I want that you to tell me if you know about the family of my great grand father, Patrick O'Hara. I just know that he came to Honduras to work for a mining company cia, and that he fought in some war, and I want to know if he have another family in some place, because his son (my grand father) is still alive (his name is Juan O'Hara); our family in Honduras is very well and there are a lot of us; I hope you read my mail and answer soon. Please excuse my English, Spanish is my mother tongue Reniery José O'Hara Castro
by  Reniery José O'Hara Castro

23. I see there's another Liam O'Hara beat me to it! I live in Wareham in Dorset, England. My father John Michael(known as Mick) was born in Oldham, Manchester. His father James Francis O'Hara was born to Tom O'Hara who settled in Manchester via Boston from Co. Mayo. I know we've some relatives in Eire and over in the States. It's good to see a web page for the name. If anyone thinks they're related to me, however tenious, please email me. We'd like to hear from you...
by  Liam O'Hara

24. Dear friend, I am sorry to interrupt you. C.W. O'Hara, S.J. wrote a book, named "an introduction to projective geometry" in 1936. I need the full name of the author C.W. O'Hara, S.J. . Also I would like to know which is the family name in it and which is the first name in it. I can't find the person in your web. Would you like to do me a favor? Thank you very much! yours Yihong Wu, Beijing, China
From Editor's Reply
Dear Yihong Wu, I checked out your author in the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints: A cumulative author list representing Library of Congress printed cards and titles reported by other American libraries (volume 428, 1976). His full name is Charles Willibrord O'Hara (O'Hara is the surname) and he was born in 1886. The joint author of the book on projective geometry was Dudley Robert Bryant Ward, born 1901; both were Jesuit priests. The full title is: An introduction to projective geometry, by C.W. O'Hara S.J. and D.R. Ward S.J., London: Oxford University Press or Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1937 & second edition 1944.
by  Yihong Wu

25. My family is from GALWAY and i am trying to find my ancestors. Would like some help? Address. NEALE KILLIMOR BALLINASLOE CO. GALWAY IRELAND.
by  brendan p ohara


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