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326. Hi from Queensland originaly from Melbourne father Cliff born in Melbourne have traced back another 4 generations including James, John and Joseph O'Hara from Ireland happy to swap family history. G Day from OZ
by  Glenn Raymond O'Hara

327. Hi to all; I am Christopher Richard O'Hora Living in Perth Western Australia. great to be part of one big family. "may you be in heaven 10 minutes before the devil knows your dead" god bless Regards "The Camel Whisperer".
by  Christopher Richard O'Hora

328. My name is Thomas O'Hara i'm 11 years old and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. My aunty is also here she is called Fiona O'Hara and she is 41 can i just say... THERE ARE MILLIONS OF US world Wide...Email: and
by  Thomas O'Hara (1)

329. John O'Hara who arrived in Nova Scotia on the Mayflower
Looking for anyone related to John O'Hara that arrived in Nova Scotia on the Mayflower ?
Katherine O'Hara
by  Katherine O'Hara

330. Family tree back to approx 1760
Hi from wyoming in the U.S. born in Penna. U.S. in 1955 have dome the family tree back to approx 1760. father Henry J. grandfather Lawrence E. greatgrand father Henry J., gggrandfather Henry D. He came in to this country at baltamore Md.
I would like to hear from other O'Haras if you have time. From the begining we have been farmers, miners, millwrights.
Henry O'Hara
by  Henry O'Hara

331. Descendents of George O'Hara, New Harbour, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada
Looking for anyone that may be related to a George O'Hara, New Harbour, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada who died 1928. He was married to Sarah Jane Humber. As far as I know George and Sarah Jane Humber had six children, Lawerence, George, Mae, Reginald, Gordon, and Melford, all born in New Harbour, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. He was married twice, I think there was 3 children by his first wife. Last knowledge of his son George living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Katherine Jean O'Hara
by  Katherine Jean O'Hara

332. My name is John Patrick O'Hara. I was born in Glasgow Scotland (1972) and now live in Boston. I travel frequently to the UK and elsewhere.
by  John P. O'Hara

333. Hi to all O'Haras out there! I'm in Sydney Australia, I've been doing some research on my family history. The earliest known pesron in my family tree is Richard Hugh O'Hara. He was born on 12th Jan 1855. If anyone knows that family line or knows how to trace back even further please email me ...
Thanks heaps
Dustin O'Hara
by  Dustin O'Hara

334. I am Bernard Arthur O'Hara and I live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in Liverpool England in 1941. My dad's name was Gerard O'Hara. My Mother's maiden name was May Stephenson and originally she came from Lancaster.
by  Bernard Arthur O'Hara

335. Good day, my name is Patrick George O'Hara, I live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Son of John Richard O'Hara born in Montreal and brother of Gordon Richard O'Hara. It will be a pleasure but a task to use all avenues available to me to search roots leading from Ireland to Canada and the United States.
by  Patrick George O'Hara

336. My web page of artwork, some of it focussed on Ireland
My husband and I are just back from our 4th trip to Ireland exploring ruins. This trip we stayed on the west/south coast and did get to the Aran Island of Inis Mor, fascinating. Here is a link to my web page of artwork, some of it focussed on Ireland, which I would be happy to have included on
Our family name was spelled O'Hora at emigration it appears ... siblings include James Patrick O'Hara, a federal magistrate (judge) in Kansas City and Michael James O'Hara, a economist/attorney at U of Nebraska Omaha.
Many thanks,
Maureen O'Hara Ure
Additional link: Maureen O'Hara Ure's page at this site !
by  Maureen O'Hara Ure

337. Hello my name is Jennifer O'Hara from Mahtomedi, Minnesota. I am currently researching my grandfather John Terrence O'Hara b. 08/12/1880 married Minnie Leyde. Resided in Minneapolis, MN. All I have to go on is a WWI Registration Card for him. I'm looking for any information I can get.
by  Jennifer M. O'Hara

338. Looking for my O'Hara cousins
I was checking out this site and hopefully I might be able to find my cousin's that I have never seen but heard alot about. Their names are Kevin Elwin O'Hara and his sister Jacqline. I'm not sure where they are I know their mother was from England. Their father was Elwin O'Hara born in Locharbour, Nova Scotia. His father and mother were Reg O'Hara and Anna Mae Hierlihy. My grandfather remarried after my grandmother's death and moved to Heatherton, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Elwin was in the Army and died due to complications from diabetes or stomach ulcers. He had three brothers and two sisters and a sister mary who died at birth. My dad who's name is John is the eldest son, then Mae, Helen, Lester, Elwin and Raymond. Raymond passed away in November. He had stomach problems as well. Anyway we've been searching for Elwin's children for years. I think that Kevin would be about 38 or 39 now and not sure how old Jacquline would be maybe my age which is 37 or younger.
I was wanting to let David Heirlihy know that I am John Douglas O'Hara's youngest daughter. Reg and Anna Mae were my grandparents however they passed before I was born and daddy doesn't say much about them. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
Kimberley O'Hara
by  Kimberley O'Hara

339. Looking for a Micheal O'Hara who lived in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Hi O'Hara's
I'm looking for a Micheal O'Hara who lived in Red Deer Alberta Canada in the years 1999-2000. If Know this person please have them contact me. It is very important. Thank You,
by  Moriah

340. I am from Ballaghaderreen in Roscommon. I came to Springfield MA in 2000. Good to see all the O'Haras on the web.
by  Gavin Patrick O'Hara

341. Researching Great Grandparents Michael and Catherine O'Hara
Hello to all you O'Hara's. I have been doing some research for years on my family and am especially interested in finding more information on my great grandparents, Michael and Catherine O'Hara who immigrated from Sligo (we think) and settled in Springfield, Ohio, USA in 19th century...somewhere around 1850's or 60's. If anyone has any information or suggestions on how to deepen my research on my great grandparents, please send it along to me. Thanks,
Kathleen Horner
by  Kathleen Horner

342. Hello from the O'Hara's Family from all over India. Hello to all O'Hara's around the globe !
This Hello comes from the O'Hara's Family from all over India. We are still trying to find our relatives from abroad. My grandpa's name was Phillip O'Hara, if anyone has any info please email me.
Andrea O'Hara
by  Andrea O'Hara

343. Margaret O'Hara, wife to Patrick McCarrick, my Great Grand father
Margaret O'Hara, wife to Patrick McCarrick, was mother to 6 generations of the McCarrick family.
Patrick McCarrick was my Great Grand father. My father was George McCarrick, Jr., son of George McCarrick, Sr, son of Theodore Egan McCarrick. His brother is also Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC.. Patrick and Catherine are buried here in Norfolk Va, in St. Mary's catholic cemetary, along with many other CSA Mccarricks.
Craig McCarrick
by  Terry O'Hora

344. I'm from Liverpool, England
I'm from Liverpool, England and have a wife Emma and a daughter Christie. I think my family came from Dublin and Co. Mayo, my Grandad was called Patrick from Liverpool who had a big family, his dad Thomas was from Dublin (I think) and his mother was half Spanish. My grandmother was called Francis Maguire who's parents was from Co. Mayo
Chris O'Hara
by  Chris O'Hara (3)

345. O'Hara's in New Orleans
New Orleans is such a great city for the Irish since it's so green. It's a city inside of a jungle. The Irish Channel is in the center of city and it's where I was born. Great food and fun in this area. New Orleans is so far behind, it's ahead...
Timothy Michael O'Hara
by  Timothy Michael O'Hara

346. Hector Diaz O'Hara form Lima Peru
Hi Everybody
Hello dear family my name is Hector Diaz O'Hara im form Lima Peru, yeah in Southamerica so i guess that ur my dear relatives, jaja cause my grandfather was Hector John O'Hara Mcpherson, did u know him?? he went to Peru at 1930, well i wanna stay in contact to everyone of u cause i wanna travel to ireland and all the world and i guess that it will be a great experience, if i can stay with my dear family O'Hara write me to my mail
see ya
Hector Diaz O'Hara
by  Hector Diaz O'Hara

347. Mary O'Hara (?) married to Martin Olsen
I am trying to trace links with to my great grandparents, Mary and Martin. I am unclear as to whether Mary O'Hara and Mary Cooper are one and the same. I would be very grateful to learn anything about the history of these people.
Susan Aucutt
by  Susan Aucutt

348. Hello to all the rest of the O'Haras, I hail from Georgia, previously Cazenovia, NY. If anyone has family memebers from this area I would love to know of them.
by  Tracy O'Hara

349. Patiently waiting for info about Felix and Margaret O'Hara
Hoping to find any info about Felix and Margaret O'Hara. Both were born in Ireland and married in N.Y.C. in 1875.
Joan Jasinski
Webmaster's note: See previous messages by Joan Jasinski in this database (numbers 127, 131, 281, 288).
by  Joan Jasinski

350. Des Moines, IA. Hello all.
by  Kenyon O'Hara


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