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301. Looking for O'Haras in South America
I'm from Lima, Perú in south America, and i just find this page, it's interested know something about my roots, I did not know that there were so many of us over there ... if you know some O'Hara in South America please send me an email...
Best regarts!
Walter O'Hara
by  Walter O'Hara

302. May God bless you & yours, Jerry...
by  Gerald Patrick O'Hara Jr.

303. ad multos annos! Father (1956-2006) O'Hara (1929-2017)
Fifty years ago today (February 2, 1956) that is one half of a century and a whole different world away at twenty-six years of age I lay prostrate in the Sanctuary of the Holy Name Church West Roxbury and was consecrated a priest of God one of seventy young men who began their journey of faith on that snowy day.
May His Blessing be upon them all, Amen
Father Frank Photographs: 1956, 2006
Obituary: Father Francis O'Hara (June 5, 1929 - March 27, 2017)
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

304. Looking for O'Hara's in NH, ME, Canada, Ireland....
I'm looking for ancestors of Abraham O'Hara who lived in Molunkus, Maine in the late 1800's and may have been born in Montreal, Canada. Some of his children later moved to NH.
Madeleine O'Hara
by  Madeleine O'Hara

305. Trying to locate Jack O'Hara, lived in Yonkers, NY, & Wesport, Co. Mayo (c. 1979)
Trying to locate Jack O'Hara, lived in Yonkers NY, Sherwood Terr., worked for telephone company. He and family moved to Westport (County Mayo, Ireland) approx. 1979, went to work for a German company, lived in the company house in Westport.
Jerry Boss
by  Jerry Boss

306. An O'Hara — Hierlihy Link
I have recently found out, Regionald O'Hara married Anne Mae Hierlihy, sometime prior to 1927. They have a son, John Douglas O'Hara, born about 1927. I am assuming Regionald was born Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am interested in the Hierlihy line and have 25 years of Hierlihy data to share.
Dave Hierlihy
by  Dave Hierlihy

307. An O'Hara — McDevitt Link
I see that C.C. O'Hara and Jennie McDevitt, whom he married in Spokane WA, are listed in the «persons» database on this site. I have quite a bit of info regarding this couple.
by  Maureen

308. Australian O'Haras living in Canberra
Hello fellow O'Haras.
I am an O'Hara by Marraige. We are Australian O'Haras living in Canberra. There is me Tracey, my husband David, and our sons Corey and Seamus.
We would just like to say Hi to everyone
Tracey O'Hara
by  Tracey O'Hara

309. Joseph / Jo(e) O'Hara stationed in Somerset, UK, 1944 — follow up
original message
Does anyone know of a Jo O'Hara, possibly from Ohio, stationed at St Audries Bay, Somerset, England during World War 2 in 1944?
I believe he was attached to the 187th Field Artillery Battalion but he did not go over to France on D - day June 6th 1944 where so many lost their lives. He remained in Somerset in July and August of that year, in what was known as "the residue" so there is a very good chance he survived the War, and returned to the US.
I have a photograph of him so anyone with any information about his name, or this era of WW2 in Somerset England please contact me. Thank you.
Peter English
by  Peter English

310. Looking for information about my O'Hara surname
My name is Courtenay O'Hara, i'm from South Shields, Tyne and Wear in England. I know very little about my surname as my father left when I was young and have had very little contact with that side of the family. If anyone can tell me anything about the surname (all I know is that it is Irish in origin) then please get in touch,
Courtenay O'Hara
by  Courtenay O'Hara

311. Johanna O'Hara and John Henry
I am looking for information on my great-great grandmother, Johanna O'Hara. All I know is that she was born in about 1840 in Ireland, married John Henry (born about 1845 in New York). They moved to Saratoga, California and had my great-grandmother, Minnie Elizabeth Henry there in 1869. I would love to find out any additional information about her. Thanks,
Seth Jackson
by  Seth Jackson

312. NEWSFLASH! As I sit here and read all about my fellow O'Hara's I realise that some of ye think your ancestors come from Sligo. Well to put you all out of your misery you are right! O'Hara IS originally from Sligo. So if your going to trace your family tree my best bet would be to start there! I am from the Sunny South East - WEXFORD! Good luck in tracing all those rellies!
by  Fiona O'Hara

313. Looking for anyone who has O'Hara family from Glasgow
My father Richard O'Hara was born in Glasgow in 1905. His father James O'Hara was also born there in 1874. And His father Peter O'Hara was married there in 1857. Peter was the son of John O'Hara and Bridget Linn, born in Ireland (I am not sure where).
Peter came to Scotland some time in the early 1850s. Peter O'Hara married Hannah Goodwin (McGuigan) in Glasgow in 1857. They had 12 children: Peter - April 14 1858, John - May 1 1860, James - Oct. 18 1862, Mary - Sept. 27 1864, Bernard - Sept.14 1866, Richard - Feb.18 1868, Edward - Sept. 4 1869, Susan Elisabeth - June 4 1871, Joseph J. - April 17 1873, James - Nov. 29 1874, Andrew - 1878, Jane - May 1880.
From a family this size I would hope that some decendants still live in the area. family.
Brian O'Hara
by  Brian O'Hara (1)

314. Tribal Chieftain Cahal O'Hara (16th Century)
I have extensive details of the MacDuffie Group in (Northern) Ireland, one of whom, Margaret, daughter of Dugald Og Macduffie married the Tribal Chieftain Cahal O'Hara in the 16th century.
David Morgan
by  David Morgan

315. Looking for a McGowan — O'Hara Family connection
My mom always said that your O'Hara family were related to the McGowan Family of Youngstown, Ohio. My mother was Margaret( Leona) McGowan...In the 1930's there was a family reunion photograph of the McGowan you know of it ?
Thank you, Judy Burton / York, SC.
previous message
by  Judith Burton

316. O'Hara's in Bradford, Yorkshire, England
The origins of the O'Hara Family in Bradford Yorkshire begins in 1831 when Patrick O'Hara and wife Catherine Bartley arrive with brothers James b 1811 and Michael b 1812. They settled, married and had many children, who had many children. The family now runs to 8 generations and contains thousands of O'Hara's who spead through Yorkshire and the North East of England, some went to Canada, USA and Australia.
I will be pleased to hear from people who are researching Irish Surnames with a link to Yorkshire.
Chris O'Hara
by  Chris O'Hara (2)

317. "hello" to all the O"Hara's on the web page. great work. glad i found it. I am a Sligo O"Hara. came to Ohio in l954. best wishess to all the O"Hara's.
K. O'Hara
by  Kate O'Hara

318. Looking for O'Hara Family in Molunkus, Maine
My name is Bruce O'Hara I live in Laconia, NH. I am looking for any O'Hara's In Molunkus, Maine, that was born there or lived there at one point of their life or still live there.
PLEASE contact me,
Bruce O'Hara
by  Bruce O'Hara

319. Hello to all O'Hara around the world from Québec in Canada !
by  Élise O'Hara

320. Facts about O'Haras in Scotland
I was browsing a very interesting surname website recently and discovered that the location in mainland UK with most O'Hara surnames was Glasgow. In fact, I was amazed to discover from the same site that proportionately there are more O'Haras in Scotland than in the Republic of Ireland! It's a quite different story in N Ireland, though, where there seems to be a huge number.
I also found out that it is about the 900th most popular surname in the UK. And that, according to the census of 1881, Bradford was the place in the UK where you were most likely to bump into an O'Hara.
Thought someone might enjoy these interesting but largely useless facts !
by  Diarmid O'Hara

321. From a native to Granard Co Longford now living in Castlebar Co Mayo. A Big Howya from your Irish cousins!!!
by  Paul O'Hara

322. Hello to you all, this is such a great site. I live in England, my dad was Edward O'Hara , Eddie. A lot of my cousins are in Foxford Co MAYO IRELAND. I have three sisters we are all keen to trace more of our family, so if you think you are one of the clan e. mail me.
by  Carmel O'Hara

323. HI ALL, MY NAME IS RORY MICHAEL O'HARA BORN AUSTRALIA 1964, FATHER BRIAN DOUGLAS, BORN NTH IRELAND 1931 MUM HEATHER JANE BORN 1942, E-MAIL, 41 YO ENGAGED ... I have an 18 yo son, sean brian douglas, i live in western australia, and work in the mining industry, in north west australia, hard life, top money, to you all, may the wind be allways at your back!!! cheers from oz...
by  Rory Michael O'Hara

324. Esther O'Hara's “The Witches Necklace”
Dear James,
I just wanted to let you know that my book is being published on the 30th of March 2006 and there is some information on the publisher's website now. (Unfortunatley in Swedish, but it can be of interest to other O'Haras worldwide anyway!).
My book is a children's book called "Häxan och halsbandet" (The Witches Necklace) and is about a wicked witch who has a magic necklace. She uses the necklace to create bad weather and terrorise the town of Trollhättan. She lives in a secret cave outside the town, up in the dark hilly forest. One day she loses her magic necklace and it is found by a little boy who is out for a walk in the woods with his mother. The witch then searches high and low for her necklace. She uses all sorts of spells and poisonous herbs to try and find it. Meanwhile, in the hands of the little boy, the necklace turns good, and works all kinds of little miracles...
Well that is a little summary. I may translate it one day and see if it is publishable in English.
The web address of my publisher is: Click here to see my book and here to see a text about me and a little picture.
Esther O'Hara
by  Esther O'Hara

325. An O'Hara from Kingston, Ontario
I was surfing the web...bored at work... and came across this site!
I'm an O'Hara from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I'm 32. Son of Kenneth and Patricia O'Hara. 1 brother Kenny. I'm a nurse. Work in a federal prison near Kingston. The inmates are refusing to lock up, so I'm stuck here after hours incase someone gets stabbed. Love my job!
I've got lots of family tree info, and would love to hear from any other O'Hara's out there. My closest relatives are in southern Ontario. Ben and Jeff. Thier parents, my aunt and uncle, relocated to Texas and work for Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson.
Anyway... take care everyone. Love to hear from any other O'Hara's out there.
Cheers, Tim
by  Timmothy Lee O'Hara


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