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476. Bridget O'Hara (Flynn), Kilmacteigue parish, Sligo
My ggrandmother was Bridget O'Hara, born in the early to mid 1800's. Married to Patrick Flynn in the 1850's or 1860's. They lived in the townland of Cloonbarry, in the RC parish of Kilmacteigue, County Sligo.
I've no other information about Bridget O'Hara, would love to hear from anyone who might.
Eileen Licitra
by  Eileen Licitra

477. Looking for relatives in Canada
Hello to all the O'Hara's
I am looking for relatives in Canada. My father William Vincent O'Hara was born in Bonniconlon, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He moved to Brooklyn, New York and married and had six children. I have met relatives in Ireland and England. I know he had a sister named Belle who moved to Canada, I don't know if she had children.
Joan O'Hara
by  Joan O'Hara

478. My name is paul o'hara, was born in eastbourne in 1979. my dad is anthony peter o'hara from burnley. i have two children a son called brody who is 16 months old and a daughter called tiana who is 10 weeks old.
by  Paul O'Hara

479. I'm looking for roots of my parents: Duane Leo O'Hara (1913-1954), and mother, Katherine Cleo Striegel. Granfather is Thomas G. O'Hara, and grandmother is Laura Kelliher. I was separated in 1953.
by  James Michael O'Hara

480. Hello! I just discovered this page and its really sweet. I didn't realize I had such a legacy out there. I'm an O'Hara living in PA near Pittsburgh. How would I go about finding my geneology?
by  Neal O'Hara

481. Hi, I'm Reniery O'Hara from Honduras. I wrote a letter to you in August 2001 (Link: about my great grandfather Patrick O'Hara and and my grandfather Juan O'Hara (who died in July 2004 aged 98). I am still hoping that someone will reply. Well, thanks a lot for managing this site and giving us a sense of union despite the distance and culture.
by  Reniery José O'Hara Castro

482. Hi, just popped in to see if I recognized anyone. My name is Gidget O'Hara from Baltimore, MD. My father was James Leo O'Hara and his father was Thomas O'Hara. Somewhere there exists a 3 generation picture (Baltimore paper?) of My brother Thomas, our father and grandfather. Maybe one day I'll find it. Cheers to all the O'Hara's!
by  Gidget Joyce Lynn O'Hara

483. What a great Site ! You can find some pics of me at: - Best wishes to all O'Haras. God bless you all ! .
by  Tom O'Hara

484. O'Haras in India
I was wondering whether you might be interested in linking to my site on your pages.
The O'Hara and Stuart Family in India
In the course of tracking down the O'Hara's, I accumulated a lot of material that it seemed churlish not to share with any interested parties.
250 O'Haras in India (Unrelated)
Jon Johnson
by  Jon Johnson

485. So many O´Haras! But I´m searching for just one Canadian Jim. He visited us, Tuula and Antti, in the year 1975. We live in Finland near the town of Vammala.
by  Tuula Puraslahti

486. We wish you and yours a Merry and Joyous Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2009.
Christmas Card
From: Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn O'Hara
by  Arthur O'Hara

487. Looking for James/ Jack/ John O'Hara (born Sligo, 1870s or 1880s) who emigrated to Australia
I'm trying to trace a granduncle James/Jack/John O'Hara from Sligo who went to Australia at the time of the great gold rush. He was son to Michael O'Hara (1847-1923) and Lucy Hart (1853-1929). They had the following 8 children:
Mary (1873-1936),
Patrick (1874-1943),
Agnes (1879-1882),
Johannus (1881-1945),
Frank (1884-1893),
James (1885?-1906),
Michael (1890-1958; my grandfather)
and James/Jack/John (born somewhere between 1873 and 1890)
Would anybody have any information on where I could start searching, or would any of your members have come across him during their searches in Australia. Would appreciate any help I can get.
Many thanks & Happy New Year 2009,
Deirdre O'Hara
by  Deirdre O'Hara

488. Looking for Richard Elwood/ Denise/ or Brandon O'Hara
Just looking to reconnect with family. My biological grandfather ran off when my dad was quite young, and I never actually knew him. My father (Steven) was in the military, so we ended up moving a few times, and lost track of my Aunt Denise and my cousin Brandon. Last time I heard, they lived in Georgia (Warner Robins City?).
If anyone has any info, I'd gladly appreciate it! Thanks-
Jen O'Hara
by  Jen O'Hara

489. My O'Hara Family from South Boston
We are looking for information about Thomas William O'Hara born 3/3/1874 in South Boston.
Charles O'Hara (b.1849) was the father of William Bernard, John, Charles Francis, Peter Thomas, Cornelius, Winifred, Mary Ellen, Isabelle, Marcella, Thomas William, Thomas John, and Charles.
Charles O'Hara had married married Catherine Conley in 1870 in South Boston. We are looking for baptismal information for Charles and information for Catherine Conley.
Best wishes to all
William (Bill) O'Hara
by  William (or Bill) O'Hara

490. Peter O'Hara, Professional Golfer
I am researching the life and career of Peter O'Hara who emigrated from Greenore, Ireland in 1915 and settled I think in the New York area.
I have found some info in the NY Times archives on the web about his career in US. I believe he married and I would like to hear from any who may have known Peter.
Tony Eaton
by  Tony Eaton

491. Patrick, Michele, Patrick Martin and Marissa Frances O'Hara's all say HELLO
by  Patrick O'Hara (from South Jersey)

492. My Father was William Raymond O'Hara. I'm just starting a trace.
by  Edward John O'Hara III

493. Looking for information on Bridget O'Hara b.1842, married Edward Martin I belive in Laois county Ireland. They lived in Wolfhill. Thank You, Janice.
by  Janice Walsh

494. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of Frances 0'Hara Thompson? She is my godmother and I am trying to trace her, last heard of in Winchester Hampshire, was a radiologist.
by  Frances Faulkner

495. CORRECTION !! O'HARA is not the same as O'HORA. Webmaster replied: Yes, but see nevertheless the ‘Tables for (O'Hara) Surname variants’on the index pages of the ‘People’ and ‘Persons’ databases here
by  O'Hora

496. Looking for information on my grandmother - Mary Ann O'Hara
I would love to find information on my paternal grandmother - Mary Ann O'Hara. She was born in Longford about 1886. She married Thomas McDermott and they lived all their married life in Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim, both dying in 1960's.
Thank you,
Terri Last
by  Terri Last

497. Looking for information on Dennis O'Hara who married Elizabeth Hahn (early 1880s)
I am looking for any information regarding Dennis O’Hara who married Elizabeth Hahn. They had Andrew J. P. O’Hara in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on December 30, 1883; he died on August 8, 1910. Andrew was married to Mary Keeley (born on January 23, 1884) on June 28, 1905 in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. After he died in 1910 she remarried Edward Appel on November 11, 1920, in Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Andrew and Mary O’Hara were the parents of Marie, Dorothy and Thomas (my grandfather).
If anyone has any information about this family, particularly the original Dennis and Elizabeth O’Hara, I would be so grateful.
Erin Go Brah,
Pamela O’Hara Huff
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

498. The O'Hara Family from Neale, Killimor, County Galway
I am currently searching the O'Hara family from Neale, Killimor, County Galway. My great great grandfather was Michael O'Hara, married to Ann (Bridget) Brehony from Tynagh. They were married on June 18th 1870.
Can anyone help with more information?
Gerry O'Hara
by  Gerry O'Hara

499. Greetings Clan! I had found this site some time ago but had forgotten about it (whoops) Its still good. Best wishes to all, Chris.
by  Chris O'Hara (4)

500. My name is Ann Helms. I am trying to research my family history. My Great Great Grandmother was Anna O'Hara; she married William Eggleston my Great Great Grandfather. My Great Grandmother was Esther J Eggleston born in Hadley MA. Anna O'Hara arrived 8-15-1894 when she was 19. I believe she was from Achore Ireland. She came over on the Teutonic out of Liverpool-Queenstown. I am looking for any that might know any thing about her or her family. I do not know how many brothers and sisters she had if any. She came over on the Teutonic out of Liverpool-Queenstown 8-15-1894..I believe she came from Achore Ireland. I do not know how many brothers or sisters she had if any. If you have any info I would appreciate it. I am going to Ireland in May hopefully I can find something.
Update (February 15, 2009): I have an update: the name is not Anna O'Hara as I thought it is Mary O'Hara Her middle name may be Anna. So the arrival info I do not know. She did marry William Eggleston and had a daughter Esther J Eggleston that married Charles Dawes in or around Springfield MA. Any info would be appreciated.
by  Ann Kellogg Helms


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