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576. Looking for my father Michael Robert O'Hara, born 1947 or 1948 in Ireland or Montreal
My name is Michael Ryan O'Hara-Hanson, I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and I was born August 1st, 1986. I'm looking for my father Michael Robert O'Hara, born around April 13, 1947 or 1948. I don't have much info on him. He lived in Regina, Saskatchewan and may have been born in Ireland or Montreal. My mother is Marion and did not take his last name but was never married to him.
If anyone can help me with any leads or any information I would be grateful. I am aware that a Michael Robert O'Hara is posted here but he's 23. I am 23 years old and have been at this for 5 years.
Thank you all,
Michael (Mickey) Ryan O'Hara-Hanson
by  Michael (Mickey) Ryan O'Hara-Hanson

577. John O'Hara (1782-1846) from Londonderry / Derry to Kentucky
We've traced our lineage back to John O'Hara (1782-1846), who is said to have been brought over from Ireland by James O'Hara (1754-1819) (Link) of Pittsburgh, PA. We don't know if these men were related (son & father?, cousins?, no relation?), which is a questions that would be nice to answer. There is much written about James, but nothing further about his relationship to John other than bringing him from Ireland. We are also interested in learning something of our Irish roots.
1. Reuben Rowland, Reverend 1743-1807   +   Anna Blalock 1749-1829
2. Melario (Mildred) Rowland 1784-1856   +   John O'Hara 1782-1846
3. William O'Hara 1804-1866   +   Mary Francis Cartwright 1818-1848
4. William Francis (Wish) O'Hara 1847-1909  +  Millie Jane Lyall 1864-1928
5. Reuben Rowland O'Hara 1890-1948   +   Alma Jean Appel 1893-1974
6. Robert William (Bill) O'Hara 1925-2006   +   Mary Ellen Sullivan 1923-1978
7. Seán Aloysius O'Hara 1954 -
by  Seán Aloysius O'Hara

578. Hello all fellow O'Hara's Please click on the following link to help establish our Irish American Museum: This is a very interesting and informative site. Slan, Terrance
by  Terrance O'Hara

579. I am seeking descendants of the O'Haras of Lorrha, Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary, in particular of Thomas O'Hara, b. c. 1870.
by  Eilis Deeney O'Hara

580. Looking for Elizabeth O'Hara, born 1880 in Longford, Ireland
I am hoping for assistance. My great great grandmother was Elizabeth O'Hara, born 23 May 1880 in Longford, Ireland. I have her photo. She was beautiful. Her mothers maiden name was Butler. She married Marcel Lateulere I am told in Port Jervis, New York.
I am looking for any information regarding her father and mother to jump start that part of my family tree search. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to render.
CherylAnn Lateulere Kraft
by  CherylAnn Lateulere Kraft

581. Hello, My name is Kathy O'Hara. My dad is Charles D. O'Hara his parents are Van and Viola O'Hara; my dad has 1 brother Thomas O'Hara. Dad has 4 children: Charles Jr. , Janet, Kelly and me Kathy. My dad has passed away and I just wanted his name out there he would have liked this site.
by  Kathy O'Hara

582. my name is tim, i am from brooklyn, n.y. i am searhing for my father noel o'hara, he sepperated from my mom in 1970 the year i was born and possibly moved back to ireland.
by  Tim O'Hara

583. My name is Katharine Margaret O'Hara Scatena. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. There are many O'Hara's and I wish you all many blessings. Some of my grandfather's people were: John O'Hara, William Denny O'Hara, many Katharines in the family tree.
by  Katharine Margaret O'Hara Scatena

584. I want to connect with O'Hara desendants of John Patrick O'Hara & Frances Drusilla Siegertz from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) who moved to Malaysia. Have connected with some O'Hara relatives in Singapore, Cheers.
by  Myrtle O'Hara

585. My name is Shannon Brooke O'Hara. My father was James Milton O'Hara born in Alberta and his father was John O'Hara from Ottawa. James had a sister Frances and his mother's name was Margaret. I would like to get in touch with the children of Frances who are my cousins. I know one is Matthew McCallum but no others.
by  Shannon Brooke O'Hara

586. Descendents of James and Ellen O'Hara who moved to Lowell, MA from Oldham England
James and Ellen O Hara moved to Lowell Mass. from Oldham England. They were related to the Keane family of Oldham of which my father Arthur was a member.
According to the census of 1911 they were living with Joseph and Betsy Keane before sailing to Boston.
Please contact me if you have any information - thanks!
Kathleen Keane Armstrong
by  Kathleen Keane Armstrong

587. Hey, I'm Molly-Kate O'Hara, I am 14 and come from Liverpool, England. I love the fact that there are loads and loads of O'Hara's out there :). My dad is O'Hara too.
by  Molly-Kate O'Hara

588. New musical link from Australia
Hi James,
you might like to add my music page to your site. Check me out at: .
Scott O'Hara
by  Scott O'Hara

589. Joining my gang, following my/our fathers footsteps
Hello to all the family.
I just had a son - Tait James Tynan O'Hara. My father Vivian Gervaise O'Hara (listed in here as one of the first to join) had me born & brought up in my early years in Dublin (to further forever remind me of my routes). As my dad has stated y/our family dates back to 900 AD so we must be good at producing boys eh!
I am very proud to be an O'Hara!
Tynan O'Hara
Webmaster's PS: See Vivian's messages in the messages database: no. 4 & 5, no. 416 and no. 433
by  Tynan O'Hara

590. Another O'Hara from Peru
My great grand father was a Bernard O'Hara from Liverpool. He had eleven children, the third died fighting Chile in the 19th Century and is a national hero (Santiago O'Hara). I am descended from the fourth, the O'Hara-MacPherson branch.
Walter O'Hara
Webmaster's PS: See the following messages in the messages database: no. 301 , no.346 and no. 555
by  Walter O'Hara1

591. Doing genealogy research; my O'Hara ancestors
My mom is Kelly O'Hara and her father is Patrick Francis O'Hara, 1917-1979; his parents are Francis P. O'Hara, 1888-1965, born in Canada, married Florence K. (Can't find maiden name cause she was brought in on an orphan train ... I think it is Heeter because that is who adopted her), 1892-1964. Francis P O'Hara's parents are Patrick O'Hara, 1840-1916, born in Ireland went to Canada and died in Missouri. He married Catherine Rowe, 1843-1936, born in Canada and died in Missouri. Patrick's parents were Bryan O'Hara born in Ireland and Hellen (I think it is Anglin?) also born in Ireland. As for Bryan and Hellen I am trying to find more info on them; I think they were in Sligo Co but not sure. I haven't found children for any of these past Patrick Francis except for the immediate bloodline of mine.
If anyone has a similar family tree and can provide me with any info please do. I am trying to find as much as possible before I go to Ireland in May 2011. I am desperately trying to find info on Bryan and Hellen and any children they had, DOB, place of residence, etc.
Jamie Craig
by  Jamie Craig

592. HI all we are christened O`Hara but just found out we are actually O`Hora. spell mistake. so how many O`Hara`s are actually O`Hora. we were origanaly from.... stonepark, foxford, county mayo, ireland. need to correct the name somehow, any ideas!!!!
by  Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora)

593. This is a reply to the previous message. Concerning O'Hara and O'Hora, consult the following messages in the 'messages' database at this site: No. 97, 144, 224, 233, 255, 260, 291 327, 336, 356 and 495. The address is:
by  James Gabriel O'Hara

594. Hello I am looking for a Peter John O'Hara who up until 2005 lived in Normanby, Middlesborough, Cleveland, England. His father was also Peter and he died in November 2002. I would appreciate any information about PJ.
by  Marie O'Hara

595. I am looking for Patrick O'Hara son of Marica Latty who married Sean O'Hara in Mo Bay Jamaica.
by  Donna

596. HI
by  John Kenneth O'Hara

597. I am looking for unknown relatives. Originally from Raritan Twsp. now Edison, NJ, now residing in Georgia, son of Martin J. O'Hara deceased 1981.
by  Martin John O'Hara

598. My O'Hara ancestors from from Cazenovia / Manlius, NY
Being an O'Hara, I can understand wanting to know your roots. I can provide my family history and those who wish can go from there:
Father Robert Edward OHara, (3 brothers) Cazenovia, NY; Grandfather Edward O'Hara (2 Brothers, 1 Sistrer) all from Cazenovia / Manlius, NY.
I will try and provide more details, but father passed when I was only 1yr old so history is a painful question.
Tracy O'Hara
Previous messages (No. 256 and 348)
by  Tracy O'Hara

599. Dennis O'Hara born in County Cork in 1833
Hi ... I'm not O'Hara but a distant in-law was Dennis O'Hara who was born in County Cork in 1833. He was married to Margaret Hyde (b. 1839), daughter of Robert (b. 1808 County Cork) and Catherine Hyde (b. 1811 Westminster London). Dennis was a tailor as was Robert. The Hydes lived at Robin Hood Court St Clement Danes Westminster London.
Any news would be most welcomed ... Cheers
Mark Eyles
by  Mark Eyles

600. To Tracy O'Hara from Cazenovia, NY. (#598) I am from a large clan of O'Hara's from the same area. We may be related. My grandfather Edward A O'Hara ("Bud") 1988 - publisher of the Syracuse Harold Journal.
by  Michael A Costello


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