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101. Wow I had no idea there are so many O'Hara's everywhere. I changed my last name to O'Hara, I think it is the most beautiful surname in the world. There should be an O'Hara convention or something ;)
by  Annabelle O'Hara

102. My name is Dennis O'Hara. 57 years old. Born in 1946, Bermondsey, S.E. London. Sister - Maureen Theresa O'Hara. Brother John Dennis O'Hara.
by  Dennis O'Hara

103. I am part of a very large family of OHaras living in the UK. We have a family tree going back to early 1800's. If you would like me to add our family details please drop me an email.
by  Lionel OHara

104. Hi
My name is Lionel Hamilton O'Hara, I am the son of Desmond Hamilton O'Hara (who had 7 siblings), and his father was Edward H. O'Hara. I have a son Harrison and a daughter Holly. You may see my details on the Variety magazine website. I live in the UK and often travel to the USA to see my cousin Derek O'Hara in Denver or there abouts. I have all the details of my family tree going back a few hundred years and if you would like these to be added to your web site then I guess we could.
It would be good to hear from you, yours faithfully
Lionel O'Hara

by  Lionel OHara

105. I live in Otego, New York. I'd like to say Hello to all fellow O'Hara's, and I'd like to see an O'Hara reunion started!
by  Terrance O'Hara

106. Dear
Subject: O'Hara/Spellman/Walsh
I have been searching all over for any info on my grandparents who both came from Ireland in the early 1900's. My grandfather Martin O'Hara married Agnes Spellman after they arrived in the US (not sure which port) they were both born around 1887-I was led to believe they both came from County Mayo and when my mother was alive, she spoke of Swinsford as the town. They had 12 children, and settled in South Phila and opened a candy store around 2nd street. I would love to hear from anyone with connections. Agnes also had a sister, Margaret who married Patrick Walsh who came here in 1912 on the Caramania Ship and he lived until 105 yrs. old in Collingdale, PA.
Susan Haring
by  Susan Haring

107. Hi - great site!
Hello from the O'Hara family of South Jersey U.S.A.
The Greatest Family Name there is! My Family: Martin Anthony, Sean Michael, Kristine Marie, and Wife Christine.
Visit my site: WWW.OHARA.BZ
Good Luck and keep up the great work!
Sean O'Hara
I wanted to add some information, My Father was a pretty big radio personality, news anchor and had a pretty big Role in the Film "What's so bad about feeling good" I think it is from around 53. He has been deeply rooted in the NYC area for quite sometime. You may be able to find out a lot of info on his past jobs - roles, etc. His name is Martin O'Hara - I know he held a DJ job for many many years on WNEW AM, had News anchor positions in both NYC and Philadelphia - and the movie role.
by  Sean O'Hara

108. Hello to all. It is so good to see so many O'Haras out there! Joe O'Hara and Family, Reading, Pennsylvania.
by  Joe O'Hara

109. Hello to all O'Hara's - My grandparents were Martin and Agnes O'Hara from somewhere in County Mayo, Ireland. I am actively searching for any family history. Not much is known but they did own a Candy Store in the 40's at 23rd and Watkins (South Phila) and had 12 children. Please contact if you have info.
by  Susan Haring

110. That's cool. I never thought of putting anything like that in my shared folder... Keep on the good work.
by  franckbe

111. What a wonderful site for the "Mad O'Hara's" to peruse....
by  Pat O'Hara

112. Hello there!
I have just stumbled across your website, and am fascinated. I am an O'Hara, Patrick by first name, and now live in Leeds, England. I am a retired BBC producer, journalist. Wonderful site!
Many thanks
Patrick O'Hara
by  Pat O'Hara

113. I never Knew we had our own web site and that there is so many of us. I'm in NJ my parents are from leitrim. Anyway keep up the good work with the site.
by  Christopher O'Hara

114. Hi,
My name is Chrsitopher O'Hara and would like to find out how to be listed in the data base. There are 5 of us living in NJ and Fl. The names are:
Michael J. O'Hara (originally Co. Leitrim)
Elizabeth McCarrick O'Hara (originally Co. Sligo)
Michael P. O'Hara (currently Fl)
Colum O'Hara (NJ)
Christopher O'Hara(NJ)
Hopefully this information will help. If you have any questions don't hesitate to write.
Thank You,
Christopher O'Hara
by  Christopher O'Hara

115. Greeting from Ireland, from Volker Bialas, Munich, Germany
Postcard: O'Hara, Traditional pub in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
(Postcard © Real Ireland Design Limited; Photography © Liam Blake)
by  Volker Bialas

116. Dear,
Subject: Father Denis O'Hara
Im currently researching the life of Father Denis O'Hara, parish priest in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo 1880's to 1922. I would be grateful for any stories, rememberances, appertaining to this early rural development pioneer. All contributions greatly appreciated.
Monica Browne
by  Monica Browne

117. hello out there, I am delighted to be here but, please keep off for me because, I am here already oooooooooooo Chris Ohara Mugu Man reading: Lagos Nigeria. keep it up my good brothers because, I will surely make it in Jesus name Have faith always & always believe in your self.
by  Chris Ohara Mugu Man

118. Hello to all the O'Haras out there from Robert O'Hara, Canada, B.C.
by  Robert O'Hara

119. Still trying to find any information on my husbands family and have had no luck. Please any one related to Joseph, Elizabeth, and Anthony F. O'Hara, contact me. Anthony was born in Sullivan Missouri on July 29, 1900. Joseph and Elizabeth are Anthony's brother and sister. Parents of Anthony are William O'Hara and Mary Stinson. Anthony married twiced. First wife name unknown and had child with her. Sex of child is also unknown. Second wife is Thelma Venable, she had Anthony Francis, Carolyn, and Leo. Joseph, brother marriage unknown. Elizabeth, sister married William Stewart. (last name spelling unknown.) William known to be a doctor. They had 1 child that know of Marie. She known to marry Gene Neeman. (last name spelling unknown.) They had 2 children that know of. Mike and Johnny Neeman. One of the sons known to be an airplane pilot. Last heard these O'Hara's lived in Illinois. Any one with any information please contact me.
by  Amanda O'Hara


121. hi my name is jennie ohara ilive with my husband patrick (pj) in the galway area and would like to hear of any more oharas living in birmingham england.
by  jennie ohara

122. I am looking for any information for a Patrick O'Hara around March 4, 1899??. Anyone out there that might be missing an O'Hara born around that date please contact me
Rhonda McCarthy
by  Rhonda McCarthy

123. ~ Name link to O'Hara's
Great site! Seems family legend and fact have merged in the data base. Can anyone provide info on Elexious, Queen O'Hara. Any assist is GREATLY appreciated as this is (allegedly) my link to clan O'Hara. TIA.
by  Lawrence ELEXIOUS Harry

124. My name is Kathy O'Hara, would like to hear from any O'Hara's that are related to George O'Hara in New Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.
by  Katherine O'Hara

125. Dear Editor,
I am trying to find a book called ‘The Red Sailor’ written by Patrick O'Hara in the 60's. Any information on the book or author would be greatly appreciated,
yours sincerely,
Bill Sanderson
From the webmaster's reply:
Dear Bill,
I found the following information about the book on the internet:
It is a fictional tale about a Royal Naval rating during the time of the Chinese communist/nationalist war, and his "adventures" while sailing from the UK to the far east station in Hong Kong.
The British Library's Public Catalogue at lists the following four items:
1. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: pp. 219. Neville Spearman: London, 1963. 8o. Shelfmark: Nov.1153.
2. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Series: [Panther Books. no. 1816.] Publication details: pp. 190. Panther Books: London, 1965. 8o. Shelfmark: W.P.B.29/1816.
3. Title: The Red Sailor. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: [London]: Panther, 1968. Shelfmark: X.68/420.
4. Title: The Red Sailor. Reprinted. Main heading: O'HARA. Patrick Publication details: London: Panther Books, 1971. SBN 5860254642. pp. 190. Shelfmark: H.72/26.

by  William Sanderson


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