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176. Hello Phil O'Hara down here in Glassboro, NJ.
by  Philip O'Hara

177. Robyn Lee OHara here, my Father was Joseph Raymond O'Hara and his father was Silas O'Hara of Altoona PA. Anybody out there know my family ????
by  Robyn Lee O'Hara

178. My father, James Lee O'Hara, was born on January 27, 1939; his parents were Catherine & Dody O'Hara ( not sure of spelling-Dody) . I'm not sure of date or age of my grandparents or where they were from. I believe my father was born in Dayton Ohio. This is as much as I know about my family tree. Anyone know any more about these people?
by  Danny L. O'Hara

179. I am looking for information on Sgt. Miles O'Hara who was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. I saw an old photograph in a book and my husband looks EXACTLY like him. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you!
Karen Rutherford
by  Karen Rutherford

180. Dear,
– I am looking to find out more on the Sarah Hopple that married an O'Hara. She was born 1849, but this is not proven yet and had 8 siblings: David, John, Marthe, Rosella, Edward and Elmer, William and George. Her parents were George and Ruth Hopple and and they originated in Pennsylvania. David was my line and I have his family done and thought I would start on all his siblings. I have seen a message on your site about a Sarah Hopple who married an O'Hara.and thought this might be a chance to find that family.
Deloris (& Rick) Brumfield
by  Deloris (& Rick) Brumfield

181. Need help finding information on Oliver O'Hara,( b. mid 1800's) married Mary Theresa Howley of Sligo. Don't Know if they came over through Canada or directly to US but Anna Veronica, my Grandmother was born in Pittsburgh or Scranton Pa about 1872. I know she was one of numerous children. She married Michael Joseph Rogers in Denver Co about 1904, Moved to Pasadena CA around 1922. I would love to hear from any one who can help me find out about Mary and Oliver's origns. Most of details written by my mother were destroyed in a fire so I really need help with this quest. I want my grandsons to know about their Irish ancestors and to appreciate all that has come before.
by  Shelley

182. Hi,
– I'm David O'Hara and I would love to hear from someone who knew Robert Henry O'Hara. He's the father listed on my birth certificate although I never knew him.
David Lee O'Hara
by  David Lee O'Hara

183. Hello — I'm Jamie O'Hara The Magic Guy in Las Cruces New Mexico. Website:
by  Jamie O'Hara

184. Hi to all You O'HARAS. A truly exceptional and interesting site. Did not realise there where so many O'HARA'S. I'am one, born in Madras India, supposedly descendant from the O'Hara, who was killed by a lion in the book on Zarvo.
by  Maurice Peter O'Hara

185. Hi,
– Please update William Homer O'Hara 1991 to William Homer O'Hara Sr. 3/5/1910 - 4/11/1991 William Homer O'Hara Jr. 6/2/1941 is his son. William Homer O'Hara, III 5/6/1980 is his grandson.
Thanks, best wishes,
by  William H. O'Hara, III

186. Hello from Walter Joseph O'Hara from Ny. Family from Sligo came to America via Canada 1838. Settled in Saugerties Ny Worked in an iron works until 1880. Then Mahattan, Brooklyn then Long Island Ny. Email adress
by  Walter J. O'Hara

187. Great board – so glad to see a group of O'Haras. I come from a long generation I know beginning back in Sligo, Ireland, where my grandpa ended up in Chicago, and still resides. Unfortunatly he is about to turn 95 years old, and can't tell us too much info about where and how he got here. We know very little about his parents or family back in Ireland. Hope to see more on the site to come!
Jennifer O'Hara
by  Jennifer O'Hara

188. – I didn't know how many other O'Hara's there were out there. Now I know of another Heather O! (sorry about our initials) – Heather O'Hara, from Pierce City, Missouri
by  Heather (2) O'Hara

189. Another Mitchell O'Hara from South Dakota ?
My sister sent me the link for this website and I notice a listing from South Dakota for a Mitchell O'Hara, with a father William (Messages 015, 163). — That is my name and my father was William O'Hara, interesting??!!
Mitchell B. O'Hara
by  Mitchell B. O'Hara

190. Hey im writing this message hoping to learn more about my last name and what it means. All O'Hara's with helpful info email me at
by  Nathan L. O'Hara

191. I am researching my great-grandfather John "Jack" Terrence O'Hara (b. mid 1800's) either in NY or Ireland (unknown) - married Minnie Leyde. I ran into this site by accident and love it. Hello to all from St. Paul, Minnesota.
by  Jennifer M O'Hara

192. Merry Christmas 2004. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Christmas card from Arthur, Rena, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen & Kathryn O'Hara
by  Arthur O'Hara

193. Dear Sir
My late mother's grandfather was Captain William O'Hara-Monan RN and he lived in Southampton, England, in 1873; then he returned to Dublin with his family - not sure what date ? His birthday was 9th December, but we do not yet know the year of birth. My grandparents were Hugh & Frances O'Hara-Monan. My grandfather was born O'Hara-Monan in 1873 but used Monan as a surname. He moved to Dublin and lived at 21 Mayfield Road, Terenure, Dublin. My mother was born 1908 and died 2003; she lived at 40 Hollybank Ave, Sandford Rd, Dublin and then moved to Terenure. I was born 1937 in Dublin and lived in Bray, Graystones as a child - left 1944 to live in London.
I have been doing some research into my great great grandfather in Sligo. He died in 1919 and is buried in Glasnevin, Dublin - lived at 30 Moorhampton Terrace, Doneybrook, Dublin - the house is no longer there.
I hope to hear from some members of the O'Hara family if they knew of my family tree. I look forward to hearing from you, and my family wish you a very Happy New Year. Forgive any typing errors - have one hand - get by!
With kind regards
Barbara Best (mrs)
See also: Follow-up message (number 198)
by  Barbara Best

194. Subject: Site Question
What does the Entries column in the Persons database ( mean ? Is that a reference to the person listed ? If so, please tell me where to go to access the information. I have found a couple of my relatives on this site and am curious to see what is noted about them.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year!
Erin O'Hara Birchall
Webmaster's reply:
The entries refer to the messages posted at The O'Hara Genealogy Forum (, the source of all the data in the Persons database at this site. More than 1200 messages have been posted since Summer 1998.
A Happy New Year to you and all visitors to the site!
James G. O'Hara
by  Erin O'Hara Birchall

195. Subject: request inclusion in Arizona list
Greetings; as a resident of Mesa, Arizona 13 yrs, I would like to be listed; Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture, by apt.
Ggf came from Sligo; We are the Cleveland Ohio O'Haras — Sligo, Whitehall NY, Cleveland Ohio since 1895.
Wonderful website.
Tom O'Hara
by  Tom O'Hara

196. Hi,
You have me listed in your ‘Categories’ under ‘soldiers/military history’. I just published my first book. Here is a review:
Vincent P. O'Hara
Note: See references to Vincent P. O'Hara at this site: 'Military History' and 'Other O'Hara Writers'
by  Vincent P. O'Hara

197. Hi, My name is "Scarlett" — I am looking for Rett.
by  Scarlett Bather

198. Follow-up to message 193
Dear James
Thank you for your email and adding my O'Haras to your lists.
My late Father was born in Athlone 3/8/1904 and moved to Cork as a young boy, he was the youngest of four brothers and he sang in the Catherdal (St Finbarr's). He went up to Dublin-worked for Shell Mex in Dane Street. At 38 he joined up and was a gunner in the Royal Tank Regiment; he sadly passed in 1948, aged only 44 . He was employed at the Stock Exchange before he died.
Also I have discovered that my great great grandfather was the younger brother of Charles O'Hara MP for Sligo (died1802) — interesting James. My grandfather - the sea captain - was born 1847 and died1919 — will return to Kew records to do more research. My cousin who lives in England left Dublin at 15; she knows alot more about the O'Haras from our grandfather Hugh O'Hara-Monan.
Better finish now ... my hand is getting tired.
Take care and best wishes,
Barbara Best and family
by  Barbara Best

199. Subject: O'Hara Sligo Clan
I am trying to learn how to navigate this site being computer ignorant – at 78 one gets slower. Both parents came from County Sligo to California in approx. 1910. My brother John Francis O'Hara is included at this site with the O'Haras in California – partner in Law Firm Parker, Clark,Milliken,O'Hara, Samuelian. John passed away in February 2001.
by  Jim Walter O'Hara

200. O'Hara, Joseph emigrated to Australia 1864. Looking for relations. I am of the Boston O'Hara branch.
by  Elaine Halligan


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